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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Santa Fe Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTPosts: 61
    I'm back to you and sooner than I thought I would be, but first let me give you a little background... actually, a lot of background.
    Back in November 2006, I started looking for a 2007 Santa Fe Limited, AWD, Dark Cherry Red/Beige interior with Standard Equipment only(NO OPTIONS). I got several calls from dealers claiming that they had just what I wanted, but follow-ups proved they were blowing smoke(except for one dealer), and they tried to get me to accept another color or an option I did not want. The one dealer said they would search, find, and dealer swap for exactly what I wanted so I went with and stuck with them through the whole process which ended January 31... just in time for the $1000 rebate!
    Now comes the good part thanks to your educating me, I refused to pay advertising. In a previous posting, I mentioned that I do not pay the 'Dealer Conveyance Fee'(DCF) so I reduced my offer by that amount and told them to add it back in because as they say, it is 'required by law' to charge the DCF.
    So, here is 'the rest of the story'... I got the vehicle with no option packages, but because it came from another dealer some extra goodies were added by that dealer and included: floor mats, cargo cover, pin striping, and door edge protectors. I got all this for......
    $25,431(rebate included)+DCF+tax+reg=$28,429 OTD!!!
    Thanks to this forum, especially you 07xle, my willingness to wait for what I wanted to become available, and a dealership willing to search for my vehicle, I got what I wanted.
    If you are looking for a particular vehicle, willing to wait, I Very Highly recommend...
    Lia Hyundai of Hartford, CT and their friendly, helpful, professional staff and management... and that's
    'The Rest Of The Story'
    with a happy ending!!!
    Any Questions???
    !!!BY THE WAY!!!


    THAT'S ALL FOLKS.............

  • I have been looking for a 2007 Santa Fe AWD Limited equipped with JUST the ultimate package. I have no need for a third row of seats so I can't justify the cost. I want the car in bright silver w/dark interior. I have been trying to locate this car since they released the 2007's. Every dealer I have tried to get it from told me that they only make that with the touring AND ultimate together. So I have been patient. Went to the Philly car show last weekend and there is was, the exact model I have been wanting. The Hyundai people comfirmed that they are making these and shipping them to many dealers. So, I get an e-mail from one of the dealers I have been working with telling me that they have the exact vehicle I was looking for. So here's the offer I was given: $750 under invoice (which is $28,917) and $2000 in rebates from Hyundai bringing the car to $26,917 plus TTL. I was pretty surprised that they are selling them for $750 under invoice. Is this deal to good to be true? Or can I do $1000 under invoive...i thought that these were selling well but that deal leads me to think otherwise. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • Yes, the discontinued model is w/o XM. SO the current model is w/XM and has about $200 higher MSRP. Even though it may say discontinued that is pretty close to the price they offer. To update my previous post, carsdirect could not get the car yet so I'm waiting. I want the Limited AWD w/option36, deepwater blue/beige interior. Not many of these around. Another dealer I've been emailing says he'll match carsdirect and will have the car by 2/16/07. I told him I wanted it 30k out the door. This equates to about 500 under invoice. This is the best deal I've found so far in Cali. I probably could get a better deal on a car off the lot though.
  • Hi, krazykevy

    I went to the Philly Car show yesterday and saw the exact one you were talking about. It certainly looked sharp in Slate Gray! And, alas, it had the Ultimate Package sans the Touring Package. Personally, I'd rather have the under-floor storage in order to keep emergency supplies tucked away and out of sight... than pay extra for a third-row that I'll never use.

    I still think it's a joke though having to pay the entire cost of the Ultimate package when all I would really want would be the upgraded sound system.

    Have you by any chance received a quote from Brad Benson Hyundai regarding this trim? I always here these "30% off dealer-posted pricing" radio ads and was just wondering what they were willing to do for you price-wise?
  • I bought my 2007 Santa Fe Limited at Ernie Guzman Hyundai in Rosenberg (outside Sugarland)
    Mine has the 3rd row seats...touring package and premium pakage along with trailer prep.

    I paid $25,000 plus TTL

    I was very impressed with this new dealership.
  • gopeygopey Posts: 17
    I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata. I think it is a great car. But, I made a mistake. I need an awd for the Colorado winters. Since I am a (new) hyundai fan, and over 6'3, the Sante Fe suits me fine. That being said...

    I needed to find a dealer that will give me the best trade in deal and the best price for a new 2007 Sante Fe Limited Awd, no extra options. Obviously, I am going to take a hit with the Sonata, but I am working hard trying to offset the loss.

