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Chevrolet Aveo Transmission Problems



  • yupper1yupper1 Posts: 17
    The way I look at it the seals were bad both times all before 100,000. This last time
    they said they either where a bad lot or put in wrong, I still had to pay another deductable. My heater went out during a blizzard we got 18 inches all roads were closed this is at 11:00 p.m. I work 2nd shift. I thought I was going to freeze to death, I was frozen, I have what you call Raynauds disease, once my digits get frozen then gangrene can set in. The first chevy garage did 4 valves and 1 lousy seal. I am sick of the dealers not doing a proper job. I am sick of GM, they keep producing this hunk of--------------. They do not have any recalls except seat belts,
    which neither garage took care of. I am having problems with fuel injector clogging
    up all the time even with a hot fuel injector cleaner. Driving with any wind the front
    end is all over the road. I even got pulled over by a cop for drunk driving and had not
    had a drink it was the front end. Every time I bring it into the garage they say they can not find anything. My 1st valve job my mileage went right down hill, I was getting 15 miles to the gallon they said there was nothing wrong with it this went on for 6 months, the 7 month every 30 miles used 4 gallons with today's price of gas thats when I needed the 2nd valve job done. I really don't care if the attorney get's most of the money, I want GM to start taking care of there problems. I have Fidility warranty company I got about 6 differnt answers they won't dispute it either,
    neither will the second chevy garage when I showed them the invoice from the first
    job they said: Oh My they did only half the job. I thought the warrany company was there to please you. We only pay for what the garage orders. I am sick of getting the run around. After the 1st valve job they could not tell me why the valves
    went, and you know something else has had to be wrong.The manager at the Chevy garage he said that the GM inspector said he would fix it this time but never again, he said it was due to reckless driving. What a joke.
    No it is time to quit complaining and do something about it. That is what I hope to
  • tmyles2tmyles2 Posts: 4
    ok i think you misunderstood i was only asking about the clock and radio. I have had numerous issues with the engine that had nothing to do with the timing belt. I was only asking about the clock and radio to see if others had those issues too. If you read some of my other post you can see all the issues I have had with this car. At any rate i will continue my research in the suit. Thanks for your input.
  • yupper1yupper1 Posts: 17
    Hi busiris,

    thats okay. Yes I have the clock problem too. Happy Easter
  • luckinsluckins Posts: 63
    Hmmm. I don't know about a class action suit. Like what was said before, it usually doesn't work unless there's a serious health or safety issue, not a reliability issue. There are plenty of crappy cars out there that are worse than this car and no one has won any lawsuits based on reliability.

    I think a better path would be to go to the agencies that are involved with quality control of automobiles. Maybe you can file a complaint with NHTSA. If enough people do that and there's a serious safety issue, they may issue a recall.
  • sohjcsohjc Posts: 2
    i also hv a 2004 Aveo & that is giving me check engine frequently.
    i am also ask to go for high speed drive to clear "carbon" in the chambers.
    what is this letter that u are refering to on the sensor problem?
    i am also wondering what recourse i will hv as it is over the 3 year warranty period :(
    :lemon: :lemon: ??
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    P0700 is a primary code for a transmission fault code
    if you had the codes pulled at a garage there should be other codes included also? if someone used a autostore bought generic scanner to pull your dtc's you need to get the car scanned by a garage that has a better quality scanner you need it scanned immediately so you cant avert a transmission failure the P0300 code is a primary code for a misfire normally followed by another code P0301-P0312 the secondary code will tell you what cylinder the misfire has been seen by the pcm.

    afterthought: if you dont get the misfire corrected it could lead to restricted exhaust and catalytic converter failure another expensive repair
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Most Auto Zones, Murrays, and others will code test for free.
  • scy80scy80 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Aveo that had its engine replaced at 113,395 miles. The reason for the engine replacement was that a piece of the bracket on the timing belt pulley broke off and lodged between the pulley and the wall causing the belt to break and obviously all hell to break loose in the engine. My husband, who has worked in the automotive industry for 10 years (parts department) and is a self taught mechanic, decided that is was easier to replace the engine all together than to try and rebuild the old engine. He was able to find one for a decent price with only 24,000 miles on it and after about a week's worth of work, was able to swap out the engines (which any mechanic will tell you, is just about enough to make you lose your religion....). The car now runs, but won't shift into 4th gear. The check engine light is on (it starts off solid, then will begin to blink after about 5 mins of running) and the rpm's are high when started (about 3K) then goes back down to what I consider normal (about .5K). The codes we are getting are P0300, P0700, P1781, and U0401.
    I'm fairly certain there's a bulletin out about this and I may have to get the valves replaced, but I seem to be hearing from others that it doesn't necessarily fix the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

