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Chevrolet Impala Transmission Problems



  • I have the exact same problem. My '07 Impala currently has 60,000 miles and this transmission/clutch problem started around 35k miles. The car does several random things. The car can be hot or cold, weather hot or cold and when stopped at a light and accelerating from the light, the RPMs will get up to around 2k before it 'pops' into gear and lurches forward. I have almost rear ended cars in front of me. And I don't even try to jump out into traffic any more because I never know if I'll have a car under me. I find that by pumping the accelerator several times, that it will cause the gears to engage. It also shutters at times, almost as if when driving a manual transmission you start out in 2nd gear instead of first. My local dealer can NEVER get these problems to duplicate, which in their opinion means it doesn't happen. They even suggested that maybe it was my driving style causing my traction control to engage and that was what I was feeling. No lights on the dash, no codes at the dealer, no duplication at the dealer. Has anybody found the answer yet?? Have had multiple other problems with this car from early on. Headlights flashing dim/bright; vibrating noise in front tweeter that goes away when turn signal turned on; bad gaskets on door; bad key fob - all defects eventually found and fixed at local dealer, but never right away.
  • Same problem here. Okay where should I start this car has way too many problems. When I just bought the car out of the dealer I felt it jerk like the week later it was just a couple times so I didn't panic. I called the "it's ok you have a warranty" so it didn't happen anymore for a while getting straight to the point transmission went out and a piece broke and I had metal all in the transmission 3400 to fix. Finally came up with the money then now 2 weeks later my car is acting up again still jerkin when I press on the gas if I'm at a stop then take off it will kick you can even hear the tires screech the road,battery dies quickly, and its having electrical problems so I have to take it back to the shop
  • I know its been a while.. But my problem was a bad Solenoid. I had all three replaced for about 768$, and my car has been running fine since. Every place I went told me i needed a new transmission but all that was nonsense. I hope you got that taken care of.
  • Hey I had the same issue on my 03 Chevy impala, it was a bad Solenoid. These things are common in this car. ZEvery shop told me I needed a new transmission, which was bull.. I got all of my solenoids replaced and my car has been fine since. That was in November of 08 I got it fixed.
  • Hey I had the same issue on my 03 Chevy impala, it was a bad Solenoid. These things are common in this car. ZEvery shop told me I needed a new transmission, which was bull.. I got all of my solenoids replaced and my car has been fine since. That was in November of 08 I got it fixed.
  • Hey I had the same issue on my 03 Chevy impala, it was a bad Solenoid. These things are common in this car. ZEvery shop told me I needed a new transmission, which was bull.. I got all of my solenoids replaced and my car has been fine since. That was in November of 08 I got it fixed.
  • Hey I had the same issue on my 03 Chevy impala, it was a bad Solenoid. These things are common in this car. ZEvery shop told me I needed a new transmission, which was bull.. I got all of my solenoids replaced and my car has been fine since. That was in November of 08 I got it fixed.
  • I am having the same problem on my 2006 LTZ. Did you ever find out the problem?

  • If you are referring to the strange issues I'm having when shifting into drive after backing up, no, the service bulletin did not fix my car. It was better and didn't do it as often, but it still does it. I now just backup slowly, wait 2 seconds, and shift into drive. I'm at a loss! The shift patterns of this transmission are horrible. When slowing down to go around a corner and then giving it gas, it hunts for the right gear. I hate this transmission!!!
  • I am referring to the problem with the initial accelleration, say from a stplight. Does this every once in a while. Cannot duplicate it at the dealer. I took it in for them to look at it and document transmission problems because 100,000 mile warranty is coming up soon. I would love to find out what's causing this problem of the transmission not catching.

