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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • jim4444jim4444 Posts: 124
    I have a completely different vehicle, a V6 Chevy S10, but I wasnt happy with the trans shifting either. It should be the same trans in both trucks.

    I bought a Hypertech Power Programmer, initially not to change the shift pattern but it had that capability and I was unhappy with the factory setting so at @ 5,000 miles I reprogrammed it.

    What a difference!! Theres a light I catch about half the time going to work leading up an overpass to the highway.

    Before I reprogrammed the shift pattern, I could floor it and maybe get to 45 before slowing down to make the on ramp.

    Now I make 45 halfway up the overpass! the factory shift pattern was holding me back.

    I think GM has this trans programmed for very smooth (and sometimes time consuming) shifts.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    Picked up our 2002 Bravada on Friday and took it on a trip to upstate NY for a long weekend. What a great truck!! We just love the comfort, interior and looks of this beast. The engine is creamy smooth and the transmission is also. One complaint was some trim that was loose inside the driver door, but I'm sure that will get fixed up pretty easy.

    I am almost jealous of my wife as she will be the primary driver of the Bravada. I have a 02 Yukon which I love, but I almost which I had bought one of the GM midsize triplets instead. Oh well, only 32 more leas payments and maybe I can switch.
  • Glad to hear about the Winter Mats from GM being available. Do you have the GM part number for those (both front and rear)? I ordered the mats from WeatherTech but was disappointed with the fit (esp. in the rear). If you can provide the p/n's we can check the pricing thru By the way, here's the response I got from GMGoodwrench when I asked about mud flaps:

    The part numbers for the mud flaps are below (sold as pairs, molded guards cannot be used with fender flares, only rear guards can be used with running boards).

    part # description
    12497428 flat splash guard with contour, 9.70" wide, no logo
    12497434 flat splash guard with contour, 9.70" wide, with GMC logo
    12497606 molded front splash guard with GMC logo
    12497607 molded rear splash guard with GMC logo
  • The part #'s for moulded mud guards that you listed are the correct p/n's. Factory running boards on an Envoy has nothing to do with the guards not fitting on the front!!!! Don't know what they mean about the fender flares. I have an Envoy with factory running boards,moulded guards front and rear. The fit is great. I painted them to match the color of the vehicle. (blk)
  • iwsiws Posts: 12
    I have installed the molded guards on my Trailblazer and they fit perfectly. I don't know what the fender flares have to do with anything. I have running boards and again, they don't interfere. The instructions were clear and the mounting hardware provided. I think GM did a great job with making these parts available.

    I'm happy to say the same for the hood deflector and side window vent shades.

    Another accessory I picked up was the load stop / canoe carrier. Once the brackets are mounted to the roof rack rails (5 minutes) the bars can be attached or removed in seconds. They have integrated locks to ensure they are not removed by others. The racks are much more usable than the stock rack bars, raising the load and ensuring a strong flat set of bars for carrying a serious load. They also come with adjustable load stop brackets to keep things from moving side to side, as well as 4 web straps to secure the load to the bars. Nothing moves on this set-up. I was actually thinking of removing the stock cross bars since they are not much use, given their curved shape. Great for wind noise but not much else. I prefer the new rack which is easily removed in seconds. I have used it to carry my canoe as well as to transport beds. You can also get attachments for the bars to carry Kayaks, bikes, skis etc. Great Rack, highly recommended.
  • immoeimmoe Posts: 15
    Recalibration did not work. Unfortunately no codes show up. The service tech is taking the vehicle home tonight hooked to some electronic device to see if he can pinpoint the problem. Service bulletin # 290801 had no effect. My dealer here in RI is most helpful and I will keep everyone posted.
  • First off, the Accessories brochure (sp?) is out, GMGoodwrench Internet Response Team was kind enough to send me a xerox'd copy of their's (they only had one). The doc number is ACC-CA-0168-01.
    Second, re: my post #2618 and guards on front can't be used w/ running boards, that came directly from the response I got from and is also stated in the accessories guide. It made no sense to me since I couldn't see how they could come in contact w/ the running boards but that's what GM says. If folks say they work fine that's great news.
    Third, they have the Custom Vinal Floor Mats out, I suspect they will fit much better than the WeatherTech ones do.
    Pewter: Ft - 12497749 Rear - 12497716
    Oak: Ft. - 12497748 Rear - 12497715
    GM's list price is $47 for the front pair and $36 for the rear pair. Much cheaper through but S&H charges will kill it if you only buy one item, the more you buy S&H charges per item goes down. HTH
  • I took my TB in and left it with the dealer for three days. They still couldn't find the source of the squeal in the right front of the car that occurs above 25 mph. They contacted GM and were told that GM is aware of the problem, but they don't have a diagnosis or fix yet. They will keep working on it, but my dealer didn't have any idea when the fix might be identified.
  • After two trips to the dealer and 5 days of not having my Envoy, the dealer was finally able to stop the squealing. They put it up on the rack and in four wheel drive so they could be under it to hear where the squeal came from. They also contacted GM (GM is aware of the problem) and they told them to change a specific seal. Here's what's on the Service order:

    Inspect for high pitch squeal noise from right from differential intermediate housing seals dragging on shaft. New design seal available per T.A.C. F1447 R&R front differential housing to replace seals & repack with lubricant.

