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Toyota Sienna Accessories & Modifications



  • rowerowe Posts: 2
    I have tried with every company (including Toytota) to find a bug deflector. Anyone know how to find one? Money is not an issue!
  • zman21zman21 Posts: 46
    anybody put one yet? comments?
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    I have the Toyota dealer installed deflector on my '01 silver XLE. Looks good, works, too! Can see the remains on the deflector. Can tell it's genuine by looking hard enough at a specific angle, you'll see "TOYOTA" etched into the rear of the lexan.
  • jonkaojonkao Posts: 12
    I have a 13" TV/DVD combo made by Sylvania, bought from Sams club for $209 last month. I believe there is a 9" TV/VCR combo (110 Volt) for ~$135.
    You need another power inverter (~$30) to convert 12v DC to 110V AC. The power inverter is well worth the money since it can be used for a lot of other small 110V appliances in your vehicle.

    $250 for a 9" TV/VCR combo seems too expensive.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    I bought mine at the local toyota dealer. Installation takes about 10 mins. No holes to drill.
  • zman21zman21 Posts: 46
    i have a profile+ brand wrap around bug deflector and it makes a humming noise when you're driving around 60-70 mph.
  • mrl1973mrl1973 Posts: 4
    I have noticed a few Siennas around that have a rubber bumper guard on the upper surface of the rear bumper. It looks like it is attached with an adhesive. I asked the dealership about this part and they said it is an after market part but did not know where I could get it from. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  • jelhz43njelhz43n Posts: 44
    Check it out on
  • tinker3tinker3 Posts: 8
    I ordered a rubber bumper guard from (along with front and rear mud flaps) I recall the price was $38.00... Easy to install,requires isopropal alcohol to clean bumper.. put locating decals on bumper, peel off protector and roll on the bumper guard. Oh yea.. temperature should be above 50 degrees F. It works and is just like the one that comes from the dealer for $98.00.
  • Andy,

    My wife too wants to add a cargo net. Dealer said installation is a pain: about 2 hours and $90.

    I'm fairly handy, but I'm not a DIY-guy with a workroom full of every kind of tool. I'm mostly concerned about breaking the molding that apparently needs to be removed to drill the support holes (and having to spend a lot to fix my mistake).

    Did you find it hard to install yourself? How long did it take? I'd appreciate any kind of feedback (in addition to needing a magnet!)

  • zman21zman21 Posts: 46
    Had a hitch (+ receiver, ball & wiring) installed by U-Haul for $230. Took them about 1.5 hours. It looks very clean and it doesn't interfere w/ any components.
  • mrk4mrk4 Posts: 9
    Looking to install hitch on 2000 LE. I have seen hitches that only show the "hole" where the trailer/bike rack hook on. I have also seen hitches where the entire crossbar is visible such as on most SUVs--ugly. Anyone have any hitches that are hidden? Do not want to drill any holes either.

  • My front factory carpet floormats are showing wear and will need replacement. Toyota parts says that they are only available as a COMPLETE set, but I really ONLY need front. Any ideas of good replacements, or is it possible t just buy the Sienna ones somewhere.
  • The hitch from Hidden Hitch Model #87638 is the one you want. The receiver is the only thing you'll see from behind the Sienna. There are no holes to drill and installs into existing holes. I got it from for $99 + shipping. It takes about 20 minutes to install, but is heavy, so have someone hold the hitch in place while you screw the bolts in.
  • read my post (#42) if you don't like to install it (remember the wiring!!!). also, this thing is hidden.....all you see is the receiver hole.
  • mrk4mrk4 Posts: 9
    Thanks tcwong. Although I do not anticipate connecting the wiring as I will probably only use hitch for bike rack, I am curious if the hitch you recommended came with the wiring.

    also, this weekend I checked tire pressure in all 4 tires and calibrated same before a 2 hour trip. About 5 miles into my trip the tire sensor light came on. I stopped a few minutes later and all tires were within 1 pound of each other. During the trip, the light continued to come on/off. Same thing happened during my trip home the next day.

