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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • I am buying a 2008 C-Class in South Florida. The one dealer I dealt with would not budge from MSRP, and had nothing on the lot with the entertainment package. Anyone have a different experience?
  • The prices really depend on where you live. I live in Northern California, and thanks to tips from jurisdr, I just bought a new c350 for close to invoice.

    As for the multimedia package, cars equipt with this package was released later than the base cars. You should see more cars equipt with the multimedia package once the dealerships move out the base models and order the later released cars. Since most dealers have limited supply of cars with the multimedia package, you might not be able to get a good deal on them.
  • Hi, you are fortunate to have found a dealer willing to give you $2k off the MSRP price, over here in Seattle..I have been dealing with about 3-4 dealers and the best deal I got was $1225 less MSRP, however I went with a dealer which was located like 10min away..I will get the vehicle $1000 over invoice which is the COSTCO auto buying program..only reason am getting it closer to home is the advantage of free car wash for the duration of the ownership of the vehicle and 1st oil change on the dealer..i tried contacting CALIFORNIA, dealt with a dealer in Los Angeles, he won't give a discount either since the vehicle is so in demand..I have to wait till end of January 08 to get the vehicle..
  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    Hi hooselxus,

    I live in Northern California and I am also looking for a C350. May I ask which dealer you went with that gave you close to invoice? If you can give me the name of the person and his contact info., that would be even better. Really appreciate your help. Thanks!

  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    Hi hooslexus,

    I live in Northern California and I am also looking for a C350. May I ask which dealership you went with that offered you $200 over invoice? If you can tell me the name of the person that you worked with, that would be even better. Really appreciate your help here.

  • I bought my car from Autobahn Motors in Belmont. I highly recommend their online service. They were very upfront with me. Other dealers (Pleasonton and Smythe) offered comparable prices or offered to beat that price only after I told them what Autobahn had offered. I decided to go Autobahn because I felt like they were not playing games with me and also they are pretty close to where I am.

    I don't think I'm allowed to post the sales person's name here. Best of luck.
  • My girlfriend was hot to buy a C300 luxury. I had one day to research and strike a deal. I went into this knowing NOTHING about Mercedes. I went straight to which I found when shopping for my Lexus IS250. I printed off the "Price with options" page showing MSRP vs Invoice, and went to my local dealer. I was in and out within an hour and a half.
    I offered $39K OTD, which was eventually accepted. I am posting this to help others. So if I got ripped, feel free to reply. If I did ok, please say so.
    C300 Luxury, (PO1)Premium 1 package, (320) Multimedia Package, 7.75% tax rate. I specifically said I did not want the iPod Integration Kit.
    (Supposedly there are only 4 like this on the west coast, so it's being shipped from Orange County, or LA).
  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    Thanks. May I ask how much you paid for your car? Is it C300 sport/luxury or C350? What is the color and the options it has? Thanks again for your help.
  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    Hi jurisdr,

    For the price you got for 250 over inv, does this include the $500 IRG or you were able to ask them to waive this fees?

  • Hi, I have been looking since August and would like to know which model did you eventually settle for? the 350 or 300? Which options did you purchase? I would be interested to find out what they will offer for this vehicle, I just emailed their internet department today. I am not from the Bay area but would not mind fetching the car if I can save and even if I have to pay the tax difference of about 2%. I will calculate everything before I make a decision if all the savings is worth it since I will have to fly to fetch the car and drive the car back to where I live unless they will cut me a deal and deliver the vehicle to me. Would appreciate any information on final price you settled? I am also aware of that advertising cost, over here in Seattle its like $600 and I am refusing to pay for that, the price which the dealer is giving me considering I am a COSTCO member is $1000 over invoice, most dealers are sticking to MSRP price though..Would appreciate any feedback..Thanks much.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    This Friday we'll sit down with the internet salesman at the local dealer (we never met him) and go ever details of the $34,500 OTD offer agreed through email.
    C300 Lux; Silver metalic paint (no other options; 6% sales tax). We think this is a reasonable offer but we'll know more on Friday. The car will be ordered. Any advice of what to look for in this type of transaction? Thanks.
  • Hi Friends,

    I'm very interested in purchasing a new C350 but have some questions that I'm hoping some of you with experience could help me with.

    I'm currently leasing a 2006 Nissan Maxima SL - started Feb 2006 - end Feb 2009.

    '06 Maxima SL
    MSRP = $34,195
    Cap Cost = $29000 (Invoice + $500)
    Lease Terms = 36 months/15K miles
    Residual = 58%
    Money Factor = .00176
    Cash Down = $2000
    Pre tax monthly payment = $359
    After tax (9.1%) monthly payment = $392

    Would it be a smart move to break the lease to buy the new C-Class? So far the best I've found has been around 41 to 42K fully loaded. (premium and multimedia package)

    In the long run would this be a smart move?

