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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • gaz1gaz1 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I have a UK spec 2001 4.7L Jeep Grand Cherokee only 32,000 Miles and just had a service. (my first jeep)

    The problem is an intermittent rumbling noise then you turn left (similar sound to a wheel rubbing on something)

    I have checked to see if the wheels are rubbing, nothing.

    I also have read about special axel oil, but don't know if thats what the problem is.

    Somebody please help, if it's oil what type etc

    Thanks so much for any help given
  • fastefaste Posts: 7
    own a 2002 jgc with 50,000mi that my wife drives and bought new. within 36,000mi vehicle was in shop 11 times for engine problems(4.0 6cyl. when jeep kicks into od vehicle starts shaking and check engine light starts flashing. when we pull over and cut it off and start it again light stays on but not flashing. this was the problem the11 times. dealer said sparkplugs then trans then exhaust valves and then they don't know. brought in chrysler tech but still wasn't fixed. filed lemon law in feb 05 and went to arbitration in oct 05 and won. chrysler appealed and offered 300.00. we declined and now going to court but not until april 07. i can't believe we have to wait this long to settle this problem. we do have extended warranty and it has helped as jeep continues to give us problems. now it has a ticking noise for the first 5min when starting cold. have used syn oil since new and change it every 3500mi. jeep seems to be doing fine now since we took it to another 5 star dealer. would like to hear from others if it is worth the wait for the trial or should i have to wait this long
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem and was wondering if you found a solution
  • Hello did you have any luck getting an answer on this? I am having a very similar problem right now and would like to hear what needs to happen to fix it.

  • fastefaste Posts: 7
    we are just waiting and hoping to get offered a settlement from chrysler but i don't see that happening. their original offer isn't worth discussing as it was less than $1000.00. our lawyers have told us not to discuss this but i'm so fed up with them and chrysler and the april 07 court date. i think chrysler is hoping we get rid of it before the court date so as to clear them.
  • rth54rth54 Posts: 5
    I have a 96 grand cherokee that's making a rubbing/squeaking noise during turns, especially in 2 wheel drive. I'll be taking it in for a state inspection the end of Feb. My regular mechanic will check it out and I'll let you know what the verdict is then. If you find anything out before then, please let me know. Good Luck. Rob
  • Try this quick inexpensive trick. Check your idle air control to see if it sticking in the throttlebody due to varnish and dirt. Use a throtttle body cleaner to clean out the area where the IAC is located on the throttle body, and the IAC itself. Also check your CCV replaces the pvc)to see if it plugged anywheres along the hose, or orfice(where the hose goes into the valve cover).

    I hope this helps you, and good luck m8.
  • I really think that checking the ohms on 02 sensors, is not nessacesary, and would it not be prudent to go and purchase a OBD2 scan tool, diagnose, and save yourself some money? Buying one that will reset the pcm codes is recommended, but are rather expensive.

    Good luck m8
  • Question: is this noise coming from the front or rear?
    If it is the front, check your bearing hub assembly, to see if there is any play in the assembly. Do you have alxes with constant velocity joints, or u-joints?

    I'm gonig to have to say wheel bearings on this one, as you say you hear this when turning, and that is the first indication that the wheel bearing are going out.

    I hope this helps you, and good luck m8.
  • eddieeeddiee Posts: 25
    I had a 99 Grand Cherokee which I gave to my son.
    I got tired of all the problems and bought a Highlander.

    His most recent problem is that after driving for a while it seems like it's on fire. There is lots of smoke in the rear wheel well. I can't remember which side but I think it was the opposite of the gas filler.

    I had thought it might be a seized caliper but a mechanic checked the brakes and they seemed OK. He didn't notice any brake problems when the incidents occur (pulling, squealing, etc). The smell also wan't what I remember to be typical with cooked brakes.

    I also thought it might be an axle seal that was leaking rear differential oil onto the hot brake assembly but the mechanic who looked at it did find an axle seal leak but on the opposite side as where the smoke was. I guess it is possible that smoke is migrating over to the other side but it doesn't seem to be coming from the side with the known leak. The leak wasn't major. The fluid level in the differential wasn't down.

    Since there is a leak on one side it seems like the best approach is to replace seals on both sides and see if this fixes it.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem?

  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    We had a '99 & '00 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Brake problems on both. Had a sticking caliper on the front...if it is that you would be able to feel the heat. The wheel would get hot enough to burn you if you touched it...the sticking caliper caused it to get hot enough to warp the rotor and heat up the wheel. So, if he can't find heat it must be somthing else.
  • gbabegbabe Posts: 1
    check engine light comes on on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it
    has 54,000 miles the code says fouled #1plug, but the dealership said further check showed uneven compression and
    a bad valve on one side,this has been this way since we purchased it with 36,000 miles on it, after getting a carfax
    I think this vehicle had problems since 795 miles with engine,
    now the light is out, but still runs rough, and acts like it
    will run off with me when stopped. The idle races.Help!
  • '97 JGC 4.0L with 42RE tranny: when moving slowly, the shift to second gear can result in a clunk, and when slowing to a halt (from speed) and shifting to neutral the effect is like the car being rear-ended! Anyone any ideas on the fix for this annoying problem? The tranny fluid level is fine and the colour a healthy bright red. The rest of the shift sequences seem ok. Thanks for any help.
  • My son just informed me he can't shift into 4-wheel drive on his 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I went to check this out. You can't shift into any drive. When shifting lever, it goes right through everything. I'm afraid to ask, but does anyone know what caused this?
    Thank you.
  • I had the same problem on my JGC in Minnesota. Never found out what the problem was - dealer never said, but contacted and they were great help in getting me out of the vehicle.
  • I have 90 Jeep Cherokee with inline 6 4.0 engine that won't start. I was having problems with it overheating and took the head off and it was warped. Put back together and it won't start now no matter what I do. It has compression, and the timing wasn't touched. There is spark at plugs and the fuel rail is full. I think it may be the Crankshaft Positon Sensor but it ohms out like the book says and i have a friend that has an 87 and we ohmed his out and it is the same. It doen't change states when cranking though. Should it? Any assisstance will be appreciated.
  • I posted back in Oct 05. My 2004 JGC developed a water leak into the driver side floor well between one rain and the next. The water (a lot) collects while the vehicle is off and parked. The water is coming from above, and not being thrown up during driving. It is apparent that some flashing/seal has worked loose. I have not found the source, and have not yet been to the dealer. I also am looking for ideas.

