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    Fog light replacement bulbs are H8 bulbs and they are accessed through the front wheel wells. Either you can remove the wheel or just turn the wheels in on the side you wish to access.

    Another good bulb with very effective results in increased night visibility are the Sylvania Silverstar Ultras.
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    Thanks for the quick response! Nothing like posing a question and seeing the answer in under an hour...
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    No problem, good luck with the replacement.
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    I noticed the other night that if I turn on my bright lights, the fog lights go off. The owners manual says it is supposed to do this.
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    I think most cars equipped with factory fog lights do the very same thing. I just wish they could be on independently from the headlights period.
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    I had a problem with turning the headlight switch to Auto. I had just had the car
    a couple of weeks and didn't know about the auto setting. Leaving a motel
    before sunrise on a very foggy morning I turned the switch all the way forward
    not knowing I put it on auto. The lights came on and I drove off. Daylight soon
    came but still very heavy fog, my headlights switched off automatically because
    of the daylight. Now I'm driving a black car in heavy fog with no lights and no one
    can see me. I passed a semi who honked and blinked his lights. I pulled over
    to check and realized what I had done. So be careful with that auto switch.
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    "Now I'm driving a black car in heavy fog with no lights and no one
    can see me."

    Good point.

    When the headlights are on there is a green "fog lights on" symbol on the dash
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    Obviously only when the fog lights are turned on.
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    Re 263

    That is obviously a given since the original post concerned auto on headlights, fog, etc.
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    The problem with the sensor when the light switch is in "auto" mode is that it picks up a percentage of light. There are times that my lights won't cut on when it's overcast out and I think they should, but there are times when I can be sitting in a building's shadow and the light will cut on.

    So...while the fog may be heavy, if it's reflecting enough light...the sensors only pick up the fact that there is enough light availalbe that the headlights aren't needed.

    With mine, I leave it in "auto" mode and I also leave my fog lights on too. That way, I can easily tell if the lights are on or off because the fog light indicator will come on when the headlights cut on. The only other way to tell is to pay attention to the brightness of your gauges...when the headlights are on, they dim a bit (unless you have it on that setting that keeps the gauges the same brightness regardless of the lights being on or off.
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    Took delivery of a new '08 Azera Limited on March 17th and that night when I went out to go someplace with the new car I turned the headlights on and was actually taken back by how yellow they looked. Now, I am not sure if this is normal or not, as I had been driving an '04 Maxima with the bright white HID headlights ... so maybe this is why these headlights look so yellow to me at night. Is that my problem ... or do you think there might be something wrong with the headlights on this new Azera?
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    No...I don't think there's anything wrong with the headlights themselves other than the fact you're used to the HID's your Maxima had.

    I replaced my factory bulbs (I have an '06 Azera Ltd) with the Sylvania Silver Stars and it was a marked difference. A much brighter, whiter light. My next move will be to the SilverStar Ultras.
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    allmet, when you indatlled the Sylvania bulbs in your Azera, was it simply a bulb swap? Thanks
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    Grayfox...yes, that is all I had to do. The difference between the Silverstars and the OEM bulbs is like night and day.
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    Thanks allmet. Now I know what my next job on the Azera will be.
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    Thanks for the input/info, Mike ... I appreciate it. I kinda was thinking and hoping that it was just the difference in the lights I had been used to over the past few years rather than a problem.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557's a link to another bulb you might be interested in as well. Try upgrading your bulbs...I know the Silverstars were a huge improvement, but here's another brand I've heard some good things about and you can select the look you want. A buddy of mine went with the Nokya Arctic Whites and he said it gives the blue hue like the HID's.

    Nokya Bulbs @ Cool
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    Grayfox...if you're interested in the HID look, there's a bulb made by Nokya (Arctic White) that will give you that look. Refer to post #273 for the link on
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    Am I the only one who thinks that the interior lighting of the trunk is woefully inadequate? I've got a 2006 model, and wish more attention had been paid to this.
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    Upgrade the bulb to the brighter LED style bulb. You can also wire additional lights inside the trunk as well. A quick fix (if you need more light), turn on the cabin lights and fold the rear seats down to allow that light into the trunk...VIOLA!!!

