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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • r4m0nr4m0n Posts: 8
    Don't negotiate from sticker price down. Negotiate from invoice.

    I never once even acknowledged the sticker price on the cars since I never set foot in the dealership. Just got an email from my local place saying they accepted my offer as long as I get a car they have in stock. :shades:

    $24,800 out the door for 07 GLS AWD 4SP AUTO with premium package. :)

    I'm in Richmond, VA
  • Hre's what my dealer had to say -

    The pricing on the Santa Fe Limited with a sunroof will be $25560. To that you must ad tax, lic, doc, tire fees that bring the total to $27823. Currently( until 1/2/07) the is a $500 rebate for being a current owner of a Hyundai which would bring your total out the door price to $27323.

    I also want to get an estimate on the value of my 2004 Santa Fe, any thoughts on that?
  • slk70slk70 Posts: 12
    FWD or AWD? Also what is the sales tax rate in your state? Here it's 5 percent, meaning on $25,500 you'd pay around $1300. So they're adding another $1000 for licensing, document and tire fees? That sounds high, and could probably be negotiated down. (Plus I have never seen a tire fee on any car I've bought, but that could just be me)

    I'd ask for a breakdown on the fees and then call your department of motor vehicles to see which ones are mandatory.

    For an estimate on your Santa Fee use Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book's websites.
  • I did it. I negotiated $27531 for my 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD including distination, T & P packages and floor mats (before $500 rebate). I paid extra for taxes, registration and window etch. The total came to about $29710. However, I found multiple defects on the car within a week. I will post another message about these defects in a different forum.
  • FWD and our tax rate is 7.75%, I like th eidea of calling to see which are mandatory. thanks
  • tunractunrac Posts: 19
    Pricing for a FWD Limited with sunroof (i.e premium package) at $25,560 incl. destination, but before any rebates is a decent price (a little under dealer invoice if you include the advertising fee Hyundai charges them per vehicle).

    Now, as a current Hyundai owner, you should get $1000 off the final total after adding TTL ($500 for all buyers + $500 as current owner). Tire fee is legitimate in some states like CA.
  • r4m0nr4m0n Posts: 8
    Just arrived home from the dealer and here's what I came out with:

    2007 Santa Fe GLS AWD Auto with:

    Premium Package
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Platinum Exterior/Gray interior

    Invoice: $24,882.00
    MSRP: $26,580.00

    Cash Price: $24,219.00
    Fees: +$259.00
    Dealer Tax: +$48.44
    Sales Tax: +734.04
    DMV: +$39.50
    Rebate: -$500.00

    Total Price Paid: $24,800.00

    I didn't get to see many GLS with premium package transactions in this thread, so I hope I can be of some reference for those of us interested in the base model. ;)

    Got the color I wanted in stock and the experience was better than I thought. I had to get some things corrected, but nothing major. It was funny to see them trying their game exactly as said they would, but nothing of concern, just the regular upsell.

    I'm pleased with the deal and the car. That's what matters. Let's see now what the future holds. :)

    Are the Mud flaps standard equipment? :confuse:
  • We had a hard time finding this car. Here's the deal we're working on:

    MSRP: 24,380

    Price: 21,375
    Destination: 650
    Advertising: 500
    Total: 22,525

    How does this look?
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    About $700 under invoice.
  • Where is the best place to find invoice prices on the model/trim I want to buy?
  • kp58kp58 Posts: 17
    Champion on the Gulf Freeway gives a great price -- I worked with several dealers and they gave me the best price with the least hassle.
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    You can find the Manufacturers Invoice on or a number of other sites (kbb).

    That doesn't include the Manufacturer Dealer Advertising charges that are part of the Dealer Invoice price however.

    Check for the MSRP, dealer invoice, your cost at $800 under dealer invoice for Santa Fe's, and dealer invoice for all the models they sell.
  • kp58kp58 Posts: 17
    In Houston - you can purchase a base model GLS with the 2.7 engine, 16" wheels, FWD for $19,995 before tt&l. 4WD would be additional.
  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    Southern States in Raleigh, NC: Great experience until the business office: located us an AWD, Limited, Touring, Ultimate loaded car. Great price, etc. Then:

    Business manager pressured on the extended warranty for $1700: Said: 1. The factory warranty is very 'limited', 2. if you do any work on the car yourself you'll void the manuf. warranty, and 3. he asked my wife how much she drove per year - her answer of 25K resulted in his saying that could be considered excessive and void the factory warranty thus we really should buy the extra warranty. Geeeeeeeeeez. Then as I wrote the check he pushed their financing saying that it's a bad mistake to pay cash for a car! Just offering us his professional advice. I would have walked out but the wife is too nice.

    Great dealership (sales at least) until this step in the process.
  • What was your price? I am looking in Austin and have been quoted $30k drive out for limited without DVD. Houston is not too far to go if I can get a better deal.
  • tunractunrac Posts: 19
    If you mean 2WD Limited w/ Premium package 26 (sunroof), then your price (even with 8.25% tax) seems almost $2K higher than what you should be able to get the model for (after $500 rebate), unless registration and title are really high in TX. If you meant package 21 - base limited, the price should be even lower. One thing you did not mention, is this with a touring package (7-seater). If so, then your quoted price is still high (but add around $1.1K to best price with packages 21 or 26).
  • rshookrshook Posts: 17
    I don't have the exact price with me but it was straight invoice which included a local $500 advertising fee plus NC tax, tag. Only extra that almost caused me to walk out was the dealer doc fee of $395. First I had heard of that. We also got the $500 rebate factored in off invoice so that offset the adv. fee. We had dealers search the entire south and up to Ohio for an Ultimate AWD and only 2-3 were found so we just did the deal to avoid ordering and waiting.

