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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    I paid $28,500 plus tax two months ago for a 1998 XJ8L. I bought it from a broker here in Atlanta. It had 13,900 miles on it. It's British racing green. According to Bill, Topaz is a more desirable color, so it may cost more. The used car section at my dealership told me I save about 10,000, as they would have sold it for 38,000. I think you can probably find one for around 30,000. My broker advertises all the time and is usually around $27,500-29,000. I can give you his number if you're interested.
  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    Forgot to mention it was still under warranty until March 2002.
    Check out when the warranty expires on the 1998 (it has a 4 year/50,000 mile warranty). I found it helpful since there were things that needed to be replaced (bushings, front stereo speaker, hairline cracks on driver's door woodwork) all of which were still under warranty. Then I had a problem with stalling on the highway going 60 miles an hour! They replaced the ECM relay, as well as my battery since it was starting slow. This was all covered. I will be checking out getting an extended warranty before March, but I believe they are cheaper to get if the car is still under warranty. Just something to consider.
  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    Please let me know what you find out on the extended warranty and if the jaguar dealer will actually work with them. I too am researching. You might want to check prices at They quoted me a good price. Just not ready to do it yet since my warranty is good until March 2002. Also want to make sure my jaguar dealer is willing to work with them. The dealerships also offer extended warrantees, but they are about $1,000 more.
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    Thanks for the advice and timely response!

    Regarding the 1998 XJ8
    Relative to the price I received (even though my price was on an XJ8-L), you seem to have gotten a fantastic deal - 10K to 12K under the price quoted to me and yours has nearly 20K less mileage. You really did well !
    I would like to hear what "Brentwoodvolvo Bill" thinks on this one.
    Next time I need a car I think I will have you buy it for me ! ! !

    Seriously, I would like to know who your "broker" was and how you came to negotiate such a deal. Was it an "on-line" purchase ? Just curious?

    It is my feeling that the best way to go is to buy is a "Select Edition" -certified- for it has the "Jaguar factory warranty extension" which, though more expensive, gives the most comprehensive and is easiest to deal with warranty, particularly, if taking your "cat" to the Jag dealer for service. This "official" Jag warranty extends from the expiration of the original factory warranty out 2 more years and up to 100K miles, whichever comes first.

    As you note, you experienced high satisfaction with the original Jag warranty for it is extreamly comprehensive and covers all of the items you mentioned and many more. This exact same warranty would continue for 2 more years - extension period. You can't beat it,in my opinion.

    As to the purchase of other so called extended warranties, "buyer be ware". The "hassle stories" are endless. Maybe someone else will "weigh in" on this one. I am leery of "good deals" on warranties till after you have the experience of using them, then you will see, and only then, will you know "if they are worth the paper they are printed on. Having said all this, I am still willing to listen to others experience

    In any case, I would shop Jag dealers for warranties, if you are so inclined, and think you will find it worth your while to do so.

    Thanks for the advice, information and hope mine is likewise helpful.

    These "cats" are sure beauties!
  • lesliejoylesliejoy Posts: 62
    The broker I used is BMW Import Service. Owner is Dave Razavi. Phone# 770 451-6211, Cell phone 770 861-4322. There was no negotiating. He showed us his receipt from the auction. He bought the car from Jaguar leasing for $27,500 and charged us $28,500. He only ups the price about $1,000. He gets these in all the time (maybe not with as low mileage as mine). You can always call him and let him know what you're looking for. When I went to him to look, he had 2 white ones and my BRG.

    Thanks for the info on the warranty. My dealer is offering a 6 year/72,000 miles warranty for $2,723 with no deductible thru Warrantech. I found a 7 yr/70,000 warranty thru Warranty Direct on the internet for $1,875. Your opinion is that I go thru the dealer? I guess I wouldn't have any problem knowing that they're the ones who sold it to me. Just seems expensive.

    Good luck with your purchase. Hope you find the right car. I love mine.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Thought I responded....