    As far as thinking it's inadequate...I'm rarely digging through my trunk in the dark and if I am, I already know what's in there and where it is, so light really isn't an issue for me.
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    OK allmet, I am ready to buy some Siverstars but I am still confused about what the bulb number is for the low beams on an 06 Azera. I have read H 11, which I can't find or maybe it was typo and should have been H 1 for low beam. As long as I am on the subject, what bulb is used for the high beams? The Owner's manual is useless for this subject.
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    No...the bulb # for the low beams is H7, the high beam is H11 and the fog lights take H8's.

    You'll find yourself using high beams even less when you switch the low beams to the Silverstars. I mean...unless you're just cruising down a winding back road or an empty highway at night and want them on. I'll most likely leave my high beams alone, but I am planning on switching out the fog lights to the amber ones.
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    Thanks again, allmet
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    No problemo! Please post your results and thoughts after replacing your bulbs.
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    Hi all,

    I was not real happy with the headlight brightness. After reading several suggestions, I purchased tge SilverStar Ultras. For the life of me however, I can't get the headlight assemblies out. Obviously the top bolts are easy but the nut on the driver side is difficult to reach. So I tried the passenger side. That nut is easy to get but with all fasteners off I could not get the assembly out. It was very tightly fit in. I partially got it out about 3/4 inch and it would not budge. The rubber gasket was getting distorted. I decided to put it back and it was still difficult to get the fixture and gasket back to the starting position. Any ideas why this "simple" repair is so difficult? Suggestions please!

    I read that some were able to get bulbs in without removing the headlight assembly. No luck that way either. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    I have an 06 limited Ultimate. I did not have to take the whole assembly out to change the bulbs. Look in some of the other forums and you will find pictures. It was easy to do on my 06 built 11/05.
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    For whatever reason, the owner's manual tells you to remove the headlight housing to replace the bulbs. However, Hyundai didn't make that an easy task to do. While Hyundai states you should remove the housing, it is not necessary to perform a bulb change. The first time will be an exercise of patience as you get familiar with the way the clip works and the orientation of the bulb (there's a tab that must face downward on the bulb flange). Once you've done it and become familiar with's actually pretty easy to do with the housing in place.
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    I purchased the Silverstars for my '02 Altima, but they kept burning out on me. I thought maybe that was then, and this is now so I did a google and ran into a couple of forums with up to date posts. It seems like many are still having the problem of the Silverstars having a lack of longevity. Didn't see any posts regarding the Silverstar Ultras. Any info???
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    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I seemed to get as much out of the Silverstars as I did the stock lights to be honest. I think it has a lot to do with how you burn them. If you use them on ALL the time...yeah, they have a short life. However, if you just run them at night or situations that require headlights...they seemed to last as long as regular bulbs.
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    Mike ... don't get me wrong, not 'bashing' the Silverstars in a mean way. It was simply that I had a heck of a problem with them in the '02 Altima and finally ended up putting the originals back in and saying to heck with it. I really would like to try to Silverstars again (the yellow cast of these headlights on the new Azera drive me nuts now), but, well, what's the old saying ... o yeah, "once bitten ..." . I was pretty disappointed when I googled Silverstar and found the up to date remarks/comments on people still having that problem. I only drive with the lights on at night, or during the day if it's raining or snowing (state law). I might go ahead and try the Ultras .. will check on the packaging to see what the warranty is first.
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    Oh no...I wasn't taking it that way at all. I do know that I came across the same thing on what you found as well. If you're unsure about the Siverstars...GE makes one called the Nighthawk.

