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    Back before I had a garage/driveway, I'd take my cars to Jiffy Lube and they NEVER failed to offer me a new air filter, no matter how clean mine was. They also screwed up more than once. Specifically, oil cap back on loosely (big mess) and stripped drain plug.

    That's when I started going to local independant garages. You can watch them work (usually) they do all the fluid topping off that J.L. does, and it's cheaper.

    My local place charges $15 if I bring my own oil and filter. Well worth it during the cold months, and I do it myslef when it's warm out.
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    Actually, your name did come up...we figured you were out jetting around in your new you-know-what. :):)
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    Well, last night after the chat, I left work and hit a very big %&*$@$%%# re-tread tire laying on the highway. I was following a big rig on the way home, when all of a sudden he swerves into the next lane. Guess why he swerved and changed lanes? Yikes, a big re-tread carcass right in front of me! Well, if you hit a big hunk of re-tread tire at 60 mph, guess what?

    Bumper cover- $229.00
    Right splash shield-$21.85
    Left splash shield- $21.85
    Front Wheel Alignment-$59.95
    Paint Labor- $144.00
    Body Labor- $100.00
    Sales Tax $39.87
    Grand Total: $704.32

    Customer Pays-$500.00
    Insurances Pays- $204.32

    This is the same car I hit the deer with less than 2 months ago! BTW, with-in 4 miles of each other, urrrggghh!!! I'm in hell!!!!

    Cut to the music, Whoops you did it again,... your breakin my car...your breakin my heart...I'm hatin that repair estimate, and I'm not that innocent...
    -Britney "The Body Shop" Spears

    -Larry "CRASH Kline
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    I'm so sorry you had to go through all this again Larry! I can't believe it! My brother driving my parents '91 MPV also hit a re-tread about a week ago. Caused some pretty nice damage to the front bumper.

    BTW, how did the car look after the deer hit was repaired? They're gonna be loving you at that autobody shop, I bet!

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    jeez, that's very frustrating...not to mention downright scary. Glad you were okay.
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    Sorry I forgot to check how you were in my previous post Larry! My apologies. I trust since you wrote that post you are ok!

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    Since you seem to have alot of mishaps with the car on the highway, why don't you think about dropping your deductible to like $250 or something? I would do that if I were you. Your rates might go up (and they probably will with the two claims so close together), but it will be cheaper than paying out $500 everytime you have a mishap on the road.

    Glad to see you are ok as well. Sorry to hear about your poor Protege though. :(
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    I have done enough jetting around. I have 1500 miles and it will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. :0
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    Trust me, I slammed that re-tread. Scared the poop out of me. Yes, the adjuster at Lancaster Toyota Mazda and I, had a good laugh over me recent bad luck! I'm not sure if I'm gonna turn it into insurance? Why make a claim for $200.00? It won't count as a loss claim,... however, it will count as an underwriting frequency claim. We will see what my insurance agent suggests. Nonetheless, $500.00 or $704.00 out of pocket, it ain't fun!

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    Yikes, Larry! So sorry to hear.
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    Sorry you had another run-in. Glad you're OK though. Sounds like your Pro should be OK too.
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    find another way home....
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    I might just want to go ahead and eat that extra $200. I have a feeling it will save you in the long insurance company is a little scared of my two claims within six months (and one was comprehensive...absolutely not my fault). I wouldn't have filed both claims, except that each repair was around $1200, and like you, I have the $500 deductible. Now I'm wishing I had just bitten the bullet on one of them, and saved myself a little face with the insurance co. As a new driver, this is even more relevant--they're already charging me an arm and a leg. Good luck with everything.

