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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • twinrotts - I'm a little leery about Warranty Gold. I have the Diamond plan on my other car, and they would not cover a MacPherson strut that I needed replaced. MacPherson struts aren't even in the list of exclusions. Even though you may save money on the aftermarket warranty, you may end up paying for it later when they won't cover stuff that they should.
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    I use IE6 too. Do you have your cookies turned on? Otherwise try deleting your temporary internet files (cookies and files). Click on Tools > Internet Options > General Tab (or similar) to find the delete button. Then close the browser and start over.

    If that doesn't help, try asking our pros using the Technical Support Form.

    By bookmarks, do you mean your Favorites in your browser or the bookmarks in our Message Center? If in your browser, our software has been tweaked - I think the last rollout messed up those URLs. If you can't add stuff to your Favorites now and have it work, let me know and I'll dig around the Ask the Town Hall Hosts or Town Hall New Look! discussions. I remember seeing someone having similar problems around here somewhere.

    Hope this helps!

    Steve, Host
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    I'm running IE5.1.6 for Mac and since the Site revision (I can't call what was done an upgrade), my Favorite no longer takes me to the "Last Page", just the page I was on when I logged the Favorite. I've tried several times to re-set the Favorite for this site, but when I come back in a few days, I return to where I set the Favorite, not the current "Last Page" like I did before the site change. That may be somebody's preference, but I always want to see what is currently being discussed, not everthing discussed since I last looked. BTW, the Login for me seems to work the same now as before, which is no problem.
  • Honestly, it never crossed my mind to have OnStar run an engine diagnostic...I'll give them a call and sees what happens. I sure hope that GM has learned something since the 1995 production year! Thanks again for your help!
  • cebteb, just subscribe to the discussion using the "subscribe" button after the last post. Then click on "read subscriptions" and it will show you the unread posts since your last visit. You can now set a bookmark here and it will solve your problem.
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    You might try resetting your Town Hall preferences (under My Preferences on the left of this page).

    I am not sure if this will help but I have my list discussion set to Starting with the most recently active and it's working fine.

    tidester, host
  • Just to let everyone know - I chose to have my Envoy delivered as a dealer trade. As it has been mentioned in posts before, lots of others have done this as well and there has never been problems with the vehicles. It is an option for folks who are looking for a certain vehicle and don't want to order one. That was my choice!

    If someone cares to explain just how a dealer trade "should void" the warranty and is so horrible a thing to do to a new car, I am more than willing to read what you have to say - I am interested in what damage might have been done to the vehicle.

    The dealer trade was also not supposed to be the focus of my previous postings (#9978 & 10005). I only mentioned it in regards to the fact that my Envoy was delivered with 324 miles on it that was not recorded properly on the paperwork. That all along has been my issue, not the fact that the Envoy was a dealer trade. I also wanted to mention it in case someone bought a demo vehicle or whatever that had miles on it when they bought it. I was trying to raise the awareness of folks that those miles at delivery get added into the warranty.

    Thank you
  • Some of you are probably already aware of this website - but I just discovered it and found some good info on it:

    You can click on 'gm techlink' and it will take you to an online magazine for the dealers - which also has a lot of good info for owners. It includes any new bulletins released for that month from GM as well.
  • If someone cares to explain just how a dealer trade "should void" the warranty and is so horrible a thing to do to a new car, I am more than willing to read what you have to say - I am interested in what damage might have been done to the vehicle.

    Supposedly during the break-in period you are not supposed to drive the vehicle over 55 mph or drive at a constant speed for a considerable amount of time. Whether or not there is any solid evidence that shows this will cause long-term damage, I do not know. Some people are more anal about this than others...
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    If I can install these items on my '03 TB anyone can! The bug deflector comes with pre-drilled holes that line up with the holes under the hood. All you need is a screwdriver and 5 minutes time. Honest it's the eaisest install you will ever do. The box said that the bug deflector fits '02-'03.
    The vent visors require alittle more time and effort. Just make sure you check and recheck the placement of the vent visors BEFORE you remove the red tape. Once those babies are on they are on.
    Just take your time and good luck!
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    Just go to any Pep-Boys, Autozone,Wally World. They have them right on the shelf. The vehicle it fits is written right on the box. I got both of my for under $100.
  • Most of my bug collisions end up on the front grille. So where does the bug deflector deflect them from, the windshield?
  • Redline - Interesting about the denied coverage on your struts. Did you challange the decision and speak with them personally?
    I took that approach when they refused payment on my load leveler. They were very courteous and took the time to explain why coverage was denied. They read me the part description and it indeed was called out as an exclusion
  • ylabylab Posts: 46
    Our triplets by law must employ OBDII (On Board Diagnostics 2), part of the requirement is for ANY and ALL emissions fault to set off the light. The most common issue for seeing this light (on any make/model vehicle) believe it or not is having the GAS CAP not quite completely locked! Three or more drive cycles with the cap not quite tight enough will result in an error being set and the SES light turned on.

    (My sister's new Subaru even had it happen two weeks after purchase when the attendant failed to sufficiently tighten the cap).

