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Jaguar X-Type



  • jbrettzjbrettz Posts: 3
    I live in St Louis and the only Jag dealer had 50+ new x-types on the lot. the Lexus, Acura and BMW dealers don't have this surplus on the lots. I wonder if this is going to hurt the residual value in a couple of years. My wife really wants the x-type, so what kind of discount did you all get from the dealer? The salesman told me that they were only discounting maybe $1,000, but he has 50 on the lot???????? doesn't make sense.
    I welcome your comments.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I would be greatful that your dealer has a nice selection. Some have complained here that they couldn't find a stick shift. Remember there are two engine sizes, 2.5 & 3.0 and two transmissions for each so a good dealer will have a good selection of all.

    A local Toyota dealer currently has 237 Camrys in stock and he sells more Toyotas than any other dealer in the US. It's not necessarily a sign they aren't selling.

    My wife too wanted the XType, we got it and are very happy so far. Good luck with your choice.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    looks like jag sales are up 87% for the month of march over last year. it would appear x-type sales (3,780 in march, 3,583 in feb) are just fine after a slow start. they were hoping for about 3000/month in the first year, and they're well above that now.

    heelntoe, perhaps they were test cars that slipped through, but that was months, and months ago. still seems odd.
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Over the weekend my father and I took a trip in my X-TYPE up to the the little airport where he keeps his plane. Anyway, the entire distance is nothing but high-speed twists and curves, and the X-TYPE took them faster and with more confidence than any of the other cars on that road (except for another Quartz colored X-TYPE I saw). And it got us there in class and style, without losing an ounce of composure. It really is built for those winding English roads, and only a Jaguar can take corners so well.

    The car is just great, and I still could not be happier with it. It attracts a lot of admiring attention as well (and in this car, I'm afraid I am enough of a snob to enjoy it!). It's the best!

    The X-TYPE is actually selling very well, and the dealers are giving great deals on the cars when you actually are serious about purchasing one. At least in my area they are. Have fun with your cars everyone!
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    i'm thinking of getting the trunk pop-up stowage containers. one of the faults i've found in this car is that with the trunk as large as it is, stuff flies around while driving. has anyone else bought these containers? are they worth it?
  • etherjagetherjag Posts: 2
    Well not so much anymore really. I love my x-type and I can't believe the bargain it is. I'm leasing it for only $20 a month more than I was paying for my Taurus SHO. Everything about it is better. I have only two real complaints - 1. every time I get in the car from January (when I got it) until March I get this silly 'low outside temperature' message that wont go away until I hit reset. Sheesh, I know it's cold outside, I live in Michigan and I was just outside myself!

    2. There was no indash CD player available when I got mine, I had to take a cassette. I don't like CD players in the trunk, my SHO's had them and they drive me crazy. I was surprised that my son's Ranger pickup could have a CD and I couldn't get one on a jag. I hear they have one now, it's a little annoying that I would have to pay to get what I should have had in the first place.
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    If you really wanted to, I think that Jaguar can put the CD in-dash player in for you. It uses a slightly different front panel than the one on non-CD in-dash cars, but there shouldn't be any complications in switching the two. However, Jaguar charges $200.00 for the optional in-dash unit on all of the cars that came with them, and then they'll probably also charge you for actually having to work on the car, too. I don't know if wiring would be a problem, but either way, I bet that they could do it for you. Good luck!

