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    I agree. I was traveling last night with my wife and we both noticed the lights being brighter on the passenger side as apposed to the driver side, with a very noticeable shadow ending strongly on the driver side. I personally don't mind this, for it seems to light the right side of the vehicle especially near the side of the road, which helps in seeing any pedestrians or objects. The less light on the drivers side helps not hitting the oncoming cars with a strong glare. I like it. JoeD
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    Here's how to adjust you headlights Height.
    I show this cause it's been frustrating as hell how low the lights were pointing. I finally found how and it's so easy!

    First you'll need a phillips screwdriver...period.

    This 1st picture is where you need to put the screwdriver. this picutre is on the passenger side.
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    Next pixture is a closeup of the previous picture.
    You just need to turn CCW or CW direction.
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    This picture is on the drivers side. My picture
    is cluttered because that's my ballast for the HID lights.
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    Please don't point to high to blind oncoming cars...enjoy!
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    sergio19, Thanks for the photos :):) .

    We need a thread, that we and future forum participants can access, that just covers tutorials and photos on things like this. I've seen it on an Elantra board and have found it VERY useful.
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    sergio19 -

    Many, many thanks on the photos and instructions on how to adjust the headlight height. I'm not sure I would have figured out that all I had to do was slide a philips head screwdriver down the little funnel and turn. After reading your post, I went to the garage and the adjustment took me all of about 1 minute. This headlight shadow has been driving me nuts for months.
    Again, thanks a million.
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    Sergio, thank you! The HMA service diagram is no where close to your pictures, at least to my eyes. The Service diagram does have the suggested heights and shows where you should see the cutoff mark. Height from ground without the driver aboard should be 27.5 inches. This is taken on a flat surface from about 9.5 feet. There also adjustments for the fog lights shown on this page.
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    Hey thanks guys,

    I'm just glad I could help some of you. For me it's been very frustrating the cut-off. Well...not anymore.

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    In reply to both of you, the H7 bulb is correct. From past experience, the PIAA bulbs are crap and generally last less than one year from installation. Sylvania "SilverStar" is a gimmick, too - frankly. The best bet if you don't go to HID is to use either the "GE" NightHawk (my choice) which is really Tungsram made in Europe (wholly owned subsidiary of GE) or use the Narva RangePower+50 which Daniel Stern sells. I have those in my fog lamps.
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    In the past, I have swapped out factory halogens for Silverstar's and, although the bulb was whiter, it gave no real benefit for distance as they are both still 55W bulbs.

    I just changed out to HIDs last weekend and the difference is night and day. You can buy a great HID kit off of eBay for well under $200. I recently found a Bosch German made kit for $140 plus shipping and I am looking at that one for my wifes Honda Odyssey.

    I can't understand paying $50+ for two halogen bulbs that will have no real impact on visibility but may be slightly better and whiter (or bluer if you are trying to mimmick an HID headlamp) than the factory bulbs. I noticed when I pulled out my H7 bulbs they are made by Phillips so Hyundai is by no means installing a cheap or crappy bulb to begin with.

    To each their own but I find upgrading to another halogen is a waste of your money as I have personally found in the past. Maybe the GE is better but I cannot imagine it is that much better than the Sylvania as life expectancy would be the only real benefit to spending a little more when dealing with a halogen filament-style bulb.

    If I am incorrect in any of my above assumptions, I am always open to learning something new :)
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    Sorry - you completely missed my point: yes, those "$50+" SilverStar bulbs are junk, covered with a coating that makes them actually emit less light, and they have a claimed service life of 150 hours. The GE (actually Tungsram) lamps are about $20 a pair at Wally World and don't have such a coating, have much better lumens and lumens - not wattage - is what counts when you're talking about light on the road. NightHawk lamps have a claimed 1200 hour service life.

    PIAA bulbs (which are usually $70+/pair - up to $100) are even worse, have a blue coating to make them "look HID" but again have less useful light projected onto the roadway. PIAA bulbs don't have a claimed service life that I know of, but personal experience has shown me that I should expect them to last somewhere between 250 and 400 hours.

    Maybe you should go read a little of the facts about lighting on Daniel Stern's web-site?
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    ratledge - I totally get your point but think you may be missing mine. I fully understand that lumens and not wattage is what counts. My point is that even the GE bulbs you are speaking of won't make much of a difference above the factory halogens. A 55W halogen is a 55W halogen no matter how you slice it. It may provide a minor increase over the factory Phillip's bulbs but, as an electrical engineer, I can't imagine it will be anything significant.