    I will have dealer check it out during service visit this week.

    Anyone have similar problem?
  • No, the wiring harness doesn't come with the hitch. You can get that separately.

    Did you reset your tire presure sensor after your calibration? If not, you need to do it so the sensor learns your new tire presure.
  • Has anyone installed body side molding onto their Sienna? I tried checking and found none for the Sienna.
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    i dont think there's an easy way to remove the mirror. i use a wide-angle mirror that have clip-on brackets and clips on top of the original mirror. this is the best type of mirror to buy, you avoid having to remove entire OEM mirror.

    if you are going to shop for these mirrors, find the ones made by "Broadway" (made in japan). they use high quality wide-angle mirrors. i only buy this brand and use them on every single car i've owned.

    pictures of my van:
  • I am thinking of installing a very basic voltage and vibration sensing alarm system for my Sienna. Considering my van already has a standard immobilizer and Club, is it worth to install the alarm?
    Would be interested in others experience...
  • zman21zman21 Posts: 46
    where can i buy these cheap? does anybody know how are they installed on the sienna? does anybody know any alternative to the oem part?
    thanks in advance!
  • I was looking at the Cargo Net at and can't really tell how it is designed. Does it just keep things from shifting or will it keep things contained in a crash situation. I worry about the stroller I keep in the rear of the van, behind my three young children. I'm looking for a way to secure it along with a few other items I keep back there.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    I had the dealer throw one in on my deal. Although tough to describe, I'll give it a shot. It is installed on 2 anchors mounted about waist height in the trim covers of the left and right side pillars inside the rear hatch. It is removeable as it has 2 loops of nylon which mount into the hooks of the anchors. It is NOT supported or mounted on the bottom. It is a nylon mesh "pouch" design, in that the idea is to separate the pouch along the top surface (elasticised) and put your stuff into the pouch. If your stroller is one of those small, fold up types, it should fit. Hope I didn't confuse the issue. I use mine regularly for all kinds of stuff. Keeps smallish things from rolling around in the back.
  • davemmdavemm Posts: 33
    Can anyone tell me where to get some custom fitted cotton seat covers for a 2002 Sienna?

  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    dealers carry them but expensive as hell! check out parts places or seat cover stores.

    what i did for my van is i went to a fabric store and bought yards and yards of towel material cloth. draped it over the rear benches and it works great! cost me a little under C$100! doesnt look professional but it works and if u have tinted windows, no one can see them and criticize you!

    the front seats, i used generic seat covers from the local parts shop. in our area, complete set of seat cover for sienna is over C$500!

    works for me!
  • I had a small tear in the cushion in one of my front seats. 1999 Sienna. A local upholstery shop was able to get, with NO problem, the actual (and I mean EXACT) fabric, with which he replaced the damaged section. Removed the cover, pieced in the new piece, and replaced the cover onto the seat. $70 US out the door. Looks perfect. The point is, it may be best to just use the upholstery as is and deal with it if and when problems arise, 'cuz its not so prohibitive to repair/replace them. (just don't go to toyota...they wanted over $400 to sell me a new seat cover) BTW...I routinely use an inexpensive "cool cushion" to protect my upholstery from sweaty and/or dirty clothing.
  • Target has grey and other colors in a stretchy type of T-Shirt fabric. We use them and they fit well.
  • Any one have any luck with roof-top carriers for Sienna?

    How about the behind-the-van type that goes on the tow thingy?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Generic" cargo box info can be found in the Roof/Bike Racks and Cargo Carriers (OEM, Thule, Yakima) Board.

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • ajcaiajcai Posts: 4
    There is a mention of Broadway wide-angle mirror (clip on) in the post #50.
    I'm curious where I can buy this mirror. I asked a few auto parts store nearby,
    none has the mirror.
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