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Chevrolet Aveo Transmission Problems



  • I had a new timing belt put on at 40,000 to avoid any engine problems. At 60,000 miles the car would not start. Took it in to a 5 star Chevy Dealer. I have extended
    warranty. They charged me $100.00 deduction fee. They said they ran a diagnostic on it and number 2 and 4 valves were bad. GM sent someone up to the
    dealership to look at the car, he could not find out why the valves went bad. Then got mean and told me it was my fault bad driving. I have had one ticket in my life
    when I was 17 teen. I am now 53. He said they would repair it but never again. I thanked him for being such a nice man (ha ha) and that he did not know what he was talking about. The clock keeps loosing time they can't seem to fix that.
    The thermostat had to be replaced 3 times which caused the car to overheat. The hatchback handle broke. The heater motor gave out. When I had the valve job done they kept the car for 2 weeks. They called me and said it was ready. It was riding hard as I drove out of their parking lot. I took it for a test drive around the block the car died. They had to tow it back. The guy got testy with me because I asked him if they replaced the plugs. He said if you know so much about cars why
    don't you fix it yourself. I said I would if I could but I don't have the tools for a nissan
    engine and you should have pick that up if you did a diagnostic on it like you said.
    They had the car 29 days plus 18 teen hours just 6 hours to go to lemon law.
    When I got the car back all they did was replace the number 2 plug, 2 weeks to do
    this. The day light driving lights stay on for a while then go out for a while. The engine light is on a lot. So I had to replace all 4 plugs because the car was misfiring when I left the garage. I only get 27 miles in town, 31 on the highway since day number 1. I have always had a chevy car. I will never buy another one,
    I will never go back to this chevy dealer. GM was no help at all. On a 1 to 10 scale, I rate this car a 1. None of the chevy dealers carry the parts you need. One
    time I needed a part and it was 6 hours away. I have vibration since day number 1.
    But they keep telling me I don't. I hate this little car, they made it with parts that
    are hard to find. The heater blower is located inside the car under the glove box I could not believe it. I said I would replace it myself I am sick of them wanting a $100 dollars every time I drive in to a Chevy garage. They said $140.00 out the door. I told them to keep it. I found it on the internet for $37.00 and $15.50 for shipping. I've got to find a different car this one has given me one big headache.
    Never again.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Amen, brother!

    I feel (felt) your pain. I had similar issues with a 2005 hatchback...For example, after the moonroof went out the 2nd time, I was told by the dealer that it must be my fault. So, I know where you are in this issue.

    I was always treated like the red-headed stepchild on this car, and I can only guess is that the dealers don't make much cash on the Aveo, so they consider it a "necessary problem" they have to deal with. AVeo's are not pushed at any dealership in my area that I know of...

    On the bright side, however, I was able to fix my clock from losing my case, it was a poor grounding issue that was resolved when I had the Rostra cruise control installed. It required the removal of the battery and battery box, and after the cruise was installed and the battery reconnected, my clock kept perfect time from that point onward. However, in your case, I think the clock is the least of your problems...
  • :sick: :mad: :confuse: :lemon: :cry: Bingo. If GM makes it they should back it hassle free. Don't they understand they can loose a lot of business this way. Now by valve cover which is made of PVC
    cracked in a v shape so now I have to worry about them freezing.

    Thanks for the email

  • My heater blower is not working properly. I have a new one on the way. Now the
    engine light comes on. So I go to Auto Zone. 3 codes. P0300 engine misfire.
    Po700 transmission control system (MIL Request).
    P0781 1-2 shift. Does anyone understand these codes?

    Thank You
    Yupper1 :sick:
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    I aws looking at the list of TSB reports for the 2004 model year and found this:

    Make : CHEVROLET Model : AVEO Year : 2004
    Manufacturer : GENERAL MOTORS CORP.
    Service Bulletin Num : 070730007 Date of Bulletin: APR 01, 2007
    NHTSA Item Number: 10022265

    Take that bulletin number to your dealer and see if they can help with that problem.

    You can look up information on any car at:

    NHTSA - Safety Problems and Issues
  • Hi Tmyles2,

    Thank You very much for your input. Will put it to good use.

    Yupper1 :)
  • Hi Tmyles2,

    Thanks for the input. Will put it to good use.

