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Jaguar X-Type



  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    i am very happy with my car. i have a 12/01 build 3.0 manual sport. i think my dealer has done a great job, but i have not been completely satisfied with my service or with jaguar north america. there are many x-type owners who agree with me. see this board, the board, and my dealer went out of it's way to get me the tires my car was supposed to come with, others have been less fortunate as Jag corporate refuse to replace them. i reported the whining noise to service several months ago, and they claimed to have never heard of the problem (we know this to be untrue). i asked for them to program the remote for global close, they claimed it to be impossible (we know this to be untrue). i reported a creak/knock from the rear when turning on an incline, they claimed to no be able to reproduce (we know this is untrue, there's a tsb on the problem). i have NEVER received a response when using to contact jaguar. jaguar corporate also repeatedly has failed to return my calls when I have called them.

    these are all experiences that generally do not occur when owning a lexus. as i pointed out earlier, lexus does have problems, and the new es has had FAR more problems than the x-type. the difference is the lexus responds to the problems, and does not deny them until they can no longer do so. the one exception is the toyota/lexus engine issue that you've pointed out. that is a biggie, and yes, i am glad i do not own a toyota or lexus with a version of that engine right now.

    i hope you take this as intended, i love when you post enthusiastically about the x, as i love my car too, but to cheer blindly is not always a good thing. jaguar service and customer support has quite a long way to go still to be ranked up there with lexus. a lot of it is a dealer to dealer thing, but some of the biggest issues are with jaguar north america, not with individual dealers.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Some responses:

    1. While some owners of Toyota/Lexus owners have reported engine slude problems, according to a recent article in Automotive News (a dealer trade pub) the number of affected engines was less than 1% of those produced since 1997. So, while there does seem to be a problem it is also an isolated one.

    2. "I also must say out of experience from ownership that Jaguar makes some of the finest cars the world has to offer."

    While your comments are highly valued, they must be placed in perspective. At 16 years old your "experience" amounts to a whole few months of car ownership. I certainly have a different view of the world of cars now than I did when I had my first Honda at age 19. Similarly, somebody who has bought ten cars in their lifetime has a lot more experience than me (I've only purchased three cars).

    3. I clearly stated I have no experience with owning a Jaguar. All I did was post an article. I did not provide any personal commentary with that post. I believe it is valid to discuss what the press says about cars. I'm sure your reaction would have been different had I posted a car comparison article from, say, Motor Trend, in which the Jaguar came in 1st.

    4. While some people inevitable will cross-shop the ES 300 and X-Type, I do not consider them competitors. And I am not out to promote the ES 300, as I do not think it is suited for all types of drivers. Check out some of my posts on other boards. Several times I have stated my dislike for the IS 300 (which is an X-Type competitor), particularly the interior. Further, I have also praised the Acura TL-S as a great car. And that car does compete with the ES 300. So, posting a negative article on the X-Type is in no way promoting the ES 300.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    I think the issue was how Toyota responded to that 1% of owners who had the problem. They told them it was their own fault for not changing the oil often enough and refused to cover the repairs under warranty until it was forced out in public. Not sure how much of that came from Lexus vs. Toyota but you get the picture.

    The problem seems to be that the auto dealers have far too much power and the mfrs have virtually no power over the dealers when there are dealer problems. Ford tried to fix that with Blue Oval certification with monetary incentives but the dealers hauled them to court and took all the teeth out of the proposal. Most dealers just don't care and the mfrs seem powerless to fix it.