    By the way, I haven't been in cold enough weather to have the COLD OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE message come up, but it is getting cold here (I've got crazy weather over here in California. Yesterday was bright and warm, and then it rained and almost froze over night), so I'll check it out and tell you if I have to reset the computer on mine too. Maybe I'll check the manual first. If this is normal, at least we'd be able to hide the number of miles on our cars when selling time comes around!
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Low outside temp warning also goes away if you cycle through the trip functions
  • etherjagetherjag Posts: 2
    Thanks Jagboy, I called the dealership and asked about getting the in-dash CD to replace my cassette deck. The parts department said they would give me a $200 credit off the $437 price for the CD. That sounded pretty good until he transferred me to service where they told me it would cost $180 to install. The funniest thing though was when I talked to the salesman first. He tried to tell me that there was no in-dash CD in the first place because of safety concerns, just think how much worse this is than cell phones. I found this humorous, as if cassettes are somehow safer to insert than CD's. I suspect they just didn't have it ready yet.
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Hey, glad I could help in any way. As I should have known, the weather quickly shifted to its normal, warm California climate again, so I'll have to do some other research into that COLD OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE problem besides testing it on my car. Seems like it probably is normal to have to clear it away manually by resetting or scrolling through functions since mvargo1 also had the same occurance. Maybe I'll also check out my father's Jags to see if their computers are the same.
    -I'll report back.

    I'm glad you found that you could get the CD player installed. Hopefully, it will make your car even more to your liking if/when you get it done. If you talk to the people at the dealer in person, you may even be able to push the price for the CD player down even further, but I may be wrong; all dealers are different though, so it still can't hurt to try. Even with the prices you were given plus labor, you still save $20, and that is always good. Good luck with everything, and tell us how everything goes if you decide to go for it!

    Last weekend, I just happened to turn to the right channel when Car&Driver Television was coming on. I decided to watch it (what else is on t.v. on Sunday morning?) and after getting through all of the minivans,trucks, and an old red Volvo sportscar with nearly 2 million miles on it, they decided to do a little six or seven minute bit on the X-TYPE 3.0.

    Their test car was Topaz with the Ivory intertior and an automatic transmission. As usual, they asked their overused "Is it really a Jaguar or just a pretty Ford?" question to begin, and then decided that it really is a "true Jaguar that lives up to the marque", after their tests were complete.

    Much of the review was quick flashes of pictures of the exterior styling of the car (which they seemed to really like, along with much of the interior), and then pictures of the wood and leather of the interior along with the J-gate transmission. For the most part, only positive remarks about the X-TYPE were made, but they did not like the J-gate of the automatic transmission.

    Another quality they did enjoy however, was the performance of the car, and they stated that their Topaz, automatic transmissioned X-TYPE 3.0 dashed to 60 mph from a dead stop in just 6.3 seconds. Now I emphasized that their single test car had an automatic transmission because I had believed that only an X-TYPE with a manual transmission could achieve that time, but they displayed their Topaz-colored, Ivory interior, automatic transmissioned X-TYPE do the sprint 0 - 60 mph in this quick 6.3 seconds on the screen. So who says this car is slow with the automatic transmission and its "archaic" J-gate now? I just thought I'd share what I had learned; 6.3 seconds is a very impressive time, especially considering that some had believed the car's 0 - 60 sprint to be around 7.1 seconds.
    6.3 seconds sounds about right.

