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Chrysler 300M



  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Fuzzy-- I will go by the Autozone store on the way home tonight and see if they have the chrome in single side sticky. They probably do. If so I will get a product name and number for you and post it on Monday. I meant to mention that while the gold grill trim looks good IMHO with the Platinum it might not work with other colors quite as well. Other dreams from the cruise--I am still considering a PPG [Harlequin paint] gold
    6"-1"-1" racing stripe for the passenger side of the car. The Harlequin changes color from gold to silver as you change you view angle. Only two problems--finding a shop I would trust to do it to the great finish that I still have on the 99M, and the cost of the paint at $60 an ounce. Yes, that is $60 an ounce!! Don't know how much would be required to paint the stripe, but even without labor it would be expensive. Those are two hurdles I might not be able to get over.
  • Dallas is a nice central location. ;>)

  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Posts: 958
    Any news on the Prowler pro gears? Has anyone tried them yet? What about those signal mirrors? I'm holding off for those untill I see how they look, & work.
  • tictac3tictac3 Posts: 78
    Many posts ago I wrote of a Landau-roofed 2000 M that I had just seen. Thankfully, I had not come across another – UNTIL YESTERDAY!!!!!! Saw another but with a GOLD PACKAGE on it. Doubly ugly -- a beautiful white M with a brown (not tan) roadster roof and gaudy gold trimmings. Totally fugly!! It is a wonder the poor M did not put a brown paper bag over itself out of embarrassment.
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    was the driver wearing a purple suit, a large pokadot tie, a brown derby and lots of gold jewelry?---- Was there a blond bimbo sitting next to him? Was his name Willie?
  • Yes, I know the rating is to 118 mph...I have only reached 110 once and that was only because I wanted to try it, so the 118 is plenty for me.

    I checked with the dealer who will install my tires and they said installing only two would be fine, just don't mix them with the others on rotation. I agree the ride would be much better on 4 Avids, but I only have 9000 miles on the badyears and I couldn't bring myself to dispose of them...I'm from the old "waste not, want not " school...

    When I checked the tires on tirerack, I ran them through the shipping process. I believe it was around $15.?? cheapest way...the total for two was $191 and change -- the shipping was only about $1 more than the tax would be if I could buy the tires from a tire dealer @ $88 each... :)
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    why not run the badyears on the front and dont bother to rotate them till they wear out---that way you can still have some decent tread on the Yokos when you get two new ones for the front---
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    Oil/filter change:
    "By the way, the bill for the oil change and tire rotation was $36. How does that compare with other dealers prices?"
    My 5* charges $23.95, and does an excellent job.
    I heve them do it so there is never any question about the warranty if I were to have an engine failure.
    Tire Rack and Discount Tire charge shipping by distance from their nearect warehouse. In most cases it is less than $10/tire, but there is no sales tax.
    Mixing tires:
    Bad idea! You are puting tires with different grip characteristics on each end of the car. This could cause dramatic differences in oversteer/understeer, especially in wet conditions.
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Posts: 958
    I have to agree that using different tires is not good. Your ride will feel different, & your great handleing M will not like the difference. Your car will perform very different in the rain too. It's not safe in MHO. Why don't you replace them all, then sell the goodyears. I'm sure a tire place will take them, or put them on ebay. Your not really saving anything, because by the time the other 2 goodyears were out, you will have more wear on the Yokos, then need to replace them sooner then the other 2 tires. You will never have a set of 4 yokos with the same wear on them. Doesn't make sense to me.
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    Had a great time swapping stories with the members who did attend. For those who didn't, you missed out on a great time and a chance to meet and shake hands with your fellow 300Maniacs.

    Ottowrkr has invited us to meet at the LH plant at Brampton next year. If I have anything to say about it, THIS WILL COME TO PASS sometime next summer. Stay tuned for dates.

    I wish I could have been at both meets last weekend. I hope you guys at the Dream Cruise really bent Dieters ear to get that Hemi C on the green light track.

    How about this for the 300M Enthusiasts Club Southwest Regional event next summer: NASCAR racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway ( Maybe the lure of Vegas will bring out more of the members. The Number 1 tourist attraction in the USA, PLUS NASCAR racing. Whaddya think?
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    I came across a Red and Camel 300M on Ebay today. Everything on the page said it was a 2000 but just one look at the pictures and you KNOW that it's a 1999. It has the fish-scale shifter surround, black window, lock, and mirror buttons, and the hard plastic console lid. I emailed the guy to see if he just had the wrong pictures up or was mistaken. He told me that for sure it was a 2000 because he had ran the Vin# on Carfax and it comes up as a 2000. I emailed him again telling him to check the driver's door opening sticker. Within a few minutes, here's what I just got from him:

    "thanks for your persistence. I will check this out again. I don't doubt you,

    but I have gone on what info I was given.

