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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • Trickster,
    I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and this parts embarressing i think i have 31" tires but i am not forsure because i keep getting confused on how to read tires.I think that you take the P235 and X it by the /75 am i correct??because that would be 31"and that sounds like it would be what do you think?sorry i know it must just be a girl thing hehehe. :blush:
    -Jeeper 96
  • Hey
    that is really nice.well,i have a 96 grand cherokee laredo and as you can see in my last message i am not totally forsure about my tires i just want a small lift and was thinking about doing it this summer and i just want a few inches on the lift and the tires. i don't want a monster truck because i would then have to put little step bars on it to get into just something that will look kinda cool to go along with my new custom paint job,its like when you start to go custom you just can't stop. :)-Jeeper96
  • tmno8tmno8 Posts: 2
    I hope your problems are fixed. I did the exact same thing only one month ago on my 1997 JGC. Now, it is back in the shop with similar problems, related to the Body Control Module. I really, really feel your frustation.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    What brand tires do you have? Best to look to the manufacturer for the specs. For example, I went to michelin dot com and looked for SUV/4WD tires under "Tire Catalog". I chose LTX MS under that list and then clicked on "View detailed sizes and specs for this tire." It brings up all the sizes with specs. For example, 235/75/R15 is about 28.8 in overall diameter. 235/75/R16 is about 29.9 overall diameter. 265/75/R16 shows to be about 31.6 overall diameter. Then they show 31/10.5/R15C with a diameter of 30.8 . This table also has the width, rim width range, etc.

    So, the mfg reading from the table would be better than trying to calculate it out with rounding, etc :-) Looking at the table as well, you would probably have to adjust for rim width :-) good luck whatever you decide to do.

  • txman1txman1 Posts: 3

    I too had that problem, which I called the dealer about. You've described the problem perfectly, even regarding the other gears shifting smoothly. The service manager told me that this "jerking" motion was due to 2nd gear being such a low gear. I've also noticed some struggle when going up steep hills. It seems as though you've had better luck than I have. I've had problems every 3,000 miles that I've had to take it in for; it now has a little over 10,000 on it.
  • Hi, I've got a 2000 JGC Laredo. Have had this same transmission problem for about a year now. I've read some other problems like mine but couldn't really get a diagnosis from anyone. Anyway, for some reson it seems worse the colder it gets. After I first crank it in the morning and get going it doesn't want to shift from 2nd to 3rd. It'll "Wind out" up to around 4000 Rpms then I usually have to let off the gas and it'll shift...sometimes. Jeep dealership couldn't find anything the first couple of times I had it in (still under extended warranty). Well this time they recognized the prob but I didn't leave it with them. Anyway, It just hit 80,000 miles, we changed the fluids, filter, etc. Shifts out a tad better now but still not right. Also wondering if anybody out there is familiar with adjusting the transmission bands. Cluless on that...and noone seems to know. Anyway, got a $2000 deductible with the warranty so if the fix happens to be something cheaper then I'd rather do it myself.Open to any advice and suggestions. Thanks so much.
  • I have a $200 deductible not $2000...yall must have thought I was nuts. Anyway!!! Paula
  • txman1,

    Thanks for the response. Interesting. Dealer's answer to me was Euro (Mercedes) trannies are harsher and that new trannies designed with less "slip" to prolong life... I actually took it to another dealer today (second opinion wouldn't hurt). So far, they seem mystified and have actually held the Jeep overnight for "more tests"... Will let you know what the diagnosis is.

    I also reviewed the gear ratios and while there is a difference in ratios b/w the 3.7 tranny (Mercedes) and 4.7/Hemi tranny (Chrysler) - relatively speaking, differences don't seem that huge (I've driven a Durango with the Hemi and same Chrysler transmission and it shifted fine across all gears too)... This tranny is used in several Mercedes cars (E Class for example) since 1995 - makes me wonder, could they really all be like that? :confuse:
  • Having trouble with the battery draining slowly .Usually it drains itself over night
  • Your transmission is the 45RFE, which they began using in the '99 and later models (WJ's). This transmission does not require band adjustments, so don't let any shops tell you otherwise. I also have a 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Since they recognized the problem with yours, did they tell you what it was exactly? I'm having the exact same problem with mine, but I don't have the extra cash lying around to "guess" at what the problem may or may not be. I've got a couple of good ideas of what it is, but I was wondering if you knew EXACTLY what it is. Anyway, I'll check back for a reply, and I hope this information helped you out a bit! If you can tell me what has to be done or replaced, I'll do it and then post my findings and steps used to fix it.
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    I have a 2000 GC 4.7 L. I just got back from a 4000 mile trip. I have 95000 on the car, good air pressure in the tires, a recent tune up, and I got an average of 17 mpg.