    Have fun in your cars everyone!
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I completed my 1875 mile trip from Palms Springs, CA to Cedar Rapids, IA. With no problems what so ever and a lot of fun cruising. The seats and driving position in this car are so good that I did not get tired or stiff at any time. Made the trip in 2 1/2 days and was the only driver. Wife was the navigator. We took the scenic route up through Utah's canyons and through the rockies (with a peak of almost 12,000 ft) to Denver. The car handled beautifully through the curves and climbs of the rockies. Speed limits were mostly 75 mph and I set the cruise at 80 whenever possible. Used 89 octane until the mountains when I switched to the mfgr recommended premium. Filled up with a tank of ethonal in Nebraska and the X-Type ran well on it too. My message center says I got 24.5 mpg for the trip. I'm not to sure how accurate it is. All in all a great road car. BTW, I saw only one S-Type and NO X-Types on the entire trip.
  • Hi, I am a Japanese business man who moved to the United States a few a years ago, and I am currently deciding between a Mercedes C-class and an X-type.
    I would like to know is there going to be a memory seat package for the X-type soon? (maybe in 2003 or 2004?)
    I have also saw the English version of Jaguar 2.0 FWD in London last month. They did not have the stick manual brake, but rather a electronically operated parking brake: a small chrome lever located behind the transmission is pulled up to put the brake on... just like the 2003 S-type (got that description from Will the U.S. version have that little chrome lever instead the traditional manual brakes? Thanks
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    has everyone completely transitioned to and
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I don't think they are on the jagtalk board either. I just checked it and there is little about the X there. Mostly about the S. The format there is not readable as the Edmunds format either IMO.
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    maybe i don't pay enough attention, but it always seems almost a 50/50 split s vs x over there. i agree about the readability, but i also like the idea of seeing more than 20 posts at a time.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Believe me, I'm not defending Edmunds but at least when I read topics under this board heading, it is about the X Type. Even arranging the subjects on the Jagtalk bb doesn't help much because so many posts don't mention which car they are discussing in the heading until you click on the post.
  • 4angels4angels Posts: 2
    Water got into the trunk seal. The spare tire was completely under water, also inside the right of the cabin. about 1/2 inch in the front passenger floor. This is the third time I took it back. Also a tremedous thunder sound over bumps, not to mention the door of the cig lighter popping off at will. The truck goes a chunka chunka chunka when you touch the button.

    Anyone else with these problems?
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    absolutely not, i have had none of those problems. as for the trunk sound, i believe that's the normal sound of the trunk latch mechanism.
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    Nope, I haven't had any of those problems or any other problems at all. The trunk is just unlatching, and sometimes the sensor still sees the trunk latch in the clip and believes that it still has not opened, so it tries to go until it knows that it opened. This will improve over time as the luggage compartment door is used.

    I have not had any water leakage problems at all. Also, my suspension has never been loud or made thundering or bottoming-out sounds, nor has any piece of the interior opened or broken off at will. How did so much water get into your car? I hope you can get it fixed and running the way you like. Sorry to hear about all of your troubles. Good luck.
  • 4angels4angels Posts: 2
    They only want to replace the trunk carpeting, they will only clean the interior carpet, even though it has been wet twice. The front end noise is attributed to a control arm of so they say. Still want to drive my own car, owned it for three months and I am on my fourth rental. This is a nightmare. I can't get anyone from customer service to return my phone calls, althoug they have a 48 hour call back, ridiculous.

    I should have bought the LS, any suggestions.

    4angels, Floyd Miller (
  • ego29isteego29iste Posts: 45
    I was interested to see if any of you guys know about any changes or updates for the 2003 model year. I spoke with the local Jaguar dealer who was not exactly forthcoming and had to be pushed. He stated that the car would be more money in 2003 and that there are no changes. Mentioned it would be out in about 90 days.

    My previous car was a 2000 BMW 328 with a Dinan sport package. Any of you guys make a similar transition and have any thoughts btw these two automobiles? While the BMW was a great car and I really enjoyed driving it I wanted to find out more about the x-type 3.0 before getting another 330 BMW.

  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    Just wanted you all to know that my Jag had developed two new problems in the past couple weeks. I had the trunk not closing problem, and I had a loud snapping-clicking sound coming from the shift lever area when I use the brake. The latter is some sort of shift-interlock mechanism that is acting up. I still had the vibration at 50+ mph, too, which they (the factory tech, the dealer GM, and the service manager)have said is just "normal road feedback".

    My problems have included:
    -- Leaking windshield nozzles (fixed)
    -- Rocking seat (not fixed)
    -- The "slipping belt noise" (went away by itself after the second drive shaft was in place for awhile)
    -- The "wine glass" noise (fixed by second drive shaft)
    -- Stuck passenger seat belt (not fixed - and not even offered to be fixed even after it being noticed by the service manager and general manager of the dealership on 2 test drives)
    -- Trunk closing difficulties (*maybe* fixed by me snapping off the glow tag when I pulled on it)
    -- Snapping sound from the gear shift lever - brake interlock mechanism (?)
    -- Vibration at +50 mph (fixed with the first drive shaft replacement, reappeared with the second)
    -- Rattle from the right rear passenger seat area (maybe from the speaker in the door).