    P.S. to Paul:
    You are a driving fool, my friend :)
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    After my bike rack incident and the more recent loss of the tail end of my Protege, my 20% good driver discount is now a thing of the past. Like Chicagopro, I was better off paying my deductible than eating either of these, but I will be paying for it for the next three years.
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    Before class began, students wanted to know if I were the prof with the new mazda in the faculty lot. I confessed and they gathered at the window overlooking the lot. "Cool car" was the favored line. I have a silver p5 with moonroof. These are college folk. Some nontraditional age; most not. later zoomers
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    If the "truth be known", a $700.00 auto body repair bill is nothing "in this day and age". Hey, I got two cliche's in one sentence! My wife and myself have stain-less driving records and my deer encounter is considered a (not at fault) comprehensive insurance claim, nonetheless my agent advised me to pay the whole repair and avoid submitting an insurance claim. The real danger in submitting auto insurance claims, is the frequency of submitted claims. Get this, it really doesn't matter whom is at fault, if you submit two or more claims; you fall under scrutiny from the underwriters! NOW, if you have one big ticket accident(your at fault or partly at fault) that costs the insurance company a lot to settle, you will also be in a little hot water at renewal time.

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    Wait a second....
    If I'm driving around in my Pro and Mr. Ahole decides to run into me, isn't the only insurance company involved his? What I mean is that I make a claim to my company and then they go after his company. Is that right? I've never (knock on wood) been in an accident and had to really deal with this sort of stuff yet.

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    If I'm driving around in my Pro and Mr. Ahole decides to run into me, isn't the only insurance company involved his?

    Will, Mr. Ahole is a pretty good driver and it is doubtful he will ever run into you. However, look out for Mr. Dinkystink. It is reported that Dinkystink is a known "aggressive driver" with an extremely poor driving record!

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    if you get hit by Mr. Aloha (sounds nicer)... Don't go to your company....

    Go straight to his, unless you get a ticket, then you are screwed. If you go to yours for a claim, you get screwed.. you can tell your agent, but its best to go to theirs...

    What happens if their agent, will call Mr. Aloha and verify everything if there wasn't an immediate police report. Then once that is settled, they will get an adjuster that gets an estimate of the repair. However, they will tell you that you can use thier preferred shops, which normally do the estimates there. If its their preferred shop, you get your car fixed right away.

    if you go to your shop who isn't on their list, the company will tell them this is our estimate, fix it for this...

    few days later you get the car back...
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    the claim goes to his insurance company. Call his company and they will record your complaint. Speak slowly and clearly detailing what happened. Don't act angry and don't shout. Rehearse your story before calling so you don't change it midway through. Describe the location, your speed and your estimate of his. Tell them how it happened. If there were any injuries. If the police wrote up a report. Very important.

    They will tell you which car rental agency to get a car from. Did you know that many General Motors and Ford dealers rent cars CHEAPER than the big rental agencies? Best used when you want to rent a car and your's in for service, painting etc.

    If Mr.Aloha's insurance company takes too long to settle, call them back and tell them your lawyer said he would file suit if they didn't pay in the next two days. That's if it has been three weeks or more. And that it is clearly their liability. If they stall, hint that you are suffering some type of post-accident trauma or pain and that's why your lawyer is suing. You will be surprised how quickly they get their heads out of their.... and pay up!

    The minute they pay you, the rental car payments are your's, so return it immediately! They pay up to the minute you get the check.

    Also, it is OK to tell your insurance agent. They want to know. Their lawyers may be helpful.

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    Sorry to hear about your lastest accident, hope it turns out better for you. Just curious, why are you flying the German flag? Lancaster is in Pennsylvania the last I heard. ;)

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    heard of similar to Larry's was when a friend, driving a new Chrysler Coronado coupe, came up over a hill at high speed and ran up on a compressed car. A compressed car is one that has been squeezed into a cube by a hydrolic press for recycling. It had fallen off of a truck.

    His Coronado jumped up in the air and came down on the steel cube real hard, ruining his engine and transmission. Ouch!

    If you don't recall a Coronado, it had a long hood, sculptured headlights similar to Jaguars, and a vinyl top. Very popular in the 70's.

