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Honda Odyssey Droning/Humming Noise



  • kris995kris995 Posts: 23
    Thought I'd post this because I found it interesting. A friend of mine who owns a car detail shop says that a good undercoating of the car can help with road noise. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Did't know if anyone had tried that or not....
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Can you please explain to some of us that does not know what undercoating means and where does it apply? What is the actual process and the cost (typically)? Thank you very much.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    Undercoating doesn't stick to plastic very likes steel. So, undercoating the wheel well liners where most of the tire noise radiates is a moot point.

    I am curious to know if anyone tried undercoating with an Ody & what the success rate is with reducing noise.
  • kris995kris995 Posts: 23
    All I know is what my friend told me. We live in Seattle, WA, and he said undercoating wasn't really necessary here because we don't salt the roads, unless we had road noise that was bothersome. It was his opinion that a new car shouldn't be experiencing road noise and therefore he said to save my money in regards to undercoating. I just thought of this "topic" and thought I'd post the road noise comment/info out of curiousity to see if anyone in a different state had tried the undercoating and found that it also reduced road noise. If you wanted more info you could call any car detail shop in your area. Most dealers offer this service as well but I know their prices are always higher than going elsewhere. ;)
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    I had a the "Check Fuel Cab" display on my LCD underneath the speedometer yesterday and it has been on since. I check the fuel cab and tighten several times, but the display did not go away. I read the Odyssey manual which states that it should go away within a couple of days, if it does not, then take it to your local dealership. I thought that was strange because something this simple should be a quick fix once the cab has been tighten. I have an '07 Honda Odyssey EX-L(Nav&Res). Has anyone run into this problem? If so, how did you resolved it? I am little concern. :( Thank you.
  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    I would not be concerned. I believe it takes several restarts to clear it. The computer does its little check list on start up, and once it passes several times it will clear the code and eventually it will go out. On a different car I had, the fix was to clean the rim of the filler tube. Some gunk had accumulated on the rim and I was not getting a good seal.
  • link title

    Looks like there is a class action law suit against Honda with the transmission failures.

    It's about time...a tranny failture on the highway can be dangerous. I know first hand...2003 Accord V6, 40k miles (bought new) failed uphill on I-78 in New Jersey, barely moved off the road in heavy truck traffic.

    Also, my 2000 Odyssey with 135k is on its 3rd transmission (all free replacements). Instead of putting another defective tranny in the cars, Honda should have sued their supplier & demanded an engineering solution to the problem.

    Now I'm dealing with the 2000rpm drone on my new '06 Odyssey. Some say I'm a glutton for punishment.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    That suit applies to older ('99 - '01 AFAIK) Odys.

    Our '05 EX-L is upto around 30k miles. No dronning so far. I guess my wife and I got the good one.....
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Do you ever drive it yourself because it does not occur for me until 2500 rpm.
  • fx,

    Does your Service Manager know this? We need to make sure they know the TSB A-pipe kit did not resolve the problem.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Do you ever drive it yourself because it does not occur for me until 2500 rpm."

    Yes. Quite often. All of which is immaterial since:

    a) my wife's ears are MUCH more sensitive than mine, and
    b) my wife would not hesitate to let me know if she felt the van was making any 'odd' noises.

    I report no droning in our Ody doesn't drone. Ody's without droning DO exist.
  • According to my Service Manager, most of the Odysseys on the road drone even the new '07s. When you know what to listen for the noise seems louder. Consider yourself extremely lucky - I'm still confused why Honda cannot fix the problem if some Odysseys don't drone.

    Our car drones at 60mph @ 2000rpm. The bypass we use everyday has a speed limit of 55mph so we drone all week long.

    My dealer has tried to fix ours since June '06 - 5 times. Engine mounts, A-pipe kits, hanger adjustments...still drones.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "When you know what to listen for the noise seems louder."