    Silverstar vs. Nighthawk

    The only problem is...finding them.
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    Be careful - you've got to look if you have a later assembly date '07 or an '08 Azera, guys! Many are the OSRAM-only H11b (quick change 90 degree parallel) bulbs and NOT the normal H11 bulbs. The *IS* no aftermarket upgrade for the H11b. Your only real option is to get some H9 sockets and replace the original wiring sockets and 'upgrade' to the 2100 lumen (vice 1350 for H11/H11b) bulbs. These H11/H11b bulbs seem to have cured the problem with the '06 & early assembly '07 models not showing enough light to get you beyond 40-45mph without overdriving your lights.

    I put the OSRAM "Rallye" H9 burner on an H7 socket bulbs in my high beams, and the difference is "night and day" (I'm in a Black on Black '08 Azzy Ultimate). They are not DOT approved (mark 'off-road use only') but they certainly look and work just fine for me. Of course, I only drive off-road anyway (cough, cough)... ;)
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    Hi there- I noticed the other day that my fog lights don't come on when I rotate the little switch. I could have sworn they were working when I bought the car in December. I drove to L.A. and did not notice any problems. Anyone know anything about this? BTW does anyone know a good dealer shop near West Hollywood?
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    For the fog lights to work you have to have your driving lights on.
    The fog lights shut off when the high beam light on
    If your fog light don't do this you have a problem.
    Can't help you on a West Hollywood dealer but I have a good one in Madison, WI :=)
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    So Mike, as you and I both have the '08 Azera, tell me what the proper bulbs are to purchase? O ... into the Civil War, eh?
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    I contacted a company out in California...Supreme Power and spoke with a guy there that said they have an HID conversion kit for $200. He said it's pretty much plug and play and very easy to set up. The only thing you have to do is find a place to mount the ballast and the rest is history.

    By the way...the reason I contacted them was one of my fog lights burned out and I was having a bugger of a time finding a replacement (H8) bulb, as AutoZone doesn't carry them, nor does Advanced Auto. So...I jumped on the 'net and did a search and they came up. They have two to choose from...a superwhite (which has more of a blue hue than being white and a yellow (amber bulb)...either one for $20. Since I have just installed the Siverstart Utras, I don't want the fogs looking blue and the low beams looking white, so...I'll go with a more Euro look and go with the amber bulb. ;)

    I'll let you know how it goes!!! :shades:
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    After reading about some of the LED's out on the taillights, I remembered my daughter saying that a couple were not working on ours. I went into the garage and apologized to my 'Zerra for what I was about to do and "gently" smacked it with my fist on the problem area. Both bulbs came back to life! I think I saw "The Faunse" do this on Happy Days. Anyway, quick fix.
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    Say Allmet, I'm very supprised you didn't go with the Philips X-treme blub!? AND, why not the HID system? I've just fininshed reading the last 16 pages of forum, whow, had some good laughs. Can't get this kind of entertainment/info on TV.
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    I didn't go with the Philips X-treme bulb because it's not readily available in my area. Besides, I had great results using the regular Silverstar bulbs and I wanted to see how the Ultras would perform. I actually do plan on going HID, but down the road a bit. I'm not ready to shell out that money for that as I have other plans for my car. HID's will be one of the last upgrades I make.
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    Did you see a big difference between the silverstars and the ultras?? I have the silvetrstars and they are very good......I'd like to go to them for my driving lights, but they don't make the proper bulb...i have an '06 and the bulbs are different than the others...both hi and low bulbs are H-7's....i can't figure out what the buld is for the driving lamps...PIA to remove them just to find the correct size.
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    I can't say there's a huge difference between the Silverstars and Ultras, but then's been about 3 months since I had the Silverstars in. Between then and now, I had regular halogens in. However, the Utras are supposed to be 25% brighter than the Silverstars and last 30% longer. Since I just put them in...jury's still out on that. However, I can say...driving at night is a pleasure now as compared to regular halogens. I do recall when I put the Silverstars in the first time after the OEM was a significant change with just those. With the Ultras, I'm amazed at how clear everything looks wherever the lights shine.