    :( :cry: :confuse: :sick:
  • I have a 2007 Chevy Aveo LS 1.6L automatic. My check engine light came on about 2 weeks ago. I took it to Autozone to have it test coded. It came up with 2 codes. PO700 and PO705. First...PO700 is "Transmission Control System Malfunction"......and PO705 is "Transmission Range Sensor malfunction (PRNDL Input). I did some research and with opinions from others I decided to purchase a Nuetral/Park Switch from the dealership and replace that first. I just installed it today and it did make a difference in the shifting. Instead of kicking when I shift into "Drive", I now feel nothing at all.....just smoothness. I didnt really notice the kicking problem untill I replaced the switch.....well thats 1 problem fixed and 1 less thing to worry about.....but why is my check engine light still on? I disconnected the battery completely for about 15 minutes thinking that might reset the cars computer and turn the engine light off, but nope, its still on. Might there be still another problem? What is the "Transmission Range Sensor"?...and where is the "Transmission Control System"? I couldnt find any info on this sensor online. Someone please shed some light on this situation for me. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Hi generalelite,

    "Transmission Range Sensor" , neutral saftey switch is not working or shift
    indicator switch is not working, you may not have backlights. The dealer people call it a prindle switch (prndl-park, reverse, neutral, drive and low) also called transmission range sensor.

    "Transmission Control System" PO700, there is a TSB out on that for the 2007 model.

    Hope this helps

  • UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just took my car out for a little cruise and waalaa. Its working like its spossed to. It doesnt stick in 1st gear anymore and the check engine light that was still on, is off now. I talked to a freind that I work with whos a manager for O'riely's Parts (Orielys is his main job) and he mentioned that some cars computer systems will do a self check every so often so I guess I just needed to drive it around a bit and let the car feel itself out after I repleaced the bad switch. As far as the sensor, Im thinking that the sensors are in the switch that I replaced so it solved the problem all together. This is the 1st repair Ive had to do on this car and man did I get lucky.( couldve also been my awesome mechanical I found the problem, researched it, and fixed it all on the 1st try. I havent had an american car in quite a while, so jumping back in and succeeding was the greatest feeling ever. As I did my research on this issue I found minimal information.....Hope maybe this will help some1 else out. Outies.
  • TY very much Yupper.....your right on the money. I managed to get everything up and running normally again. I replaced the Park/Neutral Switch and thats apparently what the problem was. The problem I was having was after I put the car in "Drive", the transmission wouldnt shift out of 1st gear. So what I had to do was stop, put the car back in Park, then back in Drive again and then it would work normally. After I replaced the switch I was still skeptical whether or not I had fixed the problem because the check engine light was still on. Shortly after I drove it around the light turned off so all is good. Thank god because I just bought this car like 7-8 months ago and my warranty expired at 36,000 miles and the car is at 38,000 miles. Just like a car to do that....start fallin apart after the warranty Thanks again.
  • Hi, I just came across your discussion over your issue regarding the park/neutral switch, my wife owns an 04 Aveo LS and it just started acting all stupid. Low and behold, her engine codes was 0700 and 1781. She said the car got stuck in first too, pretty much a similar situation you were in. My question is where is this switch located, and about how much was the switch? Her car also has the code for multiple missfiring too, but that's another story. Any help would be great.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I THINK I read that the automatic transmission 'learns' how you drive when you first get your Aveo, and it adapts it shift points to the way you usually drive. Is that right? If that is true, is there a way to make it 'relearn' a new pattern?
    I am noticing lately, that since I have HAD to slow down even more, thanks to all the damn cops hiding in the bushes, earning their money! My transmission is not shifting at the points that I use to have them shift at. God knows I drive like an 'old woman' as it is, but now I have to drive even slower, especially in the mornings, with all these school zones and cops with radar! Can I pull out a chip or something, to make the transmission forget my old driving pattern and to relearn a new driving pattern? Or is it imprinted on my driving pattern and I am stuck with it shifting at the wrong speeds and hunting for the right gear? :confuse: :confuse:
  • I have a 2007 chevy aveo with 20k miles that is having some transmission problems. I have a manual tran that makes a very loud rattling noise in 3rd-5th gear (you can hear with the music cranked to full) that started a few months ago.. It also feels like the transmission is getting loose. I brought my car into chevy to get it checked and they did not hear it, i guess they were deaf. And they said every thing is fine. I find that hard to bealive.

