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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 1998 Ford Ranger that has 57k. I live in upstate NY.

    when I first purchased the truck from Towne Ford in Orchard Park, NY, there was a very small leak in the top left side of the windsheild. The rubber seal on the outside does not appear to be damaged.

    We had about 4.5 inches of rain fall in 12 hours. As a result, there was water all over the top of the dash board, the floor was very wet, the top liner was wet on the entire passenger side.

    Has anyone had a similar prolem? I have owned a previous 1994 Ranger and had no problems with it.

    What might be the best way to fix the problem? Should I have a sealant applied to the inside of this area of the windshield? or just have it replaced?
  • This is the first vehicle I've owned where I can't change all my plugs.

    The numbers 3 and 4 plugs are hidden behind the manifold and, unless I break all my fingers so they bend backwards, I can't seem to get to them. I tried long nose and crescent pliers, but cannot get the leverage I need to pull the wires. I have the swivel plug socket already.

    Are there suggestions on how to make project this easier?
  • I have a 1988 Ranger Extra Cab 4X4, 4-speed/overdrive auto, 2.9 Ltr.EFI
    This thing has little power on the highway at 60+mph, I've installed a free flow exhaust with 2 new cats and modified the air intake system.
    When I bought it 6 months it had (just installed) a new computer, 2 new fuel pumps, O2 sensor and battery. The engine runs great, just not much power.

    For you guy's that hate the stiff ride (like me) call "Coil Spring Specialties" at 785-437-2025 (as I did) and order a pair of their front springs at 20% less spring rate than factory, ($99.00 + shipping) the difference is like night & day! My truck rides GREAT now.
  • is your ranger equiped with a knock senser, ( located on the side of the block, once it detects detatoin , it retards the timing until the pinging stops, than returns timing to normal. some of these sensor were defective from the start ) just something to check on.
  • I also have a 93 Ford Ranger that needs the timing belt changed. Do you have any information on how this is done? I need to take the crankshaft pulley off but I am not forsure on what size of puller I need. I would love any helpful information on the process of changing the timing belt.

  • invovled in accident have damage to rear right side panel.from wheel well area back to the rear the entire truck bed have to be repair involved by person that struck me.can just the rear passenger side truck bed panel be replaced along with the damaged rear far everyone i have talked to says that the entire bed has to be replaced because it is all one piece to include the side panels.
  • I have A 1994 B4000 Pickup and the check engine light is on and it hase the same symtoms as you had or have with your B3000. I have replaced the EGR valve with no improvement I also replaced the mass air flow sensor and still have no improvements. Can you give me any tips. Im running out of money on this problem.
    Symtoms runs rough at 40 -70 MPH like a hesitation it also hesitats on take off.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Good grief, stop throwing parts at an unknown problem. Have the codes pulled for the check engine light, and repair what is causing it to be set...
  • A autozone employee pulled the codes and the air flow sensor and the EGR was what he found. After resetting the computor the only code that shows up now is code 332 low egr flow.
  • I have a 1995 Ranger that has a similar problem Leaks from front and rear windows seals look good. Problem is that is looks good but is more than likly dryrotted and HARD like mine. Solution take to glass shop and have them remove and re-seal, or if the glass stores near you say the same thing as here you will have to take it to a body shop and they will have to remove the window and re-seal it.
  • I just had a problem that sounds alot like yours, The problem with mine was that i lost the ground going to my relay, I ran A new ground to the bottom side of the relay plug and everything is fine now.
  • I have a 96 ranger w/2.3 L engine that needed a head. I got one from a 93 ranger. Will they interchange and if not why? I put it on and it all bolted up right, but it will not crank. I have fire, but the spark is yellow instead of blue. Any ideas on what the problem could be (haha) other than the heads being different? Thanks
  • My "ABS" light came on suddenly while on the interstate. The speeodomer does not work at all. The over drive light comes on and off. When I tried to turn off the overdrive (using the gear shift button)the light would not go off. All of the other lights appear to be working correctly.
  • I have a 2001 Ranger XLT 3.0. The first problem is the dome light. It stays on after I close the door. It eventually will go out, but I never know when. I was checking out the dome light assembly and blew the fuse. When that happened, the speedometer and odometer quit working. I replaced the fuse and the gauges worked fine. The dome light problem stayed. I just left the bulb out. My next problem is an intermittent one. When I press the brake to put the truck in gear. The gear selector will not budge and stays stuck in park. I have to turn the engine off, but keep the key on. I can shift fine then. I put the trans in neutral and start back up. Also, sometimes my door open light stays on when the doors are closed. It eventually goes off though. Next, my airbag light flashes when I first start the truck, then it busts stays on solid. Last, I just performed a complete front brake job (rotors and pads). The brakes work just fine, but the ABS light is on for some reason. All the brake lines, hose and connections are fine and in place, but the light will just stay on. Aside from these issues, the truck runs great. I want to avoid having to take the truck into the dealer. Although I am mechanically inclined, all these different problems can easily allow the dealer to try and snowball me. Has any one had similar issues that I can check myself or at least be more informed in the event that I have to take it in?
  • Recently had to replace my fuel pump in my 91 ranger 3.0 v6. Now it seems i have an intermittent fuel pump relay. The problem is I have lost my manual and it to hot outside to trace wires all day. Where did they put that rascal? Any Idea? Thanks
  • Hey,
    I have a 2001 xlt, have the same problem with the door ajar light and the dome light staying on, it has even killed my battery a time or two. Is your truck
    standard cab or 4 dr ext cab? mine is 4dr. the problem is in the sensors in back
    doors, did you bleed the sytem when you did your brakes? if not, try that and
    check your reservoir(brake fluid). sorry, cant help with the shifting problem, have
    not heard that one yet! I know mine is very hard to shift from park when parked on
    a hill, but otherwise ok. good luck!
  • All you have to do, is to change the VSS sensor and it should fix everything.
    Good luck
  • The dome lite on my 1977 Ranger stay on for up to 45 min. after starting the truck when the temp. in the cabin is higher than the outside temp. This usually occurrs after driving for a short distance, turning off the ignition for a short time, and then restarting the truck. It will also fail if sitting in the hot sun. Any suggestions?

