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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • Hi,

    I am looking to buy a certfied pre owned 2005 C230 too.
    Could you please tell me how you got this deal.

  • I am looking to buy a certified/pre owned 2005/2004 c230 or c240 sedan. I am completely new to car buying and this is my first car. Please advice me on the price I should pay for one. I am in California and what dealers I should go to.
    Another worry for me was is that is this car safe? I Have read a lot of comlaint stories online.Any help is appreciated.

  • A close friend of mine do own a 2005 c230 Krompressor, so far he has no problems with the car, but he bought it brand new. Some people do complaint the car is a little noisy since it is a Krompressor, but that didn't bother my fiend, since it did save him a lot on gas mileage. As far as the handling, it is quite good, it feels very similar to how Mercedes used to be, ie, more heavy on the steering wheel. Now, with the new 2006 c230, with the V6 engine, the steering is more light , to me it feels more like a luxuries Japanese car. The only thing we have heard is that if your car comes with navigation system, you might come across with some electronic problem later.

    I am not too sure where you are located in California. But the three Mercedes Dealership we have come across are: Rusnak , in Arcadia, Penske, in West Covina, and Cal Star in Glendale. They are all located in Southern California.

    Anyway, hope this helps and good luck!
  • Hey who was you salesperson @ laguna. Was it a one time deal or do they always give you love like that?
  • Howdy all,

    Now that the 07 model is about to come out, has anyone been getting really great deals on the C Class in Southern California? I just got quoted a few hundred dollars BELOW invoice on this vehicle, but I have heard that some people are getting 2-3k below invoice. I am wondering if this is realistic or just a pipedream?

    Input please.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    tiks102 can't give you any salesperson information, as it would violate forum rules....

    See the message printed in RED, down below...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hello,
    I have a 98 c230 Benz.
    Have had it for sale since Sept 05.
    83k Miles
    selling for 9600.00

    Have a difficult time selling it.
    Offers of 6500.00 from KBB..
    No way.
    It has been well maintained and all service is up to date.

    Any suggestions?
    I still owe a payoff,and I JUST want to sell it.
    I have listed on CL,and thru our local

  • lacoastlacoast Posts: 4
    Can you tell me what the money factor is for March on a 2006 C230 sedan. Also, what is the bank fee and residual value? Selling price of $31,049. I'm thinking about a 12K/39 month lease.

    I was quoted 2.8 MF, and $1095 bank fee.
  • I have been looking at both the BMW 325i and the Mercedes C230 sport. In our area (which is Austin Texas) you just can't find a decent price on a BMW. Dealers want full book and just won't budge. We liked the Mercedes after driving it so decided the 2005 might be the way to go but again, everyone wants full book! I found one that gave the certified warranty so this was at least over and above. I look on Ebay and dealers in other areas are selling them around 2-3,000 less than here. Texas in general is high! I found one out of state dealer that said to forget used and buy the new one for almost the same price. They said they will sell to me for 1,000 below invoice. Then my only problem is logistics. Getting it shipped cost 850.00 and the hassle. Hence my dilemma. My best quote here on a used 2005 with 100k certified warranty was 30,500. The car origianlly stickered for a little over 34,000.It has 12,500 miles,sunroof package, cd changer, peuter color, automatic and I think thats about it. Maybe I am wrong but if I can buy the same car new for close to the same price wouldn't that be the way to go? I know I am giving up the 100k warranty which is worth something. Here about 900.00 I was told. THe trade in-value on these cars is really bad on a 2005 so why is the dealer so high?? I think trade-in is around 27k in Nada but other guides. Kelley blue book shows it as 23k trade-in. What should you go by?? Sorry but this is a big purchase and I have found these boards in the past to be great. They sure have leveled the playing field.

    SO in summary:

    What is a good price for a 2005 C230 with certified warranty?

    What is the best deal anyone is seeing on new 2006 models off invoice?

    Thanks all!
  • I forgot the other one I had a quote on. The used one above is about normal of what I have been getting. Here is the other one.

    2005 C230 Sport
    14,500 miles
    100k Certified Warranty
    Xenon Headlight/washer package (think it is called lighting package)
    Sunroof Package
    Harmon Cardon Stereo package
    Automatic Transmission
    6 disc changer which I think comes with the stereo package.
    Full electric memory seat/steering package
    Peuter color (which is 680.00 option)
    I think this is it. Price 30,400. Original Sticker price was 36,190. Is this a good buy or something I could beat? It is local which helps but I don't have to buy now.