    I have an '06 as well, as far as the driving lights need an H8 bulb. Not easy to find in retail stores around you. I had to order a pair from Supreme Power in CA. If you go back a few postings...there's a link to them. They offer a superwhite bulb and a yellow bulb ($19.99/pair). I spoke to Eric Nareshni and he said the superwhite bulb would have a bluer hue than the Ultras, so I chose to go with the yellow bulb for more of a Euro look. When I get them in, I'll take a night shot and post pics.

    You can also check on Cool Bulbs Nokya makes both the H7 & H8 bulbs as well Nokya Bulbs

    The Acrtic Whites will offer a blue hue for a close to HID look, the Cosmic Whites will offer a whiter light like the Silverstars. I would have gotten the yellow ones from here, but the Nokyas are listed at 65 watts and the ones I got are 55 watts and the OEM bulbs were 55 watts, so I wanted to keep the wattage the same.
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    Have an '08 Azera Limited and looking through the posts regarding headlights, I was sure I read that it takes an H7 bulb. So ... I bought a pair of the Silverstar Ultras, H7's. Today I went out and pulled the low beam bulb and ah hem ... it's a 11B. Already opened up the other plastic base on the H7's so can't return them. Now I have to guy purchasing again. Figures.
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    Well...I never would have thought something as simple as a light bulb type would be changed from one model year to the next...especially since they didn't really change the car. However, you should be able to return them and you can prove that you didn't use them because your car takes a different bulb altogether. I mean...those Ultras cost quite a bit as far as bulbs go. I would speak to the manager and just let him know you made an honest mistake.

    Good luck finding the 11B bulbs, I heard those are scarce. You might have to order them online.
  • rgb42rgb42 Member Posts: 40
    On the '08, getting to the bulbs is very easy and simple. Unscrew the outter plastic cover and then simply turn the plastic bulb base and out she comes. At least that part is easy ... now to find those 11b's!
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    I wish it were that easy with the '06. I hate dealing with the wire clip that holds the bulb in place because you have to work the wires around it when you put the new bulb in place.

    11B're best bet will be to look online my friend.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I just finished talking with the folks at Sylvania. They informed me that the H11B bulb is available through Advance Auto Parts. You can either get them in the stores and if not...order them through their website.

    H11B Bulb Direct Link

    As of right now, because there aren't too many cars requiring the H11B bulb, they said there won't be any big rush to produce them in the Silverstar or Ultra bulbs.
    As per the email I received from Sylvania...
    "We do manufacture the H11B, but the market for it in the US is still rather small so we don't plan on offering it in a high performance upgrade (like our SilverStar ULTRA) in the near future. It is a much more commonly used lamp in the European market."
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    Going to the link, yep, that's the little animal alright. Guess I simply just live with the original bulbs that came in the vehicle ... yellow and all. By the way ... because I had cut the outter plastic on the H7 Ultras, before knowing they would not be used, Advance Auto would not take them back. Just going to throw them on ebay is all ... no big deal.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    It's either live with the OEM bulbs or try searching for an automotive parts supplier in the UK or something that might carry upgraded H11B bulbs.

    I question Hyundai's thinking in going with a bulb that isn't mass produced in North America. Then again, it could be a way to steer $$$ their way because I'm sure they will have some on hand when bulbs burn out and if they want $27 for a single replacement H8 fog light bulb, I can only imagine how much they'll be charging customers for the replacement H11B bulbs!!! :surprise: I guess their thinking is that customers will go ahead and pay them for it instead of driving all over looking for a store that sells them.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    Try this site:

    Daniel Stern Lighting

    He lists the H11 for $13.50 (and the H8 is shown at $11!)
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Gotta be careful...there's an H11 bulb and an H11B bulb, of the two, the latter is NOT available on the Daniel Stern Lighting site.
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