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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • good instructions on how to bleed the air out of the clutch hydraulic line: ;)
    link title
  • I have a 92 Ranger and cannot get oil to the top of the motor or the lifters. However, there is pressure in the lower portion so I know it is not the oil pump. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!
  • low range is for going slow, usually when off road or on poorly maintained roads, like when crawling slowly up a mountain trail where you have to pick your path around ruts and rocks and logs and stumps

    high range is for higher speeds (but no more than 45 mph), when the road conditions are slick and require better traction
  • "My son wants to know can you convert that 2.3 ford motor that has 8 spark plugs back to one that uses 4? and, while Im that motor going to fit in his 90 model also had a 2.3, only it had the standard 4 spark plugs.
    thanks in advance for the help.
    Carolyn Oldman"

    Nope all though the engines may be similar in size they are to totally different engines. As for it fitting in his Mustang. You now what they say. If you have enough money you can make just about anything fit. I'd be a whole lot easier to to just go find an older 2.3 or even a 5.0 since there are so many kits for them.
  • mojo2gomojo2go Posts: 1
    If it has the 2.9 litre engine, I'd replace the fuel pressure regulator and install a new set of plugs.
  • brysuebrysue Posts: 35
    The MAF sensor is located just after the air filter. If you know what a resistor looks like, you can locate it easily. Spray it with electronic cleaner.
  • I am having very similar issues with my '99 ranger. The ABS light came on and now my truck shifts real hard from first to second. Did you replace the sensor? If so, did it help, and what all does it take to replace the sensor? Thanks.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    Rule number one...never drive it on a dry road and take corners, you damage the system. I have driven straight forward and reverse in my driveway in the summer months to engage the system to allow for lubrication of the system.
    the 4hi is the system you will use the most. In snow mud and such and for 4lo you use that to drive slow on old tank trails and rocky trails that you will manuever slowly. I have driven in 4hi in heavy rains for the safety and traction but you have to be careful in taking corners, nice and wide and not sharp as the system will bind on you and it will let you know. by the way you can engage the 4 hi while driving below 35-40 mph as well as disconnecting it. For 4lo you must be in park ( or neutral not sure its been a while since I used it) and your foot n the brake to turn it on and you must come to a stop to turn 4lo off. Hope this helps
  • Not sure if you got this fixed or not. But, it could be a couple of things, it could have died and blown the timing belt because of a stuck open injector. That inj. could have filled the combustion chamber enough to have hydrolocked the piston and that could have blown the timing belt. Sounds crazy but, seen it before. You would have noticed bad fuel economy, smell of raw gas, and the oil would have probably been loaded with fuel. Also having a dead plug in that cylender could have done the same thing almost or added to the problem. Maybe that will help send back if you got it fixed with what was wrong.
  • Strange Issue - After being engaged in 4low my rear wheels want to drag, a short drive free's them up, but I find it strange, any ideas? Any concerns?
  • New to the message boards and I find all the information and insight very rewarding. I just bought a 92 Ranger from a guy who got it for his 19 year old son. It was used as a farm truck which means they beat the daylights out of it fortunately I came along and now I'm turning it into a street cruiser. I replaced the windshield rims and tires with 245/45ZR18's Vetus Sport low profile tires with Monroe shocks I'm going to replace the bumpers and I am yet debating on pulling out the 16 points of impact around the body or replacing parts. Previous owners replaced the 4cyl engine after 103,000 miles with a 6 cyl. So far all I've had to do is change the oil, oil filter, and air filter. A/C needs work and the rear window needs to be replaced I don't like the rear window opening. Thinking of repainting it blue with black racing stripes. It's brown with beige interior that will be repainted black and blue. All she needs is a little TLC and a tinted sunroof. I'll also put in a spray on bed liner to carry my scuba equipment. My first car was an 82 merc capri and my second was an 83 Buick Riviera, this is my first truck and I think it's better than anything I have owned to date. :)
  • '99 Ford Ranger--My ABS light recently came on and at the same time my truck started shifting real hard between first and second. Are the two issues related and what can I do to correct the matter? Thank you to anyone that can help.
  • Hi, I have a 98 ford ranger, 2.5liter, 4 cylinder, 5 speed, with 85k . I drive through a lot of country roads that curve up and down only slightly and not every long. When I try to just keep it at 55 or 50 depending on the speed of traffic the engine will start to make this terrible gurgling and clicking noise. It makes the noise in both 4th and 5th gear. I'm not mashing down the pedal, I just push it in a little more then if I were driving on a level surface. The truck is able to keep up the speed but it sounds terrible. I usually put in 87 octane gas and I tried to see if it was bad so I put in full a tank of 89 octane gas from a different gas station but the problem still exists 4 days later. I drive this truck every day about 45 miles.
    I would appreciate any help or advise.
    Thanks in advance Dan
  • I have a 1994 ford ranger with a 3.0 V6. the truck only has 69,500k, I'm leaking transmission fluid from the front seal, SOMETIMES.... I only leak fluid when i'm driving on the interstate and the automatic trans. has to downshift to get up hills or speed up. I'll pull over and let it cool, and go again and it will stop leaking for awhile. if i'm on a normal road going 55 or so it will not even leak... I don't want to replace the gasket if it's not leaking all the time like a bad gasket should. I'm stumped
  • gisgurugisguru Posts: 1
    The VSS is on the top of the rear end housing. It is held in place by one 3/8" bolt. The VSS is about $8.50 at the parts store and $30.00 at the Ford Garage.
  • 1768417684 Posts: 1
    #1584 of 1586 Replacing a 99 Ranger Drivers side mirror by 17684 Aug 25, 2005 (5:51 pm)

    I was unlucky enough to find out that I could not access the mirror assembly through the door...I have already bought a replacement drivers side mirror and would like to know how to go about replacing it?

