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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • Yes, its true majority of the dealers I have dealt with in my area are selling their new 2008 C class for MSRP. It was difficult to get any good deals on this particular vehicle unless you are like me, I researched and dealt with more than 3-4 dealers. My experience buying a car has been stressful not fun, thats all what I can say. Best of luck and hope you get a good deal..I suggest you do some research on car buying tips to be ready with your ammunition buying any vehicle.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    It seems that MB dealers are not only getting full sticker for these cars, but they're making you wait your turn to get one. My local dealers wouldn't let me buy the car on the lot because they didn't have another one to replace it (and wouldn't have been able to do test drives for pre-sales). Personally, I'd wait a few months for the hoopla to die down. Give it to yourself for Christmas and use the savings for a nice ski trip in your new Benz!
  • amixamamixam Posts: 17
    I test drove a 350 C-Class Sport last weekend on the highway and city streets. Honestly, this thing rode and bounced like the shocks needed to be replaced!!! My expectation of a Benz's ride is smoother than a BMW, but still sporty. I took it on city streets and the interstate for a good 20 minutes. I sped up and I did the speed limit. I alternated between comfort and sport suspension modes,but the result was the same. Understand me now, I do know how a firm sport suspension is supposed to feel- where you feel the road, but not in your body. This is more like where even the slightest dip in the road felt like you were in a 1978 Pontiac Bonneville. Anyone else have this experience? I left disappointed and underwhelmed after "they promised me a Mercedes Benz" and all the quality engineering hype.

    Anyone agree/disagree? Did I have a defective vehicle? Was it just not broken in? This one had just come in that day I was told.
  • doc926doc926 Posts: 1
    After 2 weeks of email negotiating I have a 2008 C300 Luxury with P1, Navigation, and iPod. Leased from John Sisson in Washington, PA. MSRP 39,910, Cap Cost 37,333 which included advertising and dealer prep., 61% RV, MF 0.0029 39 months at 1000 mi/mo. All in all a fairly pleasant experience. Initially no dealer would negotiate so I contracted with a lease consultand out of Fla. and he got me a better than MSRP deal. When I went back to the dealer with this deal in hand they were more receptive. I had to pay the guy in Fla 395 but still saved more with a better deal here.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,727
    Most cars are shipped with blocks on the suspension.. To decrease bouncing while in transit.

    I'd guess that the dealership tech neglected to remove them before your test drive.

    The tire pressure may not have been checked, either. Usually, they increase the pressure for shipping.



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  • amixamamixam Posts: 17
    Thanks I figured it had to be something like that. It was so uncharacteristic for that brand. Looking at the posts for the deals some have gotten on '07 models, that may be a better way to go anyhow.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I looked hard at the 08; drove it in Europe; but ended up buying an 07. Much lower cost, 6-speed manual with the big engine, and nicer curves...I like the interior better in the 07 as well. All that said, if the 07 C350 hadn't been $10k cheaper, I probably would have bought another BMW.
  • This is in response to the following:

    "I alternated between comfort and sport suspension modes,but the result was the same."

    This new (nor old) C class does not have a comfort or sport SUSPENSION mode. It does have an option to put the transmission in comfort or sport mode. Comfort mode starts the transmission in second gear, sport mode in first gear.

    I have not driven the new '08 C class, but I do own the 2005 C230K sedan with sport package. The ride is very smooth especially during highway cruising. Mercedes are know for their comfortable ride. I suspect that you were had a car that in some way was abused. I highly suggest going for another test drive prior to making your car purchase decision. Best of luck.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Testdrove a C300 Sport at Mercedes Benz of South Orlando (right by Millenia Mall) and there are no discounts on this right now. Some vehicles are actually marked up due to the supposedly high demand. Units with multimedia package have a 5K premium as an example. Supposedly, only 1000 units have this option. Rather skeptical about that, but I think I'll wait for all the hoopla to die down. Sales folks were rather aggressive in selling the vehicle. Kinda unusual for something that's supposedly in high demand. I mean, the vehicle should sell itself, right? I wasn't expecting the sales pressure.
  • drtraveldrtravel Posts: 395
    This story repeats itself whenever a new promising vehicle appears - a temporary shortage in supply compared to pent-up demand. MB sold over 6,000 Cs last month - last year during September they sold over 4,000 even when most buyers knew a new model was on it's way. The C class is their volume leader so deals will be had. My guess is early next year. The economy does impact the sales of "affordable" cars more than luxury cars. So a softer economy will impact sales of the C class more so than the S class.