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    If they
    stall, hint that you are suffering some type of post-accident trauma or pain and
    that's why your lawyer is suing. You will be surprised how quickly they get their
    heads out of their.... and pay up!

    not really.. my wife works for our insurance, and theyget letters all the time from lawyers threatening to sue for 50K+ for trauma.... they cut a check for like 5-10K and be done with it... all the while laughing at the lawyers...
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    Sorry to hear about that stroke of bad luck, Larry. Irrespective of how you handle it (claim or not), the important thing is that you were safe.

    I drove over a retread (big chunk, but not massive) at about 80mph in Wyoming on my very first road trip in my Protege about 2 years ago, and the tire started losing air and was in shreds within a few hundred yards! No other damage, though - luckily. But let me tell you, its not fun driving 120 miles on the little donut, at 40mph, to the next sleepy town and hunting for a tire shop with decent tires in the size I needed! Had an alignment done a couple thousand miles later (didn't think about it then!) after getting back from the road trip! According to the guy, the wheel wasn't out of synch at all, which was surprising to hear. Although the car did, as always, track perfectly well on good pavement at all speeds.

    As for accidents, if its Mr Aloha's fault, his insurance pays everything, but you should call and mention it to your own insurance company, as I was advised. I got a choice of 3-4 body shops after my only no-fault accident, and a 5 day repair estimate, as well as a rental car of my choice (rented a mini-Ute - Suzuki Grand Vitara - and within 5 days I had decided I'd never buy one!)

    Insurance - are you guys kidding me? No-fault accidents are NEVER supposed to raise your rates or increase your liability! Although I've never had to make a claim to my own insurance, I'd like to hear what the consensus on this is!
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    Michigan is a no fault state so ANY accident is paid for by one's own insurance company. I'm not sure how this would play out with consecutive accidents too close together. Can any one say which other states are no fault? Just curious.
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    There is a Honda dealer in Somerset KY who will sell extended warranties at a reasonable price. offers the transverse bars for Ody roof racks for about 30% under dealer.
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    Jim, both sets of my Grand Parents spoke Penna. Dutch. My brothers and I are in the process of tracing our heritage thru our family tree. Turns out, as we expected our heritage is Penna Dutch German. Our forefathers left Germany and moved to the settlement of Fleetwood Pa. in and around 1835. Just flying the German flag to celebrate my heritage. I will resume with "old Glory" soon, however!

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    I was in a not-at-fault accident in December of 1998. Some dummy went through a stop sign and I broadsided him. I called the cops, they came along with an ambulance, which I declined. I waited until Monday morning first thing (the accident happend on a Saturday), and called the guy's insurance company. They paid for my car (it was totalled), but my insurance company at the time paid Personal Injury Protection for me and my one passenger. The rates didn't go up though. have a different company now though, and made a hit-and-run claim on my Protege when I had it. My rates never went up, but that's the only claim I ever made too.

    Forgot to mention that his insurance company paid all my medical bills, my therapy bill (7 months, 6 days a week), and a pretty good settlement as well.
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    "they cut a check for like 5-10K and be done with it...all the while laughing at the lawyers..."

    Precisely my point! :)

    I thought maybe that was it. :)

    I have been to Lancaster, it's a beautiful area with lots of things to see and do. The most beautiful farms I have ever seen and old stone houses. Reminds me of primative paintings by Grandma Moses.

    Have you looked at Forget "Family Tree Maker", it's expensive and not good at all. Their web site may have help though. Or check and using keyword "geanology".

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    My parents are both from that area. My dad is from Wind Gap and my grandmothers still live in Wind Gap and Bath. I'm PA Dutch on both sides and my one great grandmother could speak it even in her older age (which of course was as far back as I remember her). I'm related to the Hahn family who were among the first German settlers of that area. Kinda neat.

    As for insurance, my real question is: If you have a big accident or a couple of accidents close together, how badly does it kill your premiums? How long after your last accident do you have to have a spotless driving record for your rates to return to near normal?
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    but the claims were backed by medical bills. They were given the bill and some extra, but NEVER too much over.... 5-10is with big medical bills...