    It was mostly HW miles at 75 mph.

    Is that about the right mileage?

    I would have expected 19 to 20 as it was level cruising with the Cruise Control most of the time.

    What is everyone else getting?

    Thanks, CK
  • Hey,I didn't actually leave it with them..had to straighten some things out with my warranty, anyway, they have no clue they said they'd have to tear it down. So, no clue yet! This sucks, I've put so much money into the looks of this thing for it to be doing this.
  • Hey, here is some info that may help you out. I believe you said your tires are 235/75-15's, which are a metric size and are probably the stock size for your truck. These are somewhere around 28.9" tall, when they come off the tire line. After they're mounted on rims, aired up, and 4,000+ lbs of Grand Cherokee is dropped on them, they're actually somewhere between 27.5" and 28" tall. For future reference, to convert a metric tire size (235/75-15) to a standard Light Truck tire size (31x10.50R15, for example), use this formula:
    Width x Aspect Ratio = Section Height;
    Section Height x 2 = Combined Section Height;
    Combined Section Height + Wheel Diameter = Tire Diameter
    (Example: 235/75-15)
    235mm x .75 = 176.25mm (a ratio is a percent; 75%or.75);
    176.25mm x 2 = 352.5mm (section above and below rim);
    [Then you need to convert the mm to inches by dividing by 25.4, which makes 352.5mm = 13.9"]
    13.9" + 15" = 28.9" tire height.
    (I actually had to relearn that formula as I was typing it!)
    Now that you know your current tire height in inches, we can forget about that for a while. I noticed that someone else replied to you about your tires and whether or not they rub. If they do, something isn't right! That "grind" you hear has got to be either some of your inner fenderwell is lose or something not related to your tires. As far as being easier to flip, the higher your center of gravity, the higher your chance of rolling. Most rollovers can be prevented by the driver. Once lifted, you'll notice that your Grand's body roll will have increased during turns and in curves. All you have to do is stay off the "go pedal". Lots of people seem to drive their SUV's like they're sports cars. That's dangerous enough stock. Add a lift and you've more than doubled your chances of rolling in a turning or lost control situation that could be just "scary" at stock height. Now I am definitely not trying to scare you away from lifting your truck! You'll just have to think about how careful you are now, and then be triple careful. You'll be a good bit more stable with a 2" to 2.5" lift compared to a 4" lift. Now I know your probably thinking "this guy is a sissy", but from the time I bought my 2000 Grand in Aug.'05, I could not wait to get it lifted. I finally convinced my wife to let me lift it as a Christmas gift to myself, and on Christmas Eve '05, in my garage, it took me about 45 minutes to add 2" in the rear and 2.5" in the front. Now it doesn't look like the front fenders are sitting on the front tires. And I had tires two sizes up from stock on it, with no rubbing, before I lifted it! This posting has become huge, so I'll start another in just a little bit! - dixiecrawler
  • hi i'm new here my blower motor did stop running i try to chance fuses around dident work after that the Check Engine Light was on how do i get it fikst or reset.

    mamby som body now wy the blower moter :cry: suddenly stops

    thanks harry :)
  • I have a 00 JGC and it is leaking what appears to be transmission fluid, but all of the levels are fine. About a month ago I wasn't able shift out of park unless I let it warm up for a minute or two. Just yesterday I was driving and the car all of the sudden revved really high and wouldn't shift gears until I let off the gas. Is this a common issue? I plan on taking it in--I just want to know what to expect when I get there. Thanks.
  • thanks,i haveall terrain liberators.
  • don't mean to interupt but i have a quick question,why did you put a 2" in the back and a 2.5" in the front wouldn't it make it uneven?
  • My Grand Cherokee has about 95k miles and in the last few months has had an intermitant high piched squel or whine in the front axle. It starts at 10 mph and goes on up to highway speeds. The whine isn't affected by applying brakes, slowing or speeding up. It only goes away under 5 or 6 mph. It happens in hot or cold weather. Recently it has been happening all the tme. Any ideas?
  • I have a 1995 the blower motor will not turn off after I run on high speed.The blower motor woks fine on all three speeds. The motor runs at a slow speed with the key off. I was wondering if this could be the resistor.
  • trickstertrickster Posts: 113
    Check the front brake pads to see if they are worn down. There is a low brake pad indicator, which is a piece of flat iron on the brake pads which touches the rotors, that indicates when your in need of new brakes. This is probably what the squeal/whine is all about. On the other hand, if that is not your problem, and you have a 2-wheel drive, then have your front outer axle bearings checked. If indeed they are bad, then you should get a shimmy/vibration when you turn the vehicle left/right.