    The last three cars I bought were all hot when they first arrived. You know sold at MSRP plus whatever else they could load up on the car - plus they were doing me a favor selling me the car. I waited six months and got a good deal. If I had waited even longer, probably could have gotten an even better deal.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Perhaps my post belongs in this section?
    Local dealer (Tampa Bay Area) offered to order C300 Luxury in metallic paint for $32,300 (34,500 OTD (6%tax)... no other options --- for old people like us, it is easier to set a budget and then deal in OTD figures. We tried to compare what we get at Lexus and Acura.
    We are OK with waiting a few months and we are not interested in any of the premium packages MB is offering on C300 Lux. We set a firm 34k OTD budget. What do you all think? Is 34.5k OTD too much (I guess for a buyer every number is too much) for C300 Lux with no other options but metallic paint?
    We looked at the EDProgram ... the local dealer wants to match it.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    There are rumors, though, that European makes manufactured outside of North America will need to bump up prices in the near future in order to compensate for the still-devaluating US greenback. So, there may be quite a bit of a price hike in the near future. Maybe not for this model year, but maybe for next model year. There's even talk of manufacturers deliberately minimizing production prior to the supposed price hike. Hopefully, we won't see such a drastic price increase.
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11

    Given the configuration you mentioned, the invoice is $32,032 and the MSRP is $34,385. Thus you're paying about $270 over invoice or $2k+ off MSRP.

    I've been pricing the C300 & C350 Sport in my state (California) and most dealerships are not willing to negotiate more than a few hundred dollars off MSRP. I finally found two dealerships willing to accept $250 over invoice, but this was after contacting about 15 MB dealerships in both Southern and Northern California and negotiating quite a I'd say your offer was very good.
    I don't think you could beat the price until the 2009 models arrive and even then it probably won't be a significant amount over what you already negotiated.
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11
    Any thoughts on whether to buy an '07 C230 Sport or an '08 C300 Sport? Configured w/my preferred options, both have an MSRP of approximately $34k. I am able to procure offers of $6k off MSRP on the '07 and $2k off on the '08. The OTD difference in cost is apprx $4500.
    The '07 seems to be a better 'value' especially since I usually sell my existing car and purchase a new one every few yrs (I already looked into leasing and buying is better for me). Any thoughts on the pros & cons of purchasing the "old" bodystyle & the value of the '07?

    Also, I have an '03 SLK320 that handles wells and has a lot of power. I've driven several C230 loaners over the years while my vehicle is being serviced, but never in conditions that required rapid acceleration etc. Will the C-class, especially the '07, seem to lag in comparison to an SLK?

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I made a similar decision about the 07 versus 08 back in August. I was comparing 350-350, so it was a fair fight. The discount on the 07 outweighed the novelty of the 08. My discount was $10k. Also, the 07 came with a 6 speed manual and the big engine--the 08 does not.

