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Toyota Sienna Accessories & Modifications

kevin124kevin124 Member Posts: 4
We have a 2001 LE that we really like so far - about 3K miles on it , no problems. Here is my question - What aftermarket parts or upgrades has anybody made to their van? What have you been happy or not so happy with? Such as heavy duty rubber floor mats, bug deflectors, K&N filter, window deflectors, seat covers, hitches, lights, etc. I have also heard that custom fit (color matching) mud flaps are available at some internet Toyota Parts sites.


  • fischdafischda Member Posts: 272
    A MUST if you have messy kids. I bought mats for both front seats and middle row. They work great, clean up easy, and are of the best material for all weather conditions.
  • lncd07960lncd07960 Member Posts: 7
    I recently purchased a 2001 LE. Does anyone have experience with installing a fog light in the bumper cut-out like the stock XLE?
  • tinker3tinker3 Member Posts: 8
    I have 2001 LE and would like to know if I can put fog lights in the bumper . It seems I read somewhere..the XLE fog lights are NOT available to install in a LE (due to internal wiring ) I'd like to know if anyone has tried toyota parts or aftermarket lights ????
  • loyolaloyola Member Posts: 26
    Anyone installed one or know where to get one.
  • inkyinky Member Posts: 370
    See Texas Toyota comments on Sienna Discussion.
    $71 for rear painted, $17 for gray plastic rear.
  • tinker3tinker3 Member Posts: 8
    loyola....Check ... toyota-parts.com ... for mudguards and other toyota parts. I ordered mudguards (grey) for my 2001 LE..perfect color match and fit.($17.00/ pair for front and rear) I also ordered rear bumper guard ($38.00). Shipping charges from Texas to upstate NY..$8.00. No problems with installation. Very satisfied with products and with the folks at Toyota-Parts. Tinker3
  • deepandeepan Member Posts: 342
    We have a 00 sienna CE. I put in After market Fog lamps which was a whole lot cheaper. I know that the 01 have fogs but they are a whole lot more.
  • jelhz43njelhz43n Member Posts: 44
    Tinker3, how is the installation part - is it easy or complex ? What tools I will need for installation? Can you please give details of installation process.
    Thanks in advance.
  • dazednconfuseddazednconfused Member Posts: 2
    I simply love my 2K LE. I wished I had purchased it with the running boards. I'm thinking of purchasing and installing them. Has anyone installed them? Was it difficult or were the instructions simple? How much drilling, if any is involved.

    Thanks much!
  • rward99rward99 Member Posts: 185
    Anyone have any experience with loading cargo on their roof rack? Did you use the hard sided 'shell' type or the folding canvas type?

    Recommendations? Brands?
    Horror stories?
  • jle3jle3 Member Posts: 3
    I need a hitch for a bike rack, and I've seen some earlier messages saying there wasn't yet one available for the 2001. My local U-Haul claims they have one, and another business (Trick Trucks) says they can order one for the 2001. Does anyone know if these are OK for the 2001 -- has anyone had one installed on the 2001? Thanks.
  • fischdafischda Member Posts: 272
    We use the Sears hard plastic kind. Goes on easy with the adjustable cross rails and holds a lot of junk securly and it's completely weather proof. At christmas time, a life saver!!
  • jeproxjeprox Member Posts: 466
    If you the $$$ to spend, there are parts out there for you! You can install MSD with your ignition to save gas and perhaps gain some horsepower, not much though. For fog lights, after market would be cheaper than OEM. I have bought a set made by Hella (Optilux) and will be installing it soon. K&N sells filter for Sienna's. TRD (Toyota Racing Development) have a supercharger that will bolt on to the Sienna for a small fee of approx. US$3800 plus installation!!! This will boost your power to over 240 horses!

