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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • The answer to your question is YES you can go from 2wd to 4wd On the FLY no stopping and putting the Trans in Neutral and you vise versa... Make Sure you are not going more than 45 when shifting into 4wd its not good on your transfer case.. Sense you also have select Trac you can also go into 4wd part time and Full Time 4wd use

    4wd Full Time: When needing standard 4wd; dirt, snow, light mud, etc more traction!

    4wd Part Time: Good for Deep Snow and Ice

    The Difference is that the Gear Ratio for power from Front Tires to Rear Tires is diff and thats why you have two diff choices... Of 4wd Part time and Full Time

    4wd LO: Use only when needed really slow gear ratio or going down steep slope or up a rough hill.... You can drive up to 35 mph in 4LO and it will shift through all three gears...
    (To get in 4Lo You must PUT THE TRANS in Neutral and moving no more than 3mph and then with a quick pull it into 4LO) To get out of 4Lo( moving about 3mph and trans in neutral give a good push forward on the handle and that will get you out of 4Lo)

  • Please read about what I said about "Death Wobble"

    It is usually bad caster and camber angle in Axle... It could be shocks or even bad Tierod...
  • All you need to do is have your Transfer Case adjusted and then when you are in four wheel drive it doesn't slip in and out!!!

    Very simple it looks like a Dirt Bike Shifter
  • I am dumb-founded that I am not able to find how to adjust the tension on the emergency brake on this vehicle...almost embarassed to ask!
    However, it needs it, so here I am.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • I also have a 2004 Overland with a water leak into the driver side floor well. It started recently during the week of wet weather in the northeast. Crown4's reply does not apply, since the water collects while the vehicle is off and parked (and it is the driver's side floor well). Also, the water is coming from above, and not being thrown up during driving. I have had the vehicle two years now and this problem just arose. It is apparent that some flashing/seal has worked loose. I have not found the source, and have not yet been to the dealer. I also am looking for ideas. It may be that Jeep has a problem in this body style that just takes time to appear.
  • 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd w/5.2L

    Does anyone know the trick for reconnecting the right side exahust header to the exhaust manifold? One of the two bolts/nuts is completely blind from the bottom, I cannot get one hand let alone two up there to hold the nut and get the bolt started, does not appear to be any access top side from within engine compartment either.

    I had to drop the exhaust to replace the oil pan gasket, now I can't get the exhaust properly bolted back together, appreciate any ideas.
  • Check a Haynes manual for your year - cable tension is automatically adjusted. If that isn't working you can adjust the parking brake shoes.
  • Hey all,

    Brand new to this board. Looks like a great place to learn about Jeep problems.

    The coolant low warning light on the overhead console keeps coming on at startup, but the coolant level is fine.

    Anyone else have a problem like this? Any ideas of a fix?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I check this site every now and then and have found some good tips. I thought I would share one. I used to drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (1998) and currently drive a GC Laredo (1997) - both of which used to leak coolant and water into the cab when the AC was running. With the Limited, I was able to open the plug behind the padding and use a wire hanger to clean out debris. With the current Jeep, I couldn't open the plug as easily so I solved it simply by drilling 2 holes through the floor to drain the water out. Works so far! No complaints.

    The problem I have now is that my Check Engine light is on and my Jeep's RPMs dip down to almost 0 when I stop at a light or stop sign. It wobbles but doesn't cut off. Also when driving, I feel a slight drag and my RPMs jump a bit but not too much. I think it may be transmission related - possibly the Torque controls but not sure. Any ideas?

    Also, any recommendations for finding a good mechanic? :cry:
  • You have a bad Coolent Sensor get it replaced and check all Fuses...That should fix it
  • I have a 96 Limited that also leaks H2O into the cab when the a/c is running - I figured the condensation drain line is plugged - where did you find the drain port to clean out?
  • Still looking for any help you guysd can give - Thanks!

    I know I screwed up, but would appreciate any help you guys could give me!

    I have changed the spark plugs on my 2000 4.7 V8, and have 'lost' the capacitor? (if it is a capacitor) that is attached to the rear right-hand coil (as facing the windscreen from the front).

    When changing the spark-plugs (with coil-on-plug), there are 3 extra bits (with wiring) attached to the coils (2 on the right side, and 1 on the left when facing the windscreen). If the front cylinder on the right (facing the windscreen is No. 2), then I believe they are on No. 4 and No. 8 on the right.

    My problem is that I have 'lost' the one on No. 8 down the back of the engine behing the throttle body/back of head/back of block) (it doesn't seem to be from the same part of the wiring harness as the coils) and I don't know where it comes out of the wiring harness.

    It runs OK, and not having it connected to the earth on Coil No. 8 does not seem to cause a problem.

