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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    Generally, in smaller markets, a good price that you can get is invoice as shown on Edmunds + IRG (advertising fee = up to $500) + $500. BUT, now is the time of year (or soon will be) when MB starts giving incentives to the dealers to clear out this year's models and these incentives keep increasing on into October so be sure to check Edmunds for any incentives out there and take those into account.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Just a note, according to Edmunds, there is a $2500 incentive or rebate fro the 320.
  • 71eh71eh Posts: 1
    Hi. I'm new to MB owner. I just purchased my first MB, Certified pre-own 2004 C230K sports coupe. It has most of packages included except light package. Deal was started from near 2800, then I settled down as 24k. It includes full 4 years/50k warranties. Just wish that i got "Okay" deal. - I always and never expect "Best" deal from any dealer (I'm not good at sitting over few hours and strong).

    Hope to hear some of your voice!
  • suniljmsuniljm Posts: 10
    Purchased Mid March 2005.

    Metallic Silver Sports Sedan
    Black leather inserts
    324 Sunroof package
    5-speed Auto
    6-Disc CD Changer
    Heated Front Seats
    3 Free Oil Changes
    Winter Floor Mats

    Brand new (not a demo).

    Paid $30900 + TTL

    Probably could have gotten a little closer to $30k from other dealers, but I just wanted to get into a car at my closest dealer location. I assume people in the big cities will find even cheaper prices. Mine was purchased in Missouri. Love it so far!
  • reyngelreyngel Posts: 3
    Hi everyone. I'm now in the market for a C230, and I was hoping some of you could aid me in the process. As of now, I'm looking for this setup:

    -Brilliant Silver paint
    -Black leather interior
    -Automatic transmission
    -Entertainment package
    -Lighting package
    -Power/memory seats

    Edmunds says the invoice for this setup is $35,103. That's a bit out of my price range, though. I think I could live without the leather interior, and settle for the "leather inserts," which would drop the invoice down about $1,400, but maybe someone could tell me what the difference is? For those of you who have leather inserts, how's the quality?

    Also, for those who have the entertainment package, is it worth the extra money? Or should I just settle for the changer only? The thing about just getting the changer though, versus the whole entertainment package, is that it ends up being about $300 for a mere changer, when you can simply get the whole package with extra speakers, subwoofer, and the changer, for $900 invoice.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I'm curious as to what I should be looking to pay, out the door. Obviously I'd like as best a deal as I can manage. Seeing as how the 2006's are on their way in, and they'll have more horse power, and a better CD player that plays mp3's, do you think I can work out a killer deal for a 2005?

    Thanks. :)
  • mbz66mbz66 Posts: 9
    Hello Reyngel,

    I bought my 2004 C230 Sport Sedan in May 2004. The MSRP was US$29,250.00

    The options on the sticker are (in US dollars):
    Pewter Silver (code 723), $670.00
    5 speed auto trans (code 423), $1,360.00
    Premium sound (code 810), $640.00
    CD changer (819), $410.00
    Sunroof package (324), $1,640.00
    Destination and Delivery, $720.00
    Total Sticker price $34,690.00
    Negotiated price $29,390.00
    (Sales Tax, License fee are additional)

    In Southern California, there are several dealers within 40 miles radius. I first checked with Edmunds.Com for prices and any incentives, then clicked on all the boxes that list dealer names for price quote. The Internet Managers from these dealers then contacted me by email and phone. We negotiated price on phone. I then paid a visit to three dealers (out of five) with competitive prices.

    If I were to buy the same car again, I'd get the option of the power seat with memory feature. During a long drive, I usually move the seat positions from time to time to relief pressure on my lower back. With the power seat + memory feature, it'd help me to reset to seat angle where I like most.

    I have the leather-insert seats. The headrest, seat back pockets, and side bolsters are not leather. The seating surface and seat back are of perforated leather. I think the MB-TEX material on the side bolsters will probably last longer due to rub and wear as one gets in and out of the driver's seat.

    I heard that the 2005 models no longer include free oil and filter changes under FSS (flexible service system) in the 4 year-50K mile warranty program. You may want to verify this, and check how much your dealer charges for FSS-A and FSS-B.

    Hope this help.
  • reyngelreyngel Posts: 3
    Thanks for sharing the info about the leather-inserts. Here's a strange question... does the cabin have that "leather" smell?

    You got an amazing price. I'm up in Seattle, but my family lives in Orange County, so I fly down there every summer. Which dealership did you buy your car from? I've sent out some inquiry emails to a few down there, like, Flether-Jones, Caliber Motors, MB of Laguna Niguel, MB of Newport Beach, etc.
  • mbz66mbz66 Posts: 9
    Have you contacted House of Imports in Buena Park?
    The cabin smells OK, not much of leather smell.
    Good luck in your purchase.
  • mbz66mbz66 Posts: 9
    Hi Reyngel,

    I forgot to address your question of dealership where I purchased my car from. It was House of Imports at Buena Park, in May 2004. I recalled something about promotion/incentive during that period of time in May 2004, around $2,000.

    Hope this help.
  • reyngelreyngel Posts: 3
    I will send an email out to House of Imports later tonight. Thanks for the imput!
  • Hello, everyone?
    I currently own 2000 Audi TT, and I've had a difficult time with this car so far. I am tired of taking it to the service besides for the regular check-up, and I have decided to get C230 Kompressor Sedan.

    I live in Chicago, and there are quite a number of MB dealers around the area. I am planning to purchase a car within 2~3 weeks. I am going to trade-in my Audi and make a downpayment (Approx. $15,000) to cover a major portion of the take-out price.

