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Jaguar X-Type



  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Well, I'm back now as "jagboyxtype" (Edmunds' name system cannot process such complex symbols as "-", so there is no dash; oh well). There are little image symbols next to every single message board on this site for me now! It made me kind of dizzy at first. I don't know why it took me so long to change my name, I guess I was too busy enjoying my X.


    About that little challenge: You're on!

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    So what do you think about this red LS? Not sure if this is the Vivid Red or a custom paint job.

  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    I can't quite tell, but I think that Vivid Red might be a little brighter or lustrous. I'll look around, to see if I can find any Vivid Red LS pictures.

    I still like the Autumn Red too, it looks more metallic and the sun highlights the cars in this color nicely. Type to ya later!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Havbent seen an Autumn car in the flesh yet...

    But Carnvallooks great IMO. Well, dad's drive is a Carnival XJ.

    Weird thing is.. Burgandy, Dark Blue.. those are awful resale/saleability colors on BMW, Lexus, Mercedes... but Sapphire Blue and Carnival Red are strong colors on Jags.

  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Well, that's because Jaguars look good no matter what color they are dressed in. <*raises nose in the air with a snooty Jaguar driver attitude*> :-)

    Nice to see you again brentwoodvolvo.
  • narhannarhan Posts: 1
    Has anyone tried to get an after market CD Changer installed on their X-type? I am interested in putting one in but I do not want to pay the $500 my dealership wants to charge. Does the X-type with the X1 package use the same sound system as the Lincoln's? If anyone has done this in the after market what CD Changer did you get and how difficult was it to install?
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    I'm not sure what you mean by aftermarket exactly. I do know that if you do not have the in-dash CD player, your dealership can install that for you. As an option, it is $200 from the factory, and your dealer would probably charge a little more for labor ~ $200. I've heard that overall it costs about $400 to have it done, but that dealers are willing to cut that price in half to $200 again, the same ammount it would have cost you had it come with the car. And I would think that the 6-disk changer with the premium sound system option should be installable at your dealer as well since the wiring should all be there. I think all Jaguars use some kind of Alpine system, I don't know if Lincoln uses the same.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I had a Lincoln LS with the Alpine Stereo upgrade and trunk changer. I now have an X Type with the Alpine and trunk changer. I can't tell the difference in sound quality but whether they are exactly alike I don't know. If Alpine has a web site, perhaps you could ask there.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    Try They have S-type changers so it's possible they have X-type also even though it's not explicitly listed. Maybe you could check with the dealer and see if the S-type changer is the same.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    the problem with aftermarket systems is that the x-type "wiring" is fibre optic not standard. therefore, standard systems DO NOT work. other boards have mentioned some companies working on an interface, but as far as i have seen there are none on the market yet. a standard changer (or an LS changer, or an S changer) will NOT work in an X. you're kind of tied to the dealer right now in terms of aftermarket electronics.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    Now that really sucks. Changing the wiring was bad enough but that could be fixed with a new harness. Sounds like it's either OEM from Jag or a new head unit, but then you'll lose the external controls. I would bite the bullet and get the best deal you can from Jag.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    The X-TYPE now accounts for over half of Jaguar's total sales, and Jaguar's sales in the U.S. is up 62% for 2002, largely because of the X-TYPE. The very successful S-TYPE doubled sales for Jaguar when it was introduced, and now the X-TYPE must double that number. I have no doubt that it will. GO JAGUAR!

  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    That's what Jaguar was hoping this new model would do. It looks like Jaguar is on a roll. I beleive the new XJ8 is the next model down the pipeline, and while that one probably won't double Jag's sales, let's hope it keeps the momentum going. Just yesterday I saw a beautiful blue X-Type cruising down the highway. Still haven't warmed up to the "squashed" headlights, but overall it's a very nice looking car. Then again, nice looking cars are something Jaguar is good at.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Actually the new 2003 S Type is getting raves already. While not much different on the outside it is almost totally new under the skin. From comments from new owners on the Jag BB, I guess it should be a real winner.

    As for headlights on the X, I had an American car sales lady tell me that she "really liked the headlights" of all things. They are "frenched" like the customizers used to do in the '50s.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    When I first saw the car in some early photographs, I liked the way it looked, but the elliptical headlights looked a bit small to me. Now, however, I think that they really look nice, and when I see them, they look very large and alert. They also match the ellipses that glow in the taillights and the elliptical openings of the chrome, dual exhausts.


    They are bright, too! I love my X-TYPE, and I just cleaned the leather today.

