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Toyota Camry Engine Related Questions

I have 1996 Camry LE which is displaying the Check engine. I took to a Toyota Dealer and they said the Emissions Control was malfunctioning VSV at Charcoal Canister not Switching, to clear the problem they will have to replace this the VSP unit and want $250 for the part + $100 for the labor.

Are they asking too much and if so will a regular mechanic be able to do this for less?

Thanks in advance and appreciate any feedback,


  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Yes, the policy started with the 1997 model year. I had such a Camry (4-cylinder) with no sludge problems. I sold it at 111K miles in 2004. I gave the buyer a printout of my service records as well as a copy of the extended warranty for sludge.
  • xrmt01xrmt01 Posts: 1
    I have a 91 Toyota Camry with about 135000 miles. It smokes on start up and burns alot of oil. I need to check it every 2 weeks and add some. Is this normal? I have had some seals, valves, and rings changed but it still does this. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 97' LE with 70 K miles. At 50K, the engine would smoke at start up and my local dealer repaired the car under the 60 K drive train warranty. The service rep said the valve seals were cracked. Two years later, and out of warranty, I am having the same problem.

    Other that causing some pollution, is this causing damage to the engine by not having this repaired? I was told the out of warranty repair is over $1,000, which I don't have right now.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem with the 2.2 L engine?
  • We have a 96 RAV (75K), seals replaced in 97 and again in 99 (this time along with the short block engine) Now in 2003 they are shot again. Prior repairs were covered under warranty. No good will from Toyota at this point...they did offer a $1000 rebate on the purchase of a new Toyota...just bought a Camry last year though. Might want to write to Consumer affairs, if you would consider a new vehicle purchase, perhaps they'd make you the same offer.

    So much for Toyotas lasting forever or running 200K with no troubles!
  • Hi,

    I got the "Engine Malfunction Light" on and checked up with a mechanic - he told me that the Charcoal Canister need to be replaced and quoted a sum of $360 + tax ... please let me know if this is too much ?

    Also, is there a problem in the long run, if this is not replaced immediately.

    Thanks for your help !!!
  • I have a '97 Camry with the 4cyl engine and about 70000 miles on it. About a year ago I started noticing blue smoke emissions from the car when first starting in the morning. The thing that is frustrating is that this occurs only about every third or fourth startup. I have read this may be caused by leaking valve seals. Is there anything else that could cause it? It seems it would happen every time with leaking valve seals. Thanks for any input.
  • Try a can of Techron gas treatment. My Camry has the same mileage and will smoke after sitting awhile. Now the problem has gone away completely!
  • Please Help! My '97 Camry's Check Engine light came on (and yes I checked and the engine is there!) I purchased an engine analyzer (autoxray) and the following Trouble Codes came up: P0171 System Too Lean-Bank 1; P1130 A/F Sensor Performance Fault-Bank 1; P1135 A/F sensor Heater Circuit-Bank 1. Can someone tell me what part or parts need to be repaired or replaced? I'd rather do the work myself if I knew what was wrong and what part or parts I need. Anyone have any experience with this or can point me in the right direction. Much Thanks, Donna (Love the car-got 98,700 miles and lookin for an even 100K!)
  • Hi I have a 1996 Toyota Camry and my check engine light has been coming on for a while now. I'm assuming its the check engine light it's on the left hand side of the panel.
    Anyways I got it checked out and they said it could either be the oxygen sensor or transmission so they reset and it stayed off for a few months. And they told me if it came on again they would replace the oxygen sensor. Well it's on again and I'm not sure what to do about this should I go and get another diagnostic done again to double check the problem or just replace the oxygen sensors? Has anyone had this problem?
  • Hey guys,
    even my Honda Civic has the same problem. I am not sure if I should get it fixed or just leave it...
    How important is it to get fixed. Mechanic says the Oxygen sensor could be $275 itself.

    My car has been running good even with the "Check Engine" light on.
    Any help would be appreciated....

    Thanks in advance,
  • peterpanpeterpan Posts: 120
    There may be some real problems with the engine that need to be fixed.


    You should let the dealer do a diagnostic to see what parts are not working.


    You can then decide what should be replaced, when and by whom.
  • hallagehallage Posts: 24
    I just had a shop change my timing belt on my '96 Camry LE 4cyl. When I picked up the car, the check engine light was on (it wasnt' when I brought it in). They read the code as P0104, low effeciency cat converter, and said it couldn't be their fault. Is this true?