    The only thing that any of our members can do to really see any effect to light output is to go HID. HIDs burn cooler, have 3X the lumens of a halogen bulb and last for 3000+ hours.

    My opinion, and it's only that, is that unless you can afford to spend $150 - $200 on an HID kit, save your money on those replacement halogens. If you can afford an Azera, you can probably afford an HID kit and don't need to skimp on the lumens and the beauty is that it's a do-it-yourself installation in less than an hour :shades:
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    No, actually - I didn't miss the point at all: I have HID lamps in my low-beams, personally. I use the GE "NightHawk" bulbs in my high beams, though. They give (per Stern's comment) about 40% more lumens than the standard bulb, and yes - they are still 55 watts. The reason that they do is that they don't have anything on the bulb itself (like most aftermarket and particularly PIAA bulbs) which limits the amount of the useful light that actually hits the road and are better than the Philips part, which - of course I agree isn't the "cheap out" for Hyundai to use as OEM. I have seen a few lately that are 65 watts and people moaning and groaning because they can't install 100 watt lamps in their wiring harness - as if that is a bad thing... Jeez - there's no question that the HID lamps are a better all-around solution, but for the high beams, they are not very practical since they (HID) typically don't like to be cycled very often - again, very recent versions seem to have improved on that particular area as well. "Lighting the torch" on the HID lamps is 90% of the wear and tear - and for all practical purposes for most people they have a lifetime service life.
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    I want to replace the headlight bulbs for my 06 Azera but the owner's manual does not have a part number. It only provides wattage. The local AutoZone couldn't find anything in their database. Does anyone know what part number or bulb number will work?
    Thanks in advance.
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    The replacement headlamp bulb for both low beams and high beams is an "H7". Read the Thread for HID/Headlights for discvussions of different replacement bulbs and HID systems
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    Your pictorials and procedure worked very well. The "black bar" is still there, but it's now well out beyond the 6 or 7 car lengths that shut down my left-side night vision before adjustment! I do see the need for brighter bulbs, however. It's currently "acceptable," but brighter would be better. Maybe replacing the pretty much useless fog lamps with driving lamps might be a workaround?...
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    I installed the Sylvania Xtravision headlight in my Jeep Cherokee and they made a huge difference especially in lighting to the sides. Of course those were sealed beam headlights. May not work the same for bulbs.
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    I need some help on installing new headlight bulbs. I removed the top two nuts on the headlamp assembly but it didn't loosen it up to remove it. I don't want to force it. Is there another screw, bolt or nut holding the assembly in that someone knows about? The owners manual wasn't a whole lot of help.
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    Yes, there is a third bolt located near the radiator that isn't the easiest to get to. You will see that if you look in your owner's manual as my manual shows pics of how to remove the assembly to replace the bulb.
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    Is the third bolt located on the inside of the engine compartment? I found one there that looked like it might be the third bolt. If so, is it the one that is actually on the headlight assembly, where the bolt itself goes in towards the front of the car and appears to have a smaller head and about in the middle of the inside on the assembly?
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    Inside the engine compartment facing forward close to the radiator on the headlight assembly is a nut. These are the instructions off of Hyundai's website:


    Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
    Loose the mounting bolts (2EA) on the top side of the headlamp assembly and the nut of head lamp.

    Remove the head lamp assembly after disconnecting the lamp connectors.

    If you do not have free access to I suggest you do so as the pictures are also on this site to give you a visual.

    Glad to be of help :D
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    I do have the Hyundai Shop Manual online access. However, the pictures do not display. I only get the little square box that indicates there is a picture there. Does anyone know if this a computer issue or that the web site won't display the images. I'm running Windows XP, Norton Anti Virus, Spy Sweeper and Window Washer.
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    Click on my name and you will find my personal e-mail address. Send me a note and I'll help you to get your computer to display the graphics.

    If you want to try on your own the following:

    1. log into the HMASERVICE site.
    2. On the left side of the screen you will see under the information tab "Site Requirements"
    3. Click and then click on "Adobe SVG Viewer"
    4. Click on your operating system to download
    5. Enjoy my friend!