    Well, that was enough for me. I dumped the Jag and got a 2002 Lexus ES300 this past Friday. The Lexus dealer was even nice enough to give me a RX300 to drive for a couple days while the car I wanted was found to be already enroute to the dealership. The car is rock solid and silky smooth at any speed, no rattles, has a 6 CD in-dash player, a more powerful engine, better quality interior controls and materials, etc. and was stickered $2K less than my X. And from talking to all the doctors where I work, I won't have any trouble from the local dealer, either (Hendrick Lexus here in Charlotte). EVERY Lexus owner I've spoken to has raved about their cars and the dealership here.

    Oh, I don't want you all to be surprised when you go to trade your X-type in. The best price I could get anywhere for my X was 30% off what I paid! And that's with less than 2K miles on it! Guess the word has gotten around on the X!

    So, after ordering my X-type in late September and waiting until Dec. 28th for delivery (11/01 build if anyone's interested), SIX visits to the dealer for repairs totaling about 28 days, and once having to drive a Chevy S-10 pickup truck for two weeks as their loaner, I say farewell to Scott Jaguar here in Charlotte! The X was an expensive mistake! Reminded me of the 1987 Plymouth Sundance turbo I had. Had to take that puppy back to the dealer 12 times in the 13 months I owned it - and only got back 50% when I traded that piece of scrap in. Traded it for a '88 Toyota Celica. Then got a '92 Celica. Only had 1 warranty repair on either car the whole ten years I owned them. Should have stayed in the Toyota family, I guess. :-)

    Oh, and something else that is more unbelievable than anything....(!!) My Lexus salesman called me a day before delivery. He told me he had called my insurance company and they have no record of my Jag! They still have me driving my previous car! So, I've been riding around without any insurance for the past 5 1/2 months! The Jag dealer didn't notify my insurance company like they should have. I called the Jag dealership and spoke with the GM (the owner's son, I think) and read him the riot act on that one! He said the business manager with whom I dealt was no longer working there, and he blamed my salesman. I also told him of my new problems. As for the snapping/clicking sound out of the gearshift, he told me the old, tired line "They all do that"! Can you believe those clowns??!!

    I know that some of you will wonder why I didn't go the lemon law route. I just didn't want the hassle, having to deal with the dealership even one more time, or with Jag corporate. After 5 1/2 months of driving that car, it was worth the money hit I took just to walk away from it.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Just to give a little balance to the board after your description, my experience has been just the opposite. Bought my X Type 3.0 about the same time as you but I have 5,000 miles vs your 2K and have had NO problems except the weeping washer which was fixed. I love this car. The selling dealer was great. When I took it in for a free oil change and check at 2K the owner even came to the service waiting room and thanked those waiting for their cars for buying from him and said that his door was always open and if we had any problems we could come to him.
    Unbelievable! Most owners hide from the public and let the GM take the flack.

    Let me add two things. A Lexus ES300 is not comparable to the Jag in any meaningful way in MNSHO. And I have NEVER left notification of my insurance company up to the dealer. It is your responsiblity.
  • joe166joe166 Posts: 401
    I don't own an X-type so I can't speak to reliability, but obviously you have lots of money and aren't all that concerned so what difference does it make? I, of course, rely on your statements that 1) you blew almost $10,000 by trading in your Xtype at by far the worst time depreciation wise 2) trusted a CAR GUY to deal with YOUR insurance company without checking on it in a matter which could result in financial ruin for you and your family, and 3) you are either a Doctor or you play one on television.

