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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    well i geuss I have caught you on your period? not trying to make this a vw or audi for that matter showdown versus the wrx..obviously u are in love with subaru..and thats fine..i love your attitude..very touchy about this car thing?..oh just bringing to the table some observations..Yea i geuss check engine lights that come on after 70 miles is okay..even though the dealer has no idea how to remedy the problem..if yours came would probably just put a piece of tape over sorry you have a such a negative attitude towards vw owners..i have no problem with subarus or their fact a friend of mine just bought a legacy gt sedan..that is very nice..
    i love your little comments..what a joke..anytime you are in seattle..we can go to sir and see whos has spent more time at the track..since you must have alot of more experience than me..maybe u can show me what your grocery getter does in the 1/4 mile as well as the road course..

    by no means does chipping a 1.8t cause a headache..and it dosent reduce low rpm actually reduces any noticeable lag..and the power band is still pretty linear..and dosent the drinks you must have had before you got on the computer this morning..

    and yes i wll drive a wrx..and whos knows if i like it..i might even buy one..would that make u cry? hiroki or whatever your name is..i geuss your the real "puke" here..try to be more positive..pal

  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Shaun: You replace them. From what I've gathered (yes, I frequent the i-club as of late as H8YNERS) there is a bad initial batch of sensors from Bosch. This is what I suspected all along. It's not a reflection on the WRX's reliability. If you don't want to buy a WRX because you still feel uneasy that's fine but don't make it into something it's not. Besides, a true auto enthusiast wouldn't take the bait anyhow. :-)

  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    stephen..ok then..lets hope its nothing 02 sensor should be an easy fix..right? i just saw the yellow wrx thats posted pics above seattle..near 3/26/01..looks better in person..i have seen a wagon upclose but not the dont be alarmed if i raise a red flag due to reports of cel coming was just that it has happened to quite a few..and 2-3 trips to the dealer later its still is an issue..if it dosent bother u..i wont worry about it either..
  • I test drove the new WRX this weekend and it was a most wonderful experience! The car only had 300 miles on it when we were snug in the high bolstered seats. Before taking off the salesman said to buckle up. Now I know why! This is not a car it's a rocket ship. When my foot released the clutch, it was so responsive, so quickly, I nearly stalled it. How embarrassing. The second time I engaged the clutch it was making a left turn across four lanes of traffic. What a launch! I also experienced the perm-grin factor. So much for playing it cool in front of the salesman. The short throw of the sifter making crisp changes between gears was a Godsend.
    When I started to take the car back to the dealership, the salesman asked ME if he could drive it for a while. I'm sold and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
  • kostamojen2kostamojen2 Posts: 284
    The problem is definatly the tires... Replace them as soon as the Break in period's over, its worth it! :)

    Motorsport: Hehe... I feel your pain :D Must... Own... Impreza... now ;)
  • wil02wil02 Posts: 10
    anyone here experienced the CEL problem and I wonder if this is being fixed by SOA?

    the wagon in Asia comes with moonroof, just saw one last week!

  • Colin, one of the reasons I am looking forward to new wheels is new tires. I am not hugely disappointed with the RE92s, but then again, I am not impressed either. There have been a couple of times that I felt I was at the limit of my tires grip without being at the limits of the car's handling. I don't know how to explain that better, but I definitely feel the need for grippier meats.

    However, considering that I am *supposed* to be taking it easy on the car, I am not going to bother investing in new tires until I have made the wheel decision.

    I really like the idea of the Forged BBS wheels, I just can't stand the price. I have been reading i-club but there doesn't seem to be anything remotely similar to a clear winner as far as aftermarket 17" wheels go. I saw a few, but I simply can't do gold wheels. I like the understated look of my silver WRX too much to get crazy with a wheel color.

    If ANYONE knows of a way I can get a decent discount on the BBS wheels Subaru offers, I will gladly buy those.


    I am glad you enjoyed the car as much as I did and do. Everytime I site in it I am start smiling. Monday was the first day in a long time that I was both early to work, and happy with my morning commute. If I can manage early wake-ups everymoring, I might start taking the long cut.

  • jhazenjhazen Posts: 4 of my co-workers asked me (today) if I still liked it as much as the day I bought it. I could only reply "my cheeks hurt from smiling too much... 600 miles is a long way to smile".

    I absolutely love my car, and the more I drive it, the more I love it. Now, I just need to find some forged 17" wheels to put a set of Pole Positions on for the christening of the 1,000 mile mark...

