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Pontiac GTO



  • I remember there were plenty of 'kits' to defeat the skip shift programming, but any good Vette mechanic can clip one wire and it's done is my understanding. Gotta find someone outside a GM dealership as they can lose their certification for doing this on a car still under warranty. Anyway, that's what I plan to do if I EVER GET MY CAR!!!!! Anybody on the message board know of a silver/red six speed on a dealer lot unsold? Finders' fee paid if it leads to purchase. No trade, will pay MSRP. THanks.
  • obiwanobiwan Posts: 57
    With the skip shift, you can clip a wire but you get the SES light. The proper way is to put a 2.2K ohm resistor in the end of the plug that goes into the tranny. That way, the computer thinks it's still plugged in. Several companies make a harness that plugs between the tranny and the wire that goes into the tranny. It's $20 or $30 but it eliminates the skip shift while letting the computer think it's hooked up.

    As far as pictures, they're on a picture hosting site. Can I post links directly to the pictures?
  • czkf1czkf1 Posts: 17
    Also, do the headlights stay on during the day, when driving? I have rented some GM cars that do that, it's very annoying.

    Is there a real spare tire or one of those space saver tires in the trunk?

    I am just trying to access, whether, I should run down to the Pontiac dealer.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Yes you can link to a picture hosting site as long as there are no forums and as long as the photos are not access limited for copyright reasons...and of course if the pictures are tasteful and not meat locker material.
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    What specifically do you mean by "no interior accessable door locks"?

    Just a guess but at only 7 cu ft of trunk space, I'd have to believe its a space saver spare.

    Daytime running lamps are standard on most if not all GM vehicles- GTO no exception.

    Curious- When your driving the car you cant tell the DRL's are on. So, how is that annoying?
  • czkf1czkf1 Posts: 17
    The reason I asked about the space saver tire, is I heard of one new car, that had no spare.

    The Four-Speed Automatic Transmission GTO has PN 12497318 4L60E, which, according the GM Goodwrench can only handle no more than 370 lb-ft of gross engine torque. This means more transmission upgrades, than normal for a supercharger on the auto GTO.

    GM Goodwrench lists the PN 24221888 4L65-E Automatic Transmission for the power of the LS6-405 HP Corvette engines (induction hardened turbine input shafts, larger intermediate servo, an additional three-four clutch plate). I wonder how much this transmission costs or whether there will be a GM upgrade kit?

  • czkf1czkf1 Posts: 17
    I saw post on the new GTO, somewhere, that there were no interior switches for the door locks, very odd.

  • In the GTO brochure, there is a power lock switch and manual door lock buttons visable on the door.

    The big Pontiac dealer in New England is Paul Masse in Rhode Island. shows a Silver/Red/Manual in their inventory. He uses a pricing program, so it shows MSRP and dealer invoice cost, so not sure if they are above MSRP. They show 4 cars.
  • What the hell is "skip shift", and why?
  • Finding a deck lid the right color with the correct key lock and getting it installed corectly costs a lot more than l4 dollars for the lights. Also, when you go to sell the car you simply remove the lights and put the silly wing back on. It seems to me that it is the easiest and cheapest way to deal with the problem.
  • obiwanobiwan Posts: 57
    The server gets overloaded sometimes so the pictures might not come up. Check back later and they come back up.

    Here's a few of it coming off the car carrier

    Of course, it had a dead battery...

    Here's some detail shots:
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 20,456
    that blocks out third gear during upshifts at low rpms. Apparently this increases gas mileage during EPA test cycles.

    Naturally the logic of the test differs from real world driving where the 3-4 shift can be made simply by keeping the throttle down and revs up which will (you guessed it) burn more fuel.

    Now you know where the phrase "close enough for government work" comes from. :^)

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    A NEW GTO went on the block @ the B-J auction last night. It did not stir up much excitment and only went for about 3k over MSRP. This was a brand new vehicle that a dealer probably thought he'd make a killing on. The car had a ADM ( sucker sticker ) of 6K still on the window. Brock Yeats doing the commentary did not have a MUCH good to say about the GTO except it has a great power train but misses the "spirit" of the REAL GTO's of the past! By the time the seller paid the auction commission and associated costs of getting the thing to the auction (Arizona)they probably netted below MSRP. A local dealer (Florida) has several in stock and will take MSRP for them. Could the GTO be shaping up to be another T_bird and Crossfire fiasco ? It'll be interesting to see how they hold up in price in a year or two.