    I found a dealer that is willing to give me fair price for the trade in and he qouted me an out the door price of 25,800 for a Deep water Blue 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited awd. Although the dealer is 60 miles away, I felt the distance is worth the drive and is about as good as I can do. I am suppose to go Wednesday to trade in the car, fill out the paper work and grab the new vehicle.

    Wish me luck.

    btw. people speak about the delay in the automatic? I had something similiar in the Sonata. It seemed to go away. I either have gotten used to the delay or it went away. I have heard that the transmission chip learns your driving habits and programs accordingly. (whateve this means)
  • Just for comparisons sake, here is a look at a 36 month (I would like 48 months for my purchase at 0%) purchase financing of both the Hyundai Santa Fe (0%) and the Mitsubishi Outlander (4.8%), taxes excluded.

    Hyundai Santa Fe GLS (basically Limited version in Canada) seven seats:

    - Total MRSP with destination = $37,540.08 monthly payments of $1042.78 ($37,540.08 total)

    Mitsubishi Outlander XLS:

    - Total MRSP with destination = $34,343 monthly payments of $11169.88 ($42,115.68 total)

    Mitsubishi Outlander XLS with Technology Package:

    - Total MRSP with destination = $38,343 monthly payments of $1306.14 ($47,021.04 total)

    The Santa Fe GLS is $4575.60 cheaper than the Outlander XLS and $9480.96 cheaper than the Outlander XLS with the Tech package.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    Can you explain how or where you got those numbers for Outlander? Quick check on Yahoo Auto Loan Calculator shows:
    $34,343 at 4.8% for 36 months = $1,026 monthly ($36,936)
    $38,343 at 4.8%/36 months = $1,146 monthly (41.256)
    So Santa Fe is not cheaper, and you are not comparing the same trim levels. Please tell us what is the price for the Santa Fe with sunroof, Xenon headlight, premium sound, keyless entry and start, navigation, 3rd row seats, DVD, leather, AWD? Maybe you should mention price for base Mitsu as well. Looking at your numbers, interest rate for Outlander has to be in 20% range.
  • It's all about the interest rate. I was comparing the top of the line on both models, in Canada. The Santa Fe Canadian GLS is the USA's Limited, but we don't get the ultimate package. The Mitsubishi XLS is the top of the line, so I was comparing the same trim levels.

    I got the pricing from the and Use these sites and you'll see the difference. I guess one place I did go wrong was that it's possible Mitsubishi has taxes included???
  • 07 GLS A/T 4WD with Premium Pkg.

    The negotiated out door price is $24100. I caculated before tax and tag, it's about $22700. I'm in phily area.

    Hope this helpful.
  • opmanopman Posts: 5
    I have been quoted $28,800 for a 2007 Santa Fe AWD limited with the 27 package and floor mats. MSRP of $32360, invoice $30309(includes the $1000 rebate). Is this a good deal? This is the Minneapolis area.
    Main problem is extremely difficult to find the color combo that I want,Cherry red with black interior.
  • I've following the board for quite a while and it has proved inavaluable. Ok, here is the deal I got:

    07 Santa Fe SE / no options w/ XM / Natural Khaki

    22,285 OTD

    This includes the 1K rebate and the $500 loyalty rebate

    I used Apple Valley Hyundai in Winchester, VA and they were terific. They beat the best advertised price (Fitzmall) in my are by $200 and searched around for the color and car I wanted. I worked the numbers over the phone, the financing as well. I told them that I needed to make a minimum on my trade (2003 Sonata GLS w/sunroof and 77K). He gave me a price for the trade on the phone and said that if my car was in the condition I said it was we'd have a deal.

    I expected to get lowballed on the trade because the price of the new vehicle was so competitive. MY salesman and the GM looked at my car for 5 minutes and siad, fine, we'll give you what you need for it.

    I was in and out of the dealer in under 2 hours.

    I love the car, and I would tell anyone out htere in the market to hold out for an XM equipped version if you can, it's worth it.

    As far as acceleration lag, I have not felt it even with the ESC on.
  • That sounds great. I just got mine , SE w/o options but w/ XM for 22,285 OTD. Little more for the modle with XM I was told. Congrats on your new Santa Fe.
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTPosts: 61

    I'm back, again...
    You probably think I'm beating a dead horse, but I had to let you know I discovered a $159 dealer add-on that I forgot to mention from the other dealer... vin etching on all the glass.
    Also, I made a mistake when I told you my final price:

    $25,431(rebate included) + DCF + TAX + REG = $27,429 OTD!!!

    This probably doesn't look like a good deal, but up here in Connecticut it's a good price considering the cost of living in this state, the location, and the economy, especially when I see what others are paying and the "BS" other dealers are telling them!!!
  • gopeygopey Posts: 17
    Just bought a 2007 SF LTD AWD for 25,800 plus tax. This probably not the best deal but not bad either. I talked to a couple of dealers in order to get the best deal. I traded in my 2006 Sonata.