  • jhazenjhazen Posts: 4
    Go to Carter Subaru at 175th and Aurora... they have a Rally Blue WRX 5MT you can drive around... at the end of the first day I hear it had over 100 miles on it. I bought mine from Nik Forte... he was very straightforward and helpful with everything I needed.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • mic138mic138 Posts: 5
    Hi folks. Today, I am to take delivery of 2002 WRX. It comes with the minimum set of options, yet, I did purchase the 17' wheel package. I really can not wait to pick it up.

    1) Can someone list links to popular WRX Web sites?

    2) Performance upgrades... recommendations, businesses, sites? seems to the be a good place to go. SOA offers exhaust and suspension packages. Has any one purchased and used these?

    3) I haven't done my homework yet, but I do know they have tuned-down the WRX from European specs. How they do that? Smaller turbos, ECU?

    As you can see I am quite excited about the car. I am looking forward to joining you folks in here and on the road. This is truly an awesome car.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Mike: start at

    Tuners? Cobb or Rallispec, depends on which coast you live on.

    What tires come on the 17" wheels? If they are RE92s, I'd change that first. Then add an adjustable rear sway bar. The STi v5 suspension packages are sweet but very, very pricey. You may want to shop around.

    The US WRX actually makes more power than the Euro market turbo, less than the STi (tuned by Prodrive in the UK). Nice thing is all your internals are the same, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

    Congrats on the purchase. I'm envious.

  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    hey jeff..

    i was just at carter last friday..they had no wrx sedans..just a dying to get a ride in one..i saw a yellow sedan yesterday..but i dont know if any of the dealers around here have any inventory..would you be able to stop long enough to have me take a look at your new ride..let me know..

  • klkrauseklkrause Posts: 96
    Well, I'm unfortunately not in the position to buy my new car until later this year. I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now and I noticed a lot of discussions about the different cars people were cross-shopping ... mostly the Audi 1.8T (which I didn't understand).

    I just wanted to let people know that although some other cars may not seem competitive with the WRX, some of us do cross-shop some seemingly weird cars. Personally, I'm considering all of the following:

    Volvo S60 T5
    BMW 325xi or 330xi (probably not, though because of the price)
    Acura TL Type S
    Lexus IS300

    There are probably a few other vehicles I would consider, as well. I realize that the WRX is truly a competitor of the other vehicles I am considering, but I guess I haven't really decided the exact type of car I want. Obviously the WRX beats the others in terms of performance (except maybe the 330xi) and is far less expensive than the others, but there are a few other things to consider.

    Indeed the interior in the WRX does not really compare to the others (and I know it's not supposed to) and I really did like the interior of the others. I drive a lot and haven't decided what is more important to me ... the less expensive performance or the more expensive comfort.

    I love the idea of the raw power of the WRX and the AWD handling .. I probably wouldn't do much in the way of mods, either, because it would really be a daily-driver, not something I would take to the track. (Of course, that could all change after buying it, too!) I was thinking about the STi suspension, but would like to drive both to compare.

    Just wanted to get people's thoughts ....
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Kevin: that's interesting - you're kind of moving down from pricier premium sporty imports.

    My thoughts? The WRX will impress you the most as a driver, while the others will comfort and please passengers more. Is it your car or the wife's? ;-)

    That plus I would not touch FWD at that price and power level.

  • for all of you people who want to make lots of things to your WRX, i just want to warn you that it might take that driving experience away with power upgrades. ECUs and uprated turbos tend to get HP up at the expense of low grunt, which makes for a totally diffirent car than you have bought. before you do anything, find some people that did it first. it is no secret that there are things to get your hp up to the viper highs, but you won't be able to drive it. what good is that going to do? the rally car makes it to 60 faster than a diablo, but trust me, power is probably the last thing in the equation for things to come together that way. ridiculously priced tires, magnesium wheels, rock hard suspension with long wheel travel (here's a weird thought) and some really serious differentials. i bet if you could have a couple of words with the prodrive team, they'd say that more power is not a problem. driving a car with more horsepower is. the best performance upgrades are things that reduce the weight of the car, especially at the front, which are not for sale yet. that means lighter alloy radiators, lighter cooling fans with lighter motors, titanium headers and so on. it is strange how people disregard the best ways to improve your car that don't give you horsepower numbers. i have not looked into whether those things are sold as of yet or not, but chances are they are expensive. and as for power, complete performance exhaust and air filters will probably give you a pump to maybe even 260hp or so; and trust me, you don't want any more than that. as for the way the car is right now, buy the wagon, not the sedan: it looks better, handles better, and a lot more practical; not to mention $500 cheaper.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I prefer the wagon too, but I doubt it handles better, given it's heavier and its track is more narrow.

  • wagons always handle better than sedans of the same car except volvo s60(T5,Sport susp.)/v70(FWD) if you can call that the same car. wagons have better weight distribution, and that's the biggest deciding factor
  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    Out of curiosity Jeff, how much do those wheels weigh?