    Yupper1 :)
  • I just started having this very issue with my car today. Unless it becomes a lot worse, I will mention it when I take it in for my timing belt change. It's weird because sometimes I can shift it without hardly pressing on the brake, and others, I can press hard on the brake and it won't move.
  • I just wanted to mention to anyone who is having a problem with their car not shifting out of park that there is a little hole in front of their gearshift lever that can correct the problem, temporarily. It should say "brake interlock release" or something like that. Put a key-size object into it and push down while moving the lever while the car is running (make sure your foot is on the brake). You should then be able to move the lever around like normal. It does not damage the transmission, it just releases the lock. But, get the problem fixed as it's not supposed to work this way.

    My car, today, would not get out of park and I'm taking it in tomorrow to get it fixed.
  • In the last 5 days my engine light came on . Thanks to tmyles2 - did some checking for me and told me you can look up information on any car at:NHTSA -
    Safety Problems and Issues. This help me with the code P0781 1-2 shift. Serivice Bulletin Num: 070730007. NHTSA Item Num: 10022265. Component: Power Train:Automatic Transmission: Summary: Automatic Transaxle/Transmission shift lever may not shift out of park (Replace Brake Transzaxle shift interlock (BTSI) Solenoid). *KB. I have a 2004 Chevy Aveo Hatchback. My day light running lights go on and off. It is using gas as if it was water. It is riding very rough. It is misfiring. I also found another site: service buklletins/Chevrolet/2004/Aveo. My heater is also acting up. I found : Component Name: 060000 Engine and Engine Cooling
    NHTSA# 01744 Summary: Poor Heating performance/insufficient heat during Low
    ambient temperatures. Component Name: 061000 Engine and Engine coooling engine NHTSA# 050601030 Summary: intermittent misfire cold during deceleration or steady state highway driving with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCS)
    P0300. Component Name: 0610000 Engine and engine cooling: Engine NHTSA# 3064 Summary: Service engine soon light and rough running with diagnostic trouble codes P0700, P1781 and possibly a po300. *TT. Component Name: 061000 Engine and engine cooling Engine NHTSA# 01653 Summary: Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P1781 diagnostix is not in Si Yet. Poor Fuel Economy and/or harsh transmission shifts. Sit Bulletin 1413084. *MN. I can't wait Friday I am going to Lakeshore Transmission and getting a diagnostic done, then taking that and all the recalls (the only recall I ever received was the one about the back seat belts) to the Chevey Dealer. I am going to demand that every recall be
    checked. If I here it is my fault again, I think I will loose it. Then I will have to contact GM which I have done in the past and they were not to helpful. I will get a
    attorney. I hope this was helpful to some of you. Will keep you posted.
  • Good for you! I wouldn't take that kind of abuse. Fortunately, the dealer I went to were very kind and tried everything to get it fixed under warranty, but it wasn't covered in my case.