  • I have the same problem with 06 LTZ. Did you ever find out what's wrong?
  • I have a 2000 Impala LS, When I first drive it the transmission runs great, cannot even feel the gear shifts. After it has been driven for a while it starts to get a real hard shift. On occasion when I am at a dead stop it will clunk into drive and on other occasions it will shudder from a dead stop. If I leave it for an hour or two it runs great again. I took it to Advance autos and they told me there was no codes Any Ideas anyone. Thanks Ed
  • mino73mino73 Posts: 1
    I have a 07 LTZ with the trans not catching... I have also taken to dealer and they said they could not get to do it... funny thing that after they had it and "found nothing" it doesn't do it as much, but still does it once in a while ....
  • I have a 02 impala ls that shifts hard after driving for about 90 min or so dont have clue what could be wrong
  • Well here it is 9 months later and my trannys on it last leg . The tranny is slipping in all gears and Im ready for it to go . Well the question is whats it gonna cost "ANY IDEA`S " . And then , do I spend the money that I really don`t have on it or trade it in . Yes , I still owe on it , bought it in 06 with 10,000 miles on it . Now it has 86,000 .Yea , that many miles and the tranny goes . Recall the stupid thing , tranny problems for all these years and do nothing GM , then we wonder why we get mad spending $20,000 for a car and 4 years a major defect ............whats next ?
  • My tranny started slipping 9 months ago . Now within the last month got alot worse , yesterday it felt like it was slipping in 2 gears . Took it in 4 months ago and no codes came up . How much did yours cost ? And what was it doing .........?
  • While stopped at a light, I pulled off with no problems, went approximately 15 feet and the engine began to revs as if I was in neutral. I coasted over to the right lane to analyze the problem. While in drive the car would not go any where! It would idle very high as if it's in neutral. It's doing the same thing in all the gears. WHATS' WRONG?
  • Hey, My 2006 LTZ transmission is slipping also. especially when the engine is cold, and taking off from a stop. I bought it certified and I have 84,000, but the transmission is covered to 100,000 miles. I brought it in once to the dealer, but they could not duplicate. Any hope in getting this fixed by the dealer? Do I keep bringing it in to document?
  • sorry to say but it sounds like your transmission is bad you have a blown tranny
  • I have the same problem with my 2007 Impala SS. From a rolling start, if you accelerate quickly, the trans will slip briefly & then "clunk" as it catches. Any luck finding out what the problem is?
  • After a lot of effort and persistence with the dealer I was able to demostrate that the transmission had a problem. I was right at the end of my Warranty, so I wasn't taking no as an answer. They pulled the transmission and found several issues, including a foreign body, metal shavings, and heat stress on the clutches. My '06 Implala only had 26,000 miles on it and the transmission was falling apart. They put in a new transmission, so they say, but I am now still having the same problems as before, such as the tranny slipping when shifting from Rev to Drive, and now pereodically from Drive to Rev. I am very methodical when shifting the gears to make sure I'm not still moving or doing anything to provoke the problem and it will slip regardless. The car is going back to the dealer next week and I won't take no for an answer. If you know there is a problem and you can prove it, then you have to be persistent or you'll get the run around, especially if the car is under warranty.
  • Well its not under warrenty , its got 85000 miles ,but this started 20 000 miles ago . GM shoud fix it cause this started in their Impalas in the early 2001 .
  • My impala started to do the same on friday, did you every find out the problem?
  • try sea foam trans tune if that does not clear up the problem then you need to get a new pressure solenoid to get that fixed it will cost up to $600.00
  • my 02 impala is leaking gas from a fuel line :confuse: thats behind the exhaust manifoold, i checked out the connector and it seems find. does any1 know what can be wrong? :sick:
  • Well, might as well add my friends 06' Impala ls 3.5.
    7 months ago, the power steering pump and pressure line gave out at 42K miles. Today 12-23-09, his Impala sits in his driveway with a blown tranny. Car only has 56,667 K miles on the clock. This is unheard of! I guess now we all know why GM shares are below 60 cents!
    I feel really bad for him because he took real good care of his car, I did all the maintaince work on it for the passed 3 years. Furthermore, he has always been patriotic with that "buy american, support american economy" nonsense. Too bad most people dont realize that Domestic vehicles are put together with outsourced garbage parts that are made in a 3rd world sweat shop with very poor quality control.
    It saddens me that America can make an airplane that is almost garanteed to be in service for 30 years (boeing 737) but cannot make a reliable automobile. My 96' nissan 240sx has 155K miles on the clock with all original parts (starter, alternator, TRANNY, POWER STEERING PUMP, ect) and it never skips a beat. On top of all this, GM had to get bailed out from us tax payers?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The government should have let them fail! Period!! It seems that their sole focus and quality enginerring is on all the behemouth suv's, trucks and cargo vans?? and even those are crappy with miss-aligned fenders and squeeking bushings after 2 years on the road.
    My friend has desided to head to the Nissan dealer and pick up a Quest. He says "I should have done this back in 06' when I purchased this Impala"
    Sorry for the long post, Im just venting here. Good luck to you all and I hope ya'll go after GM with a class-action law suit for selling garbage cars and trucks!
  • acnycacnyc Posts: 1
    I have the same exact problem on my 07 impala ss. I am the only owner, I live in nyc and I have 85000miles.The dealer replaced the transmission 2 days ago and it is still accuring. Something feels stuck. Do you have any wheel bearing problems? With 18 inch rims the hub bearings bust with a pebble in the road! I replace them as they bust. I have a feeling that the speed sensor associated with the bearings are causing communication problems with the tcm. I am not a mechanic but I have solved most of this cars problems because the dealer sucks! I have to tell them what to do! This is just a hunch. I will find out in a week.
  • sdanielsdaniel Posts: 7
    Hello, I love my Impala but recently it seems to be having some issues. The car has 261000 kms and hope to get 500000 out of her....