    If an owner must have a noise POINTED OUT TO THEM, is it really a problem in the first place?
  • milbymilby Posts: 7
    I drove an EXL last night wth the intention of buying it. The road noise on the freeway was very loud and high pitched. Sounded like tire noise vs. the droning I've read about--it was very quiet on a paved road. Does the freeway noise get better as the tires wear a bit??
  • skyhawkskyhawk Posts: 126
    I have the droning noise because my wife mentioned it. I barely noticed it. I worked with jets in the service and certain sounds no longer register. I checked with the service manager. He is aware that it exists on the Odyssey as he also drives one and assured me that no harm is being caused to the car. He did say that he will drive it when it is in for regular service to check it out. I told him that I have no interest in having parts changed to chase a sound that I can barely hear.
  • Does the freeway noise get better as the tires wear a bit??

    Ours didn't....13k miles. Make sure you know the droning noise is sometimes not apparent when the car is brand new.

    Our '06 ody started droning around 900 miles on the odometer.
  • I guess I should consider myself fortunate as my 06 Touring doesn't make a sound. Just turned over 4K miles.
  • I just posted on another thread but this looks like where the action is on this topic. We have an '05 Ody LX, 20K miles. the problem really has been there all along. I notice the low freq. vibration 40-70 mph. Worse in the 40-50 mph range when there is less wind noise in the vehicle. At that speed the rpm is low - in the 1500 rpm range.

    I think that Honda designed the transmission in this vehicle to shift up early and lock up whenever there is farily light-throttle. The result is that the engine lugs a bit and you get some resonance. I usually drive 75-80 on the freeway and it goes away at higher rpm/speed. It disappears with lift-throttle. so it is definitely a drivetrain problem. I suspect a different electronic profile for the tranny would be a fix at the expense of some fuel economy.

    I will ask about this A-pipe business, and the tranny mounts when I take it in. But i think the fix is somewhere else.
  • If you don't hear the 2000 rpm droning noise, don't touch it. Many people are complaining the Drone TSB (A-pipe) replacement made their car worse. You may want to have your engine mounts checked though. It is reported that many mounts have collapsed resulting in engine vibrations. This may only apply to the EX-L & Touring models with VCM. They have an electronic active-type engine mounts that is a Beta part & full of bugs.

    Here's a link: link title
  • I was cruising the Odyssey boards since I am planning to buy an 07 soon and saw this message about the droning issue. I had the same problem with my 2006 pilot and went through an exhaustive 6 weeks to get the noise removed and a full 3 months get the problem fixed. It started from the second day that I owned the car and I noticed it happened when the VCM system was engaging or disengaging. Long story short, they replaced the Active Noice Cancellation unit which was causing a reverb to resonate through the speaker system. Although the noise felt like it was coming from under the car, it was coming through the speakers. So the ANC unit was actually causing the noise although its function is to cancel noise. This is a known issue that Honda communicated to their dealers in Spring 06. Since I don't own an Odyssey, I am not sure if this is the same noise that everyone is talking. I am curious if it only affects the EX-L models and higher trims that have the VCM system. Any LX owners having the same droning noise??
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    LX + EX owners have the droning issue also. The noise is coming from the exhaust system, not the VCM or ANC unit. My EX-L drones at 2000rpm irrespective of the VCM. I am finished taking the car back to the dealer since Honda doesn't know how to fix it in the '05&'06's.

    The '07 has a new transmission and the shift points were changed. I test drove the '07 and didn't hear any droning. Also, I haven't heard anyone with the '07 complaining (funny not many people care about the drone in their '05 & '06's).
  • I had about 700 miles of hwy driving over the holiday in ou LX. Yup the droning is there. 2000 rpm to 2300 maybe the worst. At my preferred cruise speed closer to 80 mph it is less noticable - but likely there is just a bit more wind noise. Driving with a tail wind (quiter vehicle) it is most noticable.

    I am aware that the LX does not have ANC (active noise cancellation). I can't scroll back to the earlier messages here. is VCM the engine mount system (which I believe the LX does also NOT have).

    So which avenues fo repair did they explore blackexV6? remapped shift points are not likely to happen. Did your dealer acknowledge the noise?