    One of the main reason I didn't sell the Sonata on my own is that, in Colorado, you pay taxes on the difference between your new car purchase and trade in value. This saved me a $1000 in tax money.

    Love the vehicle!
  • That's very close to what I paid for my 2007 LTD AWD. I ended up paying a touch more because the dealer had to search the entire Western region to find the exact Santa Fe I wanted and had it shipped from Oregon to Colorado.
  • gopeygopey Posts: 17
    These SFs are amazing! I know what a good suv is like. I used to own a 4Runner (another great vehicle but very expensive!!) The only thing that came with my new LTD is floormats and a cargo tray.

    You live in Co? I haven't seen another one on the road as of yet. My color is Deepwater blue. The interior is gray and the trim is sort of black marble rather than the fake wood (unusual). Another odd the thing about my SF is that my reading lamps come on when the doors open.

    I want to protect this car and want it to last. Unless they start making an suv that gets 100 miles to the gallon, I don't see myself getting rid of the vehicle for the next 7 years. So, I already purchased online some mud guards and now looking into clear mask for the front hood and bumper. I found a place that will put the 3M mask on for $240.
  • After trying to locate the exact Santa Fe since July 2006, I finally found and purchased it president's day weekend. I got the 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD in steel gray (the color is amazing!) with just the ultimate package!!! I paid $26000 plus TTL. I thought I got a great deal and the SUV is amazing! The dealership was by the far the best I have ever used when buying new cars. Where to begin with the new Santa Fe??? The ride is amazing, the infinity surround sound system is amazing, the storage in the back is amazing. If you do not need the thrid row seats, don't get them! The storage you get in place of it is GREAT! The interior "blue" lights give the car an incredible look. The faux wood tone in black/grey combo is amazing. The auto climate control is amazing. This SUV looks and performs like a luxury SUV that costs thousands of dollars more! And the looks I am getting from other people are priceless. If you are thinking about getting this SUV...just test drive will be convinced!

  • I have been reading this forums for a longtime to decide on a SUV. This weekend I bought a new santa fe. Here is my deal:

    2007 Santa Fe (5 Seat)
    - GLS A/T
    - Natural Kakhi Color
    - With Mats
    - No Option Packages

    for $18910 + taxes (After $1000 Rebate).

    Area - San Diego (Newspaper Ad deal for Presidents day)

    I am really happy with the purchase. :)
  • dang1dang1 Posts: 2
    $23,800 + $135 tags/doc fee + PA state tax
    In Bucks County, PA, shopped my local dealer, McCafferty's. Had a terrific salesman(D)who gave me a test drive on one occasion, and a test-fit in my tight garage on another. They were offering excellent prices well below invoice, helped by the $1000 rebate and a $750 dealer kickback of some sort. Unfortunately their selection was mostly GLS's or LTD's with the 3rd row. The sales manager (also D)made me some terrific offers on some other cars that didn't fit the bill (wife was fussy about color), and offered to put a sunroof in another car for factory cost (wasn't comfortable with that). She did some locates, but couldn't find the right car that day. Went lot-hopping at Northeast (Philly) Hyundai. Was met in the lot by a salesman (J) who gave me a quick walk through the large selection on the lot. The very last one had my color and options, and was still wrapped from delivery - no ugly pinstripes or edge guards installed yet. Told him I'd go home to crunch my numbers. He read me right and didn't force me inside. Called the sales manager back and we worked off my McCafferty's numbers. He said he couldn't match the deal, but the salesman called back a little later with another number that was close enough. Also the fee for new tags and doc was a reasonable $135. They included a full tank of gas, no pressure for extended warranties, promised a free oil change or fill-up with a completed dealer survey, and the salesman drove me about 10 miles to get my other car home.
  • Congrats! I just bought an SE w/XM without options last week for 22,285 OTD. Sounds like we got similar deals based on trim. Enjoy!
  • Hi Kevin,

    First off, Congrats! $26,000 for an AWD Limited with the Ultimate package is a killer price! Which dealership did you get it from? I had recieved an email quote from Brad Benson Hyundai last week for what seems to be the "exact" vehicle you just purchased, only in their quote they had been asking a little over $27,200 for it. Even at $27.2 I still thought it was a great deal.

