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Mazda Protegé



  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    get a 4-wheel alignment.. also, have you been in any minor fender benders? could be out of whack from that, or best choice is if you've hit any hard potholes or curbs, the rim could be out of whack too.
  • Has anyone ever owned a '98 Mazda 626? How reliable is it?
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    newshound...try the 626 forum, this here is Proteges! :-)

    Doctorann...There are several things that can degrade your gas might be one or a combination of things.

    Change your air filter if you haven't already done so. A dirty air filter can cost you up to 3 mpg.

    Check your tire pressure.

    Put some injector cleaner through your tank (add cleaner to an almost empty tank and fill your gas tank).

    Lastly, like Meade (and others) said, different brands of gas can affect your mileage too.


  • The 626 has had a reputation for bad trannys <----sorry had to say it.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The shaking has pretty much been there since I got the car new, but it is getting worse now. I had Goodyear balance the tires (bad to buy 2 new ones at ONLY 26K!) and the 4-wheel alignment. Also, no fender benders ever, but I did jump over a curb (making a right and cut too short) with the car about a year or so ago. I scratched the rocker panel under the passenger's door severely, causing $500 damage according to the Mazda dealer. Maybe that's it?

    And the air filter does have a lot to do with the fuel economy. Mine did improve about 3 or so mpg when I put a new one in. Did it myself, and it only cost $16 for the filter.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I know this is the Prote board, but I need to come to the defense of my former car.

    Stick with a 6cyl. and you can't go wrong. The trany deal on those is for the CD4E on the 4cyl. For a real fun ride, try to find a 6cyl with a manual trans. I shocked quite a few faces with that car.

  • Sorry I should have been more clear. The 4 cyl is the problem maker.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The 626 4-cylinder automatic models come with Ford-built transmissions and that's about the biggest problem with them. Other than being about the same size inside as the cheaper Protege...
  • I don't get it. The VW Jetta 3 board gets an owner's club, and we don't. How many posts to they get on average a day? 5?
  • Has anyone seen any reviews on the 2001 protege? I could not find any.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The only reason they got one is because one of the posters started his own Owners' Club. A shame, because we have been asking for one since last year sometime.
  • Have a new 2000 LX. Nice care, very nice car. One observation I have not seen made before is how quickly this car comes up to normal operating temperature. Cold Massachusetts morning and before you know it Pro is up to normal temp. My guess is something to do with LEV status. Recall something about the sooner a car comes up to normal temp. the less pollution. Pro must have something special going on to facilitate this.
    Also earlier question about poor winter fuel consumption. I think it's true about winter reformulated gasoline. Second point is concern for using defroster and subsequently ac compressor is that although when in the defrost mode the ac will come on, it will only come on if the ambient temperature is above a certain point. My guess is somewhere around 50 degrees. The compressor will not come on if outside air temp. is below the cycling temperature of the ac system. Essentially air in the ac system can only get so cold.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The AC compressor in the Protege will not come on unless the outside temp. is above 32. I believe it says that somewhere in the owner's manual if I am not mistaken.

    In the winter time, the owner's manual also says when defrosting windows, put the setting on "fresh air" and not "recirculate" because it helps defogging quicker. I never turn on the AC button when defrosting though, and it seems to go fine.

    Also, my 1999 DX has almost 37K on it. The engine still heats up very quickly according to the temperature gauge, but it takes what seems like forever for heat to actually come out of the vents. It blows cold for a good period of time, then finally turns warm. Also, I noticed this past summer that my AC took a long time to cool the car down on hot days. Not so when new. I am going to take the car to the dealer before it goes out of its 50K warranty have them do a complete check. I have 2 other nagging recurrences with the car too, so I will hopefully get those straight when taking it in.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Vocus'-------- you might want to check an dsee if the rim is bent.. Brother in law had it happen with a stock rim. pain to get it diagnosed, but solved it after.

    Owner's Club---------I think we have to email the host.. But with the amount of posts we've done, I don't see why not.. the Owner's Club room says we need 2 members as the "spokesperson" for the club..

