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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I've made the decision to buy a Highlander Hybrid and I'm starting to get quotes on a 2008 base model (black with grey cloth interior, popular package plus and the extra mile option package C) from several dealers in Oklahoma. So far the prices I've received are $37,196, $37,500 and $37,800. I also received a quote for a black/tan one minus the extra mile option package C that was $36,100. Unfortunately, I really don't want the tan interior. I would appreciate some feedback on these offers. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • wtfjrwtfjr Posts: 4
    We shopped all around Daytona, with in 300 miles & we found only one dealer that discounted the HL Hybrid & added ne dealer fee or dealer sticker.
    This is Earl Stewart in North Palm Beach FL & we delt with Peter Rosenblum in their internet sales dept who is a real gentleman.
    We were offered $3,200 off of the factory MSRP on a Limited with Nav & sun roof along with no dealer fee !
    We figure that we saved over $4,000 including trade & pricing, from the dealer here in Daytona.
    Do a Google search to locate the web site & tell Peter that Bill French sent you.
    Good luck !!
    Bill in FL :)
  • No third party site, ie. edmunds, kbb, etc. includes TDA (regional advertising fees) in their invoice prices. They are different for each region but real and part of the dealers invoice cost. You will never be able to get the actual invoice cost off of a third party site. The dealer is the only place this is available.
  • I just bought a 2008 HL Limited 4WD fully loaded with Nav, DVD, heated seats, moonroof, towing pkg, HVAC, power door, and rear spoiler plus floor mats for $38,400 plus tax/license. MSRP was 42,319. I think I did okay price wise since the limited are hard to find fully loaded. In a few months I think the prices will go down. Anyone else have a price comparison for a fully loaded HL?
  • I went to a Toyota dealership in New York City today and got a quote for the 2008 highlander limited AWD with Black exterior/Sand Beige interior and the following options (combo A)/accessories:

    [EJ] - JBL Stereo
    [HD] - Heated seats
    [PB] - Power Rear Door
    [QR] - Rear AC
    [RF] - Sport styled rear spoiler
    [SR] - Moonroof
    [TO] - Tow Prep Package
    [CT] - Carpet/Cargo Mat

    MSRP: $38,435
    Invoice: $33,887
    Sale Price: $35,197, which includes $500 TDA and $10 Gas
    Out the door price: $38,694, which includes $385 doc fee, 8.37% taxes & DMV fee

    I think the sale price is $800 above invoice (excluding TDA & gas), which according to the sales person, is the best he can do for me.

    Is this a good deal?

    Also, he mentioned in the nyc area, you cannot customize your Highlander options because they only come in as part of the option combo packages (A,B,C). Is this true in other regions as well?

  • ighigh Posts: 60
    I have got quotes here is the Bay area for about 2000 to 2400 below MSRP.
    The MSRP of the vehicles depending on sundry accessories is around 39,xxx.
    So the quotes were in the 36.6 to 37K range.

    However, I finally bought a Limited HH with Nav but without the DVD.
    MSRP: 45,575
    Price offered: 42,275.

    Had a 2000 Avalon to trade in not in the most perfect shape. Got exactly the
    KBB trade-in price for a good condition vechile. Quite satisfied with the
    experience. The limited HHs are extremely hard to find and usually not
    discounted much.
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    What is the option CT? The vehicle that I'm looking at currently as the other options and the price I was given is higher than your price! Could you let me know what option this is? Thank you!
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    Posters have said that offers should be about 500 over invoice prices. As stated earlier on this page, the invoice prices I'm receiving are higher than on Edmunds, KBB, etc. Is TDA charge $600? I'm in Kentucky.

    I have some offers from a few dealers on a sport 4X4 with options EH (cold weather), EJ (JBL radio), SR (moonroof), FE, QC (dual air), TO (tow package)
    All dealers have the same MSRP of 34, 495.