    By the way, the Internet police don't like it when you post your e-mail address in a message...I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon ;)
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    Thanks Cableguy. I downloaded the SVG viewer and the pictures are very helpful. Thanks for you help.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    I appreciate the comments of all the members of this forum and the hard work of the hosts. I found that after adjusting my headlights to the proper level that I don't need to replace the bulbs at this time. I returned the Silverstar bulbs I had purchased today.
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    What type of bulbs are the ones for the fog lamps? Are they H11? I want to replace them with yellow bulbs. Will they look alright? Has anyone done this already? Can you post pic?
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    I would have tried the GE Nighthawks, but I can't find them anywhere around here, including auto parts shops and two Wal-Marts. I looked on-line and found a whole bunch of sites praising the bulbs, but none offering them for sale, so I've placed an order for a pair of those 65w, 2100 lumen bulbs elsewhere referred to.

    I've read that the HID bulbs don't like to be cycled all that frequently and thus, for longevity's sake might not be the best choice for the low beams, and I believe that a near doubling of the stock 1300 lumen bulb output will satisfy me, as opposed to the 4 or 5 times increase that HIDs are said to give...
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    "I've read that the HID bulbs don't like to be cycled all that frequently and thus, for longevity's sake might not be the best choice for the low beams"

    Where have you heard this? HID bulbs should out last standard halogens by 3X and are perfect for use in low beam applications. When you say "cycled frequently"...are you turning them on and off every 5 minutes?

    Just looking for clarification as HID bulbs are the best option...burn cooler, whiter light, last far longer and much brighter without posing a risk to on-coming traffic if you don't alter the aiming of your factory lamp housing.
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    Well, this isn't it, but it may be of some interest while I search for the post I read referring to reduced HID life (something about 90% of the work the HID uses is in the startup and how frequent... no, not every 5 minutes :confuse: startups... would preclude HID selection for low beams). And note, I'm not a lighting engineer, nor have I recently stayed in a Holiday Inn Express...

    Daniel Stern Lighting.. HID disadvantages

    On edit: Found it! This very thread, post #64... but I had it backwards, he doesn't like HID in high beam use...
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    Not using HIDs in high beam applications makes more sense to me...especially if you like to flash your high beams a lot ;)
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    Did anyone here install an HID conversion in their Azera? If so, where did you stuff the ballasts in the car? There is not much space near the headlights to mount the ballast brackets. Photos will be a big help!

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    Post #25 seems applicable...
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    Has anyone replaced their headlight bulbs yet? I'm asking because when I replaced the factory bulbs with some Xenon bulbs, I ran into a small problem and wanted to see if anyone had a solution or trick to use in the future.

    The owner's manual instructs you to remove the entire headlight assembly in order to replace the bulbs. There are 2 bolts and one nut to remove and then you should be able to pop it out and proceed with the replacement.

    The driver's side I was able to do with just a little effort and I was done. The passenger's side, however...proved to be difficult. I was never able to get the assembly to come out. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    use a little more force to get the assembly out. tap on it a bit as you wiggle it out
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Considering it's location and angle, tap it with what?
  • joe131joe131 Member Posts: 998
    wooden mallet, screwdriver handle, frozen orange juice, knuckles, whatever
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    Allmet, I followed your diredtions and got the parking brake adjusted the way I always thought it should be. There was too much slack in the cables. I sat sideways on the passenger seat, turned to the rear and was able to turn the adjuster nut with my right hand. I turned it until there was no more loose play then checked the parking brake pedal for travel. WOW! Perfect.
    BTW, the nut is 12mm if you have a set of open end wrenches but I didn't need mine.
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    RE: 3669
    You guys are great!
    A note of caution. Do not remove all slack from parking brake,as you do not want the brake to be partially employed at all times, giving unnecessary drag and ware to the linings.
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    If I understand correctly, you are trying to replace the factory bulbs with xenon ones. I think you can accomplish this easy task without having to take out the whole headlight assembly. Just have to pop the cap out, remove the cable from bulb, unclip the bulb, carefully take out the bulb, carefully insert the xenon bulb and make sure it's sitting right, clip the bulb, connect the cable to the bulb, and close the cap. Done... Am I not correct?
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    In theory, it can be done without removing the assembly, reality, that retainer clip is difficult to manuver when you can't clearly see where it hooks on. The steps you lay out make it seem so innocent and easy, but considering you have to work around other components that get in the way of manuvering your hand/arm to make it easy.

    Being able to remove the one assembly and change the bulbs, I would rather do it that way as it was much easier to put the bulb in and secure it.