    The problem seems to be when speeding up onto a major highway from the onramp when I reach about 80km/hr on my way to 110km/hr it seems to have lost its will eventually get up to speed but it really seems to struggle...also on a couple of occasions when I go to pass someone and I am already doing 110km/hr it drops down a gear and hence seems to struggle again...

    The engine is the 3.8L. I cleaned the K&N air filter to make sure it wasn't starving for air but didn't seem to make any difference.

    Any ideas on what might be happening? Like I said, I love the car and hope to keep it for another 3 years...

    Any help/ideas would be GREATLY appreciated....
  • esdrvresdrvr Posts: 1
    Iv'e read several posts on this issue w/the 2007 Impala 3LT (3.9L) and wanted to add my .02 cents :) We bought the Impala which was a lease my wife had for 3yrs. 40,000miles and no issues at the time we bought it. We chose NOT to by the extended warrantly as it was insanely expensive and was only 12months. Ironically enough the transmission started slipping 1 month after purchase. Usually from a dead stop the engine would wind up after pushing accelerator then it would lurch violently into 1st gear shaking the entire car. It didn't matter if the engine was cold or warm. If I was at a stop up hill and started to accelerate it would slip every time. I would also make sure I wasn't ever reversing and sliding the lever into drive without fully stopping first. The problem persisted for 2 months then I brought it into Chevy and they could not duplicate it on the 1st test drive so I told them I would drive the car and let 2 mechanics ride along...unbelievably I could not get the car to do it either! They of course were unwilling to do anything for me until they themselves observed the tranny slip. SO a couple weeks later I went on a 6 day business trip and left it w/them all 6 days. On the 3rd test drive they found the slip. During inspection they found it was the "transmission pressure control solenoid" sticking. They ended up replacing the complete second clutch assembly per bulletin #06-07-30-023C (a $1200 repair at their cost!) The car was within the 5yr/100,000mi manufacturer warranty. If any of you experience this slipping issue, write down this bulletin # and give it to the mechanic to check out, it may make your process much quicker for diagnosis and repair. When I initially told Chevy about this problem they seemed perplexed/shocked. I told them I have been to online forums and found hundreds of people with this very same problem. They insisted on the fact that the 07 Impala has no such chronic issues that they knew of. This was a load of crap in my opinion and a dealer ploy to simply offstay having to make a $1200 repair. The very fact that Chevy has mad a "Service Bulletin" for this issue signifies the fact that the problem is on a rather large scale and needed to be noticed and disseminated to all dealers. Other than that I simply love this car. It's got every ammenity I could ask for and a lot of power and acceration. I average only 19mpg as I drive mostly city. Anyone looking to by a 2005-2008 Impala simply beware of this costly fix and make sure you buy the car within the 5yr/100,000mi warranty or consider selling it right when the warranty expires. Hope this helps and may save you $1200.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    catalytic converter clogging up?
  • i have top of the 2004 impala indy ss.transmission fluid and filter change 6mnths ago at 62000 miles now have 67k.tranny is slipping sometimes any easy fixes
  • this problem could be your tie rod ends but I'm beleiving from experiance that your hubs are worn
  • sounds like you have a stretched out first gear belt I would go ahead and find a replacement trasmission or have yours rebuilt
  • sound like when you had it flushed trash was lodged in the valve or lines replacesing these should fix the problem
