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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks kyfdx for your input. So is the TDA included in the invoice price (in this case $33,755) or is it added to the invoice price. Also, please correct me - invoice price includes shipping fee..about $680, right?? Various posts in this forum have mentioned 08 Highlander Sport are selling for about $250-$500 above invoice...not sure how far this is true and if it is specific to a region. If you were in my shoes, where would you start your offer and how far would you go for a final offer price.
  • TDA is the regional ad fee and it is itemized on the dealer's factory invoice. It is a legitimate fee and thus why KBB's invoice does not match.

    The regional ad fee could vary in some cases up to about 3% of the MSRP, but with Toyota it's usually about 1%, or roughly about $400 in your case.

    The dealer should have no problem showing you the invoice, however, if you determine that the discrepency between KBB's invoice and his is approx the cost of the ad fee, then you know you're geting a staright up deal.

    The destination (freight fee) is included on the invoice.
  • Thanks ocautoseeker for the info. So apart from the above fees included in the dealer invoice, what other fees can I expect to pay after reaching a deal. I notice some dealers say tax (6.5-7%), title and document fees or tax, title and registration, etc.

    How much would title & document fees/registration add up to approximately? And what is this document it related to financing and if yes, can this be waived?

    Can anyone explain??
  • Every region is different, but here in California, the Doc fee (paperwork processing fee) is capped at $55. Some states can be as high as $600-$700 which is just flat out ridiculous! If you live in one of those states where they charge super high Doc fees, definitely refuse to pay their "asking" price, or negotiate a lower price on the vehicle to put that fee into a more reasonable context. If it's less than $100 or so, I wouldn't stress too much, especially if you got the vehicle near invoice.

    You should plan on paying the following:

    - Sales Tax (whatever your local tax rate is)
    - DMV Fees (license, reg, title, tire fee)
    - Doc Fee

    Depending on where you live could alter the fees, but I'd say no more than about $350 total in DMV fees.

    After you negotiate a price, have them calculate an out-the-door figure itemizing all taxes and fees.
  • wc1wc1 Posts: 11
    I am interested in buying a 2008 HL Sport 2WD but need leather seats, three-row seat delete, climate control, sunroof, JBL, tow package, and nothing else. I've never seen anything remotely like this on a dealer lot and I won't overpay for options I don't need. My question is, since these are made in Japan, can this vehicle be special ordered exactly like I want it, and if so, what is the timeframe on this? I have heard anywhere from two to nine months. If I were to choose a Hybrid, would this take any longer? Thanks for your input!
  • The dealer can submit a request order with the factory, but it is still up to the manufacturer whether your build order gets accepted. So, to answer your question, maybe yes, maybe no.

    Delivery time (upon time of approval): 8-16 weeks.
  • got a price this evening.

    sport 2wd with options of dual climate, rear auto air, carpet mats, tow prep and the stupid 699 toyo guard. msrp 32883 will sell for 29500 +499 doc fee?

    is this a deal?
  • sonyswsonysw Posts: 34
    Currently in the market for the above. I live in Los Angeles area and so far I was quoted Highlander Hybrid with NAV (limited) = $45326 or NON Hybrid with NAV (limited)= $36324

    Can you share your experience ? At this price probably Lexus RX is a better option.
  • Consumer has a decent used car buying guide that cost around $30.00 for a couple months.
    Well worth a look.
  • Wow, seems pricey, are you talking new loaded ?
    Drive it on the freeway with all the windows down my 06 has a horrific reverberation over 45 MPH.
    Obviously a design flaw which the dealer failed to disclose.
  • Does anybody know if there are currently any MFG to dealer incentives or dealer holdbacks in the Dayton/Cincinnati area? I have offers from 3 different dealers for a build request on a 08 Highlander Sport 4WD. Cypress Pearl with Ash premium fabric, sunroof, JBL stereo, cold weather pkg, towing prep pkg, carpeted floor mats - MSRP $34,120. And the offers are as follows:

    Dealer 1: $30,700
    Dealer 2: $31,100
    Dealer 3: $30,500 (also includes cross bars for the roof rails)

    All 3 dealers are asking for $500 deposit to place an order and are saying it may take 6-8 weeks at the earliest to even 4 months (worst case) to get the vehicle. But they also say that since this vehicle is with popular options we should be able to get the vehicle in 6 weeks.

    Here are my questions:
    1. What is a good deal here considering that the invoice price is $30,188 & $30,338 (w/ crossbars).

    2. Anybody who has been through this situation of placing a build request - pls share your experiences. What guarantee(s) in writing should I get from the dealer before proceeding and what do I need to pay attention on? The dealers also say they will try and locate the same vehicle if it is available in the surrounding area before submitting a build request. Is this really a recommended and safe approach to purchase a vehicle?

    3. An estimate of an expected delivery time for the above configuration vehicle (preferably in the Dayton/Cincinnati area)?

    I am thinking of getting everything in negotiated price, out-the-door cost, refund the $500 deposit if vehicle not delivered in 6-8 weeks, etc. Is this something which the dealers will agree to give in writing to a customer?

