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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • Do they offer anything to recent college grads? Also, does the $1000 marketing support cash for the 07 C230 good on a lease?
  • I believe so. Otherwise, I would not have been able to lease last week a 2007 C230 at $4500 below MSRP. If you live in LA, check out the dealer Ask for the Internet Sales dept. They are the best! Good luck! :shades:
  • After checking other "Big City" dealerships, I found out that my local Mercedes dealership (Central Florida Eurocars) by far had the best price, professionalism, and overall experience. They went above and beyond make this purchase the best ever. I will highly recommend this dealership to anyone that is looking at a Mercedes, they will not disappoint you.

  • Hi,

    Just left the dealership with a CPO Pewter C230 with sunroof package, entertainment package, lighting package, split/fold rear seats, heated front seats. Car was beautiful with only 8000 miles on it. They said the '06 MSRP was 36500 and they had 31.9 on the window. We got it for $27.5 --- which I thought was a healthy discount. We may have left some money on the table, but the whole process was great. Not much haggling at all (which is why I suspect we could've gotten it a little cheaper), but overall it was a great experience. Oh yes, this is here in the Bay Area, Northern california.

    what does everyone think of the deal ..and are there any tips on maintenance and such? We will be low mileage drivers. My folks average 8000 a year.

  • Today (1/1/07) was made offer on MB C280 at Houston, Tx dealership. Drive out including TT&L = $35,000. The MSRP is $37,065 (with all options below). I believe this makes the net price on MB C280 around $31,000. Can anyone tell me if this is good deal? Please reply asap to: direct. Thanks.

    Mercedes Benz C Class 4dr Sdn 2.5L Sport RWD
    VIN: WDBRF54H77A943704
    Stock Number: 7A943704
    Model Number: C280W
    Cash drive out price: $35,000

    Iridium Silver
    Ash MB Tex
    Sunroof Package: Glass Sunroof, Powe
    Garage Door Opener
    Autodimming Dr & Rrvw Mirror
    Rain Sensor
    Glass Sunroof
    Power Rear-Window Sunshade
    Radio Audio 20 w/ Single CD
    6-Disc CD Changer
  • Bought a 2007 C230 right before the end of the year (Dec 30) in DC/Virginia area. They had a $4K off MSRP discount w/o any haggling for Internet customers. This was good for any C230s they had on the lot. I probably left some $ on the table but I was in town only for few days and didn't want to spend the entire time car shopping.

    The dealership is EuroMotors in Bethesda Maryland. The MSRP was $35985 (which include destination fee), price before tx and tags were $31985 which comes out to ~$1500 below invoice. They charged $95 processing fee but that's much better than the $350 fee I was quoted from a dealer in Virginia.

    2007 C230
    * Auto trans
    * Sunroof pkg (incl dimming mirrors, rain sensor, garage opener, pwr sunshade)
    * heated front seats
    * 6-disc CD changer
    * power driver seat & steering column w/ memory

    The car also has a spoiler but every C230 on the lot had them and I wasn't charged extra for it.

    The buying experience was very pleasant. The only negative thing was that their lot is pretty small so their cars are parked in other lots which took a while for them to get to. Spent most of the time waiting for their porter to get the car.
  • Thanks john_bayarea. Sounds like a pretty good deal at $32k.

  • Hi everyone,

    Last week I drove the C280AWD and fell in love with it. I was quoted "invoice" of 36534 plus dealer fee of $229 for the car. This seems like a very good deal and beats two other quotes I got.

    Does anyone think this is a good deal or should I be trying to go below invoice in order to knock down the dealer conveyance fee?

    Any experiences would be appreciated.

    Anyone else recently buy the car? If so, how do you like it?

  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    Depends where you live, I suppose. I've heard different prices at different locales. I bought the car last year (2006 model) and paid about $500 more than you've been offered - and I really tried to get it lower. But, I live in the Chicago area, and was told that's it.

    BTW, I love the car. I've had it 10 months and its a very smooth ride, good acceleration, great handling. We've had a foot of snow this week and I watch others spin around and I've gone through it with no problem.
  • I have always liked the C230. Not the best entry level German sports sedan, but definatly a favorite of mine. I have been shopping for one for quite a while. Will use it as a second car.

    For a black on black with a manual, sunroof package, and six disc CD changer, I was quoted 31500. Given that the car is an outgoing model, it seemed a bit high to me.

    Any thoughts of what to expect to pay for a similarly equiped model in NJ?