    One point to note, for those who don't know, TSBs are not the same as recalls. They are basically guides for the dealership for certain trouble-spots on the car. I've had cars with lots of TSBs and never had a problem with any of the issues listed. They don't have to fix them and you might have to pay for any repairs that aren't under warranty.
  • I took my Aveo to a transmission shop and they ran a diagnostics on it. 1.6L91 Intermittent Misfire during deceleration or steady state highway driving after cold start with DTCs P0300,P0700,P1781 and/or U0401 set (Replace Valves and Valve
    Stem Seals). The reason I went to a transmission shop was that when my Aveo died in July 2007 I had it towed to the nearest Chevy dealer. 2 and 4 valves were
    bad. GM was called in. When he showed up he said it was reckless driving. He was very rude. I had the timing chain change 10,000 miles early to avoid this problem. Have not had a ticket in many years. Boy did he make me mad. He said they would replace them this time but never again. I have an extended warranty. I said you can see the timing chain is good you just can't find the problem. I asked him if he got out of bed on the wrong side. They kept my car for 2 weeks, they did not have a loaner car so I had to rent one. I pick up the car road it around the block and was back at the chevy dealer. This time they gave me
    a loaner. They kept the car 13 days and 18 hours, 6 hours short of being a lemon.
    I asked what was wrong. Fuel injecter was plugged and put a plug on the number
    2 valve. They charged me $6.15 for the plug. The towing, car rental and plug came
    out of my pocket when it was under warrenty. I said when you ran the diagnostics
    you could not tell that the plug was bad? He said if you know so much about cars
    why don't you fix it? I said because I don't have the tools for a Nissen engine. I work 1 hour away from my house so I stop in at the Chevy dealer there. I showed
    him the diagnostics papers and he said he would love to do the job but I had to call
    the warrenty people and they said I had to go to the other dealer because they have
    been paid once already for this and there is a 12 month warrenty on the job. The
    Chevy dealer were I work said when I brought the car back the 2nd time they should have checked the technical service bulletin there is no excuse for not doing
    this. So I called the other dealer told him I had a diagnostic run on my car and the
    number is---I don't need the number. So I have to wait another week until they can
    look at it. Then they will probably have to order the parts. He was very rude. This is a 5 star garage and they did not do it right in the first place and I have to go back
    there. Well I quess I will wait and see what they do. I drive 45 minutes to work, so 90 miles a day and it is using 8 galllons of gas. When it is all said and done I will
    be calling Chevy to register a complaint and if they won't do anything about it, I am
    telling them I drive a yellow aveo and I am going to get some black tape and all around my car it is going to say my chevy aveo is a lemon and chevy refuses to do
    anything about it and then contact the news and a attorney. Amen. Hope most of you don't have the same problem I have. :sick: :( :mad:
  • I called and talked to my warranty company today. I kept getting different answers. First they said I had to go to the dealer that did the valve job. So I started thinking most of these jobs are 12 months or 12,000 miles what ever comes
    first. Then they told me I could go to the small transmission place. They don't have loaners, so I had to call them back again. Since I was getting so many different answers I ask them if there was any one there that was a mechanic and had been with the company for a long period of time. So low and behold I get this mechanic that use to work for GM his job was to create TSB. I told him I was getting all these different answers and he laughed and said, we are training many new people and they are suppose to check with there team leaders first. He said
    I am so sorry, how can I help you? I thought warranty companies were suppose to
    please the customer. That is correct. So I told him I did not want to go back to
    the Chevy Dealer that did the valve job. So he pulled up the work order. The car was in the shop for 2 weeks then they called me and said it was ready. I had to rent a car because they did not have a loaner. I drove the call around the block and
    brought it right back to the dealer. I told them the call is still driving real rough.
    They kept the car for 13 more days to change the number 2 plug and to clean the
    fuel injection. So the car at the warranty company says I don't blame you for being
    upset. First off they should of called us to see if we would pay for a rental, they should of told you this. Also they charge you for a plug that was under warranty.
    They did not check to see if there were any TSB out on this, so they broke GM
    standard of work. So they only did half of the job. He then told me to take it to a
    different Chevy Dealer and he would waive the deductible. Everything is covered under the warranty. They still have to send a inspector out just for the simple fact that anything over a $1000 this is required. So I go to the dealer and the service advisor says are you sure the warranty company said you could come here? I said yes they want you to give them a call anyway and they will fax you the first work order from the other dealer so you have a starting point. He wants you to write up
    this work order as a dispute, so GM can get this company honest again. The service advisor says I have been working here for 25 years and never heard of this
    happening. How can I dispute when it is not GM car anymore. I said call the warranty company. She calls me back 1 hour later and says wow you were right.
    The warranty company says I have the right to sue this dealership. For fraud, for misinformation and not doing the job right. If she disputes it, it will give the warranty permission and they will contact GM so GM can straighten them out. I don't think they will be a 5 star dealer anymore. I want to thank this forum it sure
    help me out.
  • That sounds great and I hope you get your car fixed.

    I don't know what state you are in, but I know in California, they have some kind of law that says that you have a right to take the car back if the repair isn't done right the first time. And, I think if they don't fix it after a certain number of times, you can either get a refund on the car (of course, you have to turn the car in), or you get the problem fixed for free for the life of the car. :lemon:

    Someone else might be able to clarify that.
  • thank you. I live in Michigan. I will do some further research. :)
  • johns9johns9 Posts: 1
    I am having the same codes as you: p1781, p0700, and p0300. You said the resolve was to get to cylinder head valves replaced and a plug. Was it a spart plug? You also said that your car still runs rough? Is the check engine light still comming on? Any help would be appreciated...
  • yupper1yupper1 Posts: 17
    Hi Johns9,