  • kvk10124kvk10124 Posts: 1
    I recently went on a trip about 600 miles and when we were almost there we went to fill up on gas and realized the key wouldn't go to the off position and keys wouldn't come out of the ignition. We drove the rest of the way and when we finally stopped the keys came out but only in the on position! So now my cars dash board stays on along with the radio/clock until the battery dies!!! We have been unplugging the battery when were not using it but we need to fix the problem but dont even know what it could be! Also the shifter will move freely through the gears without pushing the button in ( which it never used to do) Not sure if its the ignition or something to do with the gear shifter... PLEASE anyone have ne comments or suggestions let me hear em anything will help! Thank you! :confuse:
  • Unplug all the little and large electrical connectors and clean them with the electronics contact spray cleaner and put the connectors back and see what happens. My Impala had intermitent transmission jerking problems and now it is gone.

    Those little and large connectors tends to be corroded and can cause contact problems. The electronically controlled car of these days can malfunction if one tiny electrical connection is bad. You can save thousands of dollars with a few bucks.

    Share the success stories with others.
  • jthaisjthais Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    I have a 2004 Chevy Impala LS with 109,800 miles. I bought the car in 2005 with 32000 miles. I have never had any problems with the vehicle until about 6 months ago. I took the vehicle in for an oil change and they suggested I have the automatic transmission flushed with this machine because the fluid was dirty. Ever since the flush the transmission has started slipping. When I first get in the vehicle it runs great for about 15 or 20 minutes. As it gets hotter the the transmission will jump in and out of gear while at high speed. If I come to a stop the transmission seems to clunk as is trys to downshift. The other day I was sitting at a light and the car lurched and died as though I popped the clutch without giving the vehicle any gas. Another thing if I drive the car 10 or 15 minutes, shut it down, and then try and restart it it will jump and die. When I finally get it running the transmission will jump in and out gear as though the computer doesn't know what gear to put it in. Any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Well your decision to power flush a high mileage transmission was regrettable. This is not a good thing to do in most cases.

    You might scan the car's computer for transmission trouble codes and go from there. It's impossible to diagnose a modern electronic transmission from this distance.
  • jthaisjthais Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    One thing I forgot to mention. After driving the impala the last time I could not get the key out. The steering wheel will not lock to allow me to remove the key. I had to disconnect the battery to keep the battery from being drained. Any ideas on how to get the key out. Also I have an appt with a transmission place on Sat to get an idea of what is going on.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    That's probably the Shift Interlock Solenoid in the steering column. Maybe it's defective or the fuse blew out. You might check all your fuses.
  • sdanielsdaniel Posts: 7
    Yes you are exactly right. It was diagnosed that the catalytic converter was almost completely clogged up...Once it was replaced it drove like a brand new car!!!
  • sdanielsdaniel Posts: 7
    Hello, over the last day or so I have been experiencing what I believe to be a transmission problem. It seems that when the car changes gear from 1 to 2 it would what I would call hard shift....also from 2 to 3 it does the same. It seems that 3 to 4 is OK and no problem while in 1st.