  • mmmob17mmmob17 Posts: 1
    Hey guys,

    I've been searching for a C230 with the Sunroof package and the memory seats. Possibly adding the iPod integration at a later time. I was quoted about $31,800 here in the Bay Area. I'm going into a San Francisco dealer this weekend who said they won't reject any reasonable offer for Memorial Day.....any ideas on what a "Reasonable offer" would be to toss at them? Or does 31800 seem like a good deal from the other dealer? :confuse:

  • absolutmbabsolutmb Posts: 3
    I'm considering to buy either a CPO 2006 C230 or a CPO 2007 C230. There aren't many CPO 07's yet out there as the 08s haven't come out yet.
    The car I saw was this:

    2006 C230 Sport 2.5L V6 RWD
    Alabaster White w/ MB tex Black
    13000 miles
    Sunroof package
    Auto tranny
    Dealer offers 2011 or 100K maintenance warranty
    Single CD player
    Rain sensors
    Standard speakers

    Dealer asks $27,900 +TTL

    Found the exact same car with 15000 miles + real ash leather upholstery + 50K warranty still stands but it's a NON CPO for $26,585 +TTL at a non-MB dealership

    How much should I pay for the CPO?? I'd like to go there and tell him to match the price but is $26K even too expensive for a 2006 sport when the 2008s are coming out in August??! Please help!

    I'm not willing to pay more than $27000 for a 2006
  • focus530focus530 Posts: 10
    I think $28K is high for 2006 C230, since left-over 2007's with same options is going for $29K. They may be hard to find due to new 2008's coming out in August, but if you look around, you may find some. Currently, there is $2.5K - $3.5K dealer marketing support for 2007 C-Class.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • spyder52spyder52 Posts: 30
    Hi everyone! I just became a Mercedes owner for the first time. I have been shopping for a new car for quite sometimes now, I sold my VW Passat last week and have been without a car for a week! I've looked at VW GTI, EOS, Audi TT, A6, A4, BMW 328i, 525i, Land Rover LR2, and the new 2008 C300. Finally I've decided on the 07 C230 Sport, with Nav, Lighting pkg, Entertainment pkg, Ipod Itg, Sunroof pkg, Cd changer, Auto, Pwr Seat pkg, sticker for about $40K, and got it for only $33K!!! I believe this is the one of the very few loaded C230 in the entire LA/Orange County area! I thought I got an amazing deal! Yes, knowing the 08 is coming. Here's how I wind up with the 07 C230, still a GOOD LOOKING car, even better looking at this price!! I am picking it up this Saturday, the sales lady will even come get me from 40 miles away! Dealer is West Covina, Penske Mercedes in Los Angeles area! So easy to work with, we finalized the deal over the phone in 10 min, she gone to manager twice and got the deal done. Let me know what you think of this deal!!!

    Here's how it happened. All these cars I weighted pros and cons. VW was out due the fact I had my Passat for 5 years, so it's time for a different brand. Audi TT was nice, was ultimately not pratical. A6 was too big, A4 is basically another Passat. Land Rover LR2 is so nice, friend of mine bought one it's amazing but it's heavy and uses a lots of fuel and it had too much off road capability that I won't need driving in sunny streets of OC. BMWs are fantastic cars but dealers suck big time, they were so cocky and rude, even the nice ones are difficult to deal with when comes to pricing!! Santa Monica BMW is the worst, they actually made fun of me of my offer and was totally unprofessional. The 525i is nice looking but sluggish, and expensive, hard to find sport pkg so it was ruled out. The 328i drove so nice and handled so well, I've made a serious effort to buy it but just wasn't my luck, the dealers were not helpful because they had a hot product, driving wise better than anything. However, quality of material, and content wise BMW is a joke. At near $40K sticker, the exhaust pipes are not even chromed! Mercedes uses AMG exhaust pipes. A 07 328i with auto, nav and spt pkg is near $40K, with no power or heated seat, not even close when compared to Mercedes. I know 328i is a newer platform and current C is at the end of its cycle therefore is loaded. So I almost got the 328I for $33.5K slightly used at 5K miles with auto, nav, and sport, had to twist some arms to get that, they asked for $35K, it was very difficult to get even $1500 discount, I suppose that's why BMW has insane resell value but was not a pleaseant experiance.

    Shopping for Mercedes was not easy either, I had to try every dealer in town and finally find one that I could work with. I almost went for the hot new
    C300 but then realize no discount is possible and no dealers are willing to deal and with loaded model without Nav (delayed), I was looking at over
    $40K!! Common sense got hold of me, I started looking into C230 sport for a good deal and I found one! I think for a fully loaded near $40K car, and get it for $33K plus taxes and fees is pretty awesome! I figured including incentive$2000, and dealer holdback 3% from MRSP, deduct from Edmund's dealer invoice, deal is $800 under dealer's cost! At this price C230 is looking pretty hot!!

    Anymore, I feel I finally got a beautiful car at a reasonable pricing!!
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I picked up an 07 C350 for $32,114 (plus TTL and doc fee) on 8/11/07. The car has 6 speed manual, leather, sunroof package and 6 disc changer resulting in an MSRP of $42,485.