  • homer61388homer61388 Posts: 54
    I am currently looking at these 4 cars. I like all 4 but I am looking for, sportiness, performance, reliability, value, and safety and quality. I really like the Jag because it has 4-wheel drive, a great thing to have in these Mid-west winter climates. I like the fact that it is a Jag. I have never owned a Jag and it looks like it was put together relatively well. I like the paint job, which was what really caught my eye and got me looking at this car in the 1st place. However, I know that most jags are not known for there reliability and are expensive to fix since they aren't made here. The technology is expensive to repair if it suddenly breaks.

    I like the Mercedes too. I like its peppy power train. And I know that it will last because my sister has a 1997 E320 with 80,000 miles on it. A side from the normal wear and tear the 3.2 engine is still running as smoothly as when it was new. But the orange peel paint job was a definite turn off when I saw it up close.

    I absolutely love the Lexus. I like the interior especially the wood that is very attractive and I like the sporty design. To me, the Lexus is too much like its sister the Camry. The engine, although smooth isn't a barn burner. It does get the job done adequately however. AND I HAVE HEARD ABOUT PROBLEMS WITH THIS ENGINE. LIKE HOW THE OIL WOULD OOZE AND CLOG THE ENGINE. I think that it was called "sludge." Although Toyota and Lexus do make superior cars.

    And last, the Acura. I have always marveled at their engine design. I love the engine especially the "high output version." That baby just sings all the way to the red line! I like this car but I think that its styling is understated and while I can't get over the performance of this car, it just doesn't hit the right spot. It may be a great car to have and it might be the one I buy.

    Ok, now that I have told you what I like about these cars I am just looking for any "INSIDE INFO." Just give me your opinion about these cars. All the cars will have automatics and all will have leather, heated seats, power everything and any other gadget that looks appealing. I WANT SAFETY( #1), performance, (#2), reliability (#3), quality (#4), sportiness (#5), and value (#6). Mind you that I want all these qualities in my car. Just give any useful info and just tell me what you think!

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    Stop hitting the reload button! Go back and delete your previous multiple posts (you'll see a delete button next to each of your posts.

    I would strongly suggest adding the Lincoln LS to your list. It will outhandle all the cars you mentioned and it offers a V8 nicely loaded (lots of features) for less than $40K. You can also get a great deal on a 2002 right now or pick up a used one for a song. You may not like it but you should at least test drive it before deciding.
  • Was the 3-series excluded for a particular reason?

    All the choices meet the criteria. Try to stay away from first year model runs, as they tend to have more troubles, even at Lexus.
  • kvsm3kvsm3 Posts: 32
    Obviously as mentioned before the 3 series BMW and the Audi A4 should be included.
    The Jag, MB, BMW,and Audi will have free maintenance for a minimum of 3 years. I know the Audi has it for 4 years/50K miles.
    The ES 300 is a reliable car but its basically a glorified Camry.
    The TL Acura is a great bang for the buck but its FWD like the ES 300.
    You should definitely test drive all the cars before making your decision.
    I have heard the Xtype is having lot of problems and some of those issues are mention in Edmunds' own reviews. I have heard the reliability is not that great either.
    the BMW,MB,Audi, and Lexus are proven cars.
    If you specifically want AWD, then Audi and BMW might be your only choice. You can opt for a 325XI or 330XI or the quattro models of Audi.
    If you want superb dealer service, then get a Lexus, maybe even the IS300 which is RWD. You would have to like the styling and the interior.
    Clearly, I would go for the German or Japanese brands.
  • skobolaskobola Miami, FLPosts: 207
    I would certainly vote for Bimmer 330ix, although you have not included it in your list, yet it certainly fills almost all of your 5 requirements the best, like performance, reliability, quality and sportiness. I guess that the value would be included by BMW filling the first 4 as being at the top of each of these categories, but it is to you to decide.
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    I shopped the exact cars, except the ES300 (looked at the IS300), A4, 330i, S60 and LS. I narrowed my choices down to the X-Type and the S60 T5. The difference in Canada was 10,000.00 but the attractive lease rate from Jag closed the gap somewhat.

    i went with the T5 and am extremely happy with it, but if you can shell it out, go unique, go panache, go historical...go for the JAG! Let everyone else parade in the 3-series and A4s (dime a dozen), and you have a very good warranty and service package, so I wouldn't sweat the reliability issue too much.
  • homer61388homer61388 Posts: 54
    Sorry Akirby, but I wanted to make sure that everybody saw the post!!! That way they could fill me in on their opinions!!! I WILL NEVER BUY AN AUDI!! I have had past troubles with Audi and I will never go back to one!! And I just heard on the radio that a few select brands of Audi have had a mechanical defect of some kind! Audi's don't appeal to me! I don't care how great they are now, the one that I had was the biggest headache I have ever had in a car! The bimmer seems ok, I guess but yes everybody is driving one and they get old and boring when you see them everyday at the office. So I want to go to a different brand of car. Yes, don't get me wrong they are superior cars and they are some of the world's finest automobiles.

