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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • the wrx has three cats right. it is also a ulev. would you still be able to pass emisions if you removed one of those cats. it seems that it could still pass with two, maybe just not as a ulev
  • sajohnsonsajohnson Posts: 48
    This is what's known as a 'plus one' upgrade. The idea is to keep the overall diameter the same by reducing the tire's sidewall height by 1/2". For example switching from a 205/55R16 to a 215/45R17, where 55 and 45 indicate the sidewall height as a percentage of tire section width. 55% of 205mm is 112.75mm, while 45% of 215mm is 96.75mm, a diiference of 16mm. 16mm is 0.63" (close to 1/2"). Therefore the diameter would be approx. the same, about 1/4" less than stock, so speedometer error would be minimal (and any error would be positive, helping to keep you out of trouble).
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    about the head gaskets! Subaru makes a fine product and unless you're driving the WRX as if you're the front runner in a world rally race 9/10's of the time you shouldn't come close to experiencing any head gasket failure! We don't need needless hysteria here folks.

    Buy the new WRX and enjoy folks!!

  • dc_75dc_75 Posts: 53
    I love the WRX but unfortunately my budget can't stretch that far especially in line of alot of posts citing markups over MSRP. But the 2.5RS or TS I can do... :-)

    Was wondering, so the 2.5RS is essentially a non-turbo WRX with all the good suspension stuff and rims but minus WRX specific stuff like spot lights, hood scoop and Momo steering right? And the TS doesn't have WRX spec suspension? Are there any other big differences? With that in mind, what are the dealers' policies on the RS/TS then? Are they more willing to deal? Do I have to order if I am looking to buy this summer? BTW also considering a Legacy GT 5sp and Legacy GT wagon 5 sp.

    Any recommendations for a great and understanding dealer in west Michigan area? Also, where can I find cool STi trinkets and cool add-ons for my future scooby purchase?

    Appreciate your insights...thanks in advance.

  • dc_75dc_75 Posts: 53
    Also, I was wondering would the Legacy GT sedan or wagon in all its perceived rarity have a worse resale 1-2 years down the road relative to the new 2.5 RS/TS or even the WRX?

    Is S of A contemplating an STi version of the WRX anytime soon? Or do we have to wait for the EVO to spur SoA on?

    WRX rocks!

  • ajay88ajay88 Posts: 1
    My husband and I took our '97 Legacy Outback to our dealership to have the alternator replaced. To pass the time while we were waiting, we asked our regular salesperson if we could drive the WRX - just to check out the rumors. Anyway, we ended up using our home equity loan to buy the only available WRX at the dealership. I'm still breaking it in, so haven't pushed the limits, but even at "normal" driving speeds, it is great.

    I would appreciate any tips about the specifics of the intercooled turbo. Anything to help me differentiate the normal quirks from red flag signals. I have a good knowledge of German cars, but we have only owned Japanese cars (Mitsubishi and Subaru) since 1994.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    Also, check out the Impreza WRX website. They have an option for ordering the WRX. I didn't get a chance to try it, but it might help decrease the severity of price gouging. Our dealership (Stohlman VW/Subaru in Arlington, VA) actually took $500 off the sticker price - but we also settled for an automatic.
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    I took a test drive of a wrx today and now I am wondering why anyone would want a Celica GTS, Prelude or Integra type R. Especially when considering two of them cost more.
  • sajohnsonsajohnson Posts: 48
    An earlier post recommended B/S RE730's. I checked out these tires at the Tire Rack. They look very good but it occured to me that the Tire Rack may be pushing them because Discount Tire Direct doesn't sell Bridgestone tires.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative to the RE730's? I currently run Dunlop SP8000's on my Nissan NX2000. I've been very happy with them, and from the comments at the Tire Rack site the RE730's are even better.

    Comments? Suggestions?
  • kostamojen2kostamojen2 Posts: 284
    BTW, have you checked out the official North American Subaru Owners web site?
    Check the forums there, theres alot more subie-related info and you might find out more than you wanted to know there ;)
  • dc_75dc_75 Posts: 53
    Ill be sure to check out the site. Cheers. btw I replied to you on the Legacy forum. Saw your response on the WRX vs. Competitors site too. I think we are on the same page on a lot of things. :-)
  • jbreez1jbreez1 Posts: 46
    Hey kosta,

    Are you trying to tell us anything about subaru that we should know? Sounded like a warning in your #1031 post.

  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    It wasn't a warning, it was a statement of fact-- there is a whole lot of information in the message forum at Plus it's content-searchable unlike Edmunds.

  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    so i have always been into vws..but i am really giving the wrx a look..although i cant find one in the seattle area to test drive yet..alot of performance for 24k..nice 0-60 times although i was hoping for low 14 second 1/4 miles..but 14.6-14.7 is still good..right on par with a type r..but alot of the posts of new owners of the wrx are about the check engine lights that wont seem to go a little unsure if subaru has this car sorted its so new over here in the us..with our different safety/emissions requirments..i was waiting for the 2002 gti 1.8t..but not sure about the wrx..but would like to test drive one..
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Posts: 66
    OK, so the headlights can be altered, which is not a big problem for me, but what about the rear end?