    If you could, please let me know which dealership you got your deal from and which rebates you were able to claim which led to your final price, as I'm actually about two months away from getting the exact same configuration as yours, but in either Slate Blue or Silver Blue color.
  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    I went to Brad benson a month ago. On their stickers they have added $5,000 worth of pinstriping and door edge guards. That is essentially how they do it. Was NOT happy with them at all.
  • mr,

    I did go to Brad Benson....(as you originally suggested). They gave me the quote of $27,200 as well to get me to drive to the dealership... this included below invoice pricing, and $1000 rebate... but did not include the $500 loyalty rebate. I called the dealership to confirm pricing and to let them know that I currently own 2 hyundai's. The dealer told me that they would honor the additional $500 off as well as an additional $500 for driving the distance to the dealership if I purchased it from them... bringing the santa fe down to $26,200...after test driving (and falling in love) I told him I wanted the car for an even $26,000 (not thinking they would go any lower)and they said "deal". So, all in all I think they took great care of me. I felt the dealership was very professional and I felt ZERO sales pressure. As for the $5000 markup for pinstripe and door guards... they were already on my new vehicle... and every new hyundai I have seen has that mysterious extra $5000 advertising.. market value.. or whatever they categorize it on the sticker price. I completely ignore that and always start my negotiating from the invoice price... which is around $ getting it at $26,000 for the model and trim i wanted (plus it has xm in it!!!)is less that i thought i would pay. And to top it off I negotiated a better fiance rate as well! They wanted to give me 7.5% for the term and I left paying 6.45%! All in all I would completely recommend Brad Benson. Good luck and I hope you get exactly what you are looking for!
  • I actually recieved another email quote from them this morning for one with just the Premium package. Unfortunately, they keep telling me that pricing is only good until the end of the month and that by the time I am ready go deal two months from now they will cost thousands more? I know, I know. Typical sales tactic to try and get you in to the dealership as soon as possible, but I need to get my current bills out of the way before I am ready to splurge on the new truck... hence the two month waiting period. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what transpires.

    Now, I know that it's President's Day weekend and all, but you'd think that if a dealer really wanted your business they'd honor a prior quoted sales price... even if it had been quoted a month or two prior, right? I just don't see how two months should make so much of a difference? If anything, the cost seems like it should go down to me.
  • I am looking to buy a 2007 SF LTD with premium package and mats. The salesman told me that all the SF's come with XM radio now. Is this a good thing and does it still have a CD player? This may seem like a stupid question, but We live about 3 hours away from Phoenix and I have not seen a SF yet that had one in it. The list price on this unit is supposedly 28,372.00 and they will sell it to me for 24,800.00 plus L & T. That includes the 1000 rebate as well as a 500.00 owner loyalty ( I have a 2003 Sonata). This is a better deal than I can get in Tucson which is about 2 hours closer. They don't seem to want to deal tho. Any info you can tell me, I would appreciate it, as the salesman is supposed to call tonight and I will go there Monday to make the deal.
  • First, thanks for all of the great info here--I've been reading posts for several weeks. I just purchased my 2007 Santa Fe Limited with premium pkg and XM radio in Platinum Sage with gray interior, today. It arrived from Chicago (I'm in Southern IN) with 2 miles on it! After 2 other failed attempts, the dealer finally got the vehicle here! I love it. Total price--$25,300!!! I think I got a good deal. :)
  • Congrats on your purchase. The price looks very attractive. Can provide a break down of the price please with your final Out the door price. Also would appreciate it if you can provide the dealer name and location.

  • The OTD price for my 2007 Santa Fe Limited with sunroof and XM radio was $27,000. I also purchased the Ding/Dent package the dealer offered to repair any dings in it for 5 years and got it at the 3yr coverage price--it covers any dings on the sides and rear--$399. My dealer is Kenny Kent in Evansville,IN--my SF came from Pugi in Downers Grove, IL where the dealer insisted that the traded vehicles be transported by truck, therefore mine arrived with only 2 miles on it! I also got carpeted floor mats and a rubber cargo tray at no cost--sticker says they would have run me $185, but our price had already been negotiated. I still think I got a good deal, even if I am a girl:)) ;)
  • We have been researching and talking to different Dealerships over the past 3 months about Santa Fe's. One Dealership in particular was very Helpful (Arrow Hyundai in Milwaukee WI) We started out the day ready to purchase the exact Santa Fe we wanted in a Sheboygan dealership(Best internet price). Called the Salesman the evening before alerting him that we would be there the following morning. "Short story" He didn't even have the SUV as stated. Headed back to Milwaukee, stopped at Arrow Hyundai dealt with the fantastic staff and purchased a New Hyundai Santa Fe Limited FWD W/Xm radio,Mud guards, pin stripe, door and wheel guards,premium package, trailer hitch, floor mats,rear cargo tray all for under $25,000 including rebate (Taxes were extra) GREAT EXPERIENCE:)
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