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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • He should have never told you 8 weeks. I was told 12 to 14 weeks to get mine. Loaded AWD Limited with the Towing Package. I probably won't see mine till March. If another Dealership had the exact one you wanted, he should have easily been able to get it from them. Something doesn't sound right. Before you back out, make sure you can get the one you want somewhere else. If not, you might be starting all over again from scratch. One thing about it, I feel the 2008 Highlander is worth waiting for! ;)
  • my highlander was 41108 including TTL, 4wd, in dash nav, power rear door spoiler,, mats, remote starter, rear ac. the side molding was included originally but my dealer said toyota don't include them anymore. this price includes the rear dvd entertainemnt also, but since it's so freaking hard to get this package, i poted to have an aftermarket install 10 inch dvd which will be done through a dealer affiliated party so warranties on the car won't be affected. the dealer promised(again) that with in 2 weeks the car will be here. Originally I won't settle for an aftermarket installation of the dvd, partly because there is no auxillary jacks in the third row seats, so if the kids play their gaming console the wires will have to dangle from the dvd down to the rear seats. but i'm so tired of waiting, i just wanna have my highlander asap.
  • i feel the same way too, that's why i'm sticking with the highlander, eventhough my thoughts are with the mdx too.regarding on "backing out" i have the best of both worlds now, old dealer is still looking for that car, 'coz i didnt backed out yet, then i have other dealers looking to please me and trying hard to earn my business. by loooking for the car with options, eventhough i'm not even in contract with 'em yet.
  • 2inc2inc Posts: 4
    Base model with 3th row seat. I had a quote for $26,400.00 OTD at Longo in El Monte, CA. Tax rate is 8.25%
  • jaberjaber Posts: 10
    I forgot I have heated seats and the tow prep package too, so add those on the items below for that price.

    I got it for 38,995 (without TTL) for 4wd, limited, navi, dvd, auto rear hatch, rear ac, back spoiler, mats, and I think that was it. I was happy with it, as it sounds like they are in short supply. I have had dealers try to sell me portable navis, but dont't do it. The integrated navi is really sweet.
  • jaberjaber Posts: 10
    does anyone know how to make the radio screen stay on, on the NAvi, as it always goes to the Map screen after a minute or so.
  • City Toyota (Daly City, ca)
    $37k (excl. tax and lic)

    no DVD but pretty much everything else

    heated seats
    running boards
    toyota nav
    pwr hatch
    keyless entry
    rear spoiler
    Tow pkg
    9 spkr stereo
    mag grey

    Was hoping for better mileage but overall liking the car after 350miles
  • I am looking at purchasing a similar HL (except in 2WD).
    Would you mind sharing the MSRP and TMV if you have it.
  • I am looking at a 2008 Highlander Limited, AWD, Magnetic Grey with the following options:

    EJ: JBL Radio
    FE: 50 State Emissions
    QR: CFC free rear auto climate
    RF: Rear spoiler
    HD: Heated seats
    SR: Sunroof
    TO: Tow package
    3T: Roof rails
    WL: Wheel locks
    DK: ?????? (not sure...code given to me by dealership)

    MSRP: $38,470.00
    Invoice: $33,903.00 (w/o DK option)
    Dealer Price: $35,017.00 (first offer by dealer...does not include tax, tags, or pf)