    Although I do not have strong preference in colors, I prefer silver/ash leather.
    In addition, I would like to select the following options, if possible; these selections are negotiable: (The following order is ranked according to the preference, strongest to weakest.)

    1) Entertainment Package (6CD's; Not particularly interested in upgraded sound system)
    2) Sunroof Package
    3) Heated Front Seats
    4) Lighting Package
    5) Power Dr Seat/Steering Col w/ Memory

    What could be the reasonable take-out price range for my choice?

    I am in mid-20's, but when people see me, they think I am still a highschool student. I am anxious that I might get ripped off, so I really really need your help! Then, I will just insist on the reasonably set price with confidence.

    Thanks! :)
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Hi Alice, I am in Maryland and drove this exact same car with an automatic and in black. I loved the way in looked and handled. The sticker price was $36,870. The invoice is $34,340. The dealer said that he can take about 2k off. So I guess a good ballpark figure would be about that. If I was really serious, I would see if he would sell it for $34,500 since the 06's are a month or so away. After driving it, the interor felt really tight, and I don't like where the window switches are located. Everything else, I could live except where the window switches were located. Hope this helps! :)
  • If I purchase a 2005 C320 4matic, of which sticker price is about $45,000, for the take-out price of $41000, would it be considered as a fair deal in this time of year? (In my state, the sales tax is 8.75%.)

    The following is the description of the said car as long as I can remember:

    Silver exterior/Black leather&upholstery
    Sunroof package
    6 CD changer

    (Many options are standard with C320 compared to 230/240.)
  • Alice,

    I live in Chicago and just bought a c240 4Matic. I did all my negotiating over the phone and by email. The dealers were willing to give me the car for invoice less any dealer bonus/payments they received. Thus, when I bought my car in July I got $1000 dealer rebate plus $1000 because I financed through MB. This amount was subtracted from the invoice. Two dealers were willing to make the same deal with me, but I ended up going to Michael Mango at Loeber because I had dealt with Loeber before and they do not try to screw you in the end. You should just check what the rebates being offered are on this site and send emails to the dealers. They will all respond quickly and are willing to negotiate. I still have people emailing me four weeks after I bought the car.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I have a question for you, do the power window switches bother you in any way/ I was thinking about a c230 but the locatrion of the switches totally threw me off.
  • Dear Andrew,

    I got my car from Loeber as well :)

    I once got an offer of $32,700 excluding tax and documentation fee for C240 4matic with the following options:

    Power Dr. Seat
    Sunroof Package

    But I've decided to go with C320 4matic instead. I am very much satisfied with its performance overall. I know that there is a dealer rebate of $2500 going on for C320, and I am not sure if my deal was good or fair. I don't think it was a bad deal at all at least, but I was just curious. I got about $7000 off MSRP at the end. Overall, I have been very much satisfied with Loeber's service.

    Thanks for your reply.
  • esungesung Posts: 3

    The following is the best offer I have received so far in Southern CA, please tell me if it is a good deal....Thanks!!

    C230K sedan
    Options -
    1) Metallic Paint
    2) Sunroof Package
    3) 6 disc CD changer

    The total cost (including taxes and all applicable fees) is $32,500.
  • gallileogallileo Posts: 51
    Without knowing your tax rate, it's hard to say. But assuming your tax rate is about 8%, that's a reasonable deal. The dealer is making a little money (as well they should), but you aren't getting taken either.
  • esungesung Posts: 3
    Thanks for your feedback. Since the 2006 C230k is coming out in August, would I get a better deal if I wait? The price has been lowered to $32,400 (out the door)...around $29,725 without taxes and fees. MSRP is $33,250.
  • esungesung Posts: 3
    sorry, MSRP is $34,250 and invoice is $31,905...thanks!
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    So you are getting this car for 2k under invoice? If that is it, I'd go for it!. Question for you, does the location of the power window switches bother you? If it wasn't for that, I'd have bought a c230 a couple weeks ago.
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 910
    That is a good price..... I kind of like the window switches location. Some cars have them right on the armrest, which is uncomfortable for me. I also much prefer them on the door instead of the center console.
  • acidic36acidic36 Posts: 2
    the 2006 c230s msrp actually went down $50 instead of up, which was expected due to the move to v6's.......... :P :)
  • acidic36acidic36 Posts: 2
    pricing was released today.... call ur MB dealer for details.. i just ordered a c230
    -7 speed automatic
    -sirius sat.
    -lthr inserts
    -sport package comes std.....
    msrp 33,500 , and im getting 1700 off that...this is in tx..
  • kronogoosekronogoose Posts: 116
    Window switches? V6? What are the changes for the 2006 C230K? Is there a forum on Edmunds I can check?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • lrs72lrs72 Posts: 2
    Went to a dealer yesterday to look at a 2005 230K lease. I looked at the following vehicle
    -Lighting Package
    -Heated Seats
    -Sunroof Package
    -Metallic Paint
    -TeleAid Package

    This is what they offered:
    MSRP: $36,120
    Base Cap Cost: $32,111
    Down Payment: $4,000
    Adjusted Cap: $28,111
    Term: 39 Months
    Residual: 58%
    Tax: 7.9%
    Total Monthly Payment: $423

    Is $423 about right? I'm only willing to put about half as much down as they are asking for.
  • rcivic97rcivic97 Posts: 1
    I'd say 423 is a little high. I would push into the 300's. It's being done here in NC with around the same amount down payment.
  • duke3636duke3636 Posts: 3
    FYI... just leased a C230K yesterday (suburbs of Chicago) for $350 p/m with 4500 down (this includes the first month payment) for 39 months.... Sticker was $35,480.
  • duke3636duke3636 Posts: 3
    this includes 15,000 miles a year too.
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