    If your brake pads are bad, and you choose to take them to a brake shop, and you have a 2- wheel drive, have them inspect and repack the front outer axle bearings.(most brake shops will do this for a small extra fee)

    I hope this helps you, and good luck m8.
  • trickstertrickster Posts: 113
    Yes it is the resistor. When a resistor goes out, the blower motor will only run on high, indicating that the resistor is indeed the culprit. However, there is a relay for the blower/heater motor that can also give you the same indicators. I'll will have to say that it is the resistor, as you describe the symptoms to a tee.

    I hope this helps you, and good luck m8.
  • the blower runs on low speed and high speed. everything works fine. just when everything is off the fan keeps moving at a slow speed drainig the battery. where is the relay located? I just want to make sure what it is. a resistor cost a lot.
  • Most trucks and SUV's have a slight forward lean, that is, they're a little lower in the front. You've got to remember, that's where all of the weight is. Add a 75lb brushguard, and the front will sit a little lower. Add a winch and winch bumper, and you'll really start to notice it. With the oversize tires that were already on the truck, it looked like the front fenders were about 3-4" off the tire, but 4-6" in the rear. Alot of lift companies sell "leveling kits" to offset the droop the frontend may have, especially after adding some extraction equipment. So, no. My Grand is now sitting perfectly level and the tires have plenty of clearance under the fenders. My brother has a '96 like you and he did the same thing, except with 4.5" front and 4" rear. He's running 33's and has way more than enough room. Hope I explained that well enough for you. Anyway, let me know of any more questions you have. - dixiecrawler
  • txman1 -

    Quick update. Took it to 2nd dealer for another opinion - they are overhauling the tranny. They say they won't know exactly what is wrong until they take it apart (something likely with 3rd gear)...

    4,100 miles and tranny overaul! Scary... Just looking forward to my WK operating properly. :sick:
  • I'm sorry, I told you wrong. My brother's running 31's on his '96 Grand with lots of room to spare. He probably could fit 33's, but he takes the interstate to work everyday, and there are quite a few hills in between, so he'd rather keep the good gas mileage for now! Post you later! - dixiecrawler
  • My friend has a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. She has had 6 radiators since 2001. Jeep can't tell her why they are failing. Now the 6th radiator is leaking. Does anyone have any insight??
  • I'm sorry, I should have given more info. The brake pads were replaced last summer so their o.k. The jeep is 4WD with quadra trac II. There is no shake or shimmy when turning. It tracks fine on the highway.
  • I replaced the power steering on my uncle's Jeep Cherokee
    one month ago and he is having problems with it again. Please forgive my misspelling. I am a very bad speller

    I have two questions and I am still going to school for car repair so forgive me it they sound dumb.

    1.After I put the pump on and blead the system and sent the vehicle home with my uncle I noticed a tiny piece of
    paper in the bottom of the box under the packing material
    Instructing me to first flush the system out before I bleed it. Needless to say I never got a chance to flush the system.
    Now why is it that they would tell me to flush the system
    when installing a new pump?

    2. I went through that to get to this.
    I should say my cousin complained of power steering loss because my uncle gave the jeep to his son. Anyway my cousin
    says it was like the steering wheel locked in the coluom.

    If that is the case then it is a bad lock cylinder.
    but do you think the fact that I did not flush the system out could cause some failure in the steering system to cause the steering to lock up like that?

    Sorry for the long post.
  • i took my 2004 jeep in for service but the PERFORM SERVICE light was not reset. can i reset it myself or do i need to take it back to the dealer?
  • My transmission dipstick reading shows within the full range on one side and appears dry on the other. Is this from splatter and still in need of fluid? It seems the stick should be coated like an oil dipstick is. (I would rather ask a stupid question than make a stupid mistake).Thanks
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