    Basically this is an AWD limited without NAV and DVD. When I asked how much they could improve on the price the response was they would look at it but the pricing given out by the internet department is very aggressive. I was initially set at offering $34,000.00 for the vehicle with little flexibility but do you think that is too aggressive on my part? I still have a few months until I absolutely need the bigger vehicle so I figured I would go aggressive and see if I could get a "deal" at the end of the year. What do you think?
  • My Highlander is on its way. Santa hopes to have everything wrapped up be christmas.
    Dealer has mine coming out of Okaohma. Mine will be the first limited with the towing packgae,
    awd and th navigation system Around :D these parrts
  • Mine was a loaded AWD Limited with Nav. and the towing package for $39,700. (MSRP $41,794.00) (TS,SF,XM,CT,DG,R1,QR,NV,PB,HD,SR, RF) A good rule of thumb is to take the MSRP and subtract $2,000. and be ready to walk away if they don't take it. You can get a few hundred more off on the Base and Sport Models. I negotiated with three different Dealerships over 150 mile area for about 6 weeks. I walked away three different times, the last time saved me $400. The new Highlanders are too Hot right now to get a real good deal. They are selling like Hot Cakes. About $1800 to $2000 off of sticker is the best you can get on a loaded Limited. Alot of people are paying $1000. off of sticker and never blinking an eye. Good Luck! ;)
    If they can't locate the one you want with all of your options, be ready to wait about 12 weeks to order one. I lucked out, I live in Louisiana, but they found mine in Oklahoma.
  • Hey man! I'm getting mine too, tuesday next week. My dealer called me up friday 12-7 that it has finally arrived. Fully Loaded 4X4 limited BLACK. final price$ 40965 including TTL. By the way I settled for the after market install of the rear DVD system, the 9 inch screen got upgraded to 10in. actually it's being installed right now over at AMS as I'm writing this. I've settled for this, beacause it's just do darn hard to get this trim and all the specifications that I wanted(9 wks of waiting). I can't wait to get the car on tuesday and enjoy my new ride.
  • vt256vt256 Posts: 11
    I'm looking for Limted with Nav minus DVD as well. Do you mind sharing the offer they gave you?
  • two pieces of advice i received before buying my highlander that were very helpful:

    1. Call the "internet sales dept" of your local dealer. Mine quoted within $50 of the cars direct instant web quote (coincidence?) and were very low pressure. No sales pitch no nonsense...conversation all based on fact. Everything negotiated over phone. Actual car purchase took 30 minutes of paperwork and no additional sales pitches or last minute surprises.

    2. Try Cars direct: They had very competitive pricing, low pressure sales people and they deliver to your door for "free". I would have bought from them but the dealer nearby had the car I wanted in stock for the same price.
  • Brianm4
    todays MSRP from cars direct is $42,147 (though it might change over time..looks like the price quote did)

    don't know the TMV but should be easy to figure out with the options i listed (forgot to include rear auto AC)
  • oops..actually MSRP=$41,618. Don't have remote engine start (just keyless entry and engine start)
  • vt256vt256 Posts: 11
    thanks brain2 for advice. already got quotes from Cars Direct for Limited w/ Nav minus DVD in PA though. They couldn't help with delivery. Prices with this config in PA was more than fully loaded Lim in NJ so does not make sense.

    what's the best price out there for Lim w/ Nav minus DVD? (read 39K somewhere)?
  • apaoneapaone Posts: 18
    You should be able to do better than $39k for Ltd with Nav minus DVD. In MA a dealer's first offer to me for a Ltd with both NAV and DVD was for $38k. The configuration you are looking for is not available in MA (unfortunately b/c that is my preferred package), but depending upon the options I would think you could get it for around $37k.
  • apaoneapaone Posts: 18
    $97 over invoice for a Ltd will probably not even get you a call back from the dealership. If you get it for this price, congrats. If not, a more realistic aggressive price is probably around $500 over invoice. Good luck.
  • Bought mine just before thanksgiving for $37,000.00 (not incl tax & lic.)

    Original dealer offer (through internet sales dept) was $37,200.00
  • bobecbobec Posts: 1
    I am looking in the Washington DC area for a Limited 4X2. Would you mind sharing any positive/negative experiences with dealerships in the area and which dealership gave you the financing deal?
  • My wife and I are just beginning our process of investigating our new vehicle so we're checking on several different ones. An interesting note that I'm rather displeased with is this $750 Admin fee. Is this something that is commonly waived if I push hard?

    Any info is greatly appreciated!
  • Here you go: press info button, touch "screen setting", select "OFF" for the first item (automatic transition from audio to navigation, etc.) and you're all set.

    A Salesman at Naperville Toyota, Naperville, IL
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    "My wife and I are just beginning our process of investigating our new vehicle so we're checking on several different ones. An interesting note that I'm rather displeased with is this $750 Admin fee. Is this something that is commonly waived if I push hard? "

    the set admin fee (southeast toyota) cannot be waived. it is charged only to the dealer invoice, so its takes 750 away from the dealer, but doesn't add to the sticker. from the sounds of things, you can't get these at invoice anyway so you shouldn't worry too much about it.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    "Is it realistic to think I can get a hybrid with all options I want at a reasonable price? "

    the market place is what determines price, and right now HH are selling at sticker or above cause of the demand. if you don't want to pay that price, the guy behind you will, so there is no reason for the dealers to come of list price (msrp).

