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Jaguar X-Type



  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    In the hopes of getting the discussion back on track....

    I saw an X-Type at the mall a month or so ago, and as far as styling goes, Jaguar hit the nail on the head. The only other ones I've seen have been moving, and I couldn't get a good look at it, but seeing the X-Type in person reminded me why I fell in love with Jaguars to begin with. The headlights look a bit "squashed" but it does not ruin the effect of the front end. And the dark red metallic paint on the one I saw was gorgeous. Now if I could only talk my boss into tripling my salary so I could buy one ;-)
  • I figure these four near luxury sport compacts are right about equal in Quality, Price, Interior comfort Appointment and Reliability. But I have to give the BMW 330ci the edge in the Performance category!
  • Yes, the darn thing is a whole 0.2 second faster than the X-TYPE according to Car&Driver. But according to Road&Track, the X-TYPE is "matching the BMW 330i's time" in the acceleration category. I like the Jag's styling much better though, especially with the styling turn BMW has taken. The 3 is already looking a bit 7-ish to me, which is sad really. However, the X-TYPE looks a whole lot like that beautiful new XJ Series. I've got my eye on one of those now, but I love my X-TYPE all the same and won't ever give it up for anything. I think I'll keep it until I'm nearly 90-something, and it will be a "classic Jag", and I'll only drive it on weekends as a specialty car and I'll commute in my new XJ-whatever it will be by then.

  • Put a coat of Meguires Gold Class on my carnival red baby yesterday and boy does it shine! Nothing, not even black, looks as good as this color with a new coat of polish/wax. Next project is the leather. Now at 8159 miles and 9 months with no,0, none, nada problems.(Hope that doesn't jinx me.)
  • Still rather have a BMW 330ci because performance is not only based on or a measure of speed! Must admit though a Jaguar 3.0 X-Type would be a very close second choice on my shopping list. Now that I've seen photo's of the new Jaguar XJ-Series. I much rather have a BMW 745L, Jaguar doesn't even come close to the 745's interior, that has to be the finest luxury interior in the entire universe!!!

    P.S. I know you'll blast this post right out of the water. But then again that seems to be the reason you post here. For me I love all cars, Sport cars, Everyday sedans, Luxury sedans, Minivans, Pick-up trucks and SUV's. Guess you could say I'm not narrow minded when it come to motor vehicles. If you know what I mean!!!
  • I must agree with you on the Gold Class. Slapped some on my 1998 Toredor Red Jaguar X-Type 2.5 the other day. Came away looking just marvelous! I believe it is spelled Maguires, but I'm not quite sure? Just hope it'll last through the winter, because durability is a big ? when it comes to Maguires Waxe's. Otherwise seems to be an above average product.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    Wow - that must have been a pre-pre-pre-production prototype.
  • How about we are both wrong! It is Meguiars. You had the A in the wrong place. I didn't have any A in the word at all. Oh well, it works!
  • The LS board has really "matured" from the old days huh. Now it's trunk hinges and cupholders! And BTW, I hated the hinges, they were always crushing my groceries etc. Loved my disappearing cup holder which was the original one. As one of the engineers said at Mania 1, it was trick.
  • YEAH! I got it in September 1998 during year end close out at my local Ford dealership. $16,400 out the door included a $1,000 rebate plus they threw in 0.9% financing for 48 months. Just made the last payment a week ago, that little X-Type honey is now mine lock stock and leaper! Guess they're right when they say it pays to shop early when it comes to Jaguars!!!
  • Almost got cha! Well this Gold Class seems like a good quality paste wax. I have always been a devoted believer in Paste, a bit more work but to me worth it. I thought the price was fair at $9.95 a jar, as far as competing brands of paste wax goes. Little bit tough taking it off! maybe I let it haze a bit too much, nice finish though. Great gloss, but not that Super Wet look, never cared for that Super Wet look like Zaino Bros delivers, except maybe on Corvette's, Camaro's, Firebird's or Hotrod's. So far I've found Zymol to be an excellent product, but expensive hardly worth the toll on the pocketbook. Must admit Zymol's liquid polish is #1 out on the market. Comes in the blue bottle at most auto stores $12.95. Had good results with Turtle 2001, Eagle One liquid, Nufinish once a year car polish. Out of these that Nufinish is no BS it really does last. I don't believe a year but at least 6-months for sure! Many years ago Dupont had that Rain Dance, fantastic stuff! But then they sold it to Borden and then Borden sold it to someone else and this someone else sold it to someone else. Well the last time I used it a few years ago it wasn't worth a diddly. Throughout the 1980's I swore by that product, must have used it 75-80% of the time. Well just hope that this here Gold Class will last the winter. Don't you just hate it when Irish folks can't spell their names proper. GO FIGURE!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    That's exactly why the REAL LS discussions now take place on the llsoc forums. We also don't have to put up with the posters that for some reason are allowed to continually make derogatory comments and start arguments on this and other forums.
  • That's funny, I was just about to research what kind of products would be best for my X and its wonderful red. I'm sure yours looks absolutely stunning all polished up like that. I guess I'll go get the same stuff since it worked so well for you - thanks! As far as leather goes, I make anyone with a belt put a thin cloth between them and the seat so that the seat won't absorb any of their belt's color as I've seen on some other Jags (like a VDP I saw - oh so sad to see that mark there). I'm way too anal about my car, but I'm letting people use the sunvisors and roll the windows down on their own now, so I'm getting better. ;-) I've actually treated my leather with so much protectant, that I don't think anything can happen to it now. Zero problems you say? Huh, I have had none either. It must be the red...
  • Me, blow someone out of the water!? Only when I'm swimming competatively. Seriously, the 3-Series is a nice little car, and I wouldn't blast you for liking it and disliking the new XJ-Series. As I had said, I like the new XJ and not so much that new 7. We just like different cars, nothing wrong with that.