    Any ideas what might be causing this problem?

    I appreciate any help/suggestions!

  • mc4365mc4365 Posts: 1
    my 2003 impala ls won't shift gears.will go into reverse drive and neutral .transmission oil is not burnt. Any help appreciated.
  • dh271dh271 Posts: 3
    I`m replacing two shift solenoids in my transmission. I know where they are located and how to replace them but a couple of things have me confused. Does anyone have step by step directions on how to go about getting the sidecover off completely, I was close but couldn`t get the axle to pry out. I think the previous instructions I had were incorrect on detailed instructions. I have a 2004 Impala with the 3.4L. It`s either this or I pay someone $650 to $2700 to tell me it`s shot and it`s not. Thanks!
  • nicole85nicole85 Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Chevy Impala LS and my car functions properly in drive, park and neutral but not reverse. When I put my vehicle in reverse it feels like I am in park (goes nowhere). I can still put my car in drive and my car is mobile. There is no signs of "slipping" or mysterious gear switching. When I put my car in reverse, I can hear it switch gears but I do not feel the "release". What is wrong with it any suggestions??? I heard it may be some type of contol box or sensor unit that may be out of whack that is not properly sending the signal to my car that my car is now in reverse....Any advice would be appreciated!!!!!!
  • nicole85nicole85 Posts: 2
    I think you may have some insight on the issue I am having with my 2006 Chevy Impala. Please see my post #207. Any suggestions??? I need help :-(
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    You might try changing the fluid and filter, to see if the filter is completely clogged.

    If that doesn't do it, you probably have some kind of internal damage or internal malfunction, like a servo piston, or servo seal, or damaged clutch drum.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    OK, here's the deal on the tranny lurching issue. My mom has a 2006 Impala. We brought it to the dealer for the power steering line recall. The car was fine before we brought it in.
    On the way to her place the car was lurching like crazy on the freeway. It has never done this in 4 years of ownership. The next day the check engine light came on and stayed on. Not being able to bring it back to the dealer she brought it into a local shop and they diagnosed it as the output speed sensor being bad. $191 later the car seems to be fine now.
    Now, how did this suddenly go wrong right after the work for the recall? Seems unrelated but the sensor is located near the steering components so I've heard. The Dealer screwed the car up. That's the bad news.
    The good news is I have an answer for your lurching issues-the output speed sensor. Hope this helps!
  • I have a 2001 Impala. It will not go into overdrive it just stays in 3rd at high speeds. For example when I am at say 65 MPH my tachometer is at about 2800 RPMS. It does not even try and shift to forth (there are no strange whining noises or jerky shifting problems it just won't go into overdrive.) When I let my foot off the accelerator the engine will immediately drop in RPMS to an ideling state while I continue to coast at 65+ MPH. I would welcome an answer to 1 or both questions:

    1) Would it be reasonable to drive the car without overdrive. I'm ok with the fact my gas consumption will go up and I have a engine in this car with only 40K miles on it.

    2) Do you think that signalling from the car is just not telling the transmission to go into overdrive. Or does it sound like something is wrong with the transmission itself

    It would greatly appreciate your feedback

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Well there have been issues with stripping of the splines on the 4th gear clutch shaft---best thing I could suggest is that you have the car scanned for trouble codes and see what appears---also, the scanner should be able to "force" a 4th gear shift---if it can, then you have perhaps some mechanical/electrical issue that controls the 4th gear shift---if it can't, or it says it is in 4th but there is no 4th, then it could be the worst case scenario of severe internal damage.

    It's very hard to diagnose a modern transmission remotely. There has to be further testing. Hopefully, some codes will give you a hint as to where to go next with this.
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