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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • Hmmmm... I don't think the fuel pump would be going out on a jeep this new, but I could be wrong. Did ever act up before it quit completely? Check your plug wires, one in particular, the coil wire, if that isn't hooked up, or its bad, it will turn over but not start. And like tdad1302 said, check the fuel filter too. Oh, when you turn your ignition on, not trying to crank it, do you hear a whine or whirr? You can also have someone stand at the back of your jeep to listen for this. If they/you don't hear anything then there is a chance your fuel pump is bad.
  • thanks. i'll have to check that out. sounds like it's a pain in the butt. and i don't care if it dies. i don't drive it much. i can't stand driving around with that sound. i feel stupid.
  • jac4jac4 Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 JGC. In late August '05 I had the fan and fan relay replaced. 2 weeks later I noticed a rattling that comes and goes when the fan is on. Took it in and they stated the fan was defective and replaced it (no cost). Left the dealer, still making the noise. Took it right back and they said it was the tensioner. Replaced that. Left the dealer tonight - rattle starts up when truck heats up and fan turns on. You hear it more against a wall/drive through space (as noise hits the wall and comes back). Any ideas?
  • jac4jac4 Posts: 2
    I had this problem with my 1999 JGC. It wouldn't turn over. Turned out to be a seal between the fuel pump and the line - let air in and it wouldn't start.
  • My '97 JGC 4.0L has a strange problem when driving at a steady speed.. the RPM surges (small increases but no decreases) so the car kinda kangaroos along the road. The idle is steady and acceleration smooth, but once the speed gets to 80kph / 2000rpm this surging starts. Has anyone had this problem or any ideas how to fix? Thanks for any help.
  • how can you test to see if your water pump is bad?
  • Ok...up under the water pump is a "weep" hole or a vent hole. If the pump is going bad coolant will leak from there. You can check for another sign by rocking the water pump pulley up and down. If there are signs of coolant leakageat the weep hole and/or the pulley moves up and down then you know its time to replace the pump.
  • chumpchump Posts: 6
    i have a 94 jgc with a 6cyl. 4ltr. motor. I have developed a miss and the engine light comes on and stays on even when the miss seems to go away. It idles very rough but will eventually start to run smoother but the engine light will stay on. Also does anyone one kn ow what is involved in removing the injectors and cleaning the carbon deposits. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I would say your plugs and wires are to blame(this is consistant with it running smoother as the engine warms up), and if you have changed them make sure the wires are all going to the right plug and post on the distributor, and even make sure the distributor cap isn't cracked or corroded bad inside, along with the rotor button. About the only thing I know of to do for carbon deposits on the injectiors is to get some fuel additives that are made for that.
  • i had the same problem, someone loosened my oil filter and the oil pressure would drop,my mechanic nor the dealer could not find the problem. My question was did your engine block get destroyed or was it the heads that broke. because in my car the lister if that is the correct name, became loose, no pressure in one of the spark plugs.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Yep, it was the crank and block. I wish it could've been the heads as I've would've been able to remedy that one myself. So $3100 dollars later, the '95 is running great.
  • I have a 1997 Grand Cherokee and I am having a similar problem with the rear hatch. It seems as if it will not unlock completly and will not open. I was just curious if you ever figured out a solution.
  • :( :confuse: My brother in law is having problems with his 1996 Grand Cherokee. First the Four wheel drive seems to stay on even if it is placed in "two high" cant think why any ideas PLEASE?

    Also his power windows are intermittenly having problems working. Some times the passenger front won't work then it does, sometimes with the master and others only with the passenger switch. This has been going on with all windows, sometimes they work sometimes they don't, Masterswitch Bad???
    i recently found out a bearing is bad that makes the front end hop in turns, weird name, can't think of it, will this affect it not kicking out of four wheel drive??
  • I took the 2005 Jeep GC with slipping transmission to the Jeep Dealer... the answer was to install a new shifter and some sort of TSB that hasn't been explained to me (my wife picked up the Jeep). The result is that the Jeep shifts much better, and some of perception of slow acceleration has been diminished. Not sure if it was the dreaded water in transmission problem but I don't think so. Still waiting for the recall to replace the grommet on the dip stick hole to prevent water entry. Lesson learned, I guess, is to go to the dealer right away if you have a slipping or poorly shifting transmission in this model -- they appear to be learning how to fix them.
  • I have a jeep grand cherokee 99' and my rear hatch went as well it turns out it was the motor... it runs about 53$ on my year not to sure but it should be some where around that was well...
  • my jeep tends to want to cut of while i am in the middle of driving some where. some time it will start right up and other times it needs to sit. when i do a system check i get the code(P0320). if some one could help me figure out what the problem is i would be very happy
  • I have a 1997 JGC Orvis with 70,000 miles on it. It has a low pitched growl on the passengers side. Seems like it is coming from the front. Seems worse when turning. We are going to check the passengers side front wheel bearing. If that seems ok any other suggestions on what it might be?
  • In my Grand Cherokee, the fan only blows out the dash vents on every setting. Under the dash, I can see the motor is working, but the link that it drives keeps popping out. How can I get into the heater box to see what the problem might be? Any ideas would be helpful.

