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Jaguar X-Type



  • Well, I went hunting for fast cats today, here's what I found: an exposed, secret prototype X-TYPE R.


    1.) <>

    2.) <>

    3.) <>

    4.) <>

    5.) <>

    It's supercharged AJ-V6 will produce over 300 bhp.


    Dashboard & Center Console Material

    Lately in the media, car reviewers have been saying that Audis have the leading interiors in terms of quality materials. Well, guess what! The dashboard and center console materials in the X-TYPE are supplied by Benoac (a subsidiary of ContiTech), who exclusively produces and supplies the dashboards of a unique material for the Jaguar X-TYPE and Audi. The machines which produce the dashes and consoles are called "slush machines" by the company, and they brought in two new ones just for the X-TYPE. The remaining older machines are used to make dashes/consoles for the Audi A6 and their flagship A8.

    Here is the link: <>


    Here are some very nice, high-quality pictures of the X-TYPE's debut at Geneva:

    1.) <>

    2.) <>

    3.) <>

    4.) <>

    5.) <>

    6.) <>

    7. <>

    8.) <>


    That's all. My X-TYPE is still doing great, too! You all will think I'm crazy, but I still love the car as much as the day I first got it - even more so now.

    Best Regards,


  • pluskinpluskin Posts: 79
    Sorry to break the news, but the X-type R program was cancelled earlier this year.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Those pics seem to be nothing but a regular X-Type with bigger wheels. Granted, there could be a blower under the hood, but who's to tell. Maybe a couple of Jag engineers decided to have some fun with the auto-journalist spies, bolted a set of XJR wheels on an X-Type, and took it out in the snow for some fun. I know if I worked as a Jag engineer, that's what I'd do. Totally confuse the heck out of the car-spies.
  • It's been delayed. Not totally cancelled.
  • Just trust me ;-)
  • pluskinpluskin Posts: 79
    jagboy, I work at Jaguar. You can believe what you want I suppose...
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    An email from JNA this week in response to the question of the R being cancelled stated that they had no knowledge that the model had been cancelled. Too bad you Jag workers can't all be on the same page.
  • pluskinpluskin Posts: 79
    Not sure why JNA would tell you that. Bottom line was that it shared a lot with F-type, and when that was canned, it no longer had a viable business case.
  • I had learned that the X-TYPE and the F-TYPE were supposed to not share that many components. They'd share the AJ-V6 and some other pieces, but that would be it. Supercharging an X-TYPE is not all that terribly difficult (yes, I know a lot more also goes into creating "R"-cars, but the supercharger is the heart). Jaguar stopped the F-TYPE project for now (and if you had seen what was being built, you'd probably see that it was for the best), but has said that it is dedicated to creating the car when it has time. The X-TYPE R is delayed, but it will appear later. Jaguar is busy with the new XJ-Series, a light-weight XK replacement, the refreshed XK, the refreshed S-TYPE and the S-TYPE R (remember, S-TYPE R did not appear until about 3 years after the S-TYPE's debut), and the introduction of the slightly changed 2003 models to dealerships. There is also the diesel engine contract it has with PSA Peugeot-Citroen, and the aluminum technology sharing with Audi. Personnally, I cannot wait until Jaguar gets its diesel engines for Europe. Today's diesels can be better than "petrol" engines (very unlike those dreadful ticking, soot spewing "turbo diesel" Mercedes we sometimes find ourselves behind) and with gasoline prices so high in Europe, diesel is the way to go. Jaguar will really expand its market with diesels in Europe.
  • I find it kind of humorous that you are debating this with a Jaguar insider, and lecturing me on their cycle plan.

    X-type R involved a lot more than strapping on a supercharger. And too many of its go-fast bits were shared with F-type R. Like I said, you can believe what you want, but all work on it has been stopped.

    "Jaguar stopped the F-TYPE project for now (and if you had seen what was being built, you'd probably see that it was for the best)"

    I spent two years working on that program, and happen to think that it would have been a magnificent car. Maybe not as beautiful as the show car, but certainly attractive and a great performer. But I suppose since you saw a couple of computer generated pictures in car magazines, you know better than I do ;)

    "but has said that it is dedicated to creating the car when it has time"

    Yeah, who knows, maybe for 2015MY.

    "aluminum technology sharing with Audi"

    We don't share our aluminum technology with Audi
  • The pictures I saw of the car as it looked up to the time of stoppage(these were not computer generated to my knowledge)made it look like it was a good idea to stop. The original concept car was gorgeous IMO and that was what everyone was clamoring for.(please produce it it's a winner). However, according to the article it was never intended to be produced and had to be reworked extensively to become a production model. Perhaps too extensively??
  • I neither have the time nor the energy or the want to debate with you. This is simply my view and the information that I have gathered.