    Appreciate your feedback & comments/suggestions. Any other related suggestions/information will be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I'm in the market for a 08 Highlander base 4wd, I'm in Florida, there aren't many to be found. I tried getting quotes online but only got one response with a quote of $30,000 on a $31,300 highlander. I want to pay as close to invoice, I wanted to try to get an idea what kind of deal I could get before I went to the dealer. It seems that each dealer only wants to sell you what they have on their lot only.
    1 we are looking at MSRP is $28,781 , $2608 in options, $735 del. & Handling, $700 dealer fee. Total sticker $32,824.there are about 3 or 4 in the whole area comparable.
    Any advice?
  • I can't really answer your specific question, but I can comment on the fact they are slim pickin's! ;)

    I live in the SE Region as well and my local Toyota dealership didn't have a single HL on the lot. While searching for what I wanted through the SE Region inventory, the availibility of HL's were very limited. I've also noticed the SE dealers getting closer to MSRP on their HL's than other regions ... supply and demand.
  • Just picked up my new blizzard pearl 08 HH Lmtd with NAV. The MSRP was $46015 and I paid $41900. I purchased the vehicle over the phone on Dec. 31 with a $200 deposit from my debit card. The vehicle was one that the dealer had coming, so it arrived quickly. I live 200 miles from the dealership, he drove to my house and drove me back to the dealership to pick up my new HH Lmt. Even gave me a cargo net. Very satisfied with the whole experience. I live in Wisconsin and it is too cold to explore all the features of my new hybrid.
  • I got a quote on 08 Highlander sports 4X4, from Houston, TX. Added options include EH ( cold weather package), EJ , FE, QC, QR, L4 ( Leather, 3rd row, liquicell comfort technology, power lumbar support), carpet floor mats. The price quoted was 33,900 ( does not include TT&L). Is this a good price?
  • gowvugowvu Posts: 3
    Hi all,
    I got a quote for a 2008 Highlander Sport today; I was wondering if anyone could let me know if it is a good one to go ahead with...
    I am from houston, tx
    the vehicle has:
    1. EJ: JBL audio upgrade
    2. QC: FR Dual Climate Control
    3. QR: Rear auto climate control
    4. SR: Sunroof
    5. CF: Carpet floormats
    6. Third Row seats

    31,495 + taxes (non leather)
    32,595 + taxes (leather)

    Can anyone pls comment; I greatly appreciate your feedback
  • Is it for 4x4 or 4X2? The lowest quote I got for Sports 4x4, EJ, EH, TO, QC, QR, and with Leathers was 33,600 plus TTL. I'm still waiting/working on quotes from other dealers.
  • Th best way to give you feedback on your deal is to let us know how much you're paying in relation to the factory invoice. If you don't have that, at the very least, give us the full MSRP, then let us know what you were quoted.

    Depending on your market, of course, a Sport is typically a $250- $500 over invoice unit. Shoot for that and you've got a good deal.
  • gowvugowvu Posts: 3
    this quote was for a 4 X 2 sports model; looks like you got a better quote for a 4 x 4 as the MSRP goes up by more than 2000$ for the 4X4 when compared to the 4X2;
  • I live in an area where we get only moderate snow and don't feel it necessary to buy the 4 x 4 for functional purposes. Inclined to get it anyway for resale purposes however,as the price difference is not exorbitant. Any advice? Can I get a better deal on the 4 x 2 in any event?
  • gowvugowvu Posts: 3
    I dont know much about the resale value for a 4X4 over a 4X2; if a 4X4 fetches a better resale value, then I think you have a good deal; if not, then you can definitely get another option installed in the vehicle for the extra money if you go for a 4X2 instead of a 4X4

    i spoke to the dealer again today regarding my invoice on the HL 4X2 sport, and he tells me that the best he can offer is $700 over the invoice; i am seriously considering this; no one else has given me such a deal so far
  • Iam in the process of getting the Limited without Nav and Dvd. Best price so far 35.5. Good Deal? Or find lower? SO APPRECIATE THE INPUT!
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    we don't need your spam here, go away.
  • :shades: I got offer for a pretty much loaded 4WD sports HL, $35400, it comes with leather, sunroof, Navagation, JBL, remote start , towing, cold package. Is this a good deal, price does not include Tax and license.
  • The $35,400 was quoted for $400 above invoice, ( invoice was about $35000) should I go for it. I am in the Northwest region. thanks
  • Well, considering I just paid $35k for my 4x2 that has everything yours does EXECPT remote start, I'd say go for it! ;)
  • ekkiekki Posts: 4
    Was in the same position as you sonysw. Was going to buy the Lexus and decided at the last minute to see the highlander in order to rule it out. However, the interior was far nicer and updated than the lexus was ... and i opted for the H Limited with Nav with some extra options for exactly the same quote you got. 36,324. $500 over invoice.

    I was quoted 46,200 for the Hybrid, but the limited gain in miles wasn't worth the price difernce. I opted for the non Hybrid Toyota over the Lexus RX happily.
  • Thanks for your input, by the way, it also comes with remote engine start too. I think I should go for it, will post my experience after purchase.
  • Depends on what options you have got on the vehicle? Otherwise $35,000 invoice price for Sports 4x4 is high. Did you check in KBB or is that what the dealer showed it to you?
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    A dealership close to my home is offering zero percent financing on 08 Highlanders and Siennas for 48 months. Is this something all Toyota dealers are offering?
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