    Another reason that is stopping me from buying a jag is the fact that FORD owns the company and I can definitely see the Ford switch gear in some of the jag's and land rover's (also owned by Ford.) Does anybody know the specific troubles that the jag has had? What is wrong with it? I read though on a review, here on Edmunds, that the manifold fell apart during a test drive! ARGG!!!!!! One of my favorite car brand turns out to be crap!

    The Volvo does seem to be a nice car, the S60 I mean. And Volvo has always meant safety. I will definitely check out this vehicle.

    Does anybody recommend any Saab brands? Saab is Swedish too and somewhat similar to Volvo? Any recommendations?
    Thanks for the responses.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    homer61388... That is the only way you'll know what cars work specifically for you. Take a lot of test drives. And do a lot of research. Check out everything from the dedicated and comparison boards here, Consumer Reports reliability data, Intellichoice ownership data, crash test data, insurance cost data, automotive press car test results, etc. Have fun. Searching for the right car should be fun but challenging.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    #1(safety):Xtype and ES300 are the safest options for the mid-west weather. TL-S does not have the side curtain air bags, and C320 is rear wheel drive.
    #2(performance):TL-S will probably perform the best in good weather condition, then C320, Xtype, and ES300.
    #3(reliability):ES300 should be on top of the list even it is in the first year, Lexus knows how to produce a very reliable car. Engine "sludge" is a problem with some of the Lexus & Toyota V6 owners, but Lexus has 8 years warranty on the engine against the "sludge", so it should not be a problem unless you want to keep your car longer than 8 years. TL-S is probably the second. Not sure about Xtype or C320. People posted many electronic problems with C320 (or C240) on Edmunds.
    #4(quality): ES300 is probably still on the top. JD Power also rated the ES300 for best initial delivery quality. C320 is the second, then Xtype and TL-s.
    #5(sportiness):TL-S & C320 with sport pkg can both be very sporty, ES300 has AVS option to make the suspension more sporty or comfortable as you wish. Not sure about Xtype.
    #6(value):TL-S is probably the number one, then ES300, C320, and Xtype.
    Hope this will help you to decide. You definitely need to test drive each of these cars before making the final decision.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241

    As someone who owns a Jaguar X-TYPE, I think I can offer some good information.


    The X-TYPE is built at Jaguar's Halewood facility near Liverpoole in England. All Jaguars are built in the United Kingdom, and then are exported to their outside markets. This does not affect the availability of parts because dealers keep massive inventories, and any parts that must be ordered from England are shipped very promptly and arrive in a very short period of time. You don't have to worry about an availability of parts.



    All Jaguars have a 4-year, 50,000 mile warranty, and all scheduled maintenance for that time is paid for by Jaguar. All you pay for is the car, the gas, and the insurance. The rest is all free. During those maintenance times, your Jaguar dealer will drive you to wherever you have to go for that day, such as work, etc., in a Jaguar car. If your car must be kept for more than one day, then your dealer will provide you with a Jaguar to drive for that time period. My own dealer will allow customers to choose between a Jaguar, Saab, Mercedes-Benz, or Land Rover when their car is in the shop for more than a day, and they are not located within an auto-mall and only sell Jags. Also, technicians are required to wear white gloves and cover the seats in the cars as to not leave any marks or smudges on them. Most dealers are very good, my own has been outstanding. I even get Christmas cards from them.


    A few early X-TYPEs have had problems with annoying noises coming from the driveshaft in certain weather conditions or at certain speeds. So far, I have not heard any more complaints about that issue or any other initial problems that the X-TYPE has had, and Jaguar has worked hard to fix all of those problems. I have read some follow-up articles where people who had been interviewed with these problems on their X-TYPEs finally had Jaguar fix their cars, and were very satisfied with their car and the service from Jaguar that they received. I don't believe that Jaguar is having any more of these problems on the X-TYPEs that are being produced and sold now, so these problems are no longer issues.

    Also, both the 2.5 and 3.0 litre cars that Edmunds reviewed were very heavily used, PRE-PRODUCTION versions of the X-TYPE. Production X-TYPEs are much more solidly built than their prototypes, and do not have problems with their exhaust systems falling off of the car or interior trim pieces being able to be easily torn off. I have checked my own X-TYPE, tugged on the pieces underneith, etc. They are very solidly connected and will not come off.