    I have found the Doctors I have dealt with to be uniformly extremely smart but blessed with common sense in just about the same ratio as the rest of the world, they just don't know that. Good luck with your Lexus, it is a nice car and the dealer network is excellent. They treat you like a king and for the most part, the customer is always right. They make you THINK that all that is free. Nothing is free.
  • leogenghisleogenghis Posts: 22
    The fact that someone has "lots of money" doesn't mean reliability isn't important to that person. After all, Neuroguy has obviously spent a lot of his time visiting the dealership and receiving almost no attention to his problems. Writing about them here informs us Edmunds readers to be slightly more suspicious of Jaguar cars and/or his dealer Scott Jaguar. Although I do agree that he should definitely have double-checked on that insurance issue.

    I find TownHall grab bag's current question topic interesting. Desertguy bought an "upgraded" Ford Mondeo and relishes it; Neuroguy got an "upgraded" Toyota Camry and loves it as well. I drive an "upgraded" car as well: an Alfa 164 which shares platforms with the SAAB 9000 and Fiat Croma. I agree that Jaguar has more of a cachet than Lexus does, but it has decreased somewhat with the X-type - the "cheap" Jaguar. Lexus's however is rising with the introduction of the SC430. When I was little, I used to think Jaguars were untouchable...

  • jonnyjjonnyj Posts: 15
    First, like ego29iste, I am about to come out of a 2000 328 (prem) and am considering the X-Type or a 330. I drove an X almost a year ago, and was really impressed. I thought it handled well, and had lots of zip. I also like the idea that it has rear curtains; you can only special order rear bags on the 330. Also, BMWs are everywhere; the X seems a little more unique.

    However, Neuroguy has about convinced me to pass on the X, especially since I, too, live in Charlotte (small world -- also saw your same post on Jagtalk). While the dealer would be very close to my office, I don't think I could deal with constant problems. Maybe this would be solved by the 2003. I don't care if Jag is raising the price -- they'll still have to heavily subsidize the leases.
  • jagboyxkrjagboyxkr Posts: 53
    If you really want the X-TYPE, then I would urge you to get one. Neuroguy is a single person who encountered problems with his car, and unlike him, I and many other X-TYPE owners are far beyond pleased with our cars.

    I have had NO problems with my X-TYPE except for the initially leaking windshield wiper jets that were promptly fixed by my dealer, who has also been very good to me. To this day, I am still impressed with my car in every respect, from its solid build quality to its unique styling and inspiring performance. I would not take any other car for it, and much like you, I had previously really wanted a 330i before the X-TYPE was released. When I compared the two cars however, and both are exceptional, the X-TYPE came out on top. I preferred its distinctive eye-catching styling, its smooth ride and road manners, its richer interior appointments, its larger size, and its individuality. It just made me happier to be around than the other cars I was considering. You should get whatever car your tastes prefer.

    Don't let one very vocal person who had issues with his car drive you away from the X-TYPE. You have tested the vehicle for yourself and made your own judgments, and it comes down to what you truly want. Good luck, and I hope you choose the car that is best for you.
  • heelntoeheelntoe Posts: 21
    ...on neuroguy's problems but I'd have wondered about the insurance situation when I didn't receive a new card and information regarding changes to my policy within a few weeks, not after almost six months.

    On another note, the Jaguar-branded leather cleaner seems to work very well on the dirt-gathering Ivory interior. Better, in my opinion, than Lexol...
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    The guy who reps the Budget Rent-A-Car turn-ins at the auctions down here (Who I know) says that their X-Type fleet has been nearly flawless and that their customers are very pleased. Hesaid they had a few problems with some early cars... but that since then they have been great.

  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Hey thanks heelntoe. I just bought two bottles of Lexol(cleaner & conditioner). I have used it in the past and it used to be the gold standard of leather care. Now it seems everyone is getting into the act including Meguires. I too have the Ivory interior and have contemplated putting sheepskins on. As with most new Ford Corp. products, the headrests do not come out and require a upholstery shops assistance. Then there's the side airbags......
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