    If you have no choice but to keep the assembly in to change bulbs, can be done. However, be prepared for some frustration and some 4 letter explicatives as well.
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    Where are you getting the xenon bulbs that do not require any rewiring?? Brand? Cost? Etc VJK
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    Sorry, they're not xenon as in true xenon. I went to Auto Zone and picked up the Sylvania Silver Star halogen bulbs (I think they have some xenon in them). Also, Pep Boys carries them. I'm pretty sure Advanced Auto Parts would carry them as well. The color temp. on the Silver Stars rivals some HID lights at 4000K. Take a look at the link below.

    The bulb you'll need for the low beam is H7, the high beam is the H1. I can't remember what bulb goes in the fog lights, but as soon as I find out...I'll post.

    Silver Star Bulbs

    You can buy them in single packs for like $19.99 ea. or you can buy a double pack (1 pair) for like $38 and some change.

    The Silver Star bulbs are a dramatic improvement over the factory bulbs. I'm curious to see how much better the Silver Star Ultra bulbs are.
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    You definitely DO NOT have to take out the headlight housing to replace the bulbs. You can see the retaining clips that need to be depressed and swung away to release the bulb by looking into the housing from the rear.

    I just installed the HID H7 conversion kit and it was very easy to do - without removing the housing as well. Put in the new HID bulbs (and ballasts, etc) and checked the alignment of the bulbs. Stayed exactly the same as the oem halogen bulbs.

    Good Luck!
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    "However, be prepared for some frustration and some 4 letter explicatives as well."

    That seems to be Standard Operating Procedure anytime I do anything to one of the vehicles! ;)
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    For some strange reason I can't see any pics of your vehicle. Do you have them posted anywhere else? How about
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    You can go to his CarSpace page and see them:

    I can see them in Firefox if I right click, then click View Image, but a colleague of mine can see them in Firefox without doing that. So I'm not sure what's up, but they are posted at that link. :confuse:
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    I never said you must take the assembly out to replace the bulbs, I just said that it makes the process so much easier.

    Working the wire around the retaining clip as you're trying to put the bulb in is tricky with one finger.

    Congrats on your HID upgrade!
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    Yes, removing and reinstalling the clip for the H7 bulb can be tricky as the wiring harness is right in the middle of it. Disconnect the harness (plug)for the headlamp bulb, gently pull it to the side. You should be able to look in the housing access hole for the headlight from the rear. You can see precisely how to deal with the clip. Just think, no more four letter words! :)
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    I'm trying to get an HID kit for my 07 Azera
    and I have no idea which one I should get.

    I'm looking at those on ebay that cost around $100-$150
    and the ones from McCulloch which my friend suggested.

    Are name brand companies such as McCulloch really worth the money?

    For McCulloch product, it costs twice more than cheap ones on eBay. I'm so CONFUSED!

    Anyone with experience please reply my message =)
    Azera uses H7 bulb, right?
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I don't know which HID system to tell you to go with, however...I can confirm that the Azera low-beam bulb is the H-7. Good luck!!!
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    OEM color temp is usually around 4300 degrees Kelvin (4300K). That yields a bright white beam of approx 3200 lumens. Popular is the crystal white (tint of blue) at approx 5000K (approx 2900 lumens) or the Crystal Blue at 6000K - 6500K. This is slightly more blue but still very very white. The one I installed about a month ago is this one in the H7 bulb mount in 6500K: It is available in a variety of color temps including the 5000K. As far as their description, the 6500K is definitely with a strong tint of blue - but it seams like acura and nissan use a similar temperature (could be the optics that show the blue).

    In any event..that is a very high quality unit. The harness is even fuse protected. The ballast seems to be ok with the auto on setting of the headlight switch, although I try to remember to turn the switch to auto after the car is started. Even if I don't, there has always been perfect ignition with no flickering. You will need a 1" boring bit to drill the hole in the dust caps of the headlights. You do not need to remove the housing..just look behind the housing and you can see the clip and harness for the bulb. It is suggested you check the polarity of the harness with a volt meter from the car to the headlight for easy installation.

    After the install, burn the lights in for 10 minutes and check the alignment. Mine were perfect with no adjusting necessary. Remember that the bulb will be burn brighter after 30 seconds or so after turning it on (after the burn in is performed). is worth it. Took about a leisurely half an hour to install.
    Good luck.


    ps..heard good and bad things about the McCulloch HIDs. The ones from lighting623 (the ebay store above) are 119.00 flat - includes shipping.
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    Do you know what type of bulb the fog lights uses? I want to install HIDs on my 06 Azzy SE fog lamps too. Has anyone done it? Care to share installation tips?
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