    P/N No. 12479012 Desc.: Seal 6.056

    GM told the dealer that the part was redesign to correct this problem.

    I hope this helps you.

    After they did this work, it hasn't squealed since, but only time will tell.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hi, lubang,

    My sale man never pointed it out to me, but I did pay for the deal with the 6 disc CD & SH package included.

    Is that CD system itemized on your invoice? If so, then it would seem your dealer is obligated to provide you with it.

  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504

    I'm glad you noticed this squeal too!

    I just started hearing it after about 4,500 miles on my TB LTZ.

    At first I thought it was my air intake/K&N, then the luggage rack, tires, I have some good info. Thanks!

    Anyone else have a sqealing or high pitch sqeal/whistle in the right front side?


  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Currently, we have (or had) a 2000 Chrysler 300M. Beatiful car, drives nicely, and is just a great car to own. However, on October 22, we were rear ended badly at a stop light and the car had some pretty significant damage. They ended up deciding to fix it with a $10,000 estimate for the work. From the looks of things, we might have it back by the end of November or beginning of December. However, this is my mother's car and she has said she jsut won't feel safe in the car anymore and isn't going to keep it. So now, we must start looking for something new, most likely an SUV, probably a GM.

    Because the car is only a year old, 4 years and a little less than 15 grand is still owed, so purchasing is most likely out of the question. Leasing is probably the way we will go, but as never having done this before, we have to research it a little more. As for which vehicle, we really like Tahoes and Yukons, they are really tough and solid SUV's built off a great truck, but they are a little too much price-wise and the gas mileage might not be the best. In addition, the Envoy and Trailblazer are also very nice, and actually seem like they'd be a little better of a choice, size and feature wise.

    So now, I need some leasing information on these two SUV's. I've already seen and read through tlauro's leasing site and it's very informative. Most likely, we'll be looking more into both an Envoy SLE or a Trailblazer LT, not sure on whether 2wd or 4wd. The Envoy SLE has a nice Euro look to it and offers the air suspension and has the nicest interior. The Trailblazer LT is also good looking and offers both the Bose and a driver conveniance package that aren't options for the Envoy but the interior is cheaper and plainer and there's no air suspension.

    We still haven't driven any vehicle yet and are currently in the stage of looking at brochures, ads, and most important, price. If anyone who has leased on of these new ute's could, what re some of the basic figures or deals available and what are the prices/payments you have gotten?
  • tt66tt66 Posts: 9
    I just completed a purchase of an '02 Bravada yesterday. I chose it over the Envoy/Trailblazer because of the 5 year/60k warranty and because I didn't see the need for the switchable 4 wheel drive. I don't plan to tow boats or climb boulder strewn paths. Beach15, I'd be curious to know why you are not considering the Bravada.

    Mine is Pewter and has 1SB (Memory Seats), Heated Seats and Bose Radio as options but not 6 disc (we wanted the cassette player). MSRP was $35872 and I paid $32,500 on a demo w/ 1100 miles (about $300 below invoice).

    I used my GM Card earnings ($3158) on deal. When the dealer called in to verify the rebate amount, he was told I qualified for an extra $1000 rebate making the card rebate total $4158. Anyone know why??? The dealer did not.

    Mileage: 18mpg at steady 72-73mph with a gusty cross wind. 17mpg at a steady 77-79mph with the roof rack bars all the way back. Just learned that the front bar should be placed over the rear door to reduce noise and drag when not in use.

  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    As for the Bravada, I actually do like it myself, but as you may have seen, I was talking about the Trailblazer LT and the Envoy SLE. Mainly because, these two models are lower priced but well equipped and because they have cloth seats because we don't particularly want leather again. If a good enough lease deal is possible though, we might think otherwise.

    So, anyone out their who has leased on of the triplets, what are some of the figures you got? I'd like to know how much you put down and more importantly, how much are your payments, if you don't mind? I'm just trying to see what we can afford first before anything else.
  • I took my TB LT into the dealer to get my left side mirror replaced and mentioned the very slight pedal vibration I get around 60 mph. They ended up keeping it overnight as the service tech was talking on the Internet to GM. The next day they said they cleaned the throttle and reprogrammed a PCM. Said they fixed it. Said the tech drove it before and after and it was gone. NOPE! I can still feel it. Maybe it is nothing to worry about I don't know. It is such a minor feeling you would almost hardly notice it.