    right now a reasonable price is stickers, and if the dealer wants more than that, then they are just being greedy. just find one who wont charge over sticker and get your car.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    "Initially, they were interested in a base Highlander 4wd. We went to a this dealer and at first they quoted 29,xxx. After researching for a night, I had an idea of what to ask for. I asked for their invoice and it showed $28177 with options. The sales manager threw out28,500, 28,600 but we refused. Eventually, it went down to 28,000. I thought initially, WTH, its 177$ under their invoice until I read up on "Dealer holdback", "TDA", and "Whsl. Financial Reserve". My question is when people says a good price is (invoice + $500), is it the $28177 that they give you? Or is it their (invoice - dealer holdback). What about Wholesale Financial Reserve, is it just another scam for their profit? Any input is greatly appreciate because we HAVE to buy it tomorrow and I want to get the best price for my parents( they don't understand english very well). Thanks

    EDIT: I've been reading alot tonight about "dealer holdback". If they get the money back from the manufactured AND is STILL charging us, wouldn't they make double? IE Dealer holdback on my invoice was $575. So they would be making $1150 on that alone? "

    first of all, profit is not a dirty 4 letter word. anyone selling something is entitled to try to make profit. holdback comes from the manufacturer to the dealer for selling cars. if the holdback is 575, then the dealer gets 575 when they sell the car (from toyota), but its not double. dealers know what the holdback is on each car, but so what. right now, the 08 highlanders are selling very well, and if dealers are selling them at 1000-2000 above invoice, then that is what they will continue to sell for untill the demand cools off some.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    "which begs another question - why won't they deal more ? "

    b/c the cars are hard to find, and they want to make as much as they can right now. kinda like when the wii came out and people sold them on ebay for 2x what the retail price was. as long as consumers are willing the pay the going price, and demand is higher than supply, the price will stay high. its basic economics.
  • ekkiekki Posts: 4
    I just reserved a Limited with Nav minus DVD for $500.00 over invoice. I didn't try to get lower than $500.

    FYI:There is an option Toyota offers for $1295 (or upgraded to $1595) for a rear DVD player that is mounted within each headrest. This price includes 2 wireless headphones. I was very happy knowing this is an option for the future. Toyota can order and install within 5 days of request.

    Good luck! :)
  • Congrats!

    Just started the hunt myself for a Limited w/o DVD.

    Was this $500 over Edmunds listed invoice, or the dealer's invoice (as far as I can tell, the dealer invoice often includes advertising fee's, DFA's, gas etc which bump it up another $500-750).

  • I had posted about a month ago how I had purchased a highlander after requesting quotes online through Toyota Websites. Brief history. I was given a price & excepted their offer and put down my credit card # to hold it. The car was shipped in & they installed an aftermarket DVD player & said the car was ready to pick up. I was then called & basically told the price on the car went up $3,000 because of their mistake. I just got finished w/the BBB process, and in my opinion it was a waste of time. They basically took feedback from both sides and just closed the complaint w/out making a decision or recommending a solution.
    The final statement the dealer said this..."We have tried to resolve this issue with Mr. ...... with concessions on Price and stated all the facts honestly. We are sorry that Mr. ........ still feels he was harmed in some way that would justify his demands. Unfortunately some people feel that an honest mistake by someone should be capitalized on. Mr. ....... did say he knew the price was a mistake to XXXX and XXXXX. We withdraw our offer to sell Mr. ........ a vehicle at any price and prefer not to do any business with him. I believe our conversations with Mr. ........ have all been clearly stated and I can not add any more to this.
    We never entered into a contract of any kind with Mr. ........and never deposited any money towards a vehicle purchase for Mr. ........

    So BEWARE if you deal with these sellers. Most transactions I'm sure go smooth. I had most of our negotiating done via emails and had put the credit card down & it still was something the dealer could back out of. They offered a few hundred off the high price and expected me to lunge at the new offer. "My Demands" were to just get the car at the price we had agreed to. They are making false claims that I admitted to them that I knew they made a mistake. I hope some of you learn from my situation.

    On a side note, the dealership is Lakeland Toyota in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

    I'm now thinking of waiting for the 2009 Pilot to come out....

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