    I have a Canadian version Sienna with mags, MSD, free flow exhaust (one muffler only), hitch, Cool Blue H4 bulbs, fog lights (soon t/b installed), alarm with back-up, hidden bug screen, bra and some other minor cosmetic upgrade! Upgrading is never ending! :)
  • jeproxjeprox Member Posts: 466
    Links for Toyota upgrades of different vehicles:


  • ted9ted9 Member Posts: 2
    I installed my own hitch (U-Haul-$175) on my 2000 without troubles. Toyota has a wiring harness that is worth the $75 instead of after market which requires splicing in. Beware, the rear springs and struts are junk. If you are doing the big load might want to step up the back end.
  • thewolverinethewolverine Member Posts: 111
    Thanks for the info and Links!

    What's MSD?

    Also, is it true Sienna mud guards are a genuine Toyota part in Canada?

    Lastly, your Cool Blue H4 bulbs are Sylvania right? I've got 'em - like 'em but was thinking of PIAAs (assuming I win the lottery - LOL). Your thoughts?
  • drew_drew_ Member Posts: 3,382
    For more information about aftermarket halogen bulbs, please have a look at the existing Aftermarket halogen bulbs discussion topic in the Aftermarket & Accessories message board.

    You may be interested in these bulb tests:


    It does show you that whiter is not necessarily brighter or better. FYI, the Phillips VisionPlus bulbs are available in H4 style.

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • jeproxjeprox Member Posts: 466
    Yes, Cool Blue are from Sylvania. Big improvement from OEM bulbs. PIAA are not worth it in my opinion. They sell all these Super Whites, etc., blah, blah... garbage! Dont waste your money on PIAA's. Read the article about these Super Whites here: http://lighting.mbz.org I've tried those Super White 60/55 watts = 100/110 watts or something to that effect. Complete garbage! I can see better at night with my Cool Blue compared to those Super Whites.

    Yes, mudguards are OEM Toyota parts in Canada. I didn't know they make aftermarket mudguards for Sienna. When I say aftermarket, I'm referring to molded ones like the OEM.

    MSD http://www.msdignition.com You can go to this site and read about it. In short, it's basically a ignition control that helps your engine burn up all the fuel, therefore - it gives you better gas mileage and a little bit improvement on performance. Some people think this is garbage, some people think its true. All depends on who you talk to. I personally didnt notice much improvement on performance. Marginal improvement on gas mileage.

  • tclyatttclyatt Member Posts: 7
    etrailer.com sells a class III hitch made by Hidden Hitch for about $100 plus shipping. Mine arrived the next day. Bolts on very easily, though a floor jack or friend makes the job easier. Dealer parts dept. worthless re wiring harness. All they could tell me was the part numbers and the cost, not what it would accomplish. I therefore spliced in the wires at no small trouble. Beware removing the rear tail lights on the 2001! The flap that bolts to the rear door frame breaks very easily.

    Re what customizing I have done: I built a plywood storage box/ dog gate/ rear floor protector in the space behind the middle seats. Allows for reclining the middle seats and provides some storage for tools/blankets/etc. on long rides.
  • tinker3tinker3 Member Posts: 8
    jelhz43n...... Sorry it took so long to answer. The front mudguards are very easy to install, using existing holes (holding the plastic wheel well liner). Just need a short handled #1 or #2 phillips screwdriver. Turn the front wheels to access the screws. The rear are just a bit more trouble..but not too difficult. I removed the rear wheels to get easy access. The larger screw and bracket replace the very bottom screw and bracket(now holding the rear wheel well liner). The new screw and bracket are a bit larger. 2 of the other screw fit in existing holes...and I uses a 5/16 drill to drill a hole through the liner and mudguard for the center screw. It sounds kind of trickey...but if you hold the mudguards in place before starting, you will see how they install. I have seen the results this past winter...no snow and ice buildup on the side of the van. I have also been asked about the mudguards from people I've met in parking lots and on the street..they look good and work great. good luck ........... tinker3
  • jelhz43njelhz43n Member Posts: 44
    I will order it now.
  • jeproxjeprox Member Posts: 466
    Does anyone have hood lifts installed on their Sienna? I'm just thinking of doing this instead of using the rod to keep the hood open. I know early models of Camry (1993 style until 1996) uses lifts to keep the hood open.
  • thewolverinethewolverine Member Posts: 111
    Jeprox, Drew - thanks much for the informative posts and links!!!