    Does anyone know of a free website with list of codes?
  • jward7jward7 Posts: 1
    i have my car at Mike Miller Toyota in culver city ca. they said it needs a charcoal canister the price they quoted is 542.00 the prices i have seen are 263.95 parts 65.00 dollars for labor or $360.00 plus tax isn"t 542.00 quite high please help with this matter.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Why do they say it "needs" a charcoal canister? Is the car not passing an emissions test? Is it not running right? Is the "check engine" light on?


    The owner's manual for my former '97 Camry called for blowing out some of the canister's lines with compressed air at 72K mile intervals in certain states, including California.


    I think the canister should last the life of the car, unless there really is some problem. I'd get a second opinion, or at least have them explain in detail what's wrong.


    $542 is outrageous, IMO.
  • i recently bought a 1996 camry (no owners manual). just passed 150,000 miles and the check engine light just came on. can anybody tell me what - if any - services are required at this mile mark? thanks.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Do you know if any service has been performed recently?


    Lots of items need servicing at the 150K mark, the same as needed at 30K and 90K. If the timing belt has never been changed, it should be done now also.


    I'd recommend buying an owner's AND separate maintenance manual on eBay.
  • Hi everyone,


    I just bought a 2001 wagon and would like to hear from anyone who has advice regarding engine modifications. I am contemplating fitting a turbo or supercharger at about 6psi boost, but not sure which way to go - has anyone done this here? I have a 6 speed sequential Hewland gearbox out of the old Camry Super Tourer that ran in Sth Africa and Australia a couple of years back which will fit with a little bit of jiggling and will take the horsepower OK.


    I'm not sure if I should lose the carbon clutch though - has anyone ever driven a car with a carbon clutch, I hear they are a bit 'on/off' in operation?


    This will be a daily driver from college and back each day, so I'm undecided if I should fit 19" wheels - they might attract too much attention.


    Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Folks,


    Need help with my 2000 toyo camry. The CEL light is on and the verdict is that I need to replace the EGR valve, modulator and vacuum switch. Is it possible to have this done inhouse. I am new to this...please help.


  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    What do you mean by "inhouse"? Doing it yourself? If you have the skills, by all means go ahead.


    A good service manual will give you an idea of the complexity of the repair.


    If you're wondering if the diagnosis is correct, then I'd recommend seeking a second opinion, preferably from an independent garage, maybe one that specializes on Japanese cars.
  • scotpscotp Posts: 1
    I need some help ...I love my camry with 267,000 miles on it this car is a great runner until today. the car has been running fine when I went to start it this morning all it wanted to do was crank and not turn over pretty strange ( the symptoms are simmilar to trying to start a car with a bad ignition coil). I've got new wire and distributor and the spark is good any ideas on what it could be. The car showed no sign of not starting until now and I can't get it to fire up....I'm I overlooking something easy????
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    If you have to crank it 2-3 different times before engine catches when engine is COLD, likely the cold start injector time switch is bad and needs replacing. It tells a cold start injector to spray extra fuel to help the engine start.
  • Is it the engine immobilizer something standard for car of this model? I just could not find the indicator (which should flash when the system is on) as described on the owner's manual? Somebody can give me a hint to find whether the engine immobilizer is on the car?
    Thanks a lot,
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    The LE 4-cylinder (at least the 2004 model I have) does not come with an engine immobilizer.
  • ajjooajjoo Posts: 1
    my '00 camry v4 just hit 90K and as soon as it did that the engine light came on. the engine light was on previously as well at around 80K and my wife took it to meineke who charged $400 for spark plug change/wire change/ tune up/ air filter/ fuel filter and THAT'S IT! they also recommended to get the timing belt/tensioner/accessory belts/water pump changed ASAP. The mechanic had also mentioned that 'he' had turned off the engine light for the time being and that we should change the oxygen sensor on the car and whatnot.
    I got a quote for the timing belt change from strauss discount auto for $370 which includes the timing belt/accessory belt/tensioner/water pump.
    now to the real deal :
    1) should i go to the meineke guy and give him a piece of my mind for practically stealing from my wife ( he charged $28 for each spark plug!!!! )?
    2) now that the engine light is on again should i take it to the dealer or is autozone an ok option?
    3) is the quote on the timing belt a good deal or should i get the parts from else where ( found some cheap parts online ) and have him just give the labor.
    4) should i take another hit to my wallet and get the parts from toyota dealership?
    5) how does one change transmission fluid by themselves? ( i would like to save the $90 they're charging ) and whats the best fluid to use?

    I would really appreciate any help! thanks.
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    I will only use Meineke to do the muffler.