    I bought the car over EBay and kept wondering what was wrong with the car/deal. However, everything went about as smooth as could be with no unpleasant surprises. The internet department at the dealer, Mercedes Benz of Tampa, was outstanding. We handled 99% of the transaction over the internet/phone--no hassles. The salesman picked us up at the airport and took us straight to the car. I drove the car, signed the paperwork and was on the road in about an hour. No hard sell on extended warranty, paint protection, or other garbage. The only issue was the high dealer doc fee: $599. The car was so cheap, I didn't even bother trying to fight it (besides, it was fully disclosed up front).

    From sales to finance to delivery, everyone was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I'd buy another car from them in a NY minute...

    BTW, I wasn't even looking to buy an MB. I haven't sold my BMW yet and I really wanted another Corvette. However the price was so good that I couldn't pass it up. Also, the 6 speed manual trans won't be available on the 08 C350...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Wow, vinnyny... that looks like a great deal.. $10K off MSRP!!

    What percentage do you think they made in a stick-shift? 1-2%?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I heard it was about 5% but I don't know for sure.

    I kept waiting for them to spring their trap, but the deal went smooth as silk. I'd definitely buy from MB Tampa again.
  • Here is the letter I sent them to their website. (It will probably be received by the same guy who's in charge of their internet sales and be deleted).

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to express my horrible experience at your dealership on August 23rd, 2007. I am an avid customer of the Japanese cars for their reliability and wanted to venture out to the European market because of the new C class sport design. Although on paper, the C-class is inferior to its Japanese competitors (G35, IS350, TL), I would like to see what it can offer first hand. Anxious and excited to test drive the new C300 Sport; I left work a little early. Upon my arrival at the undersized dealership, I was greeted warmly by the receptionist. She promptly contacted the salesperson whom I have arranged to meet. After some small talk we went to look at the Sport model on your rooftop. While the salesperson was looking for the key, I was perusing what seemed to be an elegant vehicle. Shortly, he came back to request my drivers license to make a copy. I politely refused because of the increase in identity theft. I have also heard that some dealership would run your credit score without authorization, so naturally, I had refuse the salesperson to copy my license and offered him to review or inspect it, instead. The salesperson became unprofessionally belligerent and yelling at me for excuses which required my license. “How are you going to buy a car?!!” and turned his back on me and left as though your dealership was the only place I can shop. Wow! Here I am thinking I was in a classy dealership selling classy cars. I had offered to not take a test drive and just look at the car but obviously, the conversation had ended for he turned his back and left. This unprofessional demeanor left a bad taste for my outlook on what seemed to be such a potential vehicle. In fact, I was so disgusted that I will probably not consider the Mercedes brand. Maybe I should have worn a suit rather showing up in jeans. Maybe if I interested in something more than an entry level Mercedes, or maybe if I would have been a white and not a young Asian looking kid, I would have been treated more like a potential customer. But I guess one less customer of an entry level car will not affect your bottom line.
  • be325be325 Posts: 91
    The new C-300's and C-350's are in the showrooms. We noticed that Sport and Luxury were priced (Tampa Bay area) at $31,200 base and both models had other stuff/added which brought the bottom line to over $35k (for each). Both had 17" wheels. They were closed so we looked through the windows and read the stickers.
    We are reading that 'credit crunch' will eventually affect the car sales. Will people with cash get better deals?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    The "credit crunch" probably won't affect car buyers with good credit at all in the short term. The Fed is lowering rates and pumping billions of cash into the system. Over the long term, the "credit crunch" would probably help those with good credit because car sales will likely decline as people find it harder to take cash out of their homes.

    This is obviously a huge oversimplification...
  • Hello Zyndurai1,
    I used to work for BMW as a product specialist and am now with Mercedes. Living in Germany, we don't seem to have too many problems with identity theft as that culture is comparatively honest as opposed to the states.

    At BMW when the license was taken, (we didn't photocopy it but scanned it into the computer directly) it is for the sole purpose of entering you in a database called autobase which provides a couple of things. First, it's a record of your visit to the dealership so if you are interested in the car and do return to purchase, your info links you to a specific client advisor who is familiar with your needs. Secondly, it is usu. required (whether by dealership/state policy, varies)if you want to take the car for a test drive, it's a verification of a valid license. This is to cover the dealership in case of an unfortunate incident such as the car being wrecked/stolen on the test drive. In the state of georgia, if you are viewing real estate or even an apartment, a license or picture id is required and left secured during your "viewing" as a precautionary measure in case the realtor or landlord is murdered (apparently this has happened enough to necessitate the practice).

