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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • At the time of the order, I told Honda that I'd like to go through my bank. The finances person, seemed a little pushy and gave me an application anyway, told me that they also go through my bank and a few others that are more aggressive in rates. I'm not sure if that's true and he just wants to screw me over with low rates, but a high monthly payment or shorter loan terms. And i'm also not exactly sure what kind of rates Honda would want to give me either, I'm only 22 and it's my first car purchase. I have fair credit with a student in good standing and 3 credits (one paid off in full, two others being slowly paid off by the endof the month so i hope the cards will help my credit even though it's only paid off one month).

    One of the card is a capital one, and they have charge "late fees" if i'm one day late paying online or if it's delayed due to system updates and payment transactions to kick in after 3 days. I figure though if I already have a credit card with them, getting a auto loan would be easier.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Remember the F&I Manager - the person you talk to "after" you decide to buy the car from the salesperson, and who wraps up the financial side of the transaction - is there to "maximize" the profit for the dealer, and not necessarily there to save you (the buyer) money. Good ones will look for the best financing rate based upon your FICO score, but they're a "post sale" source of a significant amount of revenue for a dealer, including extended warranty sales, dealer packs, etc. Be careful . . . If you've built a relationship with a consumer loan lender at your bank, it's sometimes best to deal with that person directly rather than going through the dealer for financing. For each loan a dealer sells through a third party financing source, the dealer receives effectively a commission. A dealer not only makes money selling cars, but also selling you money (i.e. financing).
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Go to your lender of choice and pre-apply for the car loan. Get your best rate and choose a term that results in a monthly payment within your budget. You should be able to do this online and print it off. Take it to the dealer and have him beat it, chances are they will. But don't let him talk you in to a longer term just to lower your payments as the interest rate will also be jacked up.

    To compare two loans over the long term, simply look at the total amount paid back (monthly payment times number of months).

    Also, since this is your first experience, do you know someone who can go with you, ideally someone with a fair amount of business sense, but if not, anyone at least for moral support?
  • Have a new 07 civic sitting in my garage....rolled off the assembly line last week.....I probably could have done better but needed the car asap.....paid $21,400 OTD ($20,100(19,500+595Dest)+$1,300TTL)....what do you think..?
    I love the car.......only gripe is that darned emergency brake....just like reviewers said....within 5 minutes of driving it it was driving me nuts!!! What were the designers thinking? tried moving the seat back...anything...but NOPE still there poking your leg..... : why not move it back 1 or 2 inches so it doesnt jab you in the leg??? Piece of foam or removing it is my answer...anyway not enough to detract from this AWESOME car....which I think looks like an Acura TL less the extra $10-15000....Did I say I LOVE the civic!?
  • Dealer offers Invoice+750+Destination+TTL

    For LX AT 4D Sedan this would be around 17600+TTL = about 19400

    Does this seem to be a good deal?

  • I got my civic coupe ex 2006 that had stiker price of 20.800 because some paint treatment....

    I finally boutght it for 21.000 with all fee included. :confuse:
  • Do you have to specify custom options and accessories when you place the deposit to order a civic or will most dealers make the changes locally in the service department? I know the usual add-on accessories such as rust proof and whatnots. When i ask about options and accessories, i'm referring to adding alloy wheels, body kits, spoilers, fog lights, tinting, and the such. I'd like to do tinting for sure, but not sure how much they will charge. Body kits and spoilers is questionable at the moment. Anyone have any similar experiences? Thanks for all the help!!
  • Just put a deposit down, 19650 plus ttl, at Brilliance Honda in Chicago suburbs. OTD almost 21000. Some emailing back and forth, not too bad. Feel like the mad rush of buyers may be slowing just a little. Quoted 4 weeks for delivery.
  • Just purchased a silver 06 Civic EX coupe AT(w/mud gaurds and wheel locks)for $19,350 OTD from Crown Honda in Charlotte. The entire negotiation was done via e-mail, very painless, no games.
  • Alright.. last week I posted my OTD price for an 07 civic. I left a $500 deposit on 9/11 at 8pm. The dealer said it might take 2-3 weeks. I called on Saturday and the salesperson said he didn't know when it will be coming, but he said he'll call me when he knows. Is this a normal wait period? :confuse:
  • if Honda can give the status of your car, dude :-)
    I kinda doubt it. I ordered cars(Audi & BMW) before where the dealers update me on the status to the point where th VIN# exists for the cars, then I called the manuf to get independent update where the car is. Not sure if Honda has the people receiving calls asking where their cars are, but with Audi & BMW they have 800 number for customer to check, I guess Audi & BMW owe it to their customers cause the wait time was 6mo to 3mo!