    So since this is the best, I have so far. I am torn between this or a 2006, automatic transmission, Sunroof package, cd changer, peuter color, for 31,224 brand new! (of course doesn't include tax, title license fees) Sorry so much info but I need help and would like to put the wife in a car sooner than later!
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    I've done some looking as well. I think you have an OK price, but that's partly because, IMO, the 2006 is quite superior to the 2005. The 2006 has a better engine and transmission, so it should be somewhat easy to get a good price on the 2005. For me, personally, I'd go for the 2006 - or try getting them to come down another $500 on the 2005.
  • I got a call from the one dealer today that said they are wanting to open negotiations again on the one they came down to 30,400. It is the one with Xenon, etc, I posted above. So I assume they will say 30k with the certified warranty. It sticked new for 36,190 like I said before. I hear th gas mileage is better on the 2005 but that really is not my great motivation. You say the engine and transmission is better on the 2006? Man I am just learning so anything helps. I knew the 2005 to me seemed a little noisy and not quite as smooth as I would have liked. They said the V6 is smoother. You know I think you are right. The 2006 seems good. We just need to decide what options. Probably the sunroof package, automatic transmission and cd changer and I think that is about it. Maybe Peuter paint color but that adds 680 for metallic paint. That is dumb to me but it is what it is.

    Oh, I just saw an ad for a 2005 about 3 hours from where I live, sunroof package, cd changer, automatic and they are advertising it for 26,900 with 12,000 miles on it. It is not a Mercedes dealer but they have the records on it and say the car is perfect with a clean car fax. It is silver with the light grey interior. I don't care for the light grey interior as my wife is going to probably be messy and the dark will be more forgiving. Besides I will have to keep the thing clean. Light grey stains so easily. ALso the light grey interior looks weird from the outside with the blue tinted windows. All of the Mercedes salesman have told me that everyone else says the same thing so they are used to hearing that. Anyway, the price is way lower than the one I was looking at here but it has less options.

    Yeah, even though. I think the new is looking better. With 1,000 off of invoice, I don't think I can beat that for a new 2006. If so I would glady jump on it. This one is 1,100 miles from my home so If I flew then drove it back, I have expense and hassle or pay 850.00 for them to ship. Decisions, Decisions. If anyone knows of a dealership that will beat this deal please let me know! On the new I mean.
  • msdavismsdavis Posts: 11
    Dear car guy, thanks so much for all of the help on my vw and many family memebers cars. A dear friend of mine is looking to lease a mb c230 and I can't get any straight answers from any dealer. What is mb Financial's Acc fee? Next is there any dealer cash combindable with the subsudized lease program? And what is the base money factor for 27 months or 39 months. By the way this is in California.

  • WRXwgnWRXwgn Posts: 7
    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a C350LS in Socal, what is the typical price for these? If above invoice, how much above? I understand there is a $3000 dealers incentive right now on these cars, what is my expected price for one?
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    Not sure I can answer your question, but I purchased a C280 - which only comes in the luxury. It was complicated because I traded in. Based on my experience, though, there's serious regional differences - so make sure you find answers from someone local.
  • WRXwgnWRXwgn Posts: 7
    I got a quote from one of the dealers in Socal for $2000 under invoice plus $3000 dealer incentive. Seems like a steal, what does everyone else think?
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    Well, if I had it to do over again, I'd drive to SoCal for it ;-)
  • amiga101amiga101 Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm also currently getting prices from dealers (though for the C230). I too am getting quotes for $2000 under invoice, but what does it mean "$2000 under invoice plus $3000 dealer incentive"? Does that translate to a total of $5,000 off the MSRP? Does anyone know if the same dealer incentive is available right now for the C230? Finally, in So.Cal., what should I expect to be charged for "documentation fees"?
  • WRXwgnWRXwgn Posts: 7
    $2000 off invoice + $3000 incentive currently on C350s, so $5000 total off invoice, not MSRP.
  • amiga101amiga101 Posts: 2
    Wow, so this would make the car around $30k?? Then maybe I should be looking at the C350 rather than the C230, since the best prices I'm getting for the C230 is just a few bucks less than the price you got quoted for the C350! Which dealer gave you that quote if you don't mind me asking? I'm in So Cal too. Has anyone else gotten better quotes for the C230? Thank you!!
  • Hi,
    I'm in SoCal too and I am looking to purchase a 2006 c230 or c280... But what is this deal with the c350? Is this for a paticular dealer or for all of socal... Any info would be greatly apperiated. I might just jump at getting the c350 for $5000 off invoice... Thanks!
  • ordmathordmath Posts: 2
    I got a quote for $3000 below MSRP for any C MB. Is this a good price. This will be my first MB. I locate in the metro DC area. Is this a good price? What you have there seems much better than what I have here. Is there a way that you provide the dealership name with city and state. I would like to call them if the price is so good. Thanks!
  • ordmathordmath Posts: 2
    Can you provide the name of the dealership? Thanks!
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    I did some checking around in the Chicago area before I bought mine. I doubt anyone would come down to invoice. Your experience in DC is probably similar; getting close - but not there. I'm amazed at the SoCal experience.
  • WRXwgnWRXwgn Posts: 7

    I just purchased a 06 C350 Luxury from Penske Mercedes in W. Covina and the price I paid is $33700 + TTL, which is $6000 below invoice. Options include sunroof package and 6CD changer (Most C class in Socal are optioned this way). Let me know if you need more info.
  • iycrraiycrra Posts: 24
    Can anyone tell me if Mercedes still offers free maintenance program for the first 4 years or something like this? or they did away with this program.

