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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • He Bobcat bob,

    I guess I better buy an Xterra now before they make it look like that ugly new Frontier..... the supercharger would be great... but realize you need to feed it premium grade and you will get about a 10% reduction in gas mileage!.........I still wonder if the new Frontier is selling my eye, it's has a bit of Aztek in it's blood...
  • So when will the '02 models hit the market. I was planning on buying Monday but given that the new engine will be stronger, maybe I should wait a month or two.
  • Does anyone know if there are any rebates or incentives for the X? I was looking at a Nissan dealer web site and they had a blurb about "up to $1500 cash back..." but I didn't see anything like that on the Nissan site or here at Edmunds.
  • I'm planning on buying an XE Xterra in the next several months and have been doing some research. I heard an interesting story from a relative of a friend of mine that works at a local Nissan dealership. He quoted me a price of 25k for a 4x4 V6 XE automatic without packages, saying the MSRP is 26k. This didn't seem right to me because every price I've seen has been much much lower, even Nissan's site says the MSRP would be 23k. I thought perhaps he gave me a quote for an SE which would be about right but he said no that was for the XE and says lots of their customers get upset with them because they have researched the same prices I have. Has anyone else encountered this?
  • Whats the best ite to find quality X addon's? I read above about the Viper alarm and I'm also interested in getting a bike carrier for my bikes.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    There was a thread on another board a few weeks ago, you got the list of '02 X updates right.. the news came from a guy working at the plant. But I'm having too much fun with my old :) X, that I can't imagine waiting for the newer model. Besides, the X, likes everything else, will always have the slightly more improved model down the road.. you could wait forever thinking you want the newest, you just have to jump out and buy at some point.

    As far as add-ons.. ( the other fun part of the X ) You can always start at (my fav. ) or , depending where you live. ( distance and shipping ) After that, I've got a few local car shops that get the rest that I want. I've added a bit to mine.. you can see some of it at in my album or now I'm starting a small site at ( but its not complete.

  • I leave for awhile and the site changes. I DO NOT like the changes. I use to beable to type in Xterra and get the postings for "just" the Xterra. Now I type in Xterra and I get a whole bunch of crap, from Subarus to pick-ups, what gives. If this is how the site is going to stay then I am not so sure this is where to be for info on the Xterra. Not pleased. :( I think XOC is better anyways.
  • The best price we had for a 01 x was $23,500 + tax. We bought a 01 XE with auto,4x4,utility and power, mud flaps, floor mats. a couple weeks back I posted Canadian Deals our X (just cleared customs yesterday) was bought for $21,000 (U.S.) no down payment and dash switch and importing included. all we had to do was pay NY sales tax and registration fees @$1,800. We bought at Autoline Nissan in Niagra Falls Canada it was pain free and as I said before would recomend to any one close enough to make the trip worth while.

    xcanuk Is the engine block heater, floor mats and mud flaps just a canadian package? They were listed as options at U.S. dealers and here at edmunds. Is there a site for canadian invoice pricing? I have not been able to find any and the straight exchange rate does not work.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    For more information about Canadian prices and set ups.. you can start here: You can get prices and equipement listings etc. Or go over the the Canadian Nissan site.

    We Canadians were on the short side of the stick, we had only "one" X for 2000.. which was more or less an XE 3 pak 4x4, -the fogs, but + block heater, Cdn Flaps, matts, Low Washer fluid light, daylight running lights, and a few other odd things.. like a winter package.. heavier battery etc ( not sure ) No options, unless you wanted to pay extra for rims from a PF since we only got steel wheels. The only thing we got to pick was colour & tranny. We had one and only one price to deal with.

    This year 01, we have both XE & SE, both 4x4's only, and I think there still are no packages, but we get more than what is included in your XE 3 pak again.

  • what is that cut down tray in your pics??
  • Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on getting a better horn for the 2001 Xterra?

    And is the replacement/installation easy?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    In quest for more space and useable storage, I realized the pass seat is a good place, but hard to get at. I recycled to top tool tray from a plastic tool box I had around, cut off the top part that held the handle, and voila.. one instant drawer with easy access. I keep my traction aids in there, which is perfect since the tray is plastic.
    The easiest and cheepest way to improve the horn, is to add another high tone Fiamm ( same make as the original, but the original is low tone ) maybe $15.00 or so. Install is realatively easy, unplug the existing one, either splice into the existing wire, or make a fork with electric connectors.. Connect the wire(s) to the horn(s). There is only one wire to play with, the ground is made with the horns. If you don't want to play with modifying brackets, the second horn fits nicely lower down, almost at the bottom of the rad on the right (pass.) side. Just a matter of pulling out the bolt and installing the bracket that comes with the new horn. One note.. pick the location of the new horn first.. so you know how much wire you need.
  • well, this time tomorrow I should have my 01 X SE....I can't wait. Now i just need to plan my first Xcursion...just fyi...I got a decent deal...the SE cost me a little more than I had planned because the X I choose also had the tow hitch and the auto-dimming mirror. The total for the SE 4x4, auto, mats, splash guards, tow hitch, microfilter came to $25700. Like I said a little more than I was planning but I decide I'd rather get the hitch now than have to do it later....