    OTOH there are isolated pockets of dealers, mfrs and vehicles that do seem to care. We had a Lincoln LS owner who had a problem that the dealer tried to fix with the help of the factory engineers for a few weeks with no success. Lincoln offered him a new 2002 LS to replace the 2000 without him even asking. Even kept his payment the same (not sure if the term was extended or not). This guy will probably be a Lincoln/Ford owner for life now. Then again we've had Lincoln dealers who wouldn't replace a license plate holder because he said it was a wear item and Lincoln wouldn't pay for it. I've heard of Mercedes dealers who gave out Camry and Accord loaner cars. Dealers today have far too much discretion in warranty matters.
  • goolappergoolapper Posts: 27
    Heck, m a bit embarrassed to admit that I actually kinda like the looks of the Toyota ECHO...
    so today was shocked to see what I thought was the new Toyota UGLY!!! Until it got a head
    of me & saw that its badging alleged it was a Lexus ES300...must be the about
    stylistically challenged...
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    I'm sorry I was so harsh. Your posts were just bugging me, because as everyone knows, I love my car and I've only had good experiences with it. I was being a bit immature, and I appologize. I just don't think that people should be criticizing these cars so badly, and I am also sorry about any remarks I may have made about your car. Your Lexus really is a nice car, and I honestly hope you don't have any problems with it and enjoy it as much as I enjoy my X-TYPE.


    I am really glad that you are happy with your car, but as far as service goes, I truly have had superb service from Jaguar North America, and especially from my dealer. I have used both the "" and the normal service on Jaguar's United States website to request information and make inquiries, and every time I have received responses within two weeks of the time I originally posted, usually much sooner. I have even been unverified as a Jaguar owner by not entering my VIN number when making some requests on the Jaguar U.S. website, and they still have answered me. I cannot imagine why your service has not been up to these standards, and understand how this would be frustrating for you. My father has mailed Jaguar North America before also, and each time received very courteous letters that made Jaguar sound even eager to help solve any mysteries or answer any questions. We also have received letters from the new head of Jaguar North America, and she encourages any Jaguar owner to mail her if they require assistance directly from her, along with many complementary issues of "JAGUAR" magazine with each letter.

    My dealer has also given service that is absolutely magnificent. The people working there are very polite and interested in fixing any problems with the cars that are brought in no matter how minor or major they may be, and all of the mechanics wear white gloves and cover the interiors of the cars as to not get any smudges on the cars they work on. Every year since having Jaguars in the family, we have received very nice Christmas cards from our dealer, and through out the year they have different social gatherings which owners are invited to participate in. They'll even bring money managers and stock brokers in and provide money managing courses at some of these events - all free of charge of course.

    We still receive mail from Jaguar North America as well as our dealer every month or two, making sure that we are still very pleased with our cars, and encouraging us to bring our cars in if there is anything displeasing about them. When the car is in the shop, they always provide a Jaguar and a driver to take you to work or where ever you needed to go that day. When you require a rental car, they give you a choice of a Jaguar, Land Rover (they are only a Jaguar dealer, I don't know where they get the other kinds of vehicles as they are not part of an automall either), or SAAB. If there is minor work to be done on a car and it does not need to be performed in the shop, then the dealer will sometimes even send someone out to your house to fix the car.

    This is why I have had nothing but positive things to say about Jaguar's service.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    i can understand with the service you have received that you are very happy, but please understand, you are not in the majority. i wholeheartedly encourage you to visit or to read about some other experiences. you will see that part of what you're saying makes lenscap's point. with lexus it doesn't matter which dealer or service department you choose, you get consistent quality treatment everywhere, with jaguar it's like playing russian roullette, or as forrest gump used to say, it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. i really hope you continue to receive the service you get, and that many more jaguar dealerships give that sort of response, but as i said in an earlier post, the problem is higher up than the dealer, it's at corporate level. which reminds me, i still haven't received a response from to a note i sent out early last week (they assured me 48 hours), and my representative has still not called me back after i had to call her back due to non-response.

    it makes no sense for me to harp on this on a public board unless there is a problem (it lowers resale value if demand is low), but unfortunately, except for the lucky few such as yourself, there is a problem.
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Although I have had outstanding service, I have heard of the responses from Jaguar sometimes being slower than they should or could be; give them a little time before you totally decide condemn them though, as you'll probably get a response just as you feel all hope of getting a response is lost. There is a problem with their response system if you get no response or if your response comes later than at the most two or three weeks, but I have a feeling one will turn up in the meantime. Good luck.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    No apology necessary. You have a great car and just enjoy it.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    A major daily newspaper is looking for people who bought used luxury cars with the idea of moving upscale at discounted prices only to find out that the cost of parts and service was greater than expected. Were you surprised or shocked by the cost of routine maintenance and common repairs like mufflers, brakes, shocks and struts, transmissions, headlight replacement, etc.?