    "X-type R involved a lot more than strapping on a supercharger. And too many of its go-fast bits were shared with F-type R."

    Uh, I kind of acknowledged the fact that there is much more than "strapping on a supercharger" in my last post with "yes, I know a lot more also goes into creating 'R'-cars, but the supercharger is the heart". (Just incase you missed it.)

    "But I suppose since you saw a couple of computer generated pictures in car magazines, you know better than I do ;)"

    I was not speaking of computer generated images, but rather actual photographs of the F-TYPE with some covering in key areas. One can still make out the overall shape and small details in areas with those pictures. You are being presumptuous by accusing me of ignorantly basing my argument on computer images which we all know are basically at the same level as concept sketches, and I do not appreciate it. Also, as Desertguy noted, the F-TYPE that was being created was substantially different from the concept car. Jaguar initially had no plans to create the car, and when it changed its mind and decided to, they found that the concept car that it was to be based off of would not do because of unsuitable interior dimensions, etc. The plan was not executed or organized properly in my opinion. Jaguar went through all kinds of ideas desperately trying to find a way to build the car, they even tried to base it off the baby Aston Martin that was abandoned because it was a rear-engine layout and the new head of Aston decided all Aston Martins should be front-engine layouts. The public believed it would be getting a production version of the concept F-TYPE, but what was being built was very different.

    "Yeah, who knows, maybe for 2015MY"

    Yes, if Jaguar still has a car called X-TYPE by 2015, then they will probably have a new R version of it if the R performance division is still in around and in demand. I still hold to my statements that the X-TYPE R based much off of the current X-TYPE will still arrive, but a little later than the "18 months after introduction" initial launch date. Yes, Jaguar ran into some delays, however, I have no doubt that they will create the X-TYPE R. There is a better chance that it will come out than there is for the F-TYPE, and the X-TYPE R has not been officially canceled by Jaguar. X-TYPE R is a variant of the X-TYPE, not a totally new car. Jaguar also promised that it will have a full line of R badged cars just like AMG and M. I have no doubt that it will eventually appear, X-TYPE R included.

    "We don't share our aluminum technology with Audi".

    I beg to differ. I have read numerous articles noting Ford/Jaguar's sharing of aluminum technology information with Volkswagen/Audi. One was specifically about the aluminum technology which Ford decided to use on lower volume cars such as Aston Martin and Jaguar, and stated that it was utilizing some of Audi's expertise in the matter. I do not know how much information-sharing went on with Audi, it is simply what the articles said.

    You say that you know better, but I disagree. I will not argue with you endlessly however because we won't get anywhere, so let's just respect each other's opinions and move on. _______________________________________


    I can't tell if you are trying to be sarcastic or truly are happy that Jaguar is working on diesel engines for Europe. Either way, I must say that the diesels are desperately needed by Jaguar to hold/expand market in Europe. It is good that they push introduction of the engines to a much earlier launch date - that will significantly raise sales earlier. I have many articles and reviews about the X-TYPE that say it's a wonderful car but it is held back by not having a diesel version for Europe, as many competators do and are relying heavily on them for sales. When Jaguar does introduce the engines, sales should rise sharply (kind of like gas prices). Today's diesels are very different from those old ticking, soot-spewing turbo diesel Mercedes we all see and smell on the road. They are even better than gasoline engines sometimes. I personally can't wait until they release the diesel cars, and then they'll also get back to R-cars after launching the XJ6/8 and other new cars/products, etc.

    Jaguar is also thinking of slowing production at the S-TYPE's factory. It's not really a big deal, manufacturers do this all the time. Cars go through ups and downs depending on the time of year. Many people avoid the "first year" that a car is produced, and I think that with the diesels and it being the second year for the X-TYPE next year, it will reach its target number of sales in 2003. It has done very well considering the conditions. Think about it: The X-TYPE was introduced almost right around the time of the September 11th tradgedies, and Jaguar sold almost no cars for the period around that atrocious event. Then, there were too many expensive, fully loaded 3.0 litre models produced and the in-very-high-demand 2.5 litres were impossible to find. Then the quality problem came about on some early production units and the media went wild about it. It also had to get over the whole "tarted up Ford" rumors started by competators and self-proclaimed "purists" who owned a Jaguar back when it was with British Leyland, and then the global economic decline came about and the luxury car market took a direct hit. (Plus it had to get past Edmunds' reviews of gone-to-the-crusher-long-ago prototype testers which didn't help it at all.) And after all of that, the little X-TYPE - now known to be a true Jaguar, with production of 2.5's and 3.0's balanced out properly, with option packages rearranged, and the quality on all of them in perfect shape - selling 75,000+ units in its first full year of production looks great, and to top it off, it's Jaguar's best selling model and it set sales records. The predictions for the car's sales were made back when the global economy was booming, and now in the recession, the car still made record sales for Jaguar without a diesel and with many obstacles to overcome. It has done exceptionally well in its first full year. _____________________________________