    Bad news is that unless OnStar can turn off the light remotely, you're looking at a trip to the dealer to have it turned off. (Even if its simply the gas cap).

  • I had the service engine soon light come on which I think was because of a loose gas cap. I didn't know what the problem was at the time, but I noticed it being off shortly after filling it up with gas.
    If I get bored I'll test it.
  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
    Had that problem on the first trip I tool with our 2002 Envoy XL.

    In my case, I took it to the nearest discount tire dealer and had all 4 wheels balanced.

    Took care of it.

    That was my second new GM vehicle that had inadequte factory balance.

    I think they must balance at 30 MPH.
  • Redline - Interesting about the denied coverage on your struts. Did you challange the decision and speak with them personally?

    My service advisor at the dealership told me they denied coverage on the struts, then he said they would do a goodwill replacement of it even though it was no longer under warranty. So the replacement didn't end up costing me anything. Looking back now I probably should have called WG after the fact to find out why they wouldn't cover it. I still have 20K left on my WG warranty, so maybe I'll get the chance to try and use it again. Although, I hope I don't need to.
  • hillfla - On which piece of paperwork from the dealership is your odometer reading? I was looking through my paperwork and the only place I could find it was the Odometer Disclosure Statement. Mine says 206, so I'm wondering if I'll be covered if I hit 36,205 miles and have a failure.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    The official ODO Statement is where the record of miles is located. No, you will not have your warranty extended beyond the 36,000 mile mark. If you drive a vehicle as I did before purchasing it, putting on over 300 miles...your warranty is still 36,000.

    If you lease a vehicle and it has 300 miles on's up to you to negotiate those miles off the lease via an agreement on price. That is even the leasing company will look at the ODO exactly...that is the dealer will have to put down the 300 miles on the ODO thus on a 15k mile per year lease, you're already 300 miles into the use. Thus I suggest taking the mileage charge should you go over x the 300 miles ($.15x300) and ask for that amound off the costs incurred.

    Sorry to go over a little on the subject.


    "hillfla - On which piece of paperwork from the dealership is your odometer reading? I was looking through my paperwork and the only place I could find it was the Odometer Disclosure Statement. Mine says 206, so I'm wondering if I'll be covered if I hit 36,205 miles and have a failure."
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    Bug Deflectors on the Triplets do very little if anything to help prevent the windshield from being hit. However, it does great for protecting the hood.


    "Most of my bug collisions end up on the front grille. So where does the bug deflector deflect them from, the windshield? "
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    I never gave it much thought that these shields actually deflect bugs! I always had the impression since putting one on my last three vehicles, that a wave of air does slightly push up the bugs rather than collect them on the front! But mostly I ve always seen that deflectors help protect the edge of your HOOD! from rocks, stones, that fly up from trucks ect...on the HWY. They work great! If you ever get a chance, next time your at the mall look at a vehicle that is oh 5 years old, maybe older! CHIPS UP THE YING YANG, if the do not have a bug shield or deflector. I have also found these shield do help at resale, because you can take them off and the front of the hood looks like new with no dings and scraps front road debris!
  • I don't know if I am an unusual case because I live in Missouri and here we are required to file our own title and licensing - we even have to go pay our own sales tax! (this is totally different than Florida and CA where I have lived before).

    Anyways - several of my papers have the odometer reading. The bill of sale has it noted, the title has it, and my Missouri tax and licensing paperwork has it as well. Here in MO we do not get an ODO but I do know that the title is in leiu of an ODO.

    Now for the warranty issue. I'm sorry, tlauro, but I don't think you are right with your statement:

     "No, you will not have your warranty extended beyond the 36,000 mile mark. If you drive a vehicle as I did before purchasing it, putting on over 300 miles...your warranty is still 36,000."

    I confirmed with both GMC customer service and the dealership that the miles DO get added to the 36,000 mile warranty. I called the GMC customer service number 1-800-462-8782. I gave them my VIN and name and he looked up my vehicle and was able to tell me exactly how long my warranty was good for. In my case, he told me my warranty was 36,050. That comes directly from the GMC computer using my VIN. Those 50 miles were what was on my title and bill of sale (although yesterday I went to the dealership and had it changed to 324 miles and the GMC computer was updated as well).

    Just my two cents worth and what I have been able to find out doing some research. I recommend that you call the 1-800 number and see what they tell ya. As for a leased car, I have no idea what the situation on the warranty would be then.
  • Thought I'd give a glimpse as to what brush guards and taillight guards look like on my '02 Bravada.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I went to pick up my truck. The pictures on showed these brush guards and taillight guards, but what I got was indeed custom shaped to the Bravada.

    Also if you look at the close ups of the taillight guards on my site, I'd like to point out the mounting tab closest to the front of the vehicle. It's a metal tab hard mounted inside the taillight assembly. The reason I point this out is because on my previous vehicle, a '98 Explorer limited, I had Wagg taillight guards. And where the tab I'm pointing out was on the Wagg pieces there was a little plastic tab that snapped onto the grills of the taillight guards, and then attached to the taillight lens with double sided 3-M mounting tape which lost it's stickiness all the time and required constant replacement. To see what I'm blabbering about check out Tim Lauro's Wagg's.

