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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey can you identify the dealer and the city /state?
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Toyota is running a financing promotion on Highlander right now, but it's 2.9/3.9% not I'd guess the dealer is at least partially underwriting the 0%. Which means they may not be as flexible on price.
  • Those rates are only for the Sport and the Base models.

    We just purchased a Limited and were given a rate of 6.51% from Toyota. Our FICO scores are over 800.

    $665 a month for 60 months with $3K down payment. Every dealer we called said they couldnt match our deal.

    We purchased a Limited with Option A. We paid $400 under invoice with a $1000 coupon from Toyota.
  • cmotescmotes Posts: 1
    Greetings- Newbie here with silly questions.

    I am in the market for a 2007 or 2008 new Toyota Highlander Hybrid with 4x4. Not the limited version. I am looking to lease. I am in Northern California, zip 94131.

    I see MSRPs starting at $34K. But all the vehicles I see online and at the dealerships have another $4K of "optional" features loaded on to the MSRP, bringing the base price to $38k. The optional features don't seem optional at all.

    My searches online haven't yielded much information on whether you can get this vehicle without the optional features.

    What price are people paying for comparable vehicles out there?

    Thanks for your answers.
  • Hi there! Go back about 7 pages or so and read through to the end. That's what I did a few weeks ago when I was researching prices and got a lot of great information! :)
  • Hello,

    WHere did you find a $1000 coupon from Totyota? I am picking up a HH Limited this week (all options) for $1,000 over invoice. Is that a good deal?
  • Send me an e-mail. I have a contact (up north) for you that will handle your deal with zero BS.

    e-mail: [email protected]
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    The dealership is in Louisville, KY
  • I am looking to buy a 2008 Highlander Hybrid Limited (MSRP 39,950 + $685 destination = $40,635) with Option C (MSRP $6665) and some accessories. I will give you the exact details on the list of options and accessories so that the forum members can advice me if this price quote makes sense to go forward and buy the SUV.

    Option C includes the following
    - Anti-theft alarm with engine immobilizer
    - CFC free rear automatic digital climate control system with integrated multi-functional display and air filter
    - Front CFC free dual zone automatic digital climate control system with air filter
    - Power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade
    - Rear seat DVD entertainment system with 9-inch display, rear seat audio and two wireless headphones
    - Voice-activated DVD navigation system with JBL AM/FM 4-disc in-dash CD changer, sattelite radio capability, MP3/WMA playback capability, hands-free phone capability via Bluetooth wireless technology and nine speakers including subwoofer in seven locations

    Accessories worth MSRP $1602 includes the following
    - carpeted floor, cargo and 3rd row mats, cargo net and first aid kit - MSRP $353
    - exhaust tip, mudguards and crossbars - MSRP $403
    - Emergency Assistance Kit - MSRP $70
    - VIP Glass breakage sensor - MSRP $247
    - Remote Engine Start - MSRP $529

    This brings the total MSRP to $48902. The tax (5%) and the registration/ documentation fee $200 brings the total on road price (going by MSRP) to around $51,547.

    In sharp contrast the on road price (going by the invoice values) is around $45,310. See below the detailed break up of figures. The offered price after the initial negotiations is $46,000.

    Please advice if it is worthy enough to buy or I should shop around a bit more. Thanks much!

    NAVIGATION SYSTEM $2,211.00 (INV) $2,655.00 (MSRP)
    PWR TILT/SLIDE MOONROOF $680.00 (INV) $850.00 (MSRP)
    PREFERRED ACCESSORY PKG (carpeted floor, cargo and 3rd row mats, cargo net and first aid kit) $235.00 (INV) $353.00 (MSRP)
    CONVENIENCE ACCESSORY PKG (exhaust tip, mudguards and crossbars) $256.00 (INV) $403.00 (MSRP)
    VIP GLASS BREAKAGE SENSOR $178.00 (INV) $247.00 (MSRP)
    REMOTE ENGINE START $380.00 (INV) $529.00 (MSRP)
  • I purchased almost exactly your preferred vehicle in late December and paid $46,028. That was the Costco price ($950 over invoice).
    In addition, the Phoenix dealership was very cooperative, removed tinting that would have been illegal in California, and added (at no charge) an extra pair of wireless headphones and the heavy duty floor mats, again, at the Costco price. The only difference between the car you want and what I have is that my car came with running boards and I did NOT want the little first aid kit (have one).
    I had to fly from California to pick up the car, which the dealership had trucked from New Mexico. At that time, the rear digital climate control was not available in California (don't ask me why!). It took me the greater part of several months to find a dealership that would give me a Costco price and then another couple of weeks to find the car that I wanted, exactly. And I did most of the work finding the car.
    I am happy with the purchase now with more than 2000 miles: averaged 29 on the way home from Arizona and average 27 in my daily driving.
  • Thanks very much! I appreciate your input. I will try to ask for the running boards for the no addtional cost.

    Just curious... What color exterior and interior did you choose for that price? Does this include the state tax and documenattion fee as well?

    All forum members: I would like to hear your experience. Would like to hear from somebody in the north east, if possible.
  • apaoneapaone Posts: 18
    Check with Boch Toyota in Norwood. I bought my HL Ltd from them in December. I searched their inventory online first, then sent them an email inquiring on a particular model. They sent a quote along which was $500 over their cost. Somehow Boch's "cost" number was about $500 below KBB invoice (when you add in the Toyota Ad fee of $500), so they were basically offering to sell the HL Ltd at Invoice. The best I found with other dealers was $500 over invoice.