    And if they did, what are their sevics charges are like? I mean regular/minor tune-up and major tune-up. Thanks.
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    They did away with the program; rather than up the price of the new cars. I know maintenance is pricier than with lesser prestige brands, but don't know yet by how much.
  • prlprl Posts: 10
    ok, I need some advice. I am looking at a 2005 C240 4Matic with under 10K miles on it. It is a basic car with just the sunroof package and the cd-changer. The dealership is asking $30,900 but said that he has a bunch of these which were previous loaner cars and they need to get rid of them. He said he would sell it for $27K. Now the asking price is just too high to begin with most dealers are only asking $30, and then I assume you could negotiate down.

    What is a fair price for this car? Does the fact that he has so many, and that it was a loaner, etc help my case? I'm thinking that $24-25 would be fair for it. The car is certified btw.
  • soldaustinsoldaustin Posts: 91
    Well, I was also looking 3 months ago at the c230 Sport in a 2005. Most had the sunroof package, cd changer and stickered new for about 34,500. Everything I looked at was around 31,500. Next time I went back the same ones were 30,500. They said if I took off the certification, I could get it for 29,500. All the same. Most had anywhere from 10-15,000 miles on them. Well the more I thought about it, the more I just didn't think the car was worth it. I finally changed direction and looked at the 2006 C230 Sport. I found one that stickered for 34,985 I think it was. It had the sunroof package, cd changer, heated seats. I got a few offers and bought it locally for 31,989, which was right at 3k off sticker for a brand new one. My thought was if I can get a brand new 2006 with no miles or wear on it for 32,000 why pay 28-29k for a used 2005?? It just didn't make sense. I really didn't think I could get that much off of a new one and that is why I was looking at the used to start with. I know I looked at a 240 that they said they would sell for 30,000 and it was listed for I think 32k at the time. Asking only 3k off of a used car to me is not good. The warranty is not that much. I think it is about 1,000 I was told. You can do better aftermarket I found, much better. I think the one I found was called or something like that. Anyway, I don't think they will sell it for 24-25k so you need to change your thinking on this. Now if I could have gotten a nice 2005 for 25k, sure I would have bought it instead as that would be a 7k savings over new. The miles is not bad at all. Probably not a bad price at 27k. I am surprised they would come down from 31k to 27k. That is a huge drop. I would be leary of anyone dropping that much right off the bat. Just doesn't seem right. So basically in my case, I paid about 2,500 more and got a brand new 2006. It was a no brainer for me but you are getting a better offer now. By the way, we went in for the first check up and they replaced the front pads because of a slight squeal. No problem so I was surprised. We love the car and have about 2,700 miles on it now. We do all city driving and get right at 20 mpg. I mean all city! So right in line with what they say it should get. I like the V6 better in the 2006 as it is quieter and smoother. Still the other one in the 2005 is supposed to be a really good engine. Good luck.
  • prlprl Posts: 10
    Thanks for your reply! Were the front pads replaced under warranty? If so that is great, I was taking to a dealer tech and he said that these cars do eat brakes, which is disappointing. But I guess its the price of driving a Benz!

    I would love to get a C230, but I live in northern NJ and the 4Matic is a must. (Especially since I drive a 95 Suburu Legacy now that will go through anything in the winter.) I originally wanted to lease the new 2006 C280 which is an incredible car and so fast! They are willing to discount the new one down to about $35,000 (MSRP of around $39,000) but I would only be able to lease the new one, not buy. $485 a month was the lowest lease payment I got for 27 months and 15,000 miles a year with $0 cap cost reduction.

    I decided that I really shouldn't lease at this point in my life (I'll be a junior in college in the fall) and I just don't want to get locked into a lease when I'm unsure of where/what I'll be doing after school. By buying I can keep it or sell it if I need to when I graduate.

    As for the 2005 C240...the car is Pewter/Black and it looks like its in beautiful condition. I was dealing directly with the Pre-Owned Sales Manager so I think that is one reason that he was quickly getting to business. There was none of this "let me talk to the manager" bs. Also, they have twenty 2005 C-Class pre-owned all about the same mileage and equipment. These were all their service loaners last year and MBUSA is apparantly making it attractive to unload them. Also MB Financial is running a great finance program until June 30, and I am sure that this sales guy knows after that is over, he is gonna have a lot harder time to get rid of these cars. So that gives him less than 15 days to get rid of 20 cars. I am going back Saturday morning with my parents (I figured he might be more willing to deal with adults since no one takes my age group seriously.)

    One last question, a guy I work with has friends in the car business and he said that by putting almost half down (which I had planned to do) would be attractive to the dealer. Is this accurate? I would think that the dealer doesn't care how much you finance, they are getting their money either way...

    Thanks for reading this long post!
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