    can't wait.....
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Great.. good luck with it.. ( now you have to get the matching R/C)
  • I crashed my R/C plane after 5 seconds of glorious flight....maybe I could keep that one in working order a little longer...

    looking forward to fun in my X.....
  • shirl3shirl3 Posts: 2
    Has anyone seen the new gold rush color? What do you think?
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    My mom just bought an '01 SE, auto with about every option. She paid too much as usual, but she REALLY likes it.

    After 13 years of Chevy Blazers, she is boggled at the tight construction. :-)

    Hers is blue and it is one of the nicest colors I have seen on ANY vehicle.
  • just blue or denim blue??? i have a Just Blue and i love the color too!! not too many of them around..
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    It must be the denim blue. It is muted, almost a "colonial" blue. Definately not bright or dark.

    Sorry, hope that helps.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    Once you go black, you never go back.. but then again, black isn't a color is it ?
  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    So it turns out I get better city mileage than highway. Kinda amusing... though my hubby won't think so when he sees my credit card bill. I was only getting between 14.5 and 15.2 miles/gal. But I was also cruising between 71 and 76. Heck, when the speed limit up in MI is 70, you have to go over 75 in the right lane just to keep up! The X was great on the 6 hour trip up there and back though. It really is a better highway ride than I expected from a truck.

  • I saw a 00 Xterra used that was a beautiful color blue...I thought it was the Just Blue but wasn't sure...I was planning on getting that but then saw the demin blue and it was just a little too dark for me....wound up getting Red more or less because of the options on it but it's looks pretty good in yellow's to be found anywhere...
    It arrives tomorrow night!
  • I saw the Gold Rush color on a Frontier Crew Cab and liked it a lot. I assume it's the same color as on the X.

    I think the '00 color was Denim Blue only and the '01s are Just Blue and I forget the name of the other blue.
  • shirl3shirl3 Posts: 2
    Thanks silverxglider! My husband and I pick up our new gold rush SE on Friday and I was a little nervous about the color. I found a dealer website that has great photos of many of the colors including gold rush and now I am really excited about it.
  • I'm about to buy an X and was comparing XE and SE
    models, and the salesperson threw me a curve, regarding suspension. I was told that the SE and
    XE sport package include sport suspension. Is this
    true? I can't remember reading anything about this
    even though I must have 3 brochures at home. And, if so, what's the difference? I don't know that it will change my mind, but I was just curious. The other blue, by the way, is Mineral Blue and it's butt ugly. (at least that's what I think)
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Well, color certainly is a matter of opinion isn't it. :-)
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I haven't heard anyone mention different shocks or suspension between X's.. could the dealer be wrong...mmmm.. I thought salespeople were always right. BTW.. I'm still wonder about the heated mirrors my saleman promised me, along with the on the XE.. and the....
  • Now that's an option I really wish the Xterra had. There's nothing worse than trying to see if there's a car next to you through mirrors that are covered with ice. The worst is when you come out of the automatic car wash when it's freezing out and literally seeing the mirrors freeze over within seconds as you're looking through them. Happened to me one day. I had to look over my shoulder to make sure the coast was clear before pulling over to scrape the mirrors.
  • Well,that's what I thought, but she said it with such confidence, I started to wonder. Since I've been reading this board and researching the vehicle since at least June, I thought it was something I would've come across. The ride was definitely different though. Has anyone noticed a big difference in the ride between wheel sizes? Or could the SE have been over inflated? Just curious, I think I'll opt for the SE anyway and therefore won't get the choice.
  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    I wasn't sure about taking my X through an automatic wash. Does anyone have trouble with the auto washes (fitting in them, getting everything clean, etc)? I've been hand washing my X out in the cold, wearing rubber kitchen gloves to keep my hands from freezing. I had to buy a long handled brush to clean the top - I'm too short to reach everything, even when I stand on the side rails and hang over as far as I can reach. Any opinions on the occasional auto wash?

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