    And FL is no-fault, but you still go thru the hitter's company... and also, did you know that you are entitled during an accident from the other guy, for a rental car OF SIMILAR size and options as your car... so if you drive a large Lincoln, they can't put you in a Geo.
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    You misunderstood what I was saying, or I didn't say it right. And I misunderstood what you were saying.

    I was basing the post on my experience in a wreck.

    The accident: I was at the end of a line of cars stopped at a traffic light. A Buick Roadmaster came down the ramp of an overpass at approximately 48mph
    and slammed into the back of my '86 Accord. It was totaled. The spare tire in the trunk was driven up under the rear seat knocking the fuel tank out and under the car. Rear fenders were crumpled up under the back window. I had chest and neck injuries.

    It took the other guy's insurance company a month to pay up. I rented a '92 Honda Accord and wanted to buy that model year. The accident was in '92.
    I finally called them and told them that I was having pains in my side where gall bladder surgery had been performed one month earlier, and had talked to my lawyer about it a few minutes earlier. They said,"you didn't tell us about the surgery!" Then I was put on Hold. When the woman returned she said the check would be cut in two hours. It was.

    I did have the surgery, it hurt a little bit. ;) But I really wanted to get on with replacing my car.

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    Sorry to hear about it Larry. Glad you're ok.

    If it is costing the insurance company $500 or less, I would pay it out of my own pocket. Your rate will increase when it comes time for renewal (or even before). The $500 you might save will end up costing your more in the long run (say 2 years down the road).

    And yeah the chat Thursday was pretty good with a good CDN showing! I'll be there next week again (if we're not too busy).

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    It's a small world? I would love to learn how to speak Penna Dutch German. It's a lot of fun to go to the local farmers market and listen to the Amish converse. I met with one local guy at Root's Farmer Market and Auction, a semi-famous local market. This old dutchie tried to teach me one Amish word or phrase a week. I was lost? I guess if you don't practice every day, it's harder to remember? LOL! BTW, Andy where do you live now?

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    Jim, thank you for the geanology web links. So far my brother and I have learned a lot from our old family Bibles. My dad's father has his Grandfathers family Bible! It seems the generations stored their important papers in their big old Bibles. It's very cool, Birth Certificates, service discharge papers, marriage certificates, etc. We even found a Union Army discharge paper from the Civil War!!!!
    How awesome is that? We will try your web links to organize and further are search.

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    Insurance, Insurance, etc. Well, the bottom lines seems, that different states have different laws. BTW, I'm no expert, so what the heck do I know anyway; I'll shut my hole! LOL!!! Nonetheless, as one of the older regulars here, indulge me, and let me offer this advice. Call up your insurance agent or company customer service agent and have them send you the regulations for your state. Next ask them how THEIR underwriters look at and judge accident claims. I would venture, you would be completely dumbfounded by what you learn. Maybe some things would seem unfair, nevertheless insurance companies are for profit business! Knowledge is power, know what the heck is going on, not what your buddies at Town Hall tell ya!!! LOL!

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    Larry ... Good point on the Jetta topic post. Hey, flaca doesn't mention the age of the Protege. Maybe it was a 1990 DX with 250,000 miles on it!

    Also ... Sorry to hear about your latest "direct hit," my friend. But, um, how closely were you following that rig? If you'd been far enough back, scared of getting beamed by a kicked-up rock like I am, maybe you could have seen the debris in time to get out of the way? Hmmmm?

    Insurance ... I had three no-fault accidents (a deer, debris from a vehicle -- er, an entire front door to a HOUSE, Larry!, and a parking lot collision) in my 1994 B2300 pickup in 18 months' time back in the mid-'90s. My insurance company, Erie (from your good ol' home state, Larry), dropped me like a hot potato and I had to go with Progressive (YUCK YUCK YUCK) for a few years until I got my rating back up and get something more affordable again. Don't think no-fault will necessarily keep you from getting dumped -- FREQUENCY has a whole lot to do with it!