    Dealer 1 invoice:31, 038
    offer 31, 538
    Dealer 2 invoice 31, 038
    offer 31, 650
    Dealer 3 offer 31, 638

    KBB/Edmunds say invoice is 30, 488.
    What offer should I give? Any help from experts? Dealer 1 is offering zero percent financing also, but the other two are not offering this although it is in the same area and they have the best offer? I hate negotiating, but I want the best deal! Thank you for your help!!!
  • Deal 1 looks good @ $500 over. You've got a few hundred to play with if you want to get super aggressive, but $250-$500 over on a Sport model is excellent pricing. Make an offer $500 back (less) than invoice (their invoice) and tell 'em you're ready to sign. They might bite, but if you meet in the middle at or slightly near invoice, you've got yourself a smokin' deal.

    I'm not seeing 0% financing offered by Toyota. 2.9% for 36 mo, 3.9% for 48 mo, and 4.9% for 60 mo are TFS's current rates in your region. I would definitely question them about that before you drive to the dealership, but know that even if you do long term financing, 4.9% is an excellent rate.

    Don't worry about the difference in their invoice and Edmunds, it's exactly as you thought, it's the TDA. Looks like it's about $550... totally normal and a legit charge.
  • Exterior: Classic Silver Metallic
    Interior: Ash Leather

    Base $32,720.13
    Options $2,065.00
    Manuf. Delv, Proc, & Hndlg $735.00
    Total $35,520.13

    Price I paid: $32,108
    Edmunds Invoice: $32,289

    Trade in: $2,500 for 2000 VW Jetta GL Manual with 112,200 miles

    Out the Door: $31,200 including tax, title and fees
  • Working with Fleet mgr, this is in Texas. $200 over invoice was quoted to me.

    MSRP: 37,700
    I priced it on my credit union site and MSRP matched
    Invoice from credit union site shows: 32,823
    DLR invoice shows $34042

    Out the door price quoted is $34,342 + TT&L

    Is this a good price?

    Fees seem to make up the difference in my invoice vs their invoice.
    Are any of these negotiable?

    T.M.F - $956
    2% Holdback - $654
    PIO Holdback - $195
    1% Finance Reserver MSRP - $327

    Thats $2132 in fees. OMG...seems high.
  • Dealing with dealership in North Jersey
    2008 HL Base AWD with msrp 30360.
    Options I added was the back up sensors (699 installed), mudguards (125).
    Out the door price 29661.

    I feel comfortable with the price, but what do y'all think?

    Should I get the platnium service for $750?
  • On the Toyota dealership websites there is a "model code" for the Highlander which tells the trimline and options. Example 6964.

    Is there anyplace online that interprets these codes?

    I looked on the Toyota website without any luck.

    Thanks in advance.
  • 3dleo3dleo Posts: 1
    I just bought a Silver 2008 Toyota HL Sport 2WD with the following major options:

    Navigation/Rear Camera/JBL/Bluetooth Audio System
    Rear DVD Entertainment System
    Power Moonroof
    Cloth Interior
    3rd Row

    Price: $33,800 + Tax & License

    I hope I got a good deal!
  • Is 33,400 + TTL for highlander limited, blizard pearl 4x2 drive a good price? Added options include auto rear door, auto rear ac control, heated seats, running board, xm radio, jbl upgrade system, vehicle shield package and carpets.
  • I would shoot for closer to Edmunds invoice +600 or so for the dealer holdback (which is not included on the Edmunds invoice).

    It took me a while, but finally got a Highalnder Limited with Nav at the dealers printed invoice price. 33,834 sales price with MSRP of 37,584 and edmunds invoice of 33,247.
  • wtfjrwtfjr Posts: 4
    If you are located anywhere near Earl Stewart of North Plam Beach FL, they are worth the trip, selling all Toyotas w/o any dealer fees as well as under factory MSRP.
    We saved $4,000 on a 2008 HIHY from the dealer here in Daytona by going to Earl Stewart & ask for Peter Rosenblum in internet sales.
    Good luck
    Bill in FL
  • That's false... the dealer holdback IS included in the Edmund's invoice. The Edmund's invoice doe NOt include the TDA (advertising fee).
  • Looking to purchase a 2008 Highlander Sport AWD with Navigation system et al. I saw a dealer had one in stock with a sticker price of about $39,000. Phila area. What can I expect to pay for this vehicle "out the door". I'm not in a big hurry, so if incentives are forthcoming I can wait. Is $33,000 unrealistic ??
  • Have you considered the Limited? If you are going to get your Sport with Leather then the cost will be similar or LESS then a Limited. Plus the Limited comes with the SMART key (must for my wife), you never have to take your key out of your pocket to unlock and start the car.
    I just picked up a 2WD LImited with Nav and a few other extras for 33,800 (37,500 OTD with 7.95% tax, $600 DMV and $369 Doc Fee) with sticker of about 37,700. I believe AWD adds about 1,500 to the price.