    Yes the check engine light comes and goes. Riding real rough, eating gas like it was water. Misfires. The first two times I had transmission problems this is what they did: Change valve 2 and 4. Still had problems they said it was the number 2 plug and fuel injector was plugged. I had a diagnostic run on it. They came up
    TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) 1.6L L91 Intermittent Misfire During Deceleration or Steady State Highway Driving After Cold Start with DTCs P0300, P0700, P1781
    Replace Valves and Valve Stem Seals) Cause: the engine misfire may be experienced due to a valve sealing concern. You can go to www.
    this site will give you all the recalls and all of the TSB. Reference Number:
    05-06-01-030c. This is covered under my warranty. It is $1000 to $1200 the job will
    take about 8 hrs. If you are still under warranty I would call them and check it out.
    Good Luck, drop us a note when you get it checked out.
  • yupper1yupper1 Posts: 17
    Well my 2004 aveo is in the garage today for the 3rd time with transmissions problems, the warrenty company will pay for the TSB. They also told me that they are having problems with the fuel injectors and they will replace for free. I can not find a recall on this. My car also started to backfire. Should know more by the end of the week. Codes that I got were P0300, P0700 and P1781
  • :lemon: I have a 2004 chev aveo...that i had to replace the motor at 105,000. Since replacing the motor i have also had to do the O2 sensor...and all the plugs and wires. Now when i put it on the machine it reads a code of P0300, which the dealer tells me it is a random misfire code. However the car is NOT misfiring. We have had the engine light reset and within 5 minutes it is back flashing. Now the dealer informs me they dont know what is wrong with the vehicle. Anyone have any suggestions...i dont know what to do with this is only 4 years old and in the past 2 weeks i have sunk almost 2500 dollars into it. ANYONE>>>PLEASE HELP!!! Email me at :lemon: :lemon:
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Why was the engine replaced? While 100,000+ miles is a lot, a properly maintained modern engine should have lasted longer. Was it an oil burner, or did something catastrophic happen (like a broken timing belt) to cause the problem?

    Was the engine replaced by the dealer or a 3rd party shop? If the dealer did the work, was it his suggestion or your desire to have the work done?

    I ask these questions because the average trade-in price on a 2004 Aveo is around 4200-4500 with regular mileage (not like the high mileage you reported), maybe less depending on the model traded for. $2500 is a lot to put into a car that doesn't have much value to begin with, and no warranty to speak of after engine repair, other than maybe on the engine itself. So, if it was your suggestion, then you felt it was worth it, but if you were led by the dealer to invest that kind of cash on the car, I would think he has an obligation to make it right.

    If it was dealer replaced, it should have come with some type of warranty, which the dealer is obligated to honor.

    So, if it were me under these circumstances, I would lean on the dealer to send the car to another GM shop for advanced diagnosis...after all, its their obligation to you for your $2500 "contribution".

    However, if it was a non-dealer install, you could be in for an expensive time in search of the eroneous code explanation.
  • yupper1yupper1 Posts: 17
    So sorry to hear that. My car is in the garage getting a valve job done. I will either
    get it out today or Wednesday. I have 6000 miles to go on my warrenty. I have an
    extended warranty and have gone to 2 different Chevy garages this is the 2nd time
    I am having a valve job within 15, 000 miles. The one I am at now metion that
    the fuel injectors are not working right, but I will let you know what I find out. When
    they replaced your engine did they tell what caused it to go bad. Like a cylinder
    head running to lean, or using the wrong kind of gas, or timing belt jumped, or bad
    fuel injector, bad plugs, or plug wires? I am actually thinking of sueing, Would they
    have a fit if we started a class A action suit? I will repost when I get my car back.
    This garage is charing me for plug wires, and I had the plugs in the car they are
    using them. My car has the 100,000 thousand mile warranty. To me this is fraud.
  • tmyles2tmyles2 Posts: 4
    Hey man i am with you on that class A action suit. email me and let me know how to go about that and if you need any support I have had to have coils replaced, O2 sensor, i had wires melt together, the gear shifter replaced, water pump replaced, all sorts of things have gone wrong with my 04 Aveo. Unfortunately i do not have the extended warrenty. So this is all coming out the pocket. Not to mention the clock and stero went out on me. Please everyone lets come together and let the media know whats going on or something. Something needs to be done about these cars because we all have been ripped off. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Hey it is not 100.000 was 100,000 kms ...which is not that much considering it is only almost 4 years old. The problem with the motor did come from a timing belt that broke and put the pistons up through the motor. Also the motor was NOT replaced through the was done third hand as the dealer was wayyyy too expensive.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Man, I hate to say it, but it looks as if you are behind the 8-ball on this one. If I am correct, the service guide says to replace the timing belt at 60,000 miles (roughly 100,000 KM). As you didn't say that this had been done, I am assuming it was the original belt that broke. Since it is an "interference" type engine, I am sure all hell broke loose when the belt broke. GM is absolutely free and clear on this one...