    If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it!
  • Thanks for the feedback. Just closed a deal.

    C300 sport
    Metallic paint
    ipod integration
    $37,375 + tax

    Comments welcomed.
  • I apologize if this has already been discussed but couldn't find the message: Does the $250 over invoice include the multimedia package? All the dealers I talked to said they aren't discounting the cars with the multimedia package more than a few hundred off of MSRP. Has anyone had any experience in California with getting a car w/ the multimedia package for a few hundred over invoice?
  • Test driving one tomorrow and have narrowed my choice down to this and a 328xi. The options I want in the car (or at least the ones I have to get based upon the packages MB has) are P1, Multimedia, Tele-aid and Metallic Black. List price is $41,400, and being in Manhattan, I don't expect any price reduction so i may have to go outside the city. Anyone have any thoughts on what price I may be able to negotiate and are those of u w/o the 4matic happy w the traction? I tested a CLK350 RWD in the rain and didn't feel it gripped that well. Tnx
  • Hi I am in NYC also looking into C350 w/ Multimedia pkg - I cannot find any dealers willing to go below the MSRP, can you tell me which dealers in NJ you got discount from? my email is

  • kyeungkyeung Posts: 9
    I bought a Palladium C-350 with P2, multimedia pkg, 18" AMG wheels and iPod integration for $500 over invoice.
  • Good Morning.
    I purchased a C300 Luxury Sedan with the Premium I package and 7-Speed Automatic transmission yesterday from a dealship in Albuquerque, N.M. I narrowed my vehicles to the MB or the Cadillac CTS, and the MB won hands down. MSRP for vehicle was $35,075. (sticker) and the dealership discounted the vehicle $1,500. although they said they are selling every car that is delivered in a couple of days. The vehicle I bought was the only one in stock and had been delivered yesterday morning! Seems like the C300 Luxury and Sport trims are "selling like hot cakes." I was happy to purchase at the price quoted.
  • Hi Kyeung - where did you get that deal? very good deal..

    I am thinking to get exactly the same as yours.. whats the OTD you paid?
  • Hey William. I went to the dealer on 56th and Park. Dealt w a guy named Kevin Fox. I didn't LOVE the ride and my comfort level, so i may end up going 328xi, but what he quoted me was: C300 luxury 4matic, P1 package. I think list was $36,300, b/c he offered it to me @ $35,300, and said he took off $1000. He says that the 2 dealers in Manhattan are the only company owned dealers in the US, and thus they want to make sure they hit their quotas. Keith
  • faeuyfaeuy Posts: 6
    im planning to buy a C300 sport 2008 MB with premium 2 package, multimedia, and automatic transmision, are there any specific calculation to get the best deal, i want the price around +- $40k... is multimedia worthed? thx for the info... appreciate it
  • rfbkidrfbkid Posts: 2
    I got a price quote on a C300 Sport AWD with premium 1, multimedia, automatic transmission, pano sunroof, palladium silver, ipod, but no leather for 40,000. MSRP was 41,685

    I was told that was a good deal (by friends), but i am still not sure... they are pushing me to lease.

    the only flaw i hear in the multimedia is that benz doesnt provide navigation updates. as such, if you plan on keeping the car for a while then your nav may get outdated.
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    I got a c300 P1 at 465/mo. just first mo, bank fees, etc. for inception in NJ. Is this a good number to start, how much room for negotiation is anyone finding?
  • Hi rfdkid -

    MSRP 41,685 for 40,000 is a good deal, where is your dealer?
  • rfbkidrfbkid Posts: 2
    hey -

    It's in NJ. Where are you?
  • I am in NYC, close enough, mind to share the dealers info? you can email to,
  • Hi. Are there any advantages waiting until year end to purchasing a 2008 C300? The dealers tend to be more motivated to sell, but are there any financing or other holiday deals?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Go the day after Christmas on December 26th. You'll be the only person in the dealership in the middle of the week, end of the month, quarter, and year. It's their slowest week in most places. If you can't buy the car at your price that day, give them your number and walk out while saying: "This offer is good until I kiss my wife 'Happy New Year!'" If your credit is strong and you make a reasonable offer, you'll be driving that new Benz to your New Year's Eve party.
  • I ordered a C300 4Matic White/Black with P2, Multimedia and Ipod for $39,000

    That's a few hundreds over invoice, anyone in NYC or nearby wants the dealer info please email me

    I didn't expect to get as low as that!!
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