    97? Platinum? Umm.,.. no color called that in 97... ?:|

    Anyhoo.. if its' nice.. $25K is OK... those are great miles. Still, shoot for $24K or less as always!

    98 XJ8L...

    $37,000? Nutso $$. Nutso. $10K over wholesale. If its' a Select Edition I could see as much as $33,500 or so but $37,000 is WAY the heck too high.

  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    Thanks, Bill for the response on this one.

    I inquired from my friend about the color. He said he thought it was platinum. Anyway, he said it is a beautiful light gray / silver looking but not silver as we usually see it on other cars. What was Jag's name for it?

    If he picks up the car, what should he look for in this year and model? Any troublesome issues?

    Bill, I know we have talked warranties before, but this one would not be any longer under the original factory warranty. Any suggestions?

    My impression is as yours, if it is really 1st. class, I think he should go for the '97. (He did see '96 (maroon)with 64K miles going for 25K =/- Advice ? ?)

    XJ6's are still fabulous automobiles with only slight modifications in later years. I know you are "still on the road" in style in an XJ6 and I think you said you are pushing the 112K range.

    Any additional input would be appreciated, thanks!

  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    I believe that prior to 2000 the silver was called Meteorite. It has more black and less pearl in it that the current Platinum. Early run 2000 S-types were painted this color not Platinum.
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    You could be right on the name.

    Now that you mention itm I have seen that color on the S type and it is really quite stunning in a conservative, elegant way.

    I have always had a preference for darker colors. I think that they give a classy look. That is why I still love the deep red / maroons and the British racing greens and never cared so much for white Jags.
    Anyway you color it though, these Jags are elegant automobiles.
    And, can anything in the auto world compare to the nteriors..."standard" or, and especially, that of the Vandan Plas !

    "Let's let the "cats" out this weekend and enjoy one of the last classic motoring thrills... driving a Jaguar !

  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Found a Jag topic on a Thunderbird message board. These guys have no idea what they're talking about. SOHC V-12's, Ford FMX transmissions in Jags, XJ220's with V-12's (Ok, the concept did have a V-12, production was a turbocharged V-6)....

    There's too much misinformation for me to even begin.

    Check it out:
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    My impression is as yours, if it is really 1st. class, I think he should go for the '97.
    (He did see '96 (maroon)with 64K miles going for 25K =/- Advice ? ?)

    Advice? Yes. Pass. That car with 64K on it is retail buyable for $19-20K, perhaps less.

    The color your friend is thinking of is called Titanium. More of a Steel Blue/Grey.

    IMHO, a beautiful color, up there with Sapphire as my favorite.

    Warranties... I personally do not like them, but some people do. I generally feel they are a waste of $$. If you must, I guess... I dunno, shop around on the web maybe?

    95 Vanden Plas 128K
    97 XJ6 66K <--got smashed on Friday >:(
    00 XJ8L Topaz/Oatmeal 11K <--this week
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    I agree the color Titanium is really beautiful.

    (Incidently, he found a 97 XJ6 in Maroon? with 43K miles..... asking price 25K...a little less than perfect... what do your say ?)

    Bill, what happened to your 97 Jag?
    How did it hold up? Safety issues?
    Are you OK?
    I don't like to hear of any of our cats being hurt!
    Take Care!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    What you mean not so nice?


    Besides, $22-23Kish is, at the moment, closer to a fair price.

    Yeah, the car isnt that bad... but there's some undercarriage damage...

    I WILL be suing for diminshed value. >:(

    Pics to come!

  • dpl95xj6dpl95xj6 Posts: 7
  • dpl95xj6dpl95xj6 Posts: 7
    Anyone out there know how i can get my hands on a 95 xj6 keyless entry remote device. the one i have is old and the dealer wants over $300 for a replacement. C'mon this device cannot cost the dealer more than $50? any help or info. would be appreciated.

    Thanks Dave proud owner of a 95xj6.
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    After just having spent close to $300 to replace the underbonnet that I tore on a parking lot tombstone with a spike sticking up through it..