    Your assigned client advisor should have explained that point to you. I can't imagine why he wouldn't have. While i cannot condone his unprofessionalism, let it be known that some of the "old school" sales people may react that way due to their feeling that "time is money" and if you're just kicking tires, you may not be seriously looking to buy which is your prerogative. Showing any sign of apprehension obviously set him off into his defensive mode of "this person thinks i'm the enemy" which is a common classification of people in sales.

    AGAIN let me emphasize, i don't condone his attitude towards you. Most highline dealerships do not usu. pressure people but there is always the exception to the rule.

    Ideally, he should have explained why the license data was necessary and to reassure you even show you the process. Secondly, if there is a product specialist around, you can always ask them for info such as a brochure and perhaps even a walk around (usu. there are open vehicles in the showroom) If the dealership allows, you can usu. talk to them without feeling they are trying to sell you.

    I used to be a japanese car fan (honda crx's, nissan z32 tt's) but when i started driving BMW's, i've never looked back. In Germany, an E46 3series coupe was about a $5000 premium over a loaded Accord Ex with the difference being the safety features (DSC, side curtain airbags). Bear in mind that while the japanese cars are a good product, the German approach is somewhat different. German automanufacturers subscribe to the ideal of logic and performance with innovative tech, while the Japanese seem to focus on intuitiveness and reliability with gadgets galore. Neither approach is incorrect, just different schools of thought. The reason i love the Germany cars is, after 10 years of driving the autobahns, you appreciate the braking and driving dynamics of german cars vs. the japanese ones. German cars are engineered to run at triple digit speeds all day long (which might explain why they languish in the states.) and brake without issue. Compare an Acura TSX braking system to a stock bmw. (no i'm not going to count the brembos available on the z's and the wrx's)

    Finally to address the points of dress or racial stereotyping, unfortunately, that is the world in which we live. People do perceive others using certain standards. But that in itself is subjective. In Europe, people do tend to be a bit dressier and while races are very distinct, cultures seem to be more appreciated for their uniqueness. (you should ask my iranian friend how he feels, living in the states). As a person of asian descent myself, it was a very rare occasion i ever felt that my race was a factor but moreso, attitude and how you present yourself.

    Well i've gone on way too long. If there are any questions regarding Mercedes that i may assist you with, don't hesitate to ask. I've been off these forums for a while but looking to jump back in!

    This also applies to others who may need some details about Mercedes or BMW's. I'm in the North Atlanta area.

    Regards all,

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen (to my fellow german speakers)

    Greg (oberpfallz on the boards)
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience, but it probably had little to do with your race. We've all had bad experiences with dealerships, but when it comes to color, it's the color of your money that matters--not your skin.
  • You are simply paranoid and uninformed. It is illegal to run a credit check without your permission. I highly doubt any new car dealership would run credit check without your consent. They will ask for your initials/signature or if it is over the phone, they will read the terms and ask if you agree to it or not. You could have politely asked if they were going to run a credit check or not.

    If you were selling your $35000 car, I bet you won't simply hand over the keys to a potential buyer for a test drive. Put yourself in the salesman position and think about how you would feel if the other party is suspecting your motives from the get go for no reason.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Dealers try some crazy things to get your information...while trying to buy a used car for my daughter three years ago the dealer insisted that I allow them to do a credit check EVEN THOUGH I WAS PAYING CASH. If I had been writing a check or presenting a cashier's check, I could understand. However, I was ready to walk across the street to my bank and return with $10K cash. They insisted it was a new requirement because of 9/11...I've bought at least five cars since then and never been asked for a credit check (except when I was financing through them).
  • I agree, some used car dealers adopt shady practices. If you notice my post, I clearly mentioned "new car dealership" - "I highly doubt any new car dealership would run credit check without your consent".
    Having said that, the sleazy used car dealer that you mentioned did let you know about the credit check before he actually ran it. I agree it is unnecessary to check credit when paying cash but the point is you will be made aware of before they actually check it.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    It was actually the used car section of a new car dealer, but that's all irrelevant. They had no choice but to let me know because I refused to give them my SS number. I'd be willing to bet that in states that have SS#s on the driver's license that they do run checks before telling customers. Law or no law...
  • Hello- I am looking for information comparing the Mercedes C-Class Model 230 Vs. 300, any reviews on car performance and price are welcome (website links, personal experience). The analysis done with european market in mind would be appreciated, as the car may be purchased from Europe. Thank you!!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a national newspaper is hoping to talk to consumers who have been shopping for a European vehicle (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi or others) and have found them to be more expensive because of the Euro exchange rates. Please reply to no later than Monday, October 1, 2007 with your daytime contact info.

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  • I am shopping for one of these in USa and as noted here, there are not really any great deals on them, as they seem to be selling. But are people really paying full MSRP for the? I HATE the process of buyinhg a car...i ALWAYS feel like i got ripped off somehow. I think the C300 is proiced faily, but am i being a real [non-permissible content removed] if I pay sticker price?

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