    My questions are:
    - What it is?
    - What does it do?
    - What is the problem with not having it fastened to the earth on the coil?
    - Should I keep driving it?
    - Where does connect to the wiring loom, so that I can 'fish it out' and reconnect it

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


  • I have a 2002 JGC limited as well. So far it's been ok, 80K on it.
    I haven't used it much as I bought a 3rd car for my commute to work.
    The other day I got in it and now it seems as if the passenger side vents
    only blow outside air (changing the passenger side temp control doesn't
    change the temp). Looks like that you changed the blender doors etc.
    I understand you need to have the dash pulled apart etc...Did you do this yourself and if so how much of a pain was it? The dealer wants about 800 bucks to do this.
    By the way I also have a 2004 Honda Accord that has about 22 K on it. It's been flawless. When my Jeep had about 22K I probably did the front roteors a few times already and had the passenger and driver side htd seat changed.
  • I have a 2002 JGC as well. So far it's been ok, 80K on it.
    I haven't used it much as I bought a 3rd car for my commute to work.
    The other day I got in it and now it seems as if the passenger side vents
    only blow outside air (changing the passenger side temp control doesn't
    change the temp). From what I understand to resolve the issue it's something to do with either the blender doors, modules. Apparrently you need to remove the whole dash to get to these. Has anyone out there attempted this themselves?
    If so how much of a pain was it? The dealer wants about 800 bucks to do this.
  • I have a 2003 Grand Cherokee with the V8, (23,000 miles) I have a little rattle as you describe on acceleration, (sounded like a heat shield, or loose baffle). The dealer couldn't hear it either, until it got worse, (is always worse on cold days). They have replaced the catylatic converter, the complete exhaust system, rebuilt the front differential, replaced the pump in the transfer case, (it seemed to change pitch) so they replaced the complete transfer case, took out the center counsel front passenger seat to tray and find it with out luck. I am now after several months filling a complaint with Daimler and the BBB as the dealer says they can no longer help as they give up.
  • dsmansdsmans Posts: 10
    Hey Kurt. On my 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo, after having the coolant low indicator come on approximately every 3 weeks (and just adding some pre-mix coolant to the overflow tank to full each time), I learned that I was leaking coolant in my radiator and around the hoses. The leaks weren't bad enough to see spillage on the ground, but over three weeks time and during driving, I was losing it. I'd check your hoses/radiator, naturally the level of coolant you have, and as someone else mentioned, your sensors. G'luck.
  • I have jurking in my jeep when i am going about 60 to 80 mph about 2 rpm's, it has 180,000 miles on it. I can't figure it out i need help.
  • Won't shift to overdrive have had leaking from overfill "WIFE" during 2000 mile drive. Is there sensor or module to check first?
  • Has any had the problem with their Jeep with the Quadr-Trac I, when making a tight turn, the vehicle shimys or feels like it sticks. I traded my Jeep in two months ago, on a Subaru Forester and love it. I loved my Jeep, as that was the only problem that I had with it. I had 120,000 miles on it and still ran great.

    But that jumping, vibration, and shimming was very annoying. Is that common with the Quadra-Trac I system and does the Qudra-Trac II system do it as well?
  • dsmansdsmans Posts: 10
    Hey all. On my '95 Grand Cherokee Laredo Limited, I sometimes experience stalling when shifting from park to drive, or going from reverse to drive. This is always during the initial morning start if it's not sufficiently warmed-up. Anyone have any ideas what can cause this, or would it be reasonable to have the idle turned up a bit?

  • I read this and I have the same problem and no one knowns what it is and where it is. so please let me know and if it can be fixed. thanks liz"> :confuse:
  • I have a couple issues:

    1.) When I turn I hear a scrubbing noise like my tires are too large (they are factory) and I also hear a whining noise.
    2.) For about two weeks I have been hearing a rattling noise when I press the gas pedal. It sounds like maybe I put bad gas in, but does anyone have any idea?

    Help if you can...
  • I have had issues like that with other Chriysler products, i.e, a 2002 Dodge Intrepid. The problem was there was low oil pressure. You may want to look into this. I would just take it to the dealer.
  • i found a site that details your problem and shows how to fix. Its
    go to hvac sub assembly replacement.
    don't know if u got my last reply but l have the same problem so good luck and stay in touch.
  • I have a '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 QuadDrive with 78k miles. I hear a loud clunking noise when accelerating slowly between 30 and 40 mph or when decelerating from 40 to 30 mph. If I accelerate fast through to 40 mph, I do not hear the noise. It sounds like a transmission or differential noise? Anyone with the same problem?
  • Trying to replace my turn signal flasher which sounds like it is tucked in with the fuses on the drivers side but it isn't very obvious how to get to it. Any suggestions?
    2001 Grand Cherokee Lmtd.
  • I have a 2003 grand cherokee jeep. When I make tight turns, the rear end grings. The dealer says this is normal. It is very irratating. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the dealer can do to fix this matter. Any buzz words I should use.

  • Hello all, I'm going to try to explain this... I have a 95 Grand Cherokee that keeps blowing the "Blower Motor" maxi fuse when I try to start it. When I turn the key ahead a click or two everything happens normally, lights, radio, fuel pump, accessories, etc. When I try to start the engine... nothing! The starter does not fire and I get a blue flash from the maxi fuse... POP! I pulled the harness no visable broken wires. I disconnected the blower motor and put in a new maxi fuse and POP! Could my problem be a relay such as the starter relay? Is it somehow on the same grid as the blower motor? I am at a loss now. It all started when the battery went dead and the security system went down, I cycled the key in the lock to fix okay. The battery was jumped and ground on the negative battery post, could this have blown a relay which in turn blows my fuse??? Help! Thank you and I appreciate any assistance with this problem. :confuse:
  • I have a 2002 JGC. It has about 38000 miles, and all of a sudden I keep blowing fuses for turn signals, fan blower, and seat heaters. We knew we had a bad switch on the drivers side seat heater so we replaced that today and it is still blowing fuses.Anyone have any ideas?
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