    Today I pull into the EXACT SAME SPOT, and my brain is going "Now, you remember what happened last time, so be careful...". So I ease in, thinking I'm leaving enough room. The next thing I hear is that awful thumping sound under the car.

    So now I'm impaled on this damn spike again! Only choice is to back up... rrriiiipppp!

    Sigh... I hate Mondays!
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    Ouch !
    I hope no one recorded what you said when you "did it again"!

    If you are like me, I am madder when I do the same "stupid" thing again.
    Anyway you have my and our collective sympathy!

    Advice: Find another parking place.

  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    Glad you are not on the injured list.
    What happened, anyway?

    Bill, what I meant, on that post, on the condition of the '97 was that the paint looks oxidized ( I know that is not a big problem, but may suggest less than loving care), has numerous stone chips and I understand that it has not been serviced "lately"... brakes, etc.
    It is an "as is vehicle", as I understand it.

    The person interest is going to run a "Car Fax" report.
    He is half way interested because the price is in the bracket he wants to spend. Moreover, he is willing to spend a "few bucks" bringing the car up to par (detailing, routine service, etc.).

    So the question is: Are you still of the mind he should pass even if he gets the owner into the 22-23K range?

    Any reliability issues with the '97's. At this point, this seems to be His biggest concern.

    Let me know and I will pass the info along.

    Let the "cats" run.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Shoot, find one on eBay for $40 or so :)

    And Jag parts are marked up roughly 70% or so over cost, pretty standard, but it varies from partlines... Rebuilt trannies arent that high, but other stuff is over 100%. Thats retail for ya.

    Once ya get a nice used one (Make sure its for a 1995 or 1996... '97s use different frequencies.) Programming is easy..


    Do what I do. Leave it off haha. I havent had one on one of the cars for years...


    I dont like buying rough cars myself. To me, an edgy car is an abused car and I am not thrilled with that. That being said, there's enough of them out there that he can be choosy. Only thing I can think of is the power steering column motors that go out...

  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    There was indeed a 1-inch wide "tear" in the underbonnet. I repaired it with Duct Tape (it's under the car, it doesn't show)on both sides of the tear and a cable-tie (the original one had sheared off) to hold the rear edge of the underbonnet to one of the suspension rods.

    Late last night, I'm feeling these little "needles" as I move my hand around. So I think to myself, "Gee, it feels like I handled fiberglass or something". Then it hits me.. "Oh Yeah,..."

    Christchurch: Thanks for the sympathy. My '97 is just fine. No problems to speak of. I've only got 35K miles on it though and have only had it myself for 4 months. I'm going to give Bill a run for his money on mileage. Don't know if I'll be doing power-slides around corners though... The seats would need to be a little more form-fitting for me to do that without flying all over the cockpit!
  • mveramvera Posts: 22
    Well after three days of searching the net , talking to vendors, I am very tired of the warranty concept. I am going to take my money that they would charge me for 3 years, put it in the bank and take my chances.(and keep my fingers crossed). Right now the car is in very good shape (that coming from the top Jag mechanic).

    If anyone is looking for a warranty and your vehicle is under 60K miles you're in luck. But if it is over that plan on half-[non-permissible content removed] contracts or paying thru the nose. I do have a great web site though for those of you interested in looking at a few companies. It is
    There are about 5 companies that corner 90% of the market. So my advice is use "1source Auto Warranty" or "Warranty Direct". Best coverage for our cats. It is hard to get sympathy from them when you tell them what you are trying to cover.

    97VDP Guy: Ouch ! Hope you can mend that baby once again without alot of $ Good Luck.

    I have learned to drive/park VERY defensively. People are just goofy and really don't give a rip.

    I close the deal on my 95 Jag this week. I am so excited I can't sleep much!!
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    I think the duct tape will hold it okay. The underbonnet wasn't hanging down like it was last time, so I'm not going to replace it at present.

    Congratulations on your upcoming purchase!