    Jeprox - yes, here in the states OEM Mud Guards are not availble - many turn to aftermarket parts (including mudguards) like those sold by Toyota Wholesale part of Grapevine TX (http://www.toyota-parts.com/). They stock both aftermarket and OEM (got the OEM front end mask much cheaper than dealer).

    Happy motoring!
  • andyman1970andyman1970 Member Posts: 47
    My wife really wanted a cargo net. So I went to Toyota-parts.com to order the parts - great service! Halfway thru the install of the cargo net hooks, I lost both well nut attachments. I dropped both behind the sheet metal hole that would secure the hooks. Fortunately, Elgin Toyota was able to order a new hardware set for me for about $7. Word to the wise, keep your magnet handy for this install. Andy
  • andyman1970andyman1970 Member Posts: 47
    Can anyone recommend a TV VCR combo with console for a 2001 LE? I'm looking for something with audio jacks so the kids can plug in without disturbing the driver. Thanks, Andy
  • tnovistnovis Member Posts: 10

    check out the memorex unit from target for 399.00 plus tax. console with 9" tv vcp and so far it is a big hit with our 99xle and 2 kids.
  • andyman1970andyman1970 Member Posts: 47
    Do you have a model number on that Memorex TV VCR? I'm in the midwest and I haven't had any luck finding anything.
  • tpmcolotpmcolo Member Posts: 4

    Looking at the Target web page, I see a Phillips 9" TV/VCR for $250 (includes the DC adapter for the car). Might be worth looking at.

    Does anybody know of good solutions for anchoring any of these TV's in the van? Makes me a bit uncomfortable to have it sitting loose in the event of an accident.
  • jefflaur5jefflaur5 Member Posts: 1
    Any advice on how to remove the windshield-mounted rear view mirror from its bracket on a 2001 Sienna? I wanted to swap out my rear view mirror for a wider one that I picked up at Kragen. The mounting brackets appear identical, but the factory mirror does not want to slide off the bracket ... it won't budge. Is there a catch, lock, or special trick for removing it? I am reluctant to force it unless that is the proper way to get it off. Thanks.
  • michelliotmichelliot Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed a bug deflector on their sienna ? (Does toyota make one for the sienna? My dealer said only a bra.)
    I haven't seen one actually on a vehicle so it's hard choose one aesthetically for the sienna.
    I'm toying around with some brands:

    Lund Interceptor: drilling required?
    QTS omniguard: long wait
    Weathertech: quality?
    Bugflector: quality?

    Any information would be appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE
  • rowerowe Member Posts: 2
    I have tried with every company (including Toytota) to find a bug deflector. Anyone know how to find one? Money is not an issue!
  • zman21zman21 Member Posts: 46
    anybody put one yet? comments?
  • jasdmwjasdmw Member Posts: 118
    I have the Toyota dealer installed deflector on my '01 silver XLE. Looks good, works, too! Can see the remains on the deflector. Can tell it's genuine by looking hard enough at a specific angle, you'll see "TOYOTA" etched into the rear of the lexan.
  • jonkaojonkao Member Posts: 12
    I have a 13" TV/DVD combo made by Sylvania, bought from Sams club for $209 last month. I believe there is a 9" TV/VCR combo (110 Volt) for ~$135.
    You need another power inverter (~$30) to convert 12v DC to 110V AC. The power inverter is well worth the money since it can be used for a lot of other small 110V appliances in your vehicle.