    If so, please send an e-mail containing your contact information and vehicle description to no later than Wednesday, June 12.


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  • allisonmoallisonmo Posts: 1
    Wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions beyond edmunds TMV on making an offer on an X-type. The salesman has said he would take $2000 off the list over the phone, so I would think we can do some better.

    Also, can someone please explain to me the value of the stabilization feature on the weather package? Is the weather package helpful? Thanks!
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    It is hard to say because Jaguar was giving the dealers an incentive of around $2,000 when I bought mine. I don't know whether it is still in effect or not. My car listed at $40,850 and I bought it for $37,700. I thought it was a fair deal and didn't try to wring the last dollar out of him or anything.
  • askabry1askabry1 Posts: 7
    Personally, we loved the dealership (West Herr Jag, Buffalo NY) and felt the salesmen were fantastic. We got a rare combination, perfect for our area (Weather, Premium Pkg, Alpine) in the right color with 2.5 Auto, so the car was right. The deal on the trade-in was at least as competitive as any other dealer offered, and equal to KBB.

    Here's the particulars: Sticker was just about 37, 360. Capitalized cost stuck around $35,600; MF was very good, but I can't recall the specifics (was it .013?). 39 months, 15K per year. Residual value: $18,800. With tax, first payment and fees plus the $1550 after trade buyout, the number was $461 a month.

    Is that reasonable?
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    In the New York City area, the cheapest deals, period, are about $1,800 or so over invoice on them.

    I do know of a dealer who is probably the most agressive. Let me know (e-mail) if anyone needs their info.

    No I dont work for them :)

  • askabry1askabry1 Posts: 7
    A poster on indicated 5% over invoice on "Internet" deals. That seems pretty consistent with the number you are using...It would seem as if I was just around $2000 over invoice.

    It doesn't leave me in any way less satisfied.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    That's abou right on Jags. I sold them in the NY CIty Market, and XJ6s/XJ8s were usually $2K over, VDPs $2,500-3K over, XK8s $4,500 over, XJRs/XKRs at MSRP, MAYBE $1,000-1,500 off. May have changed now on Rs tho.

    Sounds like you got a fair deal.

    RIght now, from what I hear, 02s are about sold out.. You're probably better off ordering an 03.

  • askabry1askabry1 Posts: 7 tell you the truth, the dealer also really took care of us on the trade-in as well. Thankfully, his dealership also owned a Mitsu franchise and bettered just about every reasonable offer we had.

    We didn't haggle at all, but I honestly believe the deal was a true win-win because we had our cards on the table from the outset.

    You suggest an 03. Can you get a dealer to "deal" on a new (03) car???
  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    As some of you may recall, I finally got fed up with my X-Type problems that seemed to be accumulating rapidly and traded for a Lexus ES300. (About the only problem seen frequently on this board I didn't encounter was the leaking trunk.) Well, today I received a surprise from Jaguar Credit: the title to my car! But, it's not really my car, it belongs to the local Lexus dealership now. Don't know if they still have it, but I'm holding the title! They obviously should have sent it to the Lexus dealership. Geeze, and here I thought I was through with Jaguar! One final parting screw-up from yet another part of Jaguar. I called my saleman and we both had a good chuckle over it anyways. Gonna have to spend 35 cents and mail it to the Lexus dealership.

    BTW, while I'm here, I noticed the picture of the 2003 S-Type's interior on Is it just me, or does it look an awful lot like the X-Type's interior? Especially the center console. Just wondering.....