    Kinda funny, Yeats said he doubted that anyone would ever write a song about the current ones ala the Beach Boys LOL !

    HUD :(:(
  • The skip shift function does NOT lock out third on an upshift. It locks out 2nd forcing you to shift from 1st to 4th when you're expecting to shift into 2nd. Luckily the LS1 has ample torque to allow the 1st-4th shift to pull OK. The function only applies itself when you are launching conservatively and intend to shift into 2nd around 1200-1500 RPMs. Otherwise wind out 1st just a little more then needed and you'd never know the skipt shift existed.

    It rarely applies itself in my 02 Formula yet I still can achieve 29 MPG on the highway. Incredible economy for a large V-8 with 3.42 posi gearing.

    Can't wait to test drive a new GTO!!
  • obiwanobiwan Posts: 57
    By the way, the song "Little GTO" was by Ronnie and the Daytonas. They sound a lot like the Beach Boys but there were several bands like that in the 60's.

    After driving the car, I can say that it is inspring to drive. Brock, like most old farts, is just stuck in the 60's.
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    The buyer pays the auction fee. So if they bid $3k over sticker, they will actually pay a lot more than that. I'm not sure what that has to do with the desirability of the car, though. Why would anyone bid up on a new car that they could just go to a dealer and get? Barrett Jackson might get exciting at times, but the bidders aren't idiots. I doubt any exciting new car that was already in showrooms would get a bid much over what you could just go and buy it for down the street.
  • Well, with a 69 Z28 going for over $100k, anything is possible at an auction, and the B-J guys are good. I don't care if it WAS a cross ram, 4 wheel disc car, that has to be a record for a 69 F-body. And lots of 55-58 Chevies going for $100k as well. If only we knew then what we know now.....
  • avs007avs007 Posts: 100
    I had my hopes set for buying a GTO. My Mustang Cobra friend convinced me that I didn't need to place an early order, because his Cobra was more limited, and widely available at the local dealership.

    So now, it appears that the local dealers here, are only allocated 1 or 2 GTO's, and they are all sold already. Can't even go on a test drive until mid year?

    I don't mind the price, I thought it was fine. Now, I know people already ranted about the lack of a moon-roof, etc. However, I currently have a 98 GTP coupe, which has a moon-roof, dual zone climate control, etc. I looked at a new GTP Comp G, which also has stability control, and side airbags.

    That was really the deal breaker for me. I didn't understand how a car that is a step up from the GTP could have less content. Granted, th LS1 is probably worth it :D However, I ended up buying a loaded G35 Coupe. With the gas guzzler tax on the auto GTO, and the ADP that local dealers are talking about, it ended up being relativeley close in price. I know it won't quite perform like the GTO, but its still a major upgrade from my GTP.

    It sucks to be torn between two cars you love so much. Since I kept the GTP, I can always look at the front, and pretend its a GTO :)

    (Hey ruski, what year is your TLS? I got the wife an 03, and was wondering if I have the same tranny issues...)
  • czkf1czkf1 Posts: 17

    The website is a little kludgy, once the first set of dealers with your zip code come up, then clear the zip code, enter a city and state, this will allow a larger search area.

    There are quite a few cars available, just need to drive a few miles.