    I think they classified me as "high risk" even though I caused none of the above run-ins. And BTW, the three claims were $2100, $1980 and $1200 respectively -- that's before my $250 deductible. Nothing astronomical. And for that I had to go with a company whose rates were about $500 more per year. Purchasing a house and getting good rates on the house and both cars from the same company five years later was the only thing that saved my wallet.

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    It's 12:50 p.m. here and I'm still the only message this entire day?!

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    Hey Meade, when you were using Nu-finish, did you notice that it attracted dust like no-tomorrow? Now Calgary is notoriously dusty, but this is bad. My car was all dusty so I used some Quick-detailer to clean it off a bit. The next day, the hood looked almost as dirty as some parts that I did not quick-detail at all!

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    What kind of buffing rag did you use? What do you use to dry your car? Or is it just very dry where you live right now? You may have a case of static electricity that's making things stick to your car.

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    I'm here! You just can't see me. LOL!

    portegextwo: You have a lot of material for a good headstart on your family tree. You know the old saying about family trees -- like the potato plant, the best part is underground. ;)

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    I use 100% cotton terry towels for both drying and buffing. Actually, for drying, I first use a 100% rayon Chamois then follow w/ the terry towel. I think it is static electricity causing, but was just curious if it was the wax causing it (something I'd read in another forum). Thanks.

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    Hello to all. I'd like to ask all you Protege owners out there for your thoughts on the Protege's fuel economy, particularly city mileage. My wife and I are in the market for a new car, and we have some specific requirements. Our commute is about 45 minutes each way, and it is somewhat unique in that it is 100% city driving. We'd probably be looking at a manual transmission. If anyone with a recent-vintage Protege can comment on the fuel economy one might expect for such a commute (as well as any other issues relating to daily commutes), it would be much appreciated. (Apologies in advance if this has already been discussed; if so, would a kind soul please let me know where in the 5595-post history of this thread that discussion might be found?)

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    latocha: I have a 2001 ES 5-speed and I average about 27-31 MPG. Not too bad considering I have a tendency to have a heavy right foot (and everybody asks me where I put all that food).

    I personally think it's a great car for city driving. It has a smooth manual tranny and the 2.0L has plenty of torque to save you from winding the engine up just to move one car length ahead.
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    CONSUMER REPORTS 2002 BUYING GUIDE: Small Car Rankings-

    1.)Ford Focus*
    2.)Volkswagen Golf
    3.)Honda Civic
    4.)Toyoya Prius
    5.)Toyota Echo
    6.)Mazda Protege
    7.Hyundai Elantra*
    8.)Volkswagen Jetta

    * Not Recommended because of below average reliability.
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    Wow...The Pro does not too bad on that chart. Better than some German makes...that is VERY impressive. How does a Korean car beat out that German car and still be not recommended? Weird.

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    I just bought '00 LX with 28K miles. I'm looking for an extended warranty. I would appreciate your advice as to where to get a good deal. I got a good deal outside my home state for my '01 Honda Odyssey. I'd look into additional 4 years or 60K miles or thereabout. Thanks very much.
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    If your commute is at speeds between stop-n-go at traffic lights and 45mph on some stretches you should average 27mpg to 28mpg. I have a '01 Pro LX 2.0L with automatic and it averages 27mpg city. Average speeds 35mph to 45mph city with few traffic lights.

    The automatic makes city driving much easier and a lot smoother. Automatics are city cars. You don't over-rev as much between traffic lights and burn less fuel for the distance traveled. I have often read that 5-speed drivers, on average, are in the wrong gear at the wrong time over-reving in city driving.

    The power band on the Protegé is set up more for the automatic than the manual tranny.

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    go to the dealer, or go to Warranty Gold or another one that I forget the name of.
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    Automatics get better gas mileage than manuals? Since when?
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