    Here is a link to the manufacturer that has aftermarket conversion kits.

  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    i like the look of the larger rally kinda completes the back-end and makes it look better..or at least as far as just the factory style wing..i still need to drive one..i know its not going to be nice like an a4..but should be fast..although i dont want a turbo headache that subaru cant figure out..well see..i just might stick to the gti for 2002..with chip about 200hp and 30 more lbs of torque than the wrx..hmmm
  • eyeoneeyeone Posts: 1
    The WRX is the best performance car you can get for under $30K, without question. I finally sat in one, must say very impressed. The dealer won't allow test drives on the WRX, due to engine break-in, and the turbo.

    The only thing I dislike are the head lamps. I found a link in this thread that has the Rally inspired design. I was wondering if I could easily swap them with out problems. I am concerned about compatibility and legalities.

    Anyone know??
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Shaun: FYI, Subaru has been building the 2.0 L w/turbo for a few years now in other markets. There is no "sorting out" required. There are problems in all makes of cars w/some of their oxygen sensors. The two things that are usually a cause of it are: 1) Person forgets to turn gas cap at least 3 full times (3 clicks), or 2) There is a bad batch of sensors from supplier. It is usually not a precursor to a problematic vehicle.

    I would be much more concerned w/buying a VW. They tend to have niggling things that go wrong after a couple of years. Nothing major but aggravating none the less. The reliability rating for Subaru and VW tend to reveal same.

    (current 00'OB Ltd owner, soon to be WRX wagon owner)
  • kostamojen2kostamojen2 Posts: 284
    ...kinda came off diffent then I meant! Its such a great forum that you might find yourself stuck in their endlessly :) Thats what I meant :P
  • crash_68crash_68 Posts: 4
    What a car! Over the weekend I test drove a stick with the standard 16 inch tires. I knew I was in for a treat when the salesman told me to "beat the hell out of it" on the test drive. I was surprised that the pull in the engine was constant, not like the pull in other turbo cars (Talon TSI, Buick GN). Instead of the turbo gradually kicking in, it was across the whole powerband. It actually felt like I was driving a supercharged car instead.
    I was only dissapointed by one thing. The guy told me to drive it hard into a turn and when I did it felt like the whole car broke loose until I let off the gas. A friend of mine has a Talon TSI that makes you feel like your brain is falling out your ear in tight turns. No clue why the WRX broke loose going into a mild turn at 45mph.
    Here's my big question. I've stopped at two different dealers and got two different stories and would like to know what you've heard/experienced: sunroof/moonroof, yes or no?
    One dealer said they can put one in and do a 3yr warantee on it (but the salemsan didn't know squat about the car). The other dealer said that the way the roof is built (reinforced for safety) you can't do it without structurally hosing the car. I'm going to get one over the summer, but would REALLY like to get a moonroof in it (moonroof=even more fun factor).
    Thanks in advance for any feedback on the roofs.

    ps If a dealer says you can't test drive one, laugh in his face and hit another dealer. Each dealer should have at least one "mule" they are letting the public beat up.
  • I picked up my WRX on friday, I would have posted sooner, but my WRX wont let me at the computer.

    The car is insanely fun to drive, even in it's break-in period. Although, I have had to stretch it just a tad on a couple occasions, I have pretty much stuck under the 4000rpm suggested break-in limit.

    Out of first gear, the acceleration is pretty even. But as soon as you hit 3k, 4k comes in a blink. I am literally dying to get my first 3000 miles over with so I can get some serious driving done. Any of you want to email me a couple thousand miles so I can put them on my odometer and get to the 3500rpm launches?

    The handling of this car is superb, although I am looking forward to stiffening the suspension a bit and throwing some 17" wheels and sticky rubber on it. The dealer option for the 17" bbs wheels didn't really strike me as much of a "deal" (US$3000 for the wheels alone) so I will be keeping my eyes out for a good set of aftermarket parts.

    Turns are where the fun is during the break-in period. The reviews are all right, the car sticks like glue, and give a sense of surefootedness I have not ever experienced (I was mostly a rear-wheel drive sports car owner). To my delight, oversteer is beautifully manageable and easily had. The first time I went flying through a 15mph steep left at 45mph and loosened the tail, a smile creeped across my face that was bigger than the smile I had when I kissed my first girlfriend.

    Everytime I downshift and punch out of a tight curve, I feel like it is my birthday.

    No it isn't the fastest car in the world, but it is just plain sporting fun.

    As for Crash_68s experience in a turn, I don't know what to say. Late turning or compensating for the understeer that usually accomodates a FWD car might be to blame. I don't mean to criticize you as a driver, it is just that I think the WRX is best treated as a rear wheel drive car as far as handling is considered. Try driving it again with that in mind, and when you do break the back end loose, revel in the quick recovery as the WRX's front feet yank you straight again.

    I haven't owned a stable of sports cars over the years, but the WRX reminds me of the best of all of them. Tight turning like my '91 CRX Si, power reminescent of my modded '82 Mustang GT, handling like my '83 Mazda RX-7 GSX, and the happy go lucky attitude of my '80 Celica ST.