    Do I need to cut through the metal inside the door, or can I go at it through the outside?

    Any help is appreciated..
  • Sounds like it was your Idle Air control valve. I found one for about 45.00 online, install took about 2 minutes.
  • smittensmitten Posts: 1
    My mothers 96' Ranger just died in town this morning. She pulled to the side of the road for a passing emergency vehicle and when she put it in first to return to the road it just...died. No popping of the clutch.. She tried to restart it and although the turned wouldnt 'catch' and start. She rolled into a parking lot and retried to start it. Same thing...wouldnt 'catch'. Then she saw the light "FUEL RESET'.
    Can we just hit a reset button? I hate to leave her truck in town for long, and on a friday night ...ugh.
    Any ideas what would have caused this? :confuse:
  • i have a 95 ranger and have a gas mileage problem...i replaced the o2 sensor and the plugs but the mileage only increased to 225 mi per tank when it used to be 300-350mi per tank. at its worst it was getting 165 mi per tank before repairs. i have an 18 gallon tank in my 2.3, what kind of mileage are you getting and do u know if the mass air flow sensor causes mileage loss.wondering if thats my problem with my truck
  • kenm21kenm21 Posts: 1
    I experienced exactly the same problem on my 99 Ranger yesterday. Initial diagnosis from a transmission shop is that it will require a rebuild. No mention of why the ABS went out at the same time. I have to get the rev's up to 3500 or so for it to get it out of first. They think my 2nd gear has failed (electronics, gaskets?) but need to take it apart to know for sure. I am questioning this. Let me know what you find out and I will do the same. 99 Ranger 3.1 litre V6.
  • My father has a 91 Ranger 4.0 engine 4x4. It just cut off one day and will not crank back up! He has worked on it with several of his friends who are experienced mechanics. He has also taken it to our local Ford Dealership and paid them $180.00 to check it out and this is what they told him. The motor is turning, the injectors are firing, but it has no compression, we need to put a new motor in for you. Well my father being the life long big engine mechanic, does not see this as a suitable answer. Can anyone tell us what the deal is with this truck?
    Should he just junk it or is there hope? LOL
  • The guy I bought my '92 Ranger from used it to haul hayracks some fully loaded some over loaded. He replaced the 4 cyl. with a 6 cyl and it has the original 5 speed manual tranny. It's still running good I just need to replace the exhaust and make a few other modifications and customization to turn this former farm truck into a street cruiser. So far it's going good. And I bought the truck back in April. :)
  • shiellshiell Posts: 1
    I have a 1987 Ford Ranger 4x4 2.9 liter V6, I just bought it a couple days ago off of a family member and i have noticed that for example when i stop at a stop sign or red light and i go to through it into first gear to go i notice that it kinda like sticks? or catches somewhere? its like when i let the clutch out and hit the gas it is like it the clutch is stuck or something and there is no power to it, this causes it to stall, so i have to shut the truck off and pump the clutch a little bit, start it up and the clutch will be fine this only happends sometimes! i need to replace the clutch? is it a hard job to replace them? and one more question......wouldent ford rangers be easy on gas? because mine is a pig.
  • Don't let any tran shop tear into your transmission. Your speedometer probably takes awhile to kick in. You have a bad ABS speed sensor that is located on your rear differential. You can pick one up at any local auto parts store for about $12.00. The sensor is located on the top of the differential. Easy to install. Once you replace, your transmission will shift normal again.
  • This morning, my truck was in 4WDL on its own volition from the start. I switched the 4WD knob several times to no avail: 2WD:4WDH:4WDL. I drove 15 miles to dealer. He called me at work. Says its fine but will run diagnostics. Asked if I drove thru water. What does this have to do with anything? I didn't. I'm New York. I don't want this to happen again. Any ideas before I pick up my 2001 Ranger.
  • Thanks I will try this.
  • What size socket does it take to change the oil on a 3.0 V6 2005 Ford Ranger?
  • I have a 1997 Ranger Splash model with 4cyl engine and 5 speed trans. The wipers only work on high speed. The low speed and pause modes do not work. Also, the wipers do not park on shut off. When I ask Ford mechanics about it, they say that it is likely that the motor is the culprit. out. Just replacing the motor (not cheap) without knowing it is bad sounds a bit risky, as there is no return of electric parts you have hooked up. Any test I could do before submitting my truck to an $85 per hour technician?
  • Is your 4.0 a pushrod motor or is the sohc motor. I've found in my experance that when a motor turns over and injectors are firing but no compression, the cam timing has jumped and the valves are open on compression stroke. hope this helps.
  • Hi hope you can help me! My daughters 95 ranger wont shift into OD, it does the blinking light and hard shifting. Been driving it with OD off with no problem. The local dealer- Ford took my $75 and said it was a 4th gear concern and would have to go inside for more testing-$$. another dealer said there was a service bulletin on the separator plate gasket- apparently some gaskets blow out. I took it apart and the gasket was ok, I switched the 4 solenoids that are the same inside the tranny, thought if one was bad a different gear would fail but nothing changed. any ideas? thanks for your help, gene
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