  • czkf1czkf1 Posts: 17
    The lock mechanism can be swapped to the new deck lid, very easily. The new decklid can be painted by a body shop and color matched to the old decklid.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    my TLS is 2002. Tell her to hold the steering wheel with both hands at all times. Honda thinks (again) that they have fixed the problem, but who knows.
  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    Anyone able to buy for less than MSRP yet?
    I read elsewhere than one was sold for $500 under MSRP... anyone else able to do this yet?
  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    Anyone else heard these rumors?
    Salesman at my local dealership said he heard they may increase the hp for the 2005 to 405hp... only way this would happen is if they switch to the same LS2 that the 2005 'Vette will get. (Personally I doubt this will happen... I'm sure the LS2 will be "reserved" for the 'Vette for the first couple of years.)
    He also mentioned the possibility of a convertible for 2006??? That's the first I've ever heard THAT! Anyone else heard this?? (Where would the top retract to? That space (in the trunk) is already taken by the gas tank!
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 20,456
    but I don't think in '06. Probably when the total redesign arrives ca. '07. A ragtop is needed to compete with the new Mustang IMO.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • Why bother with this thing?
  • czkf1czkf1 Posts: 17
    Getting into the car is difficult, I am 73" tall, one needs to duck the edge of the roof, not to bang their head. I can feel my hair, just touching the headliner, when seated in the lowest position. The Holden designers must be short.

    The seats, both front and back are very comfortable. Getting into the back seat is an experience, one must wait for the seat motor, to slowly move the seat forward. The trick is to get in feet last, get out feet first.

    The steering wheel tilt/telescopic is like an Audi. The interior shape is very similar to a late model mustang, but nicer. The parking brake has what looks like a Firebird/70s handle.

    Visibility, inside appears to be good.

    The control on the door, where window controls or door locks normally go, is only for controlling the side mirrors. The window controls are in the center console. The door locks are activated by the remote, putting the car in gear or if the doors are shut and one pulls up on the physical lock, a switch activates the solenoids for both doors. There are no other access controls to the door locks.

    The trunk release is inside the tiny glove box, must be just for gloves. The gas release, I think, was on the dash or center console. The truck is even smaller than I imagined. The spoiler is attached to the rear deck lid, with four T-bolts, about 1/4inch diameter. I forgot to check the spare.

    The engine compartment is just big enough to work on the motor, better than a firebird or camaro, but not as good as a mustang. Those funky GTO covers, over the valve covers, appear to be covers for the ignition coils & injectors.

    It does have a real mechanical throttle cable connection, instead of the mickey mouse electronic "drive by wire" system, that so many new cars have, these days, where the driver is isolated from the engine, by a computer, with slow & delayed response.

    All in all, it's pretty nice, but why is it so long on the outside, with so little space on the inside???

    Also the dealer had a stupid DAP sticker with $9900 markup over MSRP, how ridiculous, no reasonable person will pay over MSRP. The dealer says they will get 5 cars total,

  • czkf1czkf1 Posts: 17
    The 2004 GTO auto & E55 has about the same outside dimensions, same weight, same Horsepower and similar performance.

    2004 GTO auto
    Pro - new, cheap to maintain and modify, has warranty. Not flashy, inconspicuous

    2004 GTO auto
    Con - very small trunk, only two doors, harder to get into. bad freeway gas mileage, only four speed automatic

    1999 E55
    Pro - has four doors, over twice the trunk size, easier to get into. has five speed automatic, ok freeway mileage.

    1999 E55
    Con - expensive to maintain and modify, flashy, pretentious, used, no warranty
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 20,456

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Still waiting to see a new GTO in PDX. Nothing showing in inventories here, dealer I'm most familiar with keeps seeing his delivery dates push week by week. Did find 2 (Black & Purple) in the Seattle area. PDX Auto Show in less than 2 weeks so I hope they can get one in or the shows going to be a bust.
    Latest issue of AMI Auto World has article on the GTO. Did a side bar comparo to the Mustang - 2004 SVT Cobra to be up to equivalent performance.
    The Mustang is supercharged and (est) to be 0.3sec faster to 60mph than the GTO... but it runs $2500 MORE than the GTO. I expect the new Stang will likely cost as much, once Ford offers the SVT Cobra in the new skin.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    dictates that prices will drop after the initial excitement dies down AND there will be a new hook the next year. The prices will drop. The hook will be the 400 HP 6.0 vette engine. With the demise of the vette 5.7 (and no other GM applications for this engine) GM will not continue the 5.7 line just for the GTO. The wisdom: next year a much faster car probably cheaper and maybe HUD,sun roof, or a real automatic (5-speed). I'll wait it out.
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