    Be careful, the dealer will tell you what you want to hear but in any rate get the vin# from the dealer and try to check with Honda yourself, good luck.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Looking for a car for my daughter - she wants a new (06 or 07) Civic Sedan EX w/auto - no NAV.

    Some of my old, reliable discount dealers have let me down on this one - seems they can sell them as fast as they get them and do not want to deal.

    I got a quote of $19,008 for a new 06 - that price includes the car, destination, and dealer fees (no TTL, since that varies from state to state and city to city). That is $400 over invoice + the doc fee. The MSRP with destination is $19,855 - so this is $847 under list but includes the doc fee.

    The 2nd quote was on a new 07 for $19,977 including the car, destination, and dealer fee ("doc fee"). MSRP on the 07 EX sedan/AT is up to $20,105 ($250 more than 06) so this is just $128 under MSRP but includes the dealer fee.

    I told my daughter I could do about the same prices and maybe less for an Accord I4 LX or even SE (seriously) but she would prefer the Civic EX sedan.

    Any other southeast dealers worth checking - anyone doing much better? I hate her paying so close to full price, but the Civic seems to be really popular right now and most folks laugh when asked for a deal price :D

    She likes the mazda3 i touring as well - but not as much - but that too is a popular car and Mazda dealers that in the past have given me nice prices don't on the 3.

  • Dwynne, keep shopping more dealers in your area.
    Never know if you'll get lucky. From my shopping experience on 06-07 civic, you got pretty good deal on the 06. I've got quote around $500 below MSRP on 06 and $200 below on 07 on LX. I am in Northwest.
    Civic catch a nice wave, with gas price and corolla on the re-design year, they are almost the only game in town. Mazda is nice but less gas mileage I think.
    I might have to look at Toyota Yaris or even mazda-3 for my daugther as well. Though she likes the civic a lot.
    At the end you may want to put down your feeling and let the logic dictate, what do you get for $19k in a car? forget about MSRP or invoice. :sick:
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    She does not like the Yaris. The Corolla and mazda3 share the same problem - too had to find the right car. She wants a 3 i touring with moonroof and ABS/side air bags if she gets a mazda3.

    Finding the right Corolla has the same problems - and by the time you add up all the options you are close to Civic EX prices.

    Honda does it right - all cars have the safety features so you just pick the trim level and color. Makes it pretty easy to find what she wants in stock. I have found a few mazda3s with the right options, but wrong colors and I have looks at dozens of dealership inventories. We always order a car, but there is the wait and the lack of a discount - that gets us about right back to the Civic EX price.

    I am trying to talk her into a Scion xB. Hard to find without a wait, but the price is low as is the insurance ;)

  • i think it's a really good deal.
    when is it available?
    we went to dealer in bay area too.
    07 will arrive after a couple of weeks.
    can i know which dealer you quoted?
  • OK, I was curious about checking the status of the car through Honda, yes it can be done (sorry I was a lttle prejudice againts Honda since I never order car from them).
    The number to call is :
    (800) 999-1009 option #5.
    You have to have the VIN# then they'll tell you if it exists, which dealer it'll go to and approximate date (not exact since no routing number from the truck operator, the dealer suppose to have the routing number, yeah if you can trust them :) )
    Again you have to have the VIN#.
    Good luck.
  • I just bought a 2007 Honda civic sedan LX AT and I got it for $17,606 including destination charge.
  • Where did you get this offer and what was the OTD price. Did it have Navi too?
  • How long is the VIN number normally? When I left a deposit on the receipt it says "Vin Numer:_____" and there was only 3 letters and 2 numbers.. I know its usually muych longer. They can't look it up with just that right?
  • Im from NJ area. I think thats a good price because from all the dealer that I asked they're selling the 2007 for MSRP. mine was $700 below MSRP. The OTD price was $19,400.00 there's no navi for my LX, i think its only on EX model.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    How much was the "dealer fee", if any? Around here some are starting to charge $300 up to $400 for economy cars and more for BMWs, MB, etc. So if a dealer here sells you a car for $500 off they make most of that back in the dealer "doc" or "prep" fees :(

    If you got below MSRP and didn't pay a stiff fee, you did well based on my shopping. Most dealers are not coming off MSRP and most are packing on the junk (paint sealant, fabric guard, mud flaps, etc) to inflate the price, then discounting it so that it is STILL above MSRP.

