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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • I noticed the vibration/noise about 2 weeks after I owned it. It was hardly noticable at first - now it seems like it is getting louder and louder. It does stop when I let up on the accelerator. It makes me sad to think that there might not be any fix to it and I will just have to live with it. I purchased it, not leased it, and there is no way I would be able to sell it for at least a couple of years. I wonder how bad it is going to be on road trips - we like to do those several times a year.
  • Its amazing what you can fit in a garage, when it snows every day and you really want to avoid scraping the car each morning. Somehow, my wife and I manage to fit my Tahoe, her XL, my John Deere riding mower, the 90 gallon garbage can, and all of the other stuff that seems to migrate to the garage. Glad we made it larger when we built the house. I agree with you all though, it seems like there should be some type of sensor that shuts off the auto rain sense wipers when the outside temperature is below a certain level, or when the windshield is frozen. Once the defroster heats the window up, the sensor could re-activiate the auto-wipers. Just a thought.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    redline65, yes it is nice having a garage, I do have a 2 car garage, but I have to make a daily decision as to which of the 3 cars will go into the 2 car garage. I consider the garage to be a benefit for the car. Whichever car treats me the best gets the garage. I decided to keep the (TB) outside. Reserving the garage for the Ford Van and the Mitsu. Diamonte. The birds are confused by the (TB'S) misdirected roof rack arrows. They don't know if the car is going forward or backward, as a result they can't hit it.
     My point with the rain sense wipers still stands. The wiper system can be damaged by the wipers coming on at the wrong time. I doubt that GM will offer to make out of warranty repairs to wiper motors due to their (GM) short sighted design.

  • Actually, if any vehicles didn't belong on this board, it's the XLs. They aren't the same as the standard triplets. Different frame, body, driving characteristics (e.g., massive turning circle), and some with different engines. Not much in common there.

    Well, us XL/EXT owners would rather not rub elbows with you SWB owners anyways. ;-)

    Don't forget the Ascender is an XL/EXT clone.
  • The birds are confused by the (TB'S) misdirected roof rack arrows. They don't know if the car is going forward or backward, as a result they can't hit it.

    I think they must have removed the roof rack arrows for the 2003 models, as mine doesn't have them. GM probably wanted to avoid confusion with them.
  • cebteb, the Ascender is only available as a long wheelbase version like the XL's. So if you exclude the long versions it should be excluded too. Otherwise it belongs here.
    Also, I don't think Isuzu has a dorky reputation here - maybe just the Vehicross. Surely you've noticed that there's tons of Rodeos in the Denver area.
  • No..didn't get zero % also, but he did find 4.13% for 60 months which beat my credit union rate of 4.99%.

    I actually got to drive it for part of this mornings commute and it is a real nice driving machine. I hope the '03s have all the '02 bugs worked out and this vehicle gives us many trouble free miles.

    GEICO will give us 7 yr/100,000 extended coverage ($250 deductable) for $88/yr. That's $616 for all 7 years. I had this coverage on my Transport (quite a bit cheaper) and used it 3 or 4 times with total satisfaction. GMO Outlet quoted my $2515 for 7/100,000 with $200 deductable. I guess I'll stay with GEICO's coverage.

  • I'll have to look into the Geico warranty. Is it an exclusionary policy, or does it only cover specific components?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    We've added the Ascender and Rainier to the "What is this discussion about?" category, so people searching for those two models will find this discussion, in addition to the model specific ones.

    Steve, Host
  • Sounds good Steve, but you might want to add the Trailblazer EXT also, since you have the Envoy and Envoy XL. Wow, 7 SUVs. This family is getting big...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Rats, we're out of room in the categories....

    oh well :-)

    Steve, Host
  • They finally got the new switch in for our rear windshield washer wiper. It took closer to two weeks than the 3 to 5 days they originally said. It took about 20 minutes to put in. The washer had stopped working, no resistance in the button, so we figured it to be a switch. Our is a 2002 built 10/01. Does anyone's rear wiper control turn counter clockwise for a single wipe. My husband thought ours did to start with, but I was not sure. It does have a symbol for a single wipe.

    I tried the GMLink but had errors. I wonder if everything has to be exactly as their records. Full names and street info. If so it is poor programming. Any thoughts??

    I think our vibration ended with the balancing of the tires. Had not had a good stretch of weather to repeat the conditions. Too much snow, ice and WIND.

  • right from the showroom! gas petal vibration.bulletin says to replace drive shaft.part being ordered. has anyone had this problem and had the vehicle serviced and fixed? what was the solution? please let me know.the vibration drives me crazy as i am constantly aware of it.
  • gas petal vibration.bulletin says to replace drive shaft.part being ordered. has anyone had this problem and had the vehicle serviced and fixed?

    I would have them re-balance and rotate your tires before going through something drastic like a new drive shaft or having your springs replaced. Remember, dealerships get a lot of profit from warranty work, so they are happy to do these big jobs that may not solve your problem.
  • just a follow-up: the dealer did balance all the tires. also,it definitely is not the springs.driveshaft replacement is recommended in the bulletin.
  • Hello all Well i just looked at the link and saw the difference between the old license plate holder with the chipping paint and the New fixed plate. Here is the thing i have a 2002 Lt EXT Trailblazer and it has the "FIX" and it is Peeling the rubber sealent is peeling . I will have to wait to have it fixed as the dealership had a fire and will not be fixing cars for at least two months. I am going to another dealership for a problem in the front end of the drivers side Can't really describe it but i am hopeful that they can fix it. I will be going to a dealership that was unreasonable to work with when i had my 2000 venture but it is the only other dealer that will be able to take it.It goes in on Thursday . I will post to tell everyone what the problem is. One more thing the windshield will be fixed on tuesday . they will do the repair at my house so I will let everyone know how it goes. I am having it fixed by safelite auto glasss it is a national chain and gaurentes the work.
  • "Does anyone's rear wiper control turn counter clockwise for a single wipe. My husband thought ours did to start with, but I was not sure. It does have a symbol for a single wipe."