    I have a 97 LE 4 cyl at 106K, I know what you have in mind, try to save some money by going to other places, even thinking getting the part yourself then have someone put it on and hoping to just paying for their labor.

    My advice, Don't Do it. Been there, done that and it ended up costing more.
    Let get to your answers first

    1) no, $28 is not uncommon. Especially for the Camry, they use platinum plugs and it costs a bit. I have my car done in the dealer at 60K, suppose to include spark plugs but since it's platinum, they want additonal $60 on top.

    2) usually is related to emission when the engine light is on. Since you didn't mention how much Meineke wants, but my guess will be around $150-$200 if you have it done at toyota

    3) $370 for timing belt/accessory belts/water pump? YES, sounds CHEAP.
    one toyota dealer want $750 for timing belt and water pump on my Camry. I took it to another toyota dealer and just replace my timing belt and drive belts for $270

    4) what parts are you thinking to get from the dealer? oxyen sensor? belts? water pumps? I would, and I would have toyota put it it instead of going somewhere, I will explain it.

    5) changing transmission fluid yourself? Messy. not too hard if you have the tools and space. you need to work under the car and at the same time you will need to unscrew all the bolts while you are down there. (I just don't feel safe working under a car personally) and what if one of the bolt is super tight that you can't get it out?
    By the way, a transmission fluid service should be less than $100 if go to local shop. I did take my car to the dealer and have them do a power flush. it's about $150 but it sucked out almost all the fluid (about 10 qt?) compare to draining it the old way (2-3 qt)

    I once want to save money and try to take my car to some local shop. Cheap brake job, and it didn't even last for a year. End up going to Toyota and have the brake re work. It's more expensive but it last much much longer and I do think it worth it.

    Buying part and have someone put it on. Sounds great and good way to save money. Problem is what happened when they didn't work as expected? The guy will say 'bad part' talk to toyota. and toyota say hey, we didn't put it on, sorry. End up costing you more in the long run.

    See if you take it to the dealer at the beginning, it might cost you little more but it makes it easier to deal with when things not working properly.
    Think about this, your 00 is still pretty new, if you keep it in good condition, it will run for another 100K easily. Also, if you decided to sell it later, you have all ther records to prove you take good care of your car and works are done by the dealer, it makes a difference.

    However, do shop around I have been to 3 toyota dealer in my areas and some will say you need this and that but the other, just tell you what you actually need and I trust them.

    This is my experience with my camry, Highlander and the toyota dealer. hope it help
  • berzerker3berzerker3 Posts: 1
    Hello everyone... i just got a 92 camry and was looking for seems that there really arn't any mods for this year! i was thinking about getting a new v6 engine and manual trany... i see they have a super charger, but i would much rather have a turbo! if any one can give my advice on where to look for parts( everything: wheels to engine) it would help a lot. also i was wondering if anyone knows where to get after market headlights and or a tail light conversion kit( i disslike the all the way across look of the tail lights)! anyway thanks again.....
  • sbcvulcansbcvulcan Posts: 3

    1. The plugs are overpriced. They are not as cheap as your Bosch or other brand but if they are OEM plugs but that still seems way out of the ball park.
    2. Take it to a dealer or a foreign auto repair shop and have them read the diagnostics. In fact you should find a reputable foreign auto repair shop and have them do all your mechanical work and diagnostics. Leave meinke to mufflers and brakes.
    3. Your quote including water pump seems fair.
    4. timing belt is an integral maintenance piece, don't cheap out.
    5. have not done this before, sorry.

    if you change your oil, do your belt as required per schedule, this car can last a long long time.
  • wegner1wegner1 Posts: 1
    I own a 1999 Camry LE with 100,5000miles. At around 100K the check engine light came on but went off after a day or so (mostly highway miles). It has come on and turned off several times since, turning on after sitting for a couple of days or only driving in city conditions and usually going off after highway driving (70-80mph). Does anyone have a clue to what may be causing this? Once it comes on again I'm planning to take it to have a diagnostic run.
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    I believe most of the check engine light is use for emission purposes. When it comes on, it usually means something related to your emission has a problem. Maybe an O2 senor or maybe a cat. convertor. Hope it's not something costly.
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    The CEL denotes a problem with an emission system component. At 100K, O2 sensors are a likely suspect. If you have an Autozone near you, stop in and they can pull the code (for free) off the OBDII connector and tell you what it means for your Camry. Your dealer will probably charge $75 for this 2 minute operation, calling it a "diagnostic fee."

    BTW, the CEL typically goes off after a pre-determined number of starts if the fault is not repeated.
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