  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503

    What year is your LX? I'm assuming it is an '05 or '06 because I haven't heard of any complaints on the '07.

    VCM is variable cylinder management (3cyl mode) on the EXL and Touring models.

    My car had 5 repair attempts with no significant change in the droning defect. We had engine mounts replaced, A-pipe replaced per TSB-050, B-pipe replaced, & several exhaust hanger mods & adjustments.

    Honda knows there is a droning noise in all '05 & '06 Odysseys and states "it is a normal operating characteristic of the vehicle". So...good luck in your fight. Keep taking the car back until they get tired of seeing you then go to another dealer.

    Not many people are willing to fight Honda on this problem + the '07's seem to be fixed w/the new transmission. That is why Honda is getting away with this defect, if nobody complains nothing will get done!
  • Yes I have an '05. We do have the hitch and tow package, but other than a transmission cooler, should be related to this. And we have done very little towing (pulled the 1,600# boat and trailer a lake 15 miles away 4 times?) I think the LX is a pretty good value without all the additional electronics of the EX and Touring. That Honda puts the same larger engine, tires, stability control, ABS on all trim lines appeals to me. Before purchase, I drove an '05 EX with the ANC and couldn't tell a difference in interior noise.

    I was not listening for the 2K drone at the time. Even if durability and longevity of the transmission is fine, it just bugs me when the vehicle would otherwise be more quiet at a very common speed range.

    As posted earlier, I would like it if the transmission wasn't quite as quick to shift up/lock up at 40mph as I think it lugs a bit. But likely the fuel economy would suffer.

    If it is just some harmonic resonance in the exhaust, intake system, etc it seems like Honda could be eliminated - new exhaust system??. I'll let you know what my dealer says.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "...(funny not many people care about the drone in their '05 & '06's)."

    Or, perhaps, not many people HAVE (or have noticed) a drone in their '05 and '06's.

    So far, there are over 160 posts in this Droning discussion. I wonder what % of these posts are from ONE individual?
  • I'm not into any Honda conspiracy theories. If it doesn't bother the next owner, that is fine with me. the internet is just a great place to connect with people with common interests or experiences/solutions.

    I looked at this site today:
    Some similar threads.

    I'm taking our Ody in on Monday. Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll let you know how I come out.
  • I have exl purchased 1/2/07. I haven't noticed in test drive, but now I am @ around 2k rpm. Visited service part today and heard they had one customer complaining this and have one part changed. I guess it's some kind of bar or pipe. Need to order from warehouse and will take some time to get this part.
    I really don't know whether all the ody has this problem (but they ignore/cannot notice it???) or just few samples including me. Very frustrating... :cry:
    Will this part replacement help??? I don't know based on all the postings here...
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    I'm sure you don't want to hear this...but you will have to live with the droning defect.

    I consider myself very well informed about the droning defect. My '06 EXL had 5 repair attempts from new engine mounts to A-pipe replacement & modified exhaust hangers. American Honda's official response is "the droning noise is a normal operating characteristic of all '05+ Odysseys".

    The only thing you can do is complain to your service manager & file a case with Honda Corporate. The more people that join the fight maybe we have 1/2 a chance.

    I'm surprised your '07 drones...your car has the shift points re-mapped with the new Pilot & Ridgeline transmission. What speed do you hear the drone? At 2000rpm your car is probably going 70mph...the '05 & '06's are at 60mph.

    You will also notice that only a few people are willing to fight...others are rolling over & living with the defect but not me.
  • I have 05 Oddysey with Nav. (20,000miles)
    I have a same problem and tired with this problem.
    I don't know how to fight this issue
    I just spread this problem with someone who interested in Honda Oddysey.
    I will never buy Honda again.
    This is what I can right now.
  • Everytime rpm crosses 2k rpm, it makes noises. In case of acceleration, it is instant, but in city drive, you will hear a lot since 2k is the rpm you hit a lot with frequent touch of accelerator. In freeway, I don't remember exactly but it makes noises around 60~70mph.
    I also noticed that idle engine noise is pretty annoying, too...
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