    Did I mention: I LOVE MY X-TYPE! I have some BIG pictures of it, but I don't have a place to upload them onto the net and then to link the photos here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Here's a link to the Bloomberg News Service article, as quoted in the Detroit News online site (as posted by jagone):
  • Jaguar's F1 Racing program finally made some progress today. De la Rosa damaged his Jaguar's rear suspension at the end of the race and it looked pretty bad, but Irvine finally got some points for Jaguar. I'm really hoping that this is just the beginning for Jaguar's new racing program, as Jaguars all have a very successful racing heritage (eg: 5 Le Mans victories in a row). Honda had trouble with their cars engines overheating and catching fire; there was quite a blaze out the back of the yellow one. Ferarri still dominated with a first and second finish. I have heard they have a $450 million budget for racing. Jaguar is finally making progress though. GO JAGUAR!!!!!!

    Also, a recent poll of Jaguar owners in the United Kingdom conducted by the consumer magazine Which rated Jaguar number one for Jaguar's dealer service in selling and conducting services and repairs. Percentagewise, 84% were very satisfied with the way sales were handled, and 77% were very satisfied with servicing and repairs.

    Anyone else notice the Jaguar-sourced center console for the Aston Martin Vanquish? My X-TYPE shares radio and climate control buttons and screens with the Vanquish!
  • If your ISP doesn't offer web space to upload files and pictures to (call them and ask), then you could switch to one that does, like

    If you're looking for a place to park and share pictures, check out these free sites:
    Most of these have free 5-10MB storage, with the option to pay for more space. Or start a group and upload photos here:
  • desertguy

    The concept car was completely infeasible. The actual F-type program (X600) was a completely different car except for a couple of design cues and the fact that it was a small sporty two seat roadster. But while it was different, that doesn't mean it was a bad car. And I don't think I've seen a single magazine picture that would give you a good sense for how the finished car would have actually looked. Just remember, the F-type cancellation had everything to do with finances and resources, and very little to do with the execution of the product.


    I wasn't debating with you. Only correcting factual errors and misconceptions. I don't consider most of what we're discussing a matter of opinion, since I'm privy to what is actually going on. I appreciate that you are a big Jaguar fan, and obviously read every article you can find. I would have thought however that you would have been thrilled to discuss things directly with a Jaguar engineer, and find out some of the facts (and opinions) behind media guesswork and corporate PR. Perhaps you think I am not what I claim to be, or just don't know what I'm talking about. No problem, its your loss. I'll go back to lurking, and you can go back to posting what you read in Car & Driver.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, please post links only to copyrighted material. Copying and pasting it into your messages leaves the Town Hall open to copyright problems; therefore such messages have to be removed.

    Thanks for your understanding - drop me an email if you have any questions.
  • I personally hope you don't go back to lurking and appreciate your participation here. When I bought my previous car (2000 Lincoln LS) the participation on Edmunds LS board was phenominal. We had the project mgr, the transmission designer, and several other engineers plus the head of marketing who gave us valuable insights into the design and thinking behind the car. I thought it made ownership much more enjoyable. We even got to go to Irvine to the headquarters (at the time) and were able to meet and talk with these guys. Wonderful!
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,041
    desertguy's post. I also own a Lincoln LS, and the participation of the Lincoln engineers was really helpful in the early days. It's faded a bit, but we all learned a lot.

    If this board would encourage a Jag engineer, I'd certainly be pleased, even though I don't own the car.

  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Any buyers in the DFW area care to post their experiences with a Dealer or a comparison with a previous car such as a 3er ?

    btw, i like the R mesh grille on the S type
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    I bought from Overseas Motors in Dallas. It was a great buying experience and I give full credit to my salesperson Barbara Martinez. Ask for Barbara, tell her Jonathan Forman sent you. Very fair price, she laid it all out with amounts for every option (MSRP and how much she would sell for), honest with the pluses and minuses. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy from her again.

    Millenium in Plano did not return calls, or respond to email as they said they would. They also seemed to have addons like pinstripes and undercoating on all their lot cars -- seems a little sleazy to me. Autobahn seemed respectable, but was simply too far. As far as comparison to BMW sales, I can tell you Autobahn was MUCH better than John Roberts. Much more straightforward and honest (won't sell above MSRP, even for an M3, John Roberts was taking bids).
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Hi Jonathan , thats for your quick response .Im planning on driving a car in Plano cause its close to me. But ill take my purchase else where.