    When I couldn't sleep after test driving Jaguars and getting hooked, I knew it was only a matter of time... I'm sleeping much better now!
  • christchurchchristchurch Posts: 125
    Just a quick note of inquiry.
    Has anyone owned or had any experience with the Jaguar S type?
    I hear a lot of pro and cons but I don't how reliable the sources of such information are.
    So, I am wondering what you know.

    Good automobile?
    Worth the money?
    How do they compare to the XJ in your opinion?
    What kind of prices are they bringing new and "pre owned" ?

    Just wondering and thought that all of you Jag experts might shed some light on the subject.

    "Curiosity doesn't kill our cats" !
  • trishm1trishm1 Posts: 4
  • trishm1trishm1 Posts: 4
    I recently bought a '98 Vanden Plas Jag which was in good condition but for the floormats. They were those fury, woolly kind, and very dirty. Coffee stains, etc. The Jag dealership told me there are only 2 options for mats--the fury ones and the plain ones that are like the carpet in the car. But I thought I saw some on the newer models that looked like pony hair. Does anyone know anything about this? And whether they would fit a '98 VDP? Also, they wanted $170.00 for the plain carpet mats. Is that a decent price, or are there other sources to buy good quality, upscale mats for a better price? Please share any info you have that may be helpful. Thanks. Trish
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    I don't have one, but my boss does. In the 9 mos. she's had it, it's been in the shop 3 or 4 times for misc. items, but none of them major (except the one where her car would not lock - it would automatically unlock itself no matter what you tried). As far as I know, she really likes it, though. It is a good looking car (but not as good as the XJ series, IMO).

    I'm sure Bill can give you better info, though. He's seen quite a few more of them than me :)
  • jcaboosejcaboose Posts: 5
    I've come across one of these advertised for under $15,000. 81,000 miles, Racing Green. Seems like a rather low price. I've always wanted a Jag, but need to know what "red flags" I should watch out for. I don't want to get into a situation where it seems like a good deal up front, but I end up paying through the nose later or it completely falls apart on me.

    All advice and suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    Well, those "furry, woolly" mats are lambswool. Mine are in perfect shape, but I inquired about their replacement cost and I believe I was quoted around $500. It might even have been upwards of $1000 for the full set.

    The ones that look like pony hair might just be new lambswool. If you brush it out, it gets pretty long. The pile on mine is about 3/4 inch deep.

    Since I don't drive passengers around too much, I put a carpet on the driver's side and lambswool in the other three spots.

    I think $170 is a fair price if you want "Jaguar" mats. You can probably get other mats that fit, but the driver's mat won't have the Jaguar logo on it.
  • jcaboosejcaboose Posts: 5
    I've come across one of these advertised for under $15,000. 81,000 miles, Racing Green. Seems like a rather low price. I've always wanted a Jag, but need to know what "red flags" I should watch out for. I don't want to get into a situation where it seems like a good deal up front, but I end up paying through the nose later or it completely falls apart on me.

    All advice and suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • k15056k15056 Posts: 5
    Hi. This is my first post on this board. I own a westminster blue 2001 XJ8, with premium sound. I also had the VDP wood wheel and shifter knob installed at point of purchase. Prior to my XJ8, I owned a 2000 BRG 4.0 S-type. While I loved my S-Type and it will always hold a very special place in my heart, the XJ is definitely a superior car (I hope the folks at don't see this). Anyway, I look forward to learning more about Jag and the XJ on this board and hopefully, I'll be able to contribute from time to time.

    Today the salesman who sold me the Mercedes Benz I bought for my wife (a 2001 ML 320) brought a brand new, $96,000 (US) blk. on blk CL500 by my office to show me because he "was in the neighborhood." I drove it around town and when I told him my XJ8 was quicker, faster, smoother, and certainly more nimble than the '01 CL500, he didn't seem to believe me. However, that particular car is a very formidable vehicle with loads of gadgetry.

    Anyway, Best regards to all
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