    Thanks, Wayne
  • john90john90 Posts: 2
    There is a solution to your brake problems. If you search frozen , you will find they sell an aftermarket brake rotor of higher quality. I presently have them on my vehicle and they work great. Happy motoring! :)
  • I have been have an intermittant problem which first showed up as the interior lights going on and off a few times as I drove. Then the A/C would not work once and at the same time the power windows did not work. Last week the alarm went of when it was parked in the driveway and now all of the interior lights stay on when the vehicle is turned off and parked. Any ideas as to the cause, pulling fuses each time I park just is no fun!
  • I have the '05 JGC Limited V8 (not the Hemi). EPA mileage estimates 15 (city) to 20 (hwy). As my husband puts it, I drive it like "a little girl," which I am! In other words, I do not drive this car "hard." The only time I have seen close to 15 mpg was on a hwy trip. Otherwise, 11 mph is what I am regularly get in the city. This has been the case over the entire 3500 miles I have driven it so far. Has anyone else had this experience i.e., receiving significantly lower gas mileage than the estimates? Could something be wrong with my car? At this point, I'm actually hoping there is something wrong and it can be fixed, so I'm not stuck with this terrible gas mileage. I should have gotten a Hummer at this rate!
  • I had the same problem with my 2002 PT cruiser then I traded it in on this 2003 JGC Limited and had the same problem you had. I called Diamler Chrystler directly and they told me to take it to the dealer of my choice and they paid for it all. They did just that! So my advice would be to try a different dealership and call them the number is in your service manual.
    Guy Alexander
  • I've been having the same problem since 10/13, except mine does cut off. I took it to the dealer and they didn't know, I took it took another on today and they got codes P0320 and P1757. It will cut off while I'm driving and usually takes about 20-30 minutes to restart. I was told that it wasn't the coil. Any suggestions anyone?
  • I took the car in and they couldn't reproduce the problem with the AC. But they noticed the AC blower resistor was corroded and suspected that was the problem. Should it be corroded three years in? Is this a recurring problem with Jeep?
  • Hey. My jeep has 312k miles. Recently it decided not to start one day. It was getting fuel and turning over normally. I replaced the distirbutor cap and rotor, the wires and the spark plugs. It started right up. I took it out and about 30 mins during its firs run since being repaired it stalled out and wont start again? This is the only problem this jeep has ever had. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  • :cry: :sick: :mad:

    Does anyone know if Jeep does anything or we can hold them accountable for this, a friend has been making monthly payments etc. but has been unable to drive since June because a part has been on "Back Order". The part or parts needed have something to do with the check engine light and trans. Low mileage, still under extended warranty...but four and a half months??? They still wanted that payment~! Oh she did get a apology letter, "were sorry but there's nothing we can do~!
  • lu67lu67 Posts: 1
    I have taken our 2005 JGC to 2 dealerships because the check engine light came on. Both told me I was basically nuts. No codes came up, so nothing was wrong. At least they made something up to fix your problem. The light went off after they hooked it up to the computer both times. As of yet, it has not come back on. Both times mine came on, the fuel had gotten down to 1/4 of a tank. I keep it full now with mid-grade.
    I am still waiting on the recall notice as well to check out the transmission recall. I am wondering if that could have caused the light to come on.
    Just as a warning, the paint on our front bumper is peeling off. They say it got hit by something, possibly a rock, but now the paint is peeling and they won't cover it under warranty. The repair shop wants $500 to repaint the front bumper. No guarantee that it won't happen again, and again.
  • I had the same problem with my 03 JGC. Only problem was, once the relay fried, it later fried the fan motor. I drive the interstate back and forth to work and this bad relay could have existed for weeks. It wasn't until I was in stop and go traffic did I notice my temp gauge hit 260. Replacing the relay didn't fix the problem. Had to also replace the fan motor and that wasn't cheap.
  • I've had the check engine light come on at least three times on my 03 JGC. Dealer was of no help. I bought an OBDII reader for $100 and found that my gas cap was leaking. I tried tightening the cap well beyond it's stopping point ensuring a tight fit. Still didn't solve the problem. For $10 I bought a new filler cap and after two days the light went out. No problems and no error codes since.
  • Check your air intake for dead critters. Mice love to find new homes. I've actually had mice nests inside my air cleaner box. Had a dead mouse in my air intake of my corvette during winter storage and had the same foul smell come spring. Had to take the duct work apart to find the dead mouse. (Or at least what was left of it).
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