    I have a contact for a 3er but g/f is wanting something different ,what can i say.Although the problems posted concern me . What model did you go with ?

  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    I ended up getting a fully loaded (minus phone and auto transmission) 3.0 Sport. Platinum/Charcoal. The thing's a lot of fun to drive. BMWs are great cars, and you can't go wrong with a 330, but, every second car on the road is a BMW. Plus, IMHO, the interiors are painfully boring. Although this did not come into play when making my decision, I've noticed since buying the car that the average person thinks I spent $10-20K more than I did.

    My second choice was actually an AMG C32. It lost out because MB doesn't offer a manual transmission.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Well, dropped in Millennium this after noon.After signing my life away finally got to a test drive.

    Let me say 1st that ive driven almost every thing on the road and the car i thought was a alltime worst was a contour, basically it was more junk than the vega i had in 77. OK, having said that closing the door on the X , one can tell it aint no contour.

    I got to drive a 2.5 Auto , not my choice but, anyways. The materials really were 1st rate and the paint and fit equalled or betterd my 3er. The ivory interior was too light , but nice relief on a 100f day in Dallas. I do like the Dove however.
    The seats were very comfortable and supportive.

    The 2.5 auto had some protest under excelleration, but im sure the 5 speed would be fine.its the only thing the 2.5 lost points for against my 2.5 BMW, not real smooth and a little loud, but thats ok.

    quality problems: i only noted one and it was in the chrome exhaust tip there was RUST, i suspect that the condensation caused it and the inside of the tips are not galvanized.

    Jonathan : you were dead on with Millennium , while there were no add ons they gave me "leave here with the car now "act. Is this a dodge or JAg dealer ? Anyways they said they could discount , but not a lot , but wont loose a sell because of price and offered to let me take a car home for the nite. I passed....

    overall i was really supprised how well the car rated,due to the standard equipment i think a base car provides the best value.

    Which comes to an interesting point, did you ever consider a low optioned S as apossed to a loaded X ?the msrp loked pretty close.

  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    actually, the s didn't really appeal to me for a couple of reasons. as i said, my second choice was an amg c32, so price, although an issue, was not my biggest concern (sticker with options was a little over $58K).

    i like a small car. the s is too big. i wouldn't be able to open the doors in my garage! ;) also, when i bought my car, the 2003 s wasn't out yet, i knew it was coming and what it looked like, and i really didn't like the 2000-2002 interior. in a few more years i might want a car the size/image of an s, but i'm not there yet.

    then again, i test drove an s-type r about a month ago at overseas (just for kicks, barbara asked if i'd be interested in taking it for a spin), and it certainly didn't feel like an old man's car. not quite the jump that the c32 and m3 have, but definitely a good shove back into the seatback!
  • I have narrowed it down to X-type 3.0 with X1/0 premium packages. Now I need to decide on the colors. I can either go with Black w/ Sand int, Black w/ charcoal int or White w/ sand int. The Blk/sand version has DSC (dynamic stability control) anyone have anything to say on that? need it? dont need it? I live in Buffalo NY (for what thats worth). This model also has xenon headlamps and triple 5 wheels. The other 2 models have the same equipt. They want $30 per month for the blk/sand version. It all really comes down to personal perf I guess. I really like them all - I just cant decide - what do you guys think???????
  • jonty12jonty12 Posts: 101
    as far as colours go, if it were me, i'd choose the black/sand without any question. the problem, as you point out, is the prie difference. in buffalo dsc might come in handy, mine has kicked in a couple of times on really wet surfaces and quickly gets the car back on line. now that i've had xenon lights, i'd never go back (unfortunatly, the same applies to the navigation system, and that's much more expensive). not sure that dsc and xenon add up to $30/month more though. see what you can get in a deal with them. $15-$20 seems more realistic.
  • Jump into the WHITE/SAND much more classy looking and elegant in the X-Type. 3.0 is a very smart choice in engine's, it'll give you that extra ump! for passing out on them 2-lane roads or mergeing into freeway traffic. If the car is to be left out in the HOT summer sun. The BLACK would be like climbing into a oven on a HOT July afternoon. Remember Black absorb's HEAT and WHITE reflects it!
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    i hear ya about the garage room.This is the 1st time im down to one car.Just build ya another bay and youll have room for that S :).

    As for pricing i recalled that Tulsa is a test market for Ford as a no haggle low price dealers operated by ford and that includes jaguar. I sent them a quik price quote email , so ill see what their "low" price is.

    i did not get a full brochure. Other than the motor and no charge auto, what else does the 3.0 offer over the 2.5 ?

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