  • Fuel gauge in 88 2.3 2wd Rangers are in fuel tank, they all seem to have a life of ~100,000 miles, no reason to believe 89's are any different.
  • I had this problem and it was so intermittent I ignored it for a long time. In conjunction with that my windshield wipers would turn on intermittently. I'm hoping the sensor I just replaced will solve these problems too but it's too early to tell. - VSS Sensor.
  • Hello - Help Plz,

    Have a '00 Ranger 3.0 v6; oil gauge reads zero until engine warms.
    Probably sending unit; get new one.
    Unable to find location of sending unit on engine to replace it.

    2000 ranger 3.0 V6, a/c, automatic tranny,

    Can anyone help?

    Plz & T. Y.

  • Same problem on my 2002 4.0L. Replaced the EGR valve but the check engine light still comes on. Blew out the tube. No sucess. How does one know if it's the sensor or the solenoid? I too hate to throw new parts in without knowing the cause. Symptoms on the road are slight stumbling at 20-40 mph with light throttle and occasionally idle does not drop down. That suggests something sticking?
  • i have a 2000 ranger that i love to death. i've got 82000mi. on it and never changed the trans fluid,rear-gear fluid,transfer-case fluid in it but i have babied it as much as a truck can be. i only use 5w30 penzoil every 3000 and fram filters. its only a 3.0 but i've pulled boats and jet-skis with it. i recently put brakes on the front for the second time but with rotors. i also did rears for the first, no drums! i have no thunks, missed shifts, etc. but i do have this annoying noise coming from either the serpentine belt or the idler pulley but i have changed both, belt twice. any suggestions before i take it back to ford which if i'm not working on it, it won't go anywhere else but ford, will be appreciated. a few more things, i love to go 4wheelin :) with it, i've got a 3"body-lift on it that a buddy and i did one sat. and it has 31"kellys on it. i have pics of it but not for the pc....yet!
  • hi there. first of all some of the problems seem to be mediocre(not a big deal) but i hate annoyences as much as anyone. the dome light deal depending on how long it stays on is supposed to do that but only for certain length of time. some times my ranger is hard to get out of park also but i have two of them and they do the same thing but not all of the time, they are autos is yours?i'm guessing it is not.with the new technology ed driveway mechanics are stumped by the most stupid things but i love my ford dealer and you'd be suprised, they won't rip you off like some back-door mechanic! i have had nothing but good experiences with those guys and i never have to go back for the same problem which have been few!
  • i'm thinking you can find a schematic of some kind on the internet for the loc. of the sending unit.
  • in my 98 Ranger, had same problem, I sprayed wd-40 into the part of the door that turns dome light on/off when door opens/closes about 3 or 4 years ago
  • Ok, here goes. Got a great price on a used 1987 Ford Ranger. Problem is, it has a very rough start, and wont stay started without holding the gas pedal for a long time. Once it is running, it runs great. Motor is healthy, was rebuilt in 2001. Can anyone help diagnose this before my husband spends way to much time and money. Not really sure about the mileage on it.
  • Have a 2001 4.0 4x4 standard cab and speedo last two weeks is intermitant. Have seen it quit while driving. Was told that sensor in rear end is bad if ABS light is on or sensor in trans is bad if not. Where is it located on trans? Is it next to shifter lever? Hard to replace?


  • I am having a similar problem with my Emiss warning light on my 1987 Ranger XLT 2.3L fuel injected engine. I know it comes on about every 60,000 miles, but it has only been about 25,000 since I replaced emission devices. A friend once told me there is a button to push to shut this light off. Any ideas how to turn out this annoying warning light?
  • HI,

    I have a 2000 Ranger 3.0 V6.
    I went thru the same thing that you did.

    I replaced the serpentine belt with one from a large auto parts store as well as the idler pulley.
    A knowing mechanic advised me that it was the serpentine belt. (although new) he advised me that it was a 'cheap' belt that was causing the problem.
    I replaced it with a more expensive belt (Large Brand Name)
    Result, no more squeel or weird noises.
    PS the "big' parts store did refund my money.
    Hope this helps - good luck

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