  • question to the people who already bought the car.

    did you just pay the msrp, or tried some negotiating?
  • jeffr1jjeffr1j Posts: 6
    The weight of the wheels is not confirmed and, as I am getting them delivered w/ the tires already mounted, I won't be able to weigh them myself but one message on the i-club boards says they weigh 18 lbs.

    I paid MSRP, got a fair if not fabulous trade-in, negotiated a $500 trade-in on the stock wheels and tires, a small reduction on the Service Plan, and the 3000 mile check-up for free. Apparently there is a dealer in Rochester, NY, Van Bortel, that will discount substantially if you're willing to take a trip there:

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Lev: I'd pick the wider track/less weight over the weight distribution.

    But I still prefer the wagon.

  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    I'd be more inclined to believe the 21# that was posted by Peaty in the thread you linked...

    They'll be a huge improvement over the stock 16x6.5 / RE92 combination though.

  • mm17mm17 Posts: 1
    This WRX looks sharp. I'm a big fan of the turbo charger. Does the WRX have a wet turbo (cooled with engine coolant) or a dry turbo (cooled with crankcase oil only.

    I won't buy dry!
  • danemdanem Posts: 1

    I too spent a day looking for a WRX sedan 5spd to drive. Carter, Chaplin's and Melody's all blew me off for driving a WRX, so I called Roy Robinson in Marysville, who gladly offered a test drive of a black 5spd on their lot. I headed up last night and took it for a spin.

    I'm actually disappointed by the lack of power, especially at high speed. I'm a bit biased, as my current car is a 405hp modified Toyota Supra turbo which can smoke an Acura NSX, C5 Vette, any BMW and nearly anything else on the road. But with the extra 400lbs my car has over the WRX, I expected a lot more oomph. Then again, I didn't take it over 4000rpm, and knowing most 4 bangers, the powerband doesn't really start until 4500-5000.

    I didn't get it into any hard corners, but the steering was very responsive with the overpriced 17" BBS wheels.

    I also noticed very strange transmission quirks. While 1st and 2nd gear felt good, 3rd gear at a reasonable RPM (2500-3000) caused the shifter to vibrate almost violently. In general, the tranny felt unrefined, noisy and loose.

    I really want to like this car. It looks great in person, the specs looks great on paper(including the price), and everyone who owns one raves about it. Yet I can't buy one until I either

    1) get used to it (catch 22 since I'd have to buy one) or
    2) drive and/or ride in one with an owner who can show it off to me, not a dealer who just wants a sale.

    If anyone in the Seattle area would enjoy helping me out with #2, send me an email. :)
  • potenzauspotenzaus Posts: 29
    Read some problems on 02 WRX from I-Club. Hope these will get fixed soon.

    Waiting for my order...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Dane: I suggest checking out the local chapter of, and then attending a meet. The folks (in my area at least) tend to be friendly, and offer ride-alongs and sometimes even a drive in their Scoobys.

    Well, once they get to know you.

    Just keep your expectations at $24,000. The Supra is sweet, but you're probably approaching twice the investment with inflation taken into account.

  • Anyone lease one of these things? Just curious as to what kind of deal you got with just the normal stuff down (tax, lio., etc.). Thanks.

  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    ok i found a dealer that actually had a black wrx 5 speed sedan in stock..and let me drive it a whole 1.5 miles around the block..geez..u know this is a car they are selling..not the space shuttle..anyway it was in renton where i found the car..interior was ok..good seats..although i need leather..(aftermarket katskins) the shifter felt tight..not that bad..took a s-turn at about 30 or so..the salesman was in the back making sure i didnt do anything too fun..but it felt good around the corners..motor was noticeable..but not too much..didnt get to rev it past 4500 either..the lag is ok..i mean it feels like my mazda pick-up until about 4000 rpms..the hood is so light..i really need to get this car up to 6000 have a better idea..but anyway.. the salesman wanted to make this deal happen of course..the black looked good..but i usually go for the lighter colors like needs 17 inch tires..alot of wheel well gap..

    i dont know about this carbon fiber trim option for another thanks..upgraded stereo was ok..this one was optioned out for about 26k..out the door..a little too much for i would be spending another 1000 on a leather upgrade..all in all it was very econo-box looking but with a neon on crack mentality..the rear wing looks better in person..but the headlights with that orange christmas tree inner bulb..would have to be upgraded..nice car..nothing free service..but a good 3 year warranty..

  • how can you expext an impreza to perform anything like your supra. supras are an entirely different class of car, performance wise.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    yeah, you will need the sti version to get the sam type of oopphh.
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