    My goal was to get out the door for less then the sticker price.
  • asi12asi12 Posts: 46
    I have camry. I have question for HL owners. Does it feel like driving a truck/suv or it feels like driving a camry or something in between.

    I looked at specifications, HL hybird has lower groud clearance 7.3 than non-hybrid. Is it ture or may be just data error in Edmund database?
  • I was reading in the Wall Street Journal today that it's a great time for car buyers with good credit. It goes on to say some of the deals several brands are offering and says Toyota is offering 0% financing on it's new Highlander. Has anyone seen such a deal? It's certainly not by me. I've narrowed my search to the Highlander and new Murano.
  • I am preparing to negotiate a lease on an 08 Highlander (Sport or Limited - not sure which) and wanted to see if anyone in NJ can share the quotes they recently received, or how much they are paying per month on this vehicle. Please help! :)
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    I think the WSJ made a mistake -- I don't believe TFS is offering 0% financing on Highlander. In my region (IL) they are currently offering 2.9/3.9/4.9%, on Base and Sport models only. Different regions may have different offers, but I checked a couple of other zip codes on the Toyota website and didn't see anything about 0%.
  • Those are the same rates in my area....check out the article below...i wonder if the 0% financing is the deal they'll offer after the current specials end on 3/3/08...i guess we'll wait and see. The way the economy is going, I wouldn't be surprised. Regardless i'm waiting until Memorial Day to see what happens.
  •'s the link to the article

    link title
  • The Hybrid is likely lower to the ground, as Toyota is specific that the Hybrid is NOT intended for off road use.
    As far as the drive, the car physically drives (steering, gas/brake response) more like a car then a truck, but I feel like I am in a truck (physically higher off the ground and turns at high speed can be felt) etc. I think it is the best of both worlds....
  • Specs:
    Dark Grey Metallic
    Deleted 3rd Row
    Power Rear Door
    Front Dual Zone Climate Control
    !$#&%*$ Toyoguard plus protection group

    Sticker: $34,694
    Invoice: $31,326
    Ageed price (before TT&L): $30,826

    I still have to pay TT&L, and I think there is another $585 in junk fees.
    7% sales tax.

    Out the door should be right around $33,583.

    Invoice includes
    $484 Toyoguard;
    $22 fuel charge;
    $45 SE Toyota distributor plus;
    $750 SE Toyota Administrative Fee;
    $735 Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee;

    I should have walked away one last time to see if they would move lower. I felt like I did well early but they wore me down.

    They did have to transfer the vehicle from another dealer's inventory a few hours away.

    No special financing was available. I got 4.54% thru BofA for 60 months, so unless they offer 0% no strings attached, I probably couldn't have done much better on financing.

    Toyoguard is useless. I hate that it is included. Is it only a SE toyota add-on, or is it in every single vehicle they ship. I'm pretty sure they lied when they say you can't get one without it. I know it is all margin. Worth $0 to me.

    One other note / reminder - I was all excited that I was going to use the $400 recent grad discount but forgot that it requires financing thru Toyota. So be sure to check details like that.

    We were debating on the Pilot, CRV and Highlander. Probably could have gotten the Pilot EX-L (same relative features) for around $26K before TTL.

    Hopefully the Highlander will fare better in resale so that the difference will erode significantly over the next 5-6 years. Worst case, if we keep it for 10 years, we got the one we wanted.
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