    Do I really blast people? I know I'm overprotective of Jaguars, but do I really blow people away when they attack them?
  • Just so we are on the same page, I used the liquid Gold Class, not the paste that jagone refers to. The liquid is easy on and easy off with little of that white residue. Our cars are new enough that they shouldn't need a cleaner first. (And mine didn't). The paste version may be just as good or better but I have not used it.
  • Nothing wrong with liquid, but its been proven that paste wax lasts longer! (Through many more wash's)If you're gonna go with liquid run with that Zymol in the blue bottle, you will not be disappointed!
  • Do us all a favor here! If you don't like it here, simply do not post or visit here! Comprende, Senorita akirby!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,019
    I think you're confusing Meguiars liquid wax with other liquid polishes. I believe the wax formula is exactly the same for both the liquid and paste versions - one just has liquid added to it as opposed to making you wet the applicator. The result is the same. As opposed to some other liquid formulas that are chemically different and produce different results.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    than telling someone not to post is simply to ignore their messages.
  • I have a 1 month old zircon blue x. Was wondering if anyone has had their windows tinted. I live in Fla., Wondering which tint, dark or reflective, looks best.
  • Zircon eh? I really like the Zircon color, I think it looks great on the X-TYPE. As for window-tinting, I don't really have an opinion as to which tint to choose, but I do know that if the tint used is composed of a material that includes certain metals, it can interfere with such equipment as the nav system or phone, or possibly even the remote for the car. Just make sure that you get a tint that is X-TYPE compatable, if you didn't already know this information already. Other than that, enjoy your X-TYPE and tell us how the tinting goes, and how it looks after you have it done.

  • Jaguar has a fantastic new look for their website. The pictures of the cars there are stunning and beautiful. The overall design of the site is also vastly superior to the old one. Go to:


    The 2003 X-TYPE has new 17-inch "X-7" wheels standard on the 3.0 - I like them so much I may have my dealer install them on mine.

  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    How about have them install a 3.0 also ? :) sorry could'nt resist.

  • He already has a 3.0, but not the 17" wheels. I also have the 3.0 and 16" wheels.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Ok i wear the dunce cap though he was in a 2.5. ok now im jelous of a teenage kid.sheesh

  • This may have been addressed before, but why doesn't the Euro version of Jaguar not have a leaper on the hood?
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    As I understand it, some countries consider it a leathal weapon as regards to pedestrians. I hear this is true in the UK. Of course they all wish they had it. One good thing about not having it is you don't have to worry about it being stolen. Very expensive to replace BTW.
  • "Jaguar X-TYPE voted best buy by consumers"

    Isn't that nice.

    So far, the car just gets better every day. I'm starting to get a nasty speeding habit though. The car begs to be driven fast - really - it's not me, it's the car. I'll write later about how my X beat two 330i's on a curvy road race, and how I badly disproved my teenager friend's idea that his Passat could out-race my X-TYPE because he believed his car to be lighter than mine. It was a performance massacre for his car. Funny thing is, he won't believe me now when I tell him that the Jaguar doesn't have a V-12. This little race happened in front of most all the guys on my swim team, so they all think I have a V-12 now. They won't listen to me when I deny it (must have something to do with chlorine), so I just let them believe what they want to. Fine with me. Now that I'm really tapping into the beginnings of the car's performance, I've gained enthusiastic new feeling about the X-TYPE. It is just so perfect for driving fast!

  • Was given a tentative quote of 480/mo. No money down, 15000 miles, 2.5 auto, no options, x plan.

    Is this high or about right?
  • desertguy stated that perhaps Euro Jags do not have the leaper for safety concerns. Hmmm, Bently has a humdinger on their hood.
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