    I say Meade and Pete.. sorry Vocus but you're waffling on the Bonneville!!! :) j/k
  • Why is the protege fuel economy so much inferior to the civic and corolla? They seem to be very similar otherwise in terms of power and weight etc.

    Just wondering.

    The same can be noticed when comparing 626 to camry and accord. What gives?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I do remember also hitting my wheel cover on a curb about a year ago. The wheel cover was not damaged, but there was a small nick in the rim. I don't think anything like that would damage it though. If the car is that weak, then it needs to be put out of production.
  • I want to know why the owners manual says to clean your dash using a vinyl and leather safe product...I do not see any leather on my 2001 protege...I do not think that leather is optional...any ideas...I used the STINKY armoral..I was going to use son-of-a-gun but have not heard much about it.
  • speedyptspeedypt Posts: 200
    I will be moving to Chicago sooner than I thought!

    I got the job in Chicago (just got my offer letter faxed to me!) and I'm leaving to drive there on the 24th or 25th of this month. I haven't heard back from Suchismit so I don't know if he is still around there. I'll have to buy the new splash guard before I make that drive so I don't allow any water up into the engine compartment.

    I'll be pretty busy until then so I don't know how much I'll be able to post.


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Do you folks want one? It can certainly be arranged, just speak up. :-)

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    I use turtle wax vinyl.. it cleans and leaves a shiny tint afterwards. I haven't had any problems with it. Come to think of it, I should clean it again when it gets warmer.
  • I owned a 2000 Protege LX with auto, comfort package and remote key less entry until last week when it was totaled in an accident. I just wanted to say that I loved this car and reccomend it highly to all of you.

    I was struck in the front passenger-side wheel area by an early 90;I Old Cutlass Sierra that was travelling about 65-70 mph. The Protege did a 540 on the road, and like I said was in real bad shape (as to be expected I'd say). However, I walked out of it with a bruised knee and hip, In many other cars this would have been a very serious if not near fatal accident.

    In addition as I settled the insurance claims, I truly realized what a deal I got: I paid 12,488$ for my Protege 12 months ago and it was valued at 12,800$ with 15k miles on it!

    Still, I most happy that I'm alive and excited to go shopping for a new Protege next week.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    My '92 was totaled when I hydroplaned (thanks to the Bridgestone POORtenza tires that unfortunately still come on the top model) at only 28,000 miles. I hit a Volvo station wagon squarely in the rear at a traffic light. I was going about 40-45 mph. 8-month old Protege totaled; I walked out! (No air bags back then either; just those darned "passive restraint" motorized belts.) And to top it off, my insurance company wrote me a check for full replacement cost!

    Wanna see my totaled '92? Here ya go!


  • I'm glad to see that you are OK. Do you have any photos of the car after the wreck?

    You sure did get a good deal on your Protege! I have a 1999 LX w/ Auto, comfort package, and keyless entry, and I paid $15,100 for it!!!

    OWNERS CLUB - I vote YES for an owner's club! :)
  • I also agree the Protege has a good track record for crashes. If you go to, you can search for any make and model car. Search for Protege's, and you will see that most, if not all, have safety cages that are still intact!
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    Let's settle this now folks...

    Part 1) who wants an owner's club?
    Part 2) who shall be the 2 spokespeople?

    2)Meade, and if Pete's out of the running who else?
  • Were you going that speed at impact? If so, I think wet performance of the tires are a minor factor. Maybe a little late applying the brake or going too fast for the road conditions had something to do with it as well. Anyway hope everybody was OK. How did the insurance company view your explanation of bad tire performance when renewal time came around?
  • It sounds great, however what exactly is it?
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    M.... Most
    A.... Always
    Z.... Zooming
    D.... Delightfully
    A.... Along

    Hehe,....I bet someone can improve on that one if they try!

    1.)I vote for a owners club.
    2.)Meade and a new 2001 Protege owner.

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