    $250 for a 9" TV/VCR combo seems too expensive.
  • deepandeepan Member Posts: 342
    I bought mine at the local toyota dealer. Installation takes about 10 mins. No holes to drill.
  • zman21zman21 Member Posts: 46
    i have a profile+ brand wrap around bug deflector and it makes a humming noise when you're driving around 60-70 mph.
  • mrl1973mrl1973 Member Posts: 4
    I have noticed a few Siennas around that have a rubber bumper guard on the upper surface of the rear bumper. It looks like it is attached with an adhesive. I asked the dealership about this part and they said it is an after market part but did not know where I could get it from. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  • jelhz43njelhz43n Member Posts: 44
    Check it out on www.toyota-parts.com
  • tinker3tinker3 Member Posts: 8
    I ordered a rubber bumper guard from toyoto-parts.com (along with front and rear mud flaps) I recall the price was $38.00... Easy to install,requires isopropal alcohol to clean bumper.. put locating decals on bumper, peel off protector and roll on the bumper guard. Oh yea.. temperature should be above 50 degrees F. It works and is just like the one that comes from the dealer for $98.00.
  • tf_dawsontf_dawson Member Posts: 3

    My wife too wants to add a cargo net. Dealer said installation is a pain: about 2 hours and $90.

    I'm fairly handy, but I'm not a DIY-guy with a workroom full of every kind of tool. I'm mostly concerned about breaking the molding that apparently needs to be removed to drill the support holes (and having to spend a lot to fix my mistake).

    Did you find it hard to install yourself? How long did it take? I'd appreciate any kind of feedback (in addition to needing a magnet!)

  • zman21zman21 Member Posts: 46
    Had a hitch (+ receiver, ball & wiring) installed by U-Haul for $230. Took them about 1.5 hours. It looks very clean and it doesn't interfere w/ any components.
  • mrk4mrk4 Member Posts: 9
    Looking to install hitch on 2000 LE. I have seen hitches that only show the "hole" where the trailer/bike rack hook on. I have also seen hitches where the entire crossbar is visible such as on most SUVs--ugly. Anyone have any hitches that are hidden? Do not want to drill any holes either.

  • bobsmith3bobsmith3 Member Posts: 14
    My front factory carpet floormats are showing wear and will need replacement. Toyota parts says that they are only available as a COMPLETE set, but I really ONLY need front. Any ideas of good replacements, or is it possible t just buy the Sienna ones somewhere.
  • tcwongtcwong Member Posts: 9
    The hitch from Hidden Hitch Model #87638 is the one you want. The receiver is the only thing you'll see from behind the Sienna. There are no holes to drill and installs into existing holes. I got it from www.etrailer.com for $99 + shipping. It takes about 20 minutes to install, but is heavy, so have someone hold the hitch in place while you screw the bolts in.
  • zman21zman21 Member Posts: 46
    read my post (#42) if you don't like to install it (remember the wiring!!!). also, this thing is hidden.....all you see is the receiver hole.
  • mrk4mrk4 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks tcwong. Although I do not anticipate connecting the wiring as I will probably only use hitch for bike rack, I am curious if the hitch you recommended came with the wiring.

    also, this weekend I checked tire pressure in all 4 tires and calibrated same before a 2 hour trip. About 5 miles into my trip the tire sensor light came on. I stopped a few minutes later and all tires were within 1 pound of each other. During the trip, the light continued to come on/off. Same thing happened during my trip home the next day.

    I will have dealer check it out during service visit this week.

    Anyone have similar problem?
  • tcwongtcwong Member Posts: 9
    No, the wiring harness doesn't come with the hitch. You can get that separately.

    Did you reset your tire presure sensor after your calibration? If not, you need to do it so the sensor learns your new tire presure.
  • davemmdavemm Member Posts: 33
    Has anyone installed body side molding onto their Sienna? I tried checking toyota-parts.com and found none for the Sienna.
  • jeproxjeprox Member Posts: 466
    i dont think there's an easy way to remove the mirror. i use a wide-angle mirror that have clip-on brackets and clips on top of the original mirror. this is the best type of mirror to buy, you avoid having to remove entire OEM mirror.

    if you are going to shop for these mirrors, find the ones made by "Broadway" (made in japan). they use high quality wide-angle mirrors. i only buy this brand and use them on every single car i've owned.

    pictures of my van: http://members.tripod.com/~syyongj/wheels.html
  • headers8headers8 Member Posts: 23
    I am thinking of installing a very basic voltage and vibration sensing alarm system for my Sienna. Considering my van already has a standard immobilizer and Club, is it worth to install the alarm?
    Would be interested in others experience...
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