    Aside from my Mustang, this is the first sports car I have owned that didn't come with a sunroof. After reading about the cage improvements, and feeling the stability of the car through a turn, I think I am okay with that decision. Besides, isn't it agaisnt SCCA rules to rally a car that doesn't have a hardtop?


    If any of you near st. louis want to ride in a WRX before you buy, my car said it would let you. Of course, nobody else can drive it until I hit 3000 miles, but after that it might be negotiable.

  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    barresa62..i fully understand the build history of the 2 liter turbo from subaru..what i am saying is just a refelection from you can see for yourself..if you choose too..sure if its just a o2 sensor..etc..then why cant all of the dealers that they are speaking about fix it..hmmm..i know the build quality has improved greatly just like it has for volkswagon..i remember driving new subarus in the late 80s..even new they sounded like the motor could fall out at any moment. both vw and subaru have come along way since just alot more concerned about a new turbo model coming into the states..regardless if it was produced for years before..its still set-up different for us specs..

    if it is just a faulty o2 sensor..thats great..but i will watch from the sidelines..and see how it goes..for the most part vws have rattle problems..and i think for the most part they are well built and hold up well..but it is time for them to step up and improve the waranty.

    the biggest problem for me and the wrx is the looks..i like the looks of the 2.5 rs alot better..but it dosent have the that dosent work for me..
  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    IMO, I would agree with the second dealer. With an aftermarket moon/sunroof, they're just cutting a hole in the roof. Whereas a factory sunroof would be built. The Foresters with moonroof's have a wider rear track. They didn't just cut a hole in the roof.
  • augmach5augmach5 Posts: 12
    im sure with 17 rims and would be a world of difference,,because the tires it comes with are not that good...
  • hyurihyuri Posts: 1
    1.) although i was hoping for low 14 second 1/4 miles..but 14.6-14.7 is still good..right on par with a type r
    Chances are you couldn't pull off the best time
    out of this car anyway. If you want good 1/4
    mile times, get a old mustang or camaro and
    check out their boards. a little unsure if subaru has this car sorted its so new over here in the us..with our different safety/emissions requirments
    Emissions devices are only old technology
    designed to decrease pollutants at the expense
    of power, the manufacturers have been doing
    this for 30 years+. Big deal.

    ..i was waiting for the 2002 gti 1.8t..but not sure about the wrx..but would like to test drive one..
    Keep waiting. Don't even drive a wrx. We don't
    need any VW pukes in a WRX anyway.

    ..i still need to drive one..i know its not going to be nice like an a4..but should be fast
    What's with you wanting to compare this to VW
    products? You want to feel a nice A4 ride, buy
    an A4. There is no similarity.

    ..although i dont want a turbo headache that subaru cant figure out..well see..
    You don't give the title of 'Car of the Decade'
    to a vehicle that gives you a headache. Look
    through CAR magazine of GB once in a while. Or
    any australian publications.

    i just might stick to the gti for 2002..with chip about 200hp and 30 more lbs of torque than the wrx..hmmm
    Don't forget to mention the chip removes the
    flat VW torque curve, making the engine output
    lower to begin and spike uptop. 'turbo
    headache' as you call it.

    ..regardless if it was produced for years before.
    Regardless if it was produced before??
    Suddenly solid engineering history means
    nothing? Does that apply all across the board?
    or only to Subaru? Maybe it applies to
    Audis/VWs too? Hell, I got a buddy of mine who
    used the chip and his A4 quattro is down with
    $1800+ in repairs, and another who's killed 5
    Audis in as many years, we call him the
    Transmission Terminator, but he still
    swears by Audis. Big deal. You need to
    seriously get your head (out of your) together,
    and quit whining about the WRX when you know
    you want an Audi/VW whatever. And maybe some
    logic/reasoning skills would be of some use.
  • glinski1glinski1 Posts: 5
    - uniballer

    I must say that your review of the car is right on the mark. The feeling of the cars grip on the road is better than anything I've driven, except maybe for the 911 I onced managed to "borrow" for a few hours. I am expecialy pleased with the feal and behavior of the transmision, it practicaly feel the engine through it. The shifts are smooth and precise!
  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    Uniballer, if you aren't already a member you might look on the iClub and see what kind of wheels others are going with. No doubt you can do better than $3000 without tires for the optional forged BBS wheels though...

    Crash68's experience is undoubtedly the LOW limits of the stock Potenza RE92 tire. They suck. If you haven't found their limit uniballer, then you haven't begun to have fun yet.

  • jbreez1jbreez1 Posts: 46
    Can anyone inform a prospective WRX owner what the impact of insurance was when purchasing this car? Kosta, thanx for the reply and clarification

  • bedabibedabi Posts: 149
    I live in NYC, where insurance rates are criminally high anyway. GEICO charges no more for my WRX than they did for my 99 Maxima. When I spoke to them on the phone, they were working off their own figures for the 2001 RS model.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think the rear end looks more like the Infiniti I30 than any Kia.

    And the front, especially when the lights are on, looks more like the E-class. The new Neon's lights are kind of cross-eyed, coming inward at the bottom, and look quite different than the WRX. Also, the entire oval lights up.

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