    Not much help in any of the forums I have been to. Replys always refer to AC condenser leak or water from below.
  • I have a '93 Grand Laredo w/ 145k. Runs fine until it warms up. about 10 minutes originally I would hear a metal on metal screech. When I stop for a light the vehicle seems to lunge. That has stopped. Now after about 10 minutes it pulls to the right while driving straight, but is fine when I first start driving ?
  • rock1rock1 Posts: 12
    Same problem with my 96 JGC. Jeep dealer was no help.
    My non-Jeep mechanic found the problem.
    When it rained, water was coming in under the driver's door seal, at the bottom of the seal. To stop the leak, remove the black seal from the body and re-glue. Don't skimp on the sealant. This solved my leak.
    PS-there were no cracks or cuts in my seal. The factory skimped on the original sealant.
  • Folks this has been one of my best Jeeps so far. A couple of minor problems and my dealer fixed them w/o any problem under warranty. I've beat this thing (02 Overland) on several long trips, averaged 70 mph on all these trips. Never had any of the posted problems and even on my 99 and I would gladly buy another Jeep. Maybe I've been lucky or something else? My Dealer has always fixed any problems the first time without needing to come back again. Just my experiences for 7 yrs of owning two Jeeps and 100K miles total. I just bought a 2006 SRT-8! A fun vehicle but spendy to buy. Good Luck. Gene :confuse:
  • As far as the metal-on-metal screeching and lunging are concerned, maybe someone else would know what that was, unless you already know what was causing it. As far as your Grand pulling to the right while driving straight, that could be caused by irregularly worn front tires. I would say it could also be your alignment, but I believe that would cause the problem all the time, not just after the vehicle is warmed up. Your tires, on the other hand, could be your problem, as I mentioned above. When you first get on the road, your tires are still cold and stiff, especially in colder climates or even winter in the South. After a few minutes of steady driving, however, your tires get "warmed up" and are more pliable or flexible, which could allow an unevenly worn tread surface to take over you steering. Check that out and see if maybe it helps you out. -dixiecrawler
  • Just noticed that the new Overlands coming in no longer have the platinum clad wheels. Chrome clad ala Limited is being substituted. Also the mileage on the 5.7 Hemi is back to 14/19 Vs 15/20 on earlier Grand Cherokees. What Gives? I see something about the platinum wheels being on hold so I am wondering are the ones out there having a problem or are they going to supply another type of wheel?
  • thanks dixiecrawler, I'll give it a try.
  • jeeps2jeeps2 Posts: 45
    Just looking into replacing my timing chain. Just under 90,000. Thinking it might be time. Still runs great, 96 GC.Replaced the belt and pan gasket, thats it other then brakes and tires and battery. Same plugs and wires from the factory. Trickster, you out there? How hard is it to replace the timing chain on a 96 GC 4.0? Doesn't look to bad. :confuse:
  • dagoods25, I too have the 4.7 V8. According to TSB 21-011-05 REV A this only applies to WK's w/3.7L, LX's w/5.7L or LX AWD's w/3.5L. How did you convince "they" to work your transmission? It also states that the WK had to be built prior to 03JUN05. Was your WK built prior to 03JUN05? The reason I ask is that I now have 2,300 miles on mine and preparing for a cross country run. Should I be concerned? Thanks for any insight, and to anyone else out there who has had this transmission issue with their 4.7L WK.
  • this is a question for my mom. she has a 1990 dodge spirit and it's over
    heating. i've changed the thermostat and it's still doing it. it's not leaking
    anywhere. so i'm not thinking it's the water pump or the radiator. come on guys
    you can always help me out. talk to me.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    I wish I can help. Have you checked with a garage? I assume you got enough coolant with the right mixture.
  • hello yellowfin, I am aware that the TSB applied only to the V6's, but I can assure you that mine had the same problem. If you check earlier postings, there seemed to be a ton of people complaining of this problem. The times it happened to me here is what happened: My car had been sitting from the previos night, and when I drove it the next morning and used my AC, a few miles later I got a warning of "Transmission over temp" and had to pull over, the car was still working,and the check engine light stayed on. Have your car checked at a dealership, is should be covered under warranty. They can probably seal the area around the tranny just as a safety measure. 2000 miles is about when it happened. Good luck, let me know what happens.
  • Check for blockage in your hoses. The radiator core can also get stopped up. Make sure that when you look at the fluid in the radiator, it looks as it should and not cloudy, milky, or muddy. Another thing that's not as obvious is the chance that the thermostat you put in is defective. It's happened to me. Also, let the car warm up to normal operating temperature and feel the upper hose. Be careful, though, because if that thermostat is working right the upper radiator hose will burn you. It should get noticeably hotter when the thermo opens. Worse case scenario, cracked head, but we'll assume that it's something basic! Also waterpumps don't always "leak" when they go bad! -dixiecrawler
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