    I myself have had no problems with my X-TYPE at all. To this day, there is not even a rattle or any other sound out of place in my car. Reliability has been excellent on my X-TYPE, as well as on the Jaguars that my father owns. Jaguars have had a reputation for being troublsome in the past, but today, they are just as reliable as their competators, and even more so than some. After about 1998, Jaguars did not have reliability or quality problems. They also have leading customer satisfaction ratings, and I can understand why with all of the enjoyment I have gotten from my car.


    The X-TYPE also comes standard with Jaguar's Traction 4 AWD system, which divides torque 40% to the front wheels, and 60% to the rear wheels, unless slip is detected and power is sent to the wheels with the best traction. This, as well as special roller bearings between the tops of the front strut towers and the body, create RWD performance and steering. The entire system is totally unnoticeably to those within the car, and the only difference in feel between the X-TYPE's AWD and a RWD setup is that the X-TYPE feels like it has more traction, which it does. Jaguar's Traction 4 has been widely acclaimed as rivalling Audi's advanced Quattro system, which has been developed for over 22 years, and BMW's AWD system, which is known to limit performance and take away the RWD feel that is so important in a BMW. Forbes stated of the Jaguar AWD system, "Interestingly, the X-TYPE gets a seamless, virtually transparent new 40/60 viscous coupling all-wheel-drive system with optional dynamic stability control that rivals Audi's vaunted Quattro for wet- and dry-weather performance." The X-TYPE will also outcorner and out handle the other cars that you mentioned as possible considerations.


    Road&Track stated, "Every time we got into a long stretch of fast, curving mountain road, whoever was in the Jag inevitably got on the walkie-talkies we all carry and said, 'This thing is really good in the curves!' It's a confidence-inspiring car, with good grip, linear steering and precise turn-in."



    Performance of the X-TYPE is also very near the top of its class. Car&Driver said of the X-TYPE:

    "Subjectively, the X-TYPE didn't feel quite as quick as a BMW 330i. But a few instrumented acceleration runs revealed that the measured 0-to-60-mph time of 6.3 seconds was only 0.2 second slower than the small BMW. We would rate the smoothness of the X-TYPE's V-6 to be similarly close to that of the Bavarian in-line six."


    Road&Track said, "In acceleration, the 3.0 X-TYPE is among the quickest. Accompanied by a nice-but-distant exhaust note, the Jag goes from 0-60 mph in 6.5 seconds, undercutting the boy-racer Lexus IS 300's and Audi A4 2.8's 7.1, the Mercedes C320's 6.8 sec. and matching the BMW 330i's time."


    Forbes said that the engines of the X-TYPE are "bulletproof in practice". They go on to say, "We tested both [2.5 and 3.0 litre versions] on the track in England; both will wind all day without complaint, pull nicely in any gear and do just about anything an owner would expect."

    The X-TYPE also features the same, large vented front and solid rear disc brakes on the larger S-TYPE, so stopping the car takes no effort at all.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241

    Road&Track said of the brakes, "In braking tests, the X-TYPE had impressive and easily repeatable stopping distances from 60 mph (118 ft.) and 80 mph (208 ft.)."

    Car&Driver also said, "A few laps at the Castle Combe racetrack allowed us to explore the outer reaches of the X-TYPE's handling, where it proved to be completely benign, thanks to the all-wheel-drive. Even at the limit, understeer never grinds the front tires excessively, but the only way to get the tail out was to flick the steering wheel while simultaneously lifting the throttle. The four-wheel disc brakes proved linear and powerful under repeated heavy track use."


    The X-TYPE is also known for its superb steering. Car&Driver said, "The steering is nothing short of terrific."


    MotorTend stated, "The car's best system may be its speed-sensitive rack-and-pinion power steering. In fact, it matches the previously unrivaled precision served up by BMW 3 Series. Car placement feels laser-guided precise, with excellent feedback and road feel. With complete confidence and comfort, we drove at most times with just our fingertips-even at 120 mph on the track. The only all-wheel-drive car we've ever driven offering similar levels of steering communication is the Nissan Skyline GT-R, a pretty racy piece."

    The X-TYPE uses a ZF Servotronic II veriable-ratio power rack-and-pinion steering system. Car&Driver raved about it and called it "enthusiast goods".


    The X-TYPE features hand-polished birds-eye maple veneer on the dash and trimming the doors, as well as a generous amount around the automatic shift gate and on the shift selector. Wood on the steering wheel is to be an option on 2003 models. Fine, hand-finished Connolly leather is used on all seating surfaces as well as on portions of the doors. Unlike its competators that offer leather and wood only as extra options, this is all standard on the X-TYPE. The interior design is much like that of other current Jaguar models, with the radio and climate control system contols positioned in the lower portion of the center dash, surrounded by a "hoop". The wood dash is shaped like "spitfire wings" (as Jaguar interior designers call it) like in the other Jags as well.