    Their offer was so good I didn't even negotiate it further when I went to buy it the next day.
  • Very very helpful. I will check with them soon.

    Appreciate your advice.
  • It seems like none of the major Boston Toyota dealers have hybrid limited with option C (NAV and DVD entertainment) available currently in the inventory. They are not sure how long it will take to special order and get the car I want. Negotiations doesn't make sense in this situation. Its a waste of time for me and the dealer.

    I am discouraged and surprised by toyota's planning to meet the US market demand. I might wait until the pilot is out if hybrids are too hard to come by. Atleast, I will be able to compare it with the non-hybrid highlander at that point in terms of performance, style and price before I decide which one to get. Normally, Honda packages the toys (NAV, DVD etc) for a better price especially when you opt for all.

    Have any of forum member have had similar experience?
  • beantownbeantown Posts: 228
    Never thought I'd see the day when people were forking out almost $50K on a highlander. Just a few months ago, you could easily get a well equipped one with the V6 for significantly under $25K.
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    I think HH hybrid is overprice. Here in CA, they do not want to negotiate at all. They want to sell at MSRP.If I were you I would look at Lexus RX400h FWD hybrid with navigation. It will cost less than HH. I got a quote for $43300 just last week.
  • abelloabello Posts: 12
    I just got this quote in Ventura County California

    Highlander Sport package (deleted 3 rd Row) 08
    Navigation system + premiumLeather seat package, Home link, heated power mirror, windshield wiper, heated front seat, power tilt/slicde moomroof, tow prep package, 19"5 spokenalloy weels/24555r19 tires safety
    Factory installed accessories: FE EH HJ LP NV QC SR TO
    Port installed accesories CF 3t

    MSRP $36,004
    Invoice $31,994
    Cosco program + 550
    Plus Fees

    36 Months lease with $1,500 Drive off fees $466 including taxes per month
    12 K per year

    On [email protected]% 60 month $600 $1,500 drive off

    What do you think?????
  • $35,000 price includes: Navigation,leather heated seats , 3 row, sunroof, towing, homelink, cold weather , cross bar etc. just no DVD, I saw the invoice, it was $400 over invoice. It's not the basic sports.
  • It looks more like a 4 X 2? make sure.
  • abelloabello Posts: 12
    Is it too high?

    Feel free to recommended me a dealer
  • Thanks for all of the great information. I am waiting for the HiHy I ordered to arrive, and will use this information in my negotiations.
  • abelloabello Posts: 12
    Let me know if you can do better?

    I still need to wait a couple of weeks

  • abelloabello Posts: 12
    I just got this quote in Ventura County California

    Could I do Better?

    Highlander Sport package (deleted 3 rd Row) 08
    Navigation system + premium Leather seat package, Home link, heated power mirror, windshield wiper, heated front seat, power tilt/slicde moomroof, tow prep package, 19"5 spokenalloy weels/24555r19 tires safety
    Factory installed accessories: FE EH HJ LP NV QC SR TO
    Port installed accesories CF 3t

    MSRP $36,004
    Invoice $31,994 Cosco program + 550
    Plus Fees

    36 Months lease with $1,500 Drive off fees $466 including taxes per month
    12 K per year

    On purchase 4.9% 60 month $600 $1,500 drive off
  • tinsytinsy Posts: 6
    Thanks for the help. I did sign up for the Platinum care at my dealership.
    7/100,000 for 900.00
    I would not have had the leverage had it not been for this forum. Thank you everyone.

    I bought the Highlander Limited 2x4 MSRP 40,300 for 35,300 OTD I felt I had an excellent deal. In my state we pay sales tax seperately directly to the state. So to keep all the paper work in one place it was worth it.

    Just curious though, since I can't really detail out everything that was listed on the sticker...such as Extra Mile Pkg D on the dealer invoice. Would anyone have an idea just what I did pay vs. dealer cost?
    It has Navi, JBL, rearA/C-Heat, , power rear door, Pearl White, stainless steel pipe, Power moonroof, sunroof, Heated seats, Vehicle Shield Pkg.P4, Extra Mile PkgD

    Thanks for your help. I really like driving the car.
  • abelloabello Posts: 12

    It looks like you did real good
    what State are you in?
    Did you finance the car ?
    if so what were the terms?
    Or if you leased what where the terms

  • tinsytinsy Posts: 6
    I bought in Oklahoma. 5.4% apr was the loan price thru Toyota, which for around here was a good %, the banks were higher.
  • No. Bad deal. You should be between $300 to $500 over invoice. The coupons were in effect in December until January 2nd.
  • Been quoted 34,700 from dealer in IL for Highlander Limited with all options except DVD and Nav. Is that ok? What should I expect to pay for similar setup with the Hybrid version? Thanks
  • I want a Green or Cypress pearl sport 4x4 with option package D.

    MSRP 31400+1570$ plus 685 destination charge. then tax and paperwork
    33655 before taxes

    guy said he would have to order and gave me a price of 30917$ + 8.25% + 350$ paperwork = 33817$ out the door. since this would be a order, thats the best price he said.

    ive been told to ask for 32500 which is about 1k$ less or 500$ above invoice.

    guy said he would do something if that was a car in stock. this is in bay area CAlifornia

    Current deals are 2.9% for 36 mo and 3.9% for 48 mo.
    with the economy doing bad i think they will lower the rates again..
  • darklyte,

    e-mail me @ [email protected], I have a fleet contact at San Francisco Toyota who will make buying your Highlander a breeze! There will no hassle and you'll get just as good of a price if you do infact need to order one. There will be no BS!
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