    Unfortunately, I see 1 of 2 things in your expensive trip to a authorized dealer or a replacement vehicle.

    I wish I could offer a more optomistic view...give us a post with the results...Good Luck!
  • openend22openend22 Posts: 12
    you have to replace the timing belt on these cars before 60k miles.. Do it at 50k .. Its a few hundred or so to change but its better then paying a few thousand for motor work.. My aveo has gone basically trouble free for 150k miles.. I have changed my 3rd timing belt.. .. I change the oil and filter every 5000 miles and rotate the tires every oil change
  • tmyles2tmyles2 Posts: 4
    well that is great do you have a 04 Aveo? that is the first time i ever heard anyone have anything positive to say about these cars. I was wondering if everyone on here has had issues with the stero and clock. Mine went out a long time ago. I have been talking with Yupper1 about the possibility of starting a class A action suit against GM on the 04 Aveos. Yupper1 found this website for this law firm out of San Francisco who specializes in Class Action suits. I do not know much about law suits and what not. I was wondering if anyone else on this board would be interested in trying to do this. On the site there is a possible claims form we can fill out and have them look at it. I was thinking if anyone is interested in the claim we all can talk about this site and how there are so many people out here with similar problems. Well here is the website check it out and if anyone thinks it is worth it send me a email at Here is the firm's website
    Tamika :confuse:
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I'm not quite sure what you are hoping to accomplish here.

    By the way, I was the proud owner of a 2005 Aveo Hatchback that certainly enjoyed its set of unique "circumstances", so I am no fan of this car. I say "was", because i unloaded it this past January while it still had a bit of value left on it.

    I also had clock issues (mine had a poor grounding connection, and once repaired, worked flawlessly for 2.5 years). The C/D player worked great for the first 6 months before acquiring the ability to skip tracks at any random time.

    It was on its 3rd sunroof when it sold (34,000 miles), and also had its shares of squeaks and rattles, along with the associated interior body parts coming loose and falling off.

    Having said all that, what is your goal here?

    I understand being upset with the reliability of the car, but very few class-action lawsuits involving automobiles are files over clock and stereo/audio issues. Most are from engine/transmission issues and safety issues.

    Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to rain on your parade, its just that I don't see where you can go with this, unless you have a widespread safety or engineering issue.

    While there have been many posts about engine issues, these are not even a drop in the bucket when compared to the total Aveos sold. And, many of the engine related issues are related to broken timing belts, which GM says to replace every 60,000 miles (and many of these engines have exceeded this mileage without having the service done).

    In any case, I wish you luck and hope you arrive at some form of satisfaction...
  • openend22openend22 Posts: 12
    mine is a 2006 but still the same car I believe,, not much if anything was changed. Everybody talks about a class action lawsuit.. with a class action lawsuit the only people getting any money is the lawyers.. the actual clients usually only get pennies on the dollar in most cases. Honestly unless you would have some serious issues I would doubt most law firms would take on your case. As far as some people ruining the engine because they didn't do maintenance (changing the timing belt) thats stated in the warranty manual that comes with the car. I do feel sorry for the owners that have serious issues with their cars. I have a chevy silverado that I am in the process of a lemon law buyback because of overheating and steering problems. Its very frustrating to have a vehicle that you pay good money for and you cant use.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    You said it....If you get lucky and win, the lawyers get the cash, and all you get is a coupon good for a radio upgrade on your next car purchase....
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    All 4-cylinder cars as far as I know with timing belts require replacement in the 50-60,000 mile range. Exceptions to this rule are cars like the Chevy Cobalt Ecotec equipt engine with a timing chain like most V6 and V8. My old neighbor had a Nissan Sentra that he lost the engine if I recall correctly for the same kind of problem.

    My V6 Chevy S10 p/u with over 140,000 miles has never had the chain replaced. I was told by a mechanic friend that it is not necessary in this engine.

    The radio issue and clock are related to the ground wire to the chassis. There was posts on this forum a few times before.
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