    The best line of the week: the internet sales manager at one Honda dealer told me:

    The 2006 Civic is in such high demand that Honda will not allow us to sell them for under MSRP.

    Right, I think so :surprise:

    I can get my daughter an Accord I4 SE (LX + wheels/changer,disc brakes) for LESS than I can get her a Civic EX. What is wrong with this picture?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    All cars and light trucks built after 1981 have a unique 17-character VIN that provides access to valuable information about that vehicle's history. The letters I, O and Q never appear in a VIN.

    An 06 VIN would be something like this: 2HGFG11896H566163

    An 06 VIN would be something like this: 2HGFG12827H502255

    The number before the last letter shows the year (6 or 7 for 2006 or 2007). Some care makes (like BMW) can ID a car by the last 7 of the VIN. Honda probably too, but I an not sure.

    3 letters and 2 numbers, no way that is a VIN or enough of one to ID the car.

  • What were the fees and whatnot that you had to pay to get it from 17,606 to 19,400 OTD? seems a little steep for just TTL. Thanks.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    VIN numbers are 17 alphanumeric digits long.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018

    Including all dealer doc and prep fees and "business tax" and any other extra fee or charge I forgot to name :D ?

    Seriously, the "doc" fee thing is something that has to be disclosed up front as they keep getting higher and higher. Someone tells me $500 over invoice or $1000 over invoice and then sticks $300-600 in fees on top of that then the price REALLY is not what is claimed.

    Tax, title, and tags do vary from dealer to dealer but when someone posts a deal on the forum they should post the cost for the car including destination and all dealer fees included.

    To answer your question, if your price is $1000 over invoice and includes all dealer fees (everything except my taxes and tags) then we may be interested in an 07 EX sedan w/auto. You are a long way from home for us and if we drove it it would be a long two way drive. Heck if my daughter flew up it would be a long drive back. But we would consider it if the price is right.

  • Hi,
    Then how much u bought Accord I4 SE OTD?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    $19,710 for the Accord I4 SE w/AT including destination and dealer fee.

    Invoice is $20,087 including destination.

  • Well, my budget is less than civic EX so I can't go to 2006 accord. If you bought that accord, congrats.

    Franco, yes the VIN I've got from one of the dealer is 17 alpha numeric. FYI, the second letter is either H or J, H is for Ohio built while J (you guessed it) Japan.
    I like the J better than H cars but at this point you'll get what you get :)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    That is an 07 Accord price, the same dealer is a few hundred higher on the 07 Civic EX. You might could do an LX Accord for less than or the same money as an 07 Civic LX. Yes, the Civic is overpriced and they don't deal much on them, but if that is what you want then it is not too much - and Honda seems to sell all they make of them so others must feel the same :D

    In my daughter's case, she loves the Civic EX and she likes the Accord SE. So even though LOGICALLY the Accord is better buy and down the road should retain more value she will likely be getting the Civic EX Sedan w/AT.

  • Total Lease 4 Years = $18000. Total Residual if I choose to buy after 4 years = $9000. Congratulations to me for OVERPAYING! Tipton Honda in El Cajon - San Diego County.

    I make a suggestion to all of you in San Diego County...

    FULLER Honda.
    I bought 2 Hondas from them, but the third I figured I'd try my repairing dealership as a buy/lease option (I lived within 5 miles of Tipton and went there for repairs. Fuller was over 50 miles from my home). Wrong move. Fuller could have gotten me the same car for $250 a month purchase instead of nearly $350 that I'm paying now...for a lease. Fuller folks are not pushy, they don't hound you. I actually had the manager tell one of his guys "Let her be...she'll talk to you when she's ready". Yes...a female...on the lot alone...was left to find what SHE wanted, not what the dealership would benefit from. They're great guys.

    Tipton on the other hand. Never again.
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