    By the way Tim, I'm not trying to insult your taillight guards. This was just a feature on the Manik parts that really impressed me.

    Also I would like to add my comments on getting a few of the TSB's taken care of.

    Here's a list of what I had taken care of.

    01-01-38-014 Heater - Insufficient Heat To Driver's Feet.
    02-09-40-003 Passenger seat shoulder belt too tight or cinches up.
    02-04-21-008 Shudder, Rocking Motion, Binding, Feels Like Vehicle is Stuck in 4WD (Crow Hop) When Turning at Low Speeds.
    02-08-62-001 Loose front end.

    All of the TSB fixes were applied and, knock on wood, appear to be working.

    I took some snap shots of what I believe to be the new duct work under the dash on the driver's side, and the new front end brackets. If you want to take a look, go to my site and you will find them under pictures.

    If someone with an '02 triplet without the "Insufficient Heat To Driver's Feet" TSB applied would do me a favor, I'd like to know if my picture of the new duct work under the dash matches up to what you have. That way if what I took a picture of isn't new I can remove it.

    In addition to the TSB's I asked my service advisor if they could do anything about the windows not wanting to roll up all the way at freeway speeds during high cross winds. When I picked up my vehicle he said they adjusted and lubed the window channels. I won't know if it fixed it till I get some high cross winds to test it out.

    Also my front passenger seat control module died. They replaced it, and my wife has her bad back fixer/warmer back.

    If I've left any confusing gaps or if you want more information, let me know.
  • John, I noticed on your site that you have the rear air deflector. I was contemplating that purchase for my Envoy since the rear window seems to get filthy after just a few minutes of driving. Has the deflector worked well at keeping the rear window cleaner and how easy/hard was it to install?
  • I have driven my Bravada basically the same since I bought it - commuting and 'round town (shopping, etc.). I currently have about 14K miles on it and yesterday I picked up another tenth on the average (to 18.5). This is the average since new as I've never reset the average on the DIC. I wouldn't have guessed that it would still be increasing at this point. I know other factors can come into play, but I'd guess I'm averaging about 19mpg currently to have improved to 18.5 overall from the 14 starting point.
  • rye78rye78 Posts: 16
    I have a 2002 4x4 LS model that I purchased in November of '01. I now have 21,000 miles on it. For the most part I have been doing all my own oil changes and tire rotations. I also put on the K&N Air Charger intake. So those three maintanence issues are taken care of. I am going to be taking the truck into the dealer for some routine service being that it hit 20,000 miles. Now I know this might be a broad question, but what problems or TSB's or upgrades should I have them looking at. I ask this because I know they wont do any of them without me asking and because a lot of you have had a lot of them done.

    My other question is about the warranty. I installed the K&N aircharger intake. Does this void my warranty or what? I've heard that it only voids the warranty of the air cleaner and box. But I also heard that it totally voids the warranty as a whole. Anyone have any insights? Thanks
  • Check out my previous post regarding your clean question.

    giddens_john Dec 12, 2002 4:09pm

    Now as for installation, I actually didn't install the rear air deflector, the dealer did. That said however, I believe it isn't too difficult to install with the right equipment. I don't know if you noticed the install sheet in the pics section on my site, I would suggest looking it over. My biggest area of concern would be drilling the sheet metal perfectly aligned. Going slow and taking measurements in excessive amounts should alleviate any problems.
  • I can only comment on the TSB's. Your right about this being a broad question. Obviously you can't have them look up every TSB and check your vehicle for it, which would be the reason the dealerships hate the internet's public access to them. I would recommend looking at the TSB's at Tim's site under "problems" and finding the one's that address problems you've noticed and stick to those specific one's. Also look at GM Techlink and go through all of those. Be aware that some service advisors hate having the TSB's pointed out to them and some don't. I would suggest making a list of the TSB's that apply to you and printing them out to give to your service advisor. You could even go a step further and describe your problems in your own words with the TSB's noted at the end and print that out, which is what I did.

    Keep in mind that the dealership is going to have to confirm the problem before they will attempt to fix it. What my service advisor did was have me bring my truck in, show him and describe to him the problems. He then got a tech to go on a test drive with me so I could show the tech my binding problem and how to recreate it. Then they kept my truck for a day to go over the problems and confirm them. Then had me pick my truck up from the dealership the next day and continue driving it till the parts came in so I wouldn't be paying $6.50 in tax per day on the rental car while they did nothing waiting on the parts . He then called me when the part's got in to bring the truck back. This may sound like a drawn out process, but I got the problems fixed the way I wanted with minimal fuss.
  • Does anyone have the details of this TSB available to them?
    02-08-64-024; Discoloration/Fading of Door Glass Molding; 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy, Oldsmobile Bravada
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    The grille guard looks awesome! If you get a chance, could you post some pics to your site of how it actually mounts. Did they remove the black plastic piece on the bottom of the lower fascia?
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