    I hope you are wrong, but my gut feeling is that you are probably right.



    I know I am right about this. Here's the link if you want to see for yourself.

  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Roger--Would like to go to Brampton, but am pretty sure that my wife would be willing to go to Vegas at the drop of a hat. Would probably have to fly in and rent an M. After meeting Otto and the other guys, Brampton is a must do, but Vegas would be nice too. [You should have got my "dream" picture in the #9 Dodge NASCAR-so maybe it was a prophecy not a dream??]
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 358
    Roger, I was going to suggest that, but you beat me to it. Sounds good to me. Lots closer to Denver - a one day drive, so I won't have to "camp" on the way there! Plus I love driving across Utah and Nevada.
  • denvermdenverm Posts: 358
    You might be right, but out at Monterey there was at least one difference between Roger's '00 M and my '00 M (small speaker enclosures at front side windows were different), and I think our cars were made about two months apart. It wouldn't surprise me a whole lot if very early '00's still used some of the '99 parts that were replaced on later '00's. I tend to think that the VIN # should conclusively establish a car's "model year". This site: indicates that the "Y" in the VIN number (as listed on Ebay) means it's a 2000 model year car.
  • fuzzywuzzyfuzzywuzzy Posts: 958
    I saw that yesterday. Yesterday it said a 2001. I punched it up in carfax, & it said it was a 2000. I emailed him, I guess he corrected it. Now why it has the 99 shifter I don't know. Maybe the owner replaced it?
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    Roger...I tried 3 times to e-mail you with a dream Cruise report, only to get a "fatal error" message on your address.
    Did you get the report?
    Did you get my several e-mail messager about the cruise? About Dieter/300M club?
  • rogor2krogor2k Posts: 385
    My Verizon ( mail seems to be corrupt. If it doesn't clear up today I'm going to contact them. Meanwhile, you can use my address.
  • I haven't been on the town hall in about two weeks. I'm your guy to talk to about the Altima. I currently have a 300M, just sold my '99 Passat, and have had a '93 and '98 Altima. The '93 was actually a better car. The '98 was an SE but they had really cheapened the interior. The Altima that is coming gets awesome reviews, and 240hp is nothing to sneeze at. I'm a big guy too and am looking forward to buying a new car in the next 6 months. I've really liked my 300M, but Chrysler still struggles with fit and finish, and build quality. It is a great looking car, comodeous, nicely appointed, and gets decent mileage for a large car. I never had any problems with my Altimas. The new one is 1.5 seconds faster in 0-60 than the 300M, and 6mph faster in the quarter mile, not too shabby. I hope they have worked on the quality of the materials of the interior, and I don't just mean aluminum around the gauges. I like hustle and looks in a car, and certainly one that is dependable. The Altima all jazzed out will still be 5K less than a 300M, but my guess is sitting in the 300M will be more satisfying. As you said, they both have wonderful things about them. I'm looking forward to a test drive of an Altima, and the dealer has already called me to tell me to come in. If I get in one first, I'll let everyone know!
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    My black/charcoal Wheelskin is in. The black is, well, black and the charcoal is a bit lighter and greener than the agate, but still a pretty good match. I wonder if there's a way to safely darken just a bit. When I get my new steering wheel, I'll install it.

    Any word on the moving seat TSB number?
  • I got it, and Avalanche was right, even a rube like me can put it in. I have no idea what it does or how it works, but I can tell the 300M has a bit more zip. I took a 500 mile trip recently in the U.P. of michigan and averaged 27mpg, going about 60 mph. With gas prices up, the extra 3 mpg the K&N got me is really sweet. Now I can be a poster child for Zaino and K&N. I still think doing the dual exhaust thing may be beyond my limits. The Chrysler medallion on the crome wheels center really looks nice, as does the removal of the Chrysler lettering on the door sides. A hood cover, and crome tipped exhaust rounds out the package.
  • sirharpersirharper Posts: 112
    Darn right it makes a difference!! If you want even more impressive performance add the NEW Borla exhaust system! I know that Avs and other will tout their duals but this Borla I got 2 weeks ago did a miracle for performance!
  • catguycatguy Posts: 14
    Hi all, sorry I have been out of the loop. Just returned from Zurich and London for business, saw 3 American cars in Zurich...all 300M's. At least some people overseas have taste. Saw no M's in England...just some of the most God-awful ugly autos on the planet. No idea what engine the M's in Zurich had...2.7's probably?