    No, there is not a single wipe position. I think the icon to the left of the numbers just represents the rear window (and the one on the button, the washer).
  • This same problem is making me nuts. The gas pedal vibrates so much it makes my foot tickle. Do you know the number or the name of the bulletin spelling out the cause of the drive shaft problem so I can go back to the dealer? Thank you in advance.
  • Sorry, don,t know the bulletin number. caught a glimpse of it. (i even asked for a copy,but they refused) the top of the bulletin says VIBRATIONS...... my dealer never heard of this problem. (so he says)I told him there was a specific bulletin on this and he found it. I'll keep you advised if i get any info. and I'll let you know if changing the driveshaft does the trick.(it better-i can't take it much longer)
  • I'll let you know if changing the drive shaft does the trick.(it better-i can't take it much longer)

    Please make sure you let me know if it works, I cant take it much longer either. Thanks
  • cebtebcebteb Posts: 138
    For those with the vibration problem, having worked through a vibration nightmare over the past year with our Chrysler 300M, I strongly suggest going to a Dealer or speed shop with a Hunter 9700 GSP wheel balancing plus machine. Balance is just one factor and the Hunter will get as close to perfect as technology currently allows.

    It can then check radial forces, which can detect other problems such as wheels with excessive run-out (not an uncommon problem with cast aluminum wheels), tires with bad or moving belts, and tires that are out-of-round.

    We had 2 out of 4 original Goodyear Eagles on our 300M w/ a pull and out-of-round and 1 of the 2 replacements. Bought 4 new Yoko YF420s and found 3 out of 4 with pull or out-of-roung problems. Some of these tires wouldn't have been a problem on many cars or SUVs, but w/ a tuned suspension and large cast aluminum wheels, the small defects create big vibration problems.

    For a vibration problem I'd get this aspect checked first before I'd let them start ripping away at the drive-train and suspension on my brand new SUV. Just my two cents.
  • My trailer blazer is about to hit 18000 miles and I am thinking about to clean the air filter. It looks like a little bit difficult to remove the air filter box. Especially some of the screws are way way down there. Anyone has done this before?
    I want to remove the air filter so that I can clean it with a vacuum cleaner as regulator maintenance.

  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    I ONLY FEEL THE VIBRATION WHEN MY FOOT IS IN THE GAS RPMS BETWEEN 1200-2000, WHEN I LET OFF THE GAS GOING 85MPH, NO VIBRATION! ALL THE WAY DOWN TO ZERO! TIRES? NOPE? SPRINGS? NOPE? TRANNY? YET TO FIND OUT!!!!!!! Every one keeps saying check this check that, its a tranny problem,torque convertor I think.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Apparently the vibration has affected more than your foot - it seems to have caused your caps lock key to stick! ;-)

    Seriously, I have no idea what might be causing your vibration problem. Have you talked to a mechanic?

    tidester, host
  • Don't get me wrong cebteb, I do appreciate your two cents. I always appreciated well thought out arguments in whatever forum I am involved in. In this era of conservative talk radio where you get 24 hour, around the clock liberal bashing talking heads telling people what to think, it is refreshing to have a forum of competing idea's in a nonconfrontory respectful manner.

    Having said that, I don't think your theory of wheel balance applies to us vibrating gas pedal people, and here's why. The steering wheel is dead and rock solid. If their was a hint of balance problem it would be felt here. Frankly I wish it was because it would be easier to get my dealer to take me more serious. He is now taking me more serious since I am the one pointing out the TSB's that address this problem. I agree the springs were a long shot, but for the record, it only takes a 1/2 hour to replace, so no major surgery there.

    To your other point, what do I care if the undercarriage needs major surgery, if it fixes my problem, thats all I care about. My Envoy is driven 30,000 miles a year on the expressway and this vibrating gas pedal will make you capable of desperate measures like screaming at the service manager and the dealership owner which will be my last resort (no exaggeration here, this is always a viable option).
  • I have had the Vibrations problem since day 1 of my car. Never felt it on the test drive (of course!), but on my way home from buying the car was the first time I felt it. It seems to be most prevalent in the colder months and usually happens right around 52-58 mph. It seems to be based more on speed not rpm. I have a 2002 TB.

    I have had it looked at numerous times, including getting the tires balanced. Nothing. I am scheduled to get the coils replaced, but after hearing on this forum that it doesn't work, I am hesitant to do it.

    rorodad: Please keep us up to date. This will make a lot of people happy if the fix really does work! And, it you can get your hands on the bulletin, you will receive forum member of the month award!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Driving me crazy, ready to tear out the gas peddle member!
  • My rear washer no longer squirts water. I have filled the washer liquid chamber under the hood, but I still get nothing from the back.

    Any ideas?
  • Is their no sacrifice he isn't willing to make for the good of this board?

    by tidester HOST Feb 15, 2003 (1:06 am)
  • nuyorkahnuyorkah Posts: 100
    "My rear washer no longer squirts water. I have filled the washer liquid chamber under the hood, but I still get nothing from the back.
    Any ideas?"

    Check and make sure the nozzle on the rear wiper arm are did not slide and kink the hose. Others here have had this problem and it turned out to be the rear wiper control switch on the dash had gone bad.
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