    Does any one know whats wrong with the transmission and how i can fix it?
  • I seems i have the same problem. I brought my aveo in to chevy and they said every thing was fine.BS. And it has nothing to do with the temp. I lived in wisconsin before i moved to calif. I spent a winter in wisconsin were it would get -30 deg. It's grinding is as loud in calif as in wisconsin. I also bought new tires for winter driving and it did not help.
    Do you have a manual transmission or an automatic?
    I am also going to bring back into chevy and going to personally watch them check my transmission and take them for a drive. If they find anything i will send a post your way. :sick:
  • Bought my 2008 Aveo brand new and a few months later (about 12,000) the automatic transmission is now working right when cold. the car seemed to work fine in cold weather but now since it has gotten colder here in central Pennsylvania, the automatic transmission in the morning is not shifting right. It will go into 1st great fine and then into second, then when it gets near 3000 rpms it never shifts. The only way I get it to shift is to leave of the accelerator and let it fall back to 2000 rpms or a little less then I can feel it shift down. Then after that I depress the accelerator and then it goes back up to 3rd and then into 4th. After that it works fine. But it seems that when it’s near freezing or below freezing I have this problem. I am not getting any check engine lights or any warning lights at all. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on?? Bad transmission?? :(
  • RibooRiboo Posts: 1
    If you still have the AVEO Have the dealer do a crankshaft sensor variation relearn on your car. Every time a major component is replaced (motor,trans. etc) you have to have this done.( From Alldata)
    Good Luck
  • I have the exact same breakdown with my '04 Aveo and replaced the engine.
    I too am now having the exact same problem (solid check engine light, then blinking and won't shift up past 3rd gear)
    My mechanic who swapped the engines claims he has no idea what's wrong, but I think he's just BSing me as this happened 2 days after I got the car back, so he's already been paid.
    scy80, how did you solve this? Did Riboo's suggestion work?
  • Well, my car had the shift-interlock replaced exactly one year ago almost to the day and it's now broken again. I can't take it in tomorrow, when the warranty on the repair expires. I'm taking it somewhere else since it's not under any of my other warranties.

    So, I wonder if this is going to be a once a year thing with this car or what? I'm tempted not to fix it and use the override, but I don't want to damage anything by doing that long term.
  • Riboo's suggestion worked. I did it to my Aveo 2004 car and it works fine now. It goes right into 4th normally. Had the dealer do it and cost me $135.00. He didn't seem to know what it was, until I explained it to him, then he knew. I talked to the Sevice deptment manager.
  • I had my 2004 Aveo crank shaft sensor variation relearned to day(31 March 2009) and it now works just fine. I went to the service manager and explained what I needed and then he realized what had to be done. It cost me $135.00 to have it done.
  • john338john338 Posts: 1
    I had my 2004 Aveo crank shaft sensor variation relearned today (29 June 2009) drove for about 30 miles all seems well. I will say that I had an interesting experience at my dealer.
    I showed up and told him what was wrong and what needed to be done. He said, "yea ok well it will be $99.95 for us to do the diagnostic and then we will let you know what we find from there." I left the car and walked off thinking wonderful they are going to charge me a hundred bucks to find out they have to do what I said in the first place. While on my walk-a-bout I spotted the tech and MY car at the walmart. Can you believe it! So shortly afterward I started my way back to the dealer I got a call from the dealer telling me that they needed to do a relearn procedure for the crank shaft sensor and it will be $150. I mentioned seeing my car and that I would discuss it more when I return. Well as I am stepping back on thier lot about hour has past since I first spotted my car and guess what pulls in behind me, yep MY car once again. I tell the manager all of this and they decide to do the work for FREE.
    So here is the moral of the story instead of paying the dealer all that money to test your car to find out you were right. Let them take it to the store and then make them do the service for free. :)
  • I had the same problem happen today with my 08. Did you get it fixed? What was the problem?
  • thager11thager11 Posts: 1
    part of programming in the transmission control unit is: when it's cold the trans will shift later and allow the rpm's to come up high so it will warm up the engine faster. Sounds to me like your complaint is normal for cold weather.
  • I tried this, the dealer said they understood and said they were going to "re-flash" it for me.

    $120 later, I get the car back with no lights, fantastic right?

    5 minutes driving it comes back on, flashing away. I'm losing my patience with this POS. :mad:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Konstantine,
    Did you take the vehicle back to the dealership right away so they can fix it? Was the vehicle ever fixed? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Hello Mariah, I went back the next day as they were closing.
    They quoted me a TSB about replacing the cylinders.
    Since it's out of warranty I'm not willing to spend $2000 on a TSB that really should have been a recall due to an engine design flaw.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Konstantine,
    Can you please email me your current mileage and VIN of your vehicle so I can look into this further? Can you also send me more information about the situation? You can get my email by clicking on my name. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • I Turned on My 08' Aveo sedan, and let warm up for about 10 mins, and as i was backing out i let it back up on its own, and once i put it in drive as i was hitting the gas my RPM's wer moving put my car wouldn't go no where it like when you put it in drive and it just goes, but i was pushing the gas and only my RPMS would move but no power towards exeleration. So Im just wondering if anybody has witnessed this problem. :confuse:
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