    I don't think you're comparing apples to apples. The new C300 will smoke the 07 230. Given your quandary, I'd push for a couple grand more off the 08 and go that way.
  • areddyareddy Posts: 8
    Overall I am in like the 2008 C350. There is a new CURE edition which comes fully loaded, the dealer is saying he will sell this only at MSRP which is around 44K... which i feel is really 2 much... has anyone in New Jersey or nearby state bought this CURE edition or the regular C350 for below the MSRP? Please post your comments if there is a dealer in New Jersey who can offer a good deal...thanks The dealer in Lawrenceville, NJ quoted that they dont sell below MSRP :mad: . If anyone ordered this car, whats the best price so far in n around NJ? About the car..I would agree to some extent that initially when you hit the gas there is no immediate response & there is also some wind noise when ur at 80-90+
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    Thanks xxx,JD for your comments.
    Do you know that MB charges C300 Lux buyers $260 extra for the Lux Grille? This must be a rip-off.
  • maimumaimu Posts: 1
    Hi, I am in a search for a 2008 mbenz c sport with multimedia package and automatic. Where are you that you are being offered 2000 off on the 08. I am in southern california. thank you so much, :shades:
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11
    Thanks, vinnyny. After driving the '07 C230 again, I decided to go w/the C300 Sport. I pick it up tomorrow, yay!!
    Your $10k off MSRP is a fabulous price!! I would've gone w/the 07 350 too if I procured such a great offer.
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11
    wow, $260 extra for the lux grille...that's steep. I went w/the 300 sport and pick it up tomorrow. I noticed there's an "IRG" charge of $500. I'll find out exactly what it is prior to signing the purchase agreement, but I have a feeling it's a dealer 'marketing' mark-up. Hmm.
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11
    maimu, I'm going through a northern CA bay area dealer since I live in No CA now. I'm originally from Southern CA thus I contacted several dealers down there too. Fletcher Jones in Newport and MB of Encino both were willing to match 200 over invoice. This was after a lot of negotiating. Be prepared for some intial rejection as there were several dealers not willing to negotiate much at all.

    If you reside in OC and you procure a good offer, I'd go w/Fletcher as they offer several perks such as complimentary airport service. You can drop your car off at the dealership and they'll drive you to the airport. They keep your car and wash it while you're on vacation/business then pick you up from the airport. I hope this helps. :-)
  • scbobscbob Posts: 167
    According to the MB website, there is no "Lux grill," but you can get the "sport" model grill for $191 MSRP. This is the one with the big star in the center of the grill.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    We like the Luxury model but would like the Sport Grille. Yea, we saw the $191 conversion kit in accessories. Both Luxury and Sport grille are 100% plastic and apparently interchangeable. I think it is a simple task. Now, the 3-pointed star that sits on the hood, has to be removed and a solid round decal goes in its place, ... right?
    Why they charge extra for what is a standard option I don't know. The dealer adds anything to increase the bottom line.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I'm always watching out for a good deal. When I'm lucky enough to find one, I pounce. I worry about selling my current car later (and always get more than the dealers offer).

    Good luck with your C300!
  • jurisdr,

    Which dealerships in NorCal accepted your offer of $250 over invoice? Also, which dealerships were not willing to negotiate? I'm about to start the process for a c350. Thanks in advance.
  • daschedasche Posts: 11
    I dealt with 4 dealers in the Northern NJ area and most were offering only $1000 off the sticker for 2008 C-Class models. I got mine for $1125 off the sticker and was offered $1325 from another dealer... I took the $1125 deal because the other dealer was very condescending. Customer service is important to me and the level of service was worth not saving the extra $200.
  • areddyareddy Posts: 8
    Can you tell me the dealer and which trim did you get? Thanks
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11

    Autobahn Motors in Belmont, Berberian in Stockton, and MB of El Dorado Hills were all willing to negotiate and ultimately accept/match 250 over inv. I made initial contact via the Internet Dept. I decided to go w/Autobahn as they were pleasant and professional at all times.
    MB of Sac, MB of SF, and Smythe European were not willing to negotiate. Note there is a $500 IRG Participation fee, which is a MB marketing charge, that varies by region (of course, CA region is the highest). It's built into the MSRP so if you'll only see it if you review the true dealer invoice. Good luck. :-)
  • jurisdrjurisdr Posts: 11
    This may belong on another forum. However, since were discussing purchases I thought I'd mention Saks First members (Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card or World Elite Visa) are eligible to receive a $1000 Saks gift card w/a qualifying new Mercedes purchase or lease between January 1, 2007 and January 2, 2008. Both 2007/2008 C-Class qualify.
    See the term and conditions via the link below:<>ast_id=14- 08474399545537&bmUID=1191991762515
  • daschedasche Posts: 11
    Prestige Motors in Paramus, C300 sport model w/automatic, panaoramic roof, P1 package.
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