    Does anyone think there is a need to put a cable lock on the spare tire????
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    thanks for the kind words above. I hope my little section's a lot in a very plain fashion but good I think.

    you can jump over to the leasing section of yahoo's town halls and find out the current rate and residules. "Lease Questions - Ask Here" Nov 3, 2001 3:15pm

    Car Man is the handle of the host and he is very helpful at getting current rates and residules. My guess is GM is still at 6.5% rate with 48% residuals. Not an awesome rate but a very real residule. The result is your payment will be a little higher than it could be, but with such a low residual on an SUV, you'll easily exit it 6mos early or sell it and make some money.

    To calculate a payment...just use my spreadsheet from the site and plug in the above for now with the vehicles you've looked at. You'll get an idea of the payments and what not for sure.

    Let me know if there is anything else. Good luck.
  • There have been several posts on this problem, beginning with message #2523. Sounds like a fix was identified in message 2624. Thanks, Sostrouble for your efforts. I plan to call my dealer and let him know of this. One comment: when I took my TB in last week, I gave him a copy of all the messages on this bulletin board that referred to this specific problem. That made it pretty difficult for them to say it was isolated to just my TB. They took my complaint much more seriously!.
  • suv18suv18 Posts: 11
    Does anybody know where I can get a good car cover for my Envoy? Also, FYI, I just received a cargo mat from, part #12497847 for about 47 bucks including shipping. It fits great and looks great (thanks to Cissy for the info)
  • I believe you should be able to get this from as well. I know they have one available for the TB, part 12497710, $114.00.
    Since the vehicles are nearly identical, this cover may fit the Envoy as well.
  • bobmnbobmn Posts: 28
    California Car Cover Company has an excellect selection car covers for any vehicle. They also have a very nice color catalog which goes into detail on the car covers and all the other products they carry. I have ordered from them twice and been very satisfied.

  • I just toook my TB in today and here's my wishlist:
    -Whining sound coming from front end, probably similar problem mentioned before
    -Center console is loose and makes a lot of noise
    -Making sharp turn causes unknown grinding, not tire against wheel well, metal!
    -And a recall has been issued for "Transfer case Reprogram"
  • c2h6oc2h6o Posts: 32
    It's been 2+ weeks since I brought my new TB LTZ home and I've been incredibly happy with it so far! I can't believe how quite it is and how nice the ride. Not bad for a "truck"!

    One thing I've noticed though - this morning and on Monday it sounded like a large fan was running pretty hard when I started up my TB in the morning to go to work. I hadn't heard this before, but both Monday and this morning were a bit cold. The noise goes away after a few minutes. It almost sounds like the car is running at really high RPMs, but that's not the case. Anyone else experience this?

    No other noticeable problems though (crossing fingers here!)

    And king1079 - what's the "Transfer Case Reprogram" recall for? ie: what are the "symptoms" and do you know what vehicles it covers? Thanks!
  • I have 4wd LT, so I don't know if 2wd is affected. Misc. posts have stated the shift pattern to be inconsistent, so I think they are reprogramming the chip to smooth out shifting.
  • The sound that you are hearing upon startup from cold is probably the cooling fan. It works on a viscous coupling that allows the fan to freewheel when the clutch is warmed, however it is "locked up" when cold, because the fluid is not warmed yet. I have a TB (company issued) and it does the same thing, usually for about 20-30 seconds. I have also noticed this on other trucks that I have driven, all equipped with engine driven fans, vs electric fans. If you look in your owner's manual, someplace it mentions this, at least it should. It is normal, and is no cause for alarm.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Does anyone know when the latest recall went into effect? I asked my dealer about the TSB thats been out for a couple of months but he knew nothing about it. My transmission is getting so bad now that when I pull off from a stop light there is such a delay that when it kicks in the whole vehicle shutters. When cold there is a total lack of power that is sometimes dangerous. Of course when I've taken it in it is warmed up enough to not be so noticable.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    Why don't you print out a copy of the recall and hand it to your dealer? It will inform him/her of what he/she should already know and eliminate any further off putting! :-)

    Host SUVs
  • The one I found on the NHTSA has a recall date of 10/31/01
    Campaign # 01V334000
    Number of units affected: 78004
    COMPONENT: Power Train Transfer Case (4-wheel drive)2
    MANUFACTURE DATE: 01/2001 - 08/2001

    DEFECT SUMMARY: Vehicle description: sport utility vehicles equipped with 4-wheel drive. The calibration of the transfer case module could cause insufficient high speed gear engagement.

    CONSEQUENSE SUMMARY: If the gear is not engaged, the vehicle can roll when the transmission is in "park" and a crash could result without warning.
    CORRECTIVE SUMMARY: Dealers will update the transfer case control module calibration to increase gear engagement.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I guess I found the problem. There is no recall listed for the Bravada although I did find it in the Envoy. I wonder if they have included the Bravada in the recall. My dealer certainly won't jump through any hoops to please me.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    My guess is the Bravada is not included as it's all wheel drive not 4WD thus a different system that thankfully for owners, doesn't suffer the same fate.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    Thanks for posting this find! I will probably be brining in my LTZ for the recall and the tranny squeal yet this week. I just wish I could find more time.

    Will keep you all posted on the results.


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