    Oh, I've had the ES300 for three weeks now and I haven't run into anything, and I mean *anything*,wrong with it. No vibration when going above 45 mph, no rattles, rocking seats, stuck seat belts, weeping washers, snapping gearshift, "wine-glass" noises, or "slipping belt" noises, etc., etc. And, I can even close my trunk when I want to! Sorry guys, just had to.... ;-)
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    No offense taken. If you are happier driving an ES300, well, then... that sums it up :-)
  • axiomloveraxiomlover Posts: 216
    The 2.5 engine in the X-Type is based on the same Duratec that powers Contours and Cougars, but it has different, reworked (by Jaguar engineers) cylinder heads with variable timing, which all together produces 24 more horsepower than the Duratec. For what it's worth, I put regular 87 gasoline in a rental X-Type 3.0 to see if there would be any difference, but I could not experience any decrease in performance or knocking, even under hard acceleration. Think about it this way, if you average 20mpg over 50,000 miles, the price difference between 87 and 92 octane fuel will roughly be $500 or $125 per year if you drive 50K miles in 5 years. Is the difference so significant that it would keep you from buying a Jag?
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Nicely put, brentwoodvolvo. I'm beginning to wonder what the "neuro" part of the name refers to.

    I thought I'd add a little colour and Jaguar style to this page:


    Anyway, Road&Track just added a loaded, silver 3.0 litre Jaguar X-TYPE Sport to their lineup of long-term vehicles. The article was actually pretty enthusiastic, especially about how Jaguars have a 4-year 50,000 mile warranty and that all maintenance on the cars would be free of charge during that time - which is also as long as this test should be. (50,000 miles that is, not four years - unless they love the car so much they decide to keep it.)

    So far, they really like the car and its "less-than XJ pricing", and they said despite its lower price (for a Jaguar), it has everything that one would expect from Jaguar, including "the traditional Jaguar upscale cabin". They go on to say, "Our new long-term Jag may be an 'entry level' model but you wouldn't know it judging by all that leather, wood, and the easy-to-use nav system".

    They also mention the car's "many safety features" and some of its technological highlights from its standard heated exterior mirrors to its advanced steering system and Traction 4 AWD, to name a few.

    There was one statement that I found particularly amusing, but I cannot say I can blame them:
    "Typically, we spec-out our long-term cars with an array of optional items and packages, the better to assess their value over time. Also, X-TYPEs early to our shores tended to be heavily optioned already."

    I'm sure that statement does have a lot of truth to it, but the half they do not come out and say is that they also wanted to have fun driving around in a loaded Jaguar. They sure know how to live well, and this X-TYPE should pamper them considering that it started out at $35,950 and that with options it cost them $46,320. (I'll have to check, but I think they hit every option available.) From there, they go on to list every item they put on the car, almost as if they were really excited but having to wait to try out every gadget on the car so they could finish the article. "Ours has the..." they go on to cheerfully say.

    Well, I hope they enjoy their time with the X-TYPE and don't wreck it, twice, the way the Edmunds people did their Vanden Plas. Their final statement is that their X-TYPE was "by no means inexpensive, even if this is a cat with nine lives". And the adventure continues...

    Regardless of what they have to say later on, my X has been free of any kind of trouble whatsoever - not even a rattle or out of place sound, and I cannot help but still smile every time I am around the car. It just brings happy feelings whenever I'm near it.

    Just recently I have become an X-pert on how to press the accelerator pedal down without snapping back the neck of every person in the car. It really is lively, and I'm not a lead-foot either. I found a review where the woman testing the car accidentally put her foot down a bit too hard the first time she drove it, and not to my surprise, the car went into warp-speed.

    I am also still amazed at how quiet the car is, especially when there is severe wind or I am traveling at high speeds. The cabin stays very comfortable and quiet, and speaking to passengers is easy. A recent review of some sound systems in cars in my local newspaper also said that the basic Alpine system used in the X-TYPE and other Jaguars is the clearest, best sounding system they have tested, even against the Mark Levinson system of Lexus, and they really like the premium sound package that is offered.

    I can also say that the brakes in this car WORK! I had my first panic stop in this car a few weeks back, and when you want it to stop, it stops RIGHT NOW! It felt like I only traveled a car length when I slammed on the brake pedal from 55 mph. There was no screeching with the ABS, and it was actually a pretty smooth panic stop even though I nearly had to peel myself from the steeply raked windshield. Well, not quite, but I am very impressed with the braking power of this car, not that I expected anything less.