    Bluebird has just passed 6500 miles; no problems whatsoever. Lucky, I guess, esp when reading Beach 15's problems. Mixed driving giving about 21 mpg with 25-26 at 75mph. 'Bout average I guess. Overall I remain extremely pleased with our choice and would make it again in a second. I know that this has probably been posted elsewhere but could you give me the part# for the K&N air filter?
    My fervent hope is that DC leaves the design of Chrysler cars to Chrysler and resists the temptation to "fix" that. I have worked with DC personnel (engineers) and people from other German companies over the years; my overall impression...based admittedly on a very small that while they are nice people, they are certainly no more talented than their US counterparts. The main difference that I see is the commitment of management to make great products. Period. Plus the fact that MB's profit margin on their bigtime cars is huge compared to a 300m. Bottom line is that they need to leave the design chore to someone that understands the art of the design and not turn the 300N into a MB/Lexus clone (yes, I think they look alike...wonder who copied who? I struggle to tell the difference).

    Hope all is well with everyone and that Monterey was fun!
  • Well, first the accident, then the running outta gas with gas still in the tank.

    The body reconstruction looks good. All is well there. Drove a few days this week and when I got to half a tank of gas, engine sputtered and shutdown. Same thing as the first time when I was on Empty and before the low fuel light came on. I got towed to a gas station filled up with 8 gals of gas (gauge read 1/2 tank) and car started right up after a couple of attempts.

    So I dropped it off at the dealer and their diagnosis was...fuel pump. Of course they has to order it so I had to wait 1 day for the part, but now I have it back and so far so good.

    Seems that my habit of running the car until the low fuel light comes on and then filling up has caught up with me after 36K. Apparently there is truth that the pump is cooled by the gas and we think it was overheating and shutting down. Adding cool gas to the tank got things going again. Theory of course. Anyway guess I'll be filling up at 1/4 tank from now on.

    My odometer read 36,280 but the dealer fixed the pump under warrenty no charge. That was nice of them. I think that raises my previous 3* opinion of them to 4* :)
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    and I may drop the rating soon to half a *----couldnt reproduce my ac problem and the window was not making the noise when I brought it in, so they sent me on my way. Even though the problem showed up at the dealers a while back, they wouldnt replace the regulator on the window.

    Today I notice two mistakes on assembly of my M. The door lock on the passenger side is black plastic. The rest of the window and locks switches are chrome. They either ran low on chrome switches on assembly or made an error. hey otto--do they have to take the door apart on the passenger side to replace the door lock switch. If they do, I will live with the plastic switch.

    I also notice they put the male end of the seat belt latch on backwards on the drivers side. When you fasten the belt, it doesnt lie flat. Hope my car wasnt built on a friday.

    \K&N--I remember 300michael testing the K&N and finding that it passes more small particles than the stock filter. Wonder if this would possibly cause a problem down the road with grit entering the combustion chamber. Any comments on this. I would install the K&N if it improves mileage and wont cause a problem but wonder if it voids the warrantee if you have an engine failure. Then again, you could reinstall the stock filter before bringing it in for an engine failure. Comments?

  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    im back!! got back early cuz i have some problems that need immediate attention. because of them, my billet grill is on hold, but not for long. im having some serious financal probs, but nothing i cant take care of..

    my comp crashed to, been down for a week. i honestly thought i wouldnt be online again for a few months. i cant explain to you how bad a shape it was in. nothing registered on the hd, windows wouldnt load up.. was aweful, but.. i went into the registry and fixed it, im sooo happy

    cars doing excellent, ill take some pics tomorrow after i give her a bath before i go to my parents 25 anniversary party. ill keep you all informed!

    im so sorry i couldnt make the meet, i wanted to SOOO BAD! but i will make one as soon as one is scheduled that the army can let me take time off for... id love to meet you all..

    p.s. im SOOOO happy to be home!

  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116
    Hello Gang!

    I believe that driving to Vegas from Tucson is about six hours, I would still fly over there! When I go to Vegas I want the action to start ASAP!

    Maybe I can mooch a ride with one of you guys once I'm there!
  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116
    Yesterday while I was killing time on my lunch hour, I ran over to the Supermarket to read the new magazines. After going through a few mags, I checked out Low Rider and Lowriding to look at the babes in there! In the Sept issue of "Lowriding"(it has a babe with a pink outfit on the cover) on Page 82 there is a pic of a White 300M there that is lowered(low profile style) with looks like it has 19" Lexani wheels on it. The grill is done in white too. Keep in mind, this M is not lowrider style, but low profile style like the Hondas ect.....

    Check it out!
  • sdmike2sdmike2 Posts: 2,909
    You can have shotgun in Big Red if we both make it to Vegas. :)
  • tucsongiltucsongil Posts: 116
    You the Man, SDMike!

    Don't worry, I will behave! *_O
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