    Road&Track states of the interior, "The Jag's interior is a rich assemblage of shapes and textures, done up with nice details like the silver-rimmed green-faced gauges." In another R&T article, "Despite the less-than-XJ price, the X-TYPE sports the traditional Jaguar upscale cabin...Our new long-term Jag may be an 'entry level' model, but you would never know it judging by all that wood, leather and the easy-to-use nav system."


    Car&Driver says, "As you'd expect, the interior is lined in sumptuous Connolly leather and birds-eye maple wood trim on the dashboard and doors. Luxury amenities abound, as well as the expected front, side, and head airbags...the level of finish is very nice with neat stitching, close fits, and excellent materials throughout". They also said it was "roomier than the top-of-the-line XJ8", and the trunk is also the roomiest in its class at 16 cubic feet (which is also the largest in any Jaguar).


    Overall, I have found that the interior is very functional, with enough storage places to suit anyone's needs. The seating position has been called "perfect" by those various car magazine reviews, and I agree with that assessment. It creates a nice atmosphere, and the look, feel, and smell of the Connolly leather and wood is incomparable to other cars. (By the way, the square opening to the bottom left of the steering wheel is the sunglasses holder).


    Also, the interior of the X-TYPE, along with the numerous airbags, features many safety sensors that monitor how close the driver is the the steering wheel and whether safety belts are fastened, etc. to calculate how to deploy the airbags in the event of a collision. The front seats also utilize weight sensors in these calculations, and the passenger seat has additional sensors to detect small children or baby seats. The airbags for the front passenger will not deploy if the person riding in that seat weighs less than 40 pounds or if a baby seat is detected. The small amber light in the corner of the wood trim on that side of the dash will indicate this. The rear head protection airbags will also unfold and roll down if a side impact in sever enough to cause them to have to be used as full upper body side airbags as well. Front side airbags deploy from the sides of the seats.



    I find the styling of the X-TYPE to be very attractive. MotorTrend called the car, "pure Jag inside and out". It was also rated very highly in Road&Track for its "good looks and vestigial Britishness". The car is about 6 inches shorter than an S-TYPE and an inch narrower. It is, however, about 7.9 inches longer than a 3-Series BMW and 5.6 inches longer than a Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan. The car attracts much attention just on its styling alone, and even the Edmunds reviews stated that most people they asked believed that the car cost between $50,000 and $70,000 based upon looks alone. At one time on a Jaguar website, I read a quote that went along the lines of "If you don't like the attention that this car will get you, we politely suggest that you shop elsewhere". If you want conservative lines, then I have to agree.

  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    To wrap things up, Car&Driver stated, "The X-TYPE makes for a convincing package. For a base price of $30,595, the X-TYPE offers an all-wheel-drive chassis [(that is the most rigid in its class, 30% more rigid than the previous class leader)] with beautiful steering and excellent road manners, a smooth and willing V-6, and a comfortable and luxurious interior...Those buyers who have been saving their shekels for a Jaguar priced closer to 30 than 50 big ones will be delighted with the new's clearly Xtraordinary".


    Here is a Windows Media Player movie of the X-TYPE driven by one of Jaguar's F1 drivers:



    I think that you would be happy with the X-TYPE; I love mine. As I read somewhere once, "With the X-TYPE, you drive a Jaguar, anything else is just another nice car". Have fun, and good luck choosing!

    All of the pictures used here in this revised edition of this message are from the Edmunds car site or do not have copyrights. I removed any that I was unsure of. Thanks for the reminder!

  • denkdenk Posts: 75
    I don't know about the rest of you, but it's pretty obvious to me that Jagboy is not a teenager who got a nice X-Type from his father, but rather is most likely an employee of Jaguar in some capacity. What do you all think??
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    It's pretty obvious to me that he's a very enthusiastic teenager with a new car. That's no reason for you to call him a troll (his posts don't even fit the troll definition BTW) or imply that he's a Jag employee on a secret mission. Chill out.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Gee, sorry denk. I don't know how you found my statements to be offensive to the point of accusing me of being a troll here, but if that's what you think...
    I was just giving homer my opinions, experiences, and quotes I found about the X-TYPE to try and be helpful to him. He requested information, I told him what I know and feel.

    If your last post wasn't so laughable I'd cry! <- now you can take offense :-)

    Really though, I don't in the least way work for Jaguar, nor do any of my family members. I just like the cars, drive one, and that's why I'm here. Why are you?
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