    One last point, the X-TYPE corners as if it truly was on rails. On a very curvy country/mountain road that I was on this last weekend, many of the more severe curves had the special curve speed limit signs posted by them. In any other car, not taking notice of those signs before entering the curve can result in exiting the curve at an unwanted point and in an unplanned position, but the X-TYPE took them as if they were simply straight parts of the road for it to go racing through. My father was riding with me, and when I came out of a curve at 50 mph, he asked me if I had noticed the 30 mph curve speed limit sign. I was wondering why all of the cars that had been behind me disappeared after the curve. The car felt perfectly stable and composed the entire trip, almost, but not quite, defying the laws of physics and gravity out of every curve.

    Well, that's all I can think of for now. I just love my X-TYPE. Best wishes everyone!
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Oh yes, there are 90 really nice, very clear, large X-TYPE images from the free Jaguar X-TYPE prelaunch CD at this site (if you have not already found it):

    They make excellent wallpaper images for computer screens. Plus, there are sections for all of the Jaguar models including the X-TYPE, with some reviews of the car and even the complete history of the leaper hood ornament. I was pleased.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Glad to see you're enjoying your X-type. (don't you need to change your name??)

    If you had a Lincoln LS you'd be taking those 30 mph turns at 60-70! :-)
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Yeah, maybe I'll switch the name to "jagboyx-type", but I have to make sure I am not violating the sacred membership agreement by doing that;-)

    I'm glad to see you enjoy your LS as well. It really is a great car.


    If you see a little Carnival Red X-TYPE with a very happy owner driving it come up on your tail in the twisties, don't forget to wave! You don't think I can take a curve at 70 eh? Well, we'll just have to see about that:-) See you around the corners!

  • scottc8scottc8 Posts: 617
    I love it! The X-type has AWD, shorter wheelbase & less weight; we've got V8 power and the suspension that's the best kept secret in autodom. Should be a good match. Whaddya think, akirby? Next time LLSOC gets together for a little track time maybe we can make jagboyx-type an honored guest. :)
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Having been an LS owner and trading it for my X Type, I might be able to give a more informed opinion than some of you guys. So, loved both. My LS was a V6 with a K & N and Magna Flow exhaust, 5/99 build. Best handling car I have ever driven and it will out handle the X Type IMNSHO. The X is faster, smoother, and definitely classier. I was at LS Mania 1 and we have no org like the LLSOC with the Jag. Miss that part of it. Don't miss the dropping windows and so far(6 months) the Jag has been perfect.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Let's see, I got my T-Bird in the summer of '99 with 130,000 miles. It's the summer of '02 and she has 210,000 miles. By my count, that's 80,000 miles in 3 years. I drive too much ;-)
  • orkinporkinp Posts: 15
    I have an X since November with severe engine problems (engine going into failsafe op-the car slows to 5mph on the road, with no warning. And this was fixed after the dealer had the car for a month. But I was told only the 10,000 mile intervals are covered. Oil changes you do on your own! I haven't looked at my book, I only have a couple of thousand miles on the car, from all the trouble I've had, but the claim of free maintenance seems deceptive...
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    I'm sorry to hear that. Also, let me check some of the booklets that came from Jaguar North America and my maintenance shop at my dealer. Oil changes should be included in the free scheduled services with your choice of synthetic or the real deal, and your warranty should cover any problems that you have with the car. If your dealer is ripping you off, don't hesitate to contact Jaguar North America directly.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    What does the maintenance schedule call for regarding oil changes? Some newer cars only call for oil changes every 10K or so. They should pay for whatever intervals the OM recommends (for normal, not severe service). That's what they built into the cost of the vehicle. If they allowed more frequent oil changes you would have paid more for the car. TANSTAAFL.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    I love the carnival red. I got the autumn red on my LS. It's a dark read with an orangeish tint in sunlight (only red available). I have heard there is a Vivid Red limited edition color for the LS this year. I haven't seen it but I've heard it's just as awesome as the Carnival red on your X-type.
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Thanks. I always thought that XJ8's looked pretty nice with Carnival Red, and I thought it would look pretty good on an X-TYPE too. It's a nice red.


    I've seen a few LS's around here in the autumn red color, and I really like the look. They're pretty classy looking, and sunlight makes nice highlights on the edges of the car.

    I'll change the name now to "jagboyx-type".
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