    Every dealer that I called offered invoice minus the $500 rebate so that should be your starting point. My dealer even sent a driver 300miles to get our car from another dealer in WV - no charge.
  • I drove to Houston for mine...

    bought on 10/14/06:
    @ Best Hyundai in Houston

    2007 Limited
    Powder White Pearl w/Blk Leather
    loaded w/both Ultimate and Touring pkgs.
    paid- $28,100 + TTL

    I was told by every dealer along the Gulf Coast that I could not order what I wanted from the Factory at this time.
    Had to drive 100 miles(to Houston) to pick it up...was not looking for ultimate pkg., but very happy with it.
    Grandkids love the DVD player & 3rd row seats.
    Infinity sound system is awesome and the black interior is actually a very nice Charcoal color.
    Dealer did 1st oil chg. for free at 3800mi.
    Now have 4000 miles on it and I love everything about the Santa Fe...hope I can say the same a year or two or three from now.

    good luck !!!
  • I just bought the same set-up on New Year's Day in Deepwater Blue. I'm in a loaner until the dealer locates my color/option package. I've been waiting on this vehicle since Fall 2004 and I'm so glad I was patient. It's a nice vehicle.

    MSRP: 24,140

    Price: N/A
    Destination: 650
    Advertising: 500
    Total: 21,000
    down: (1,000)
    Total financed: 20,000
    TTL = 3.5% of 20k plus $91 in OK
    Total price includes floormats. Edmond Hyundai

    I think the invoice on this was about 20,950. I paid above invoice but used my down payment to secure a below invoice price. I hope this thread helps someone.
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    With $500 cash back.............

    link title
  • Looking at the '07 AWD Limited in Platinum Sage w/ beige leather interior. Don't want 3rd row seating or upgrades except for sunroof?

    I live in the Denver, CO area.
  • 07xle07xle Posts: 177
    $1,200 - $1,400 under dealer invoice unless you qualify for any additional incentives.
  • kp58kp58 Posts: 17
    Call Champion Hyundai in Houston - just let them know you are buying a Santa Fe and that what it boils down to is who will sell it to you at the best price and ask them what they can roll one out for with the options you are looking for.
  • I talked to a dealer the other day and was offered this with no haggling on my part:

    Invoice 21,990
    Associates + 100
    Dest + 670
    Porter Fee + 175
    Floor Mats + 0
    Rebate - 1,000
    Total 21,935

    I can get the associates program invoice price + $100 (You get the $100 back if you fill out a questionnaire after buying the car). I don't know what the porter fee is, he said to cover the people who run the cars around the lot but I can probably get out of paying it. No tax in MO at the dealer, I pay that later. The $1000 rebate is standard now. I should be eligible for the graduation discount, which is $400 more, though he said they don't do that one (its through their financing company though, which I plan to use, anyone gotten that discount?)

    Anyway, I couldn't find any SE FWD prices paid so I thought I'd ask. How does that price sound? Are there any accessories worth getting them to throw in? There are 5 Hyundai dealers in my area, so I plan to shop around for the best deal too.

  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    "Are there any accessories worth getting them to throw in?"

    Two items I found to be a must. Try to get them to throw in the mud guards and the cargo bay liner. The guards do a great job keeping most of the dirt off the sides of the truck and the cargo liner sure came in handy on my way back from Home depot. Got cut off real bad by a driver on the expressway and had to make a serious change of direction in a hurry to avoid an accident. Unfortunately one of the cans of paint I had just purchased slid across the back and opened. What a mess but as soon as I got into the driveway I took out the cover ( Carefully ) and washed the paint right off. Saved my interior.
  • Hello,

    We are looking at trading in our 2005 Santa Fe (3.5L) for a new 2007 Santa Fe Limited (MSRP $27,600). The new Santy is a huge improvement over our current one!

    Anyways, I know a Santa Fe is probably not ideal to lease due to its horrible resale value, but I'm hoping the dealer can work some magic or Hyundai comes out with some good incentives.

    Does anyone know where Hyundai Financial posts its money factor and residual numbers? I'd like to get this information before going to the dealer again. We were quoted a $395 lease with $2,500 (or $440/month) down that included $550 deposit, $550 acq. fee, $150 docs, and $1,500 in negative equity. We'll pull the trigger if we can get out the door with $0 down and $400 month, plus out of our 2005 Santa Fe which we still owe $19,100 on. We just don't want to own this car anymore and would rather get a better car for the same monthly payment for 3 years and then start over with nothing.

    I see Hyundai has a $1000 rebate along with $500 loyalty cash. So this gives us $1500 off MSRP right away before negotiating.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    In our case, No military, no college grad and no loyalty discounts apply. So, is there an additional dealer incentive? The current rebate is $1000. Dealers (atleast in Chicago area) are doing $1000 below invoice all day long. That additional 200-400 might be possible, but how?
  • I've been calling around here in Utah and I get about the same price:

    2007 Santa Fe AWD SE w/ Heated Seats

    Invoice = $25,090
    Rebate = $1,000
    TTL = $2,340
    Total out the door price = $26,430

    Does this sound good? :confuse:

    Also does anyone no if or why I should wait until April 2007 to buy one? (i.e. anything new that will comeout on them between now and then or any new incentives?).
  • We finally bought our dream car this weekend and here's what we got:

    2007 Hyundai Santa Fe SE
    Artic white
    upgraded to heated seats
    2 row seating
    cargo cover
    tinted windows
    rear spoiler
    Our out the door price was $24,387 :D
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