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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • thanx.
    I think I know what the problem is. i belive are the bushing from the arms that hold the front axel in place.

    I will change those bushing since they look damege
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    These problems were supposed to have been corrected by the new design in 2002. Here is a TSB on those

    FWIW, I had a 2000 GCL. I ended up replacing the rotors myself with aftermarket ones from AutoZone...list on them was less than $100 for the pair. If this is the 4th time to have the issue, I would contact D/C and demand that they cover everything because of re-occuring issues. Make it clear to the service manager at the dealer that if they do not go to bat for you, that the survey you get from D/C will reflect that by their low rating. (They did not stand up for me and got a low rating plus lost D/C a customer forever.)

    Have your docs (they should really already have access to that in their computer) on the previous brake problems. Explain to him nicely the timeline and repeated issues and ask nicely that they assist with having D/C cover the complete repair (dealership has a warranty rep that should be able to handle). If they don't, contact D/C directly. If they still don't replace the rotors with aftermarket and make know to the dealership and D/C your displeasure.

    Good luck, you may need it.

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Welcome to Edmunds - you're in the right discussion. People tend to skip over posts in ALL CAPS since they can be hard to read, so keep that in mind as you post.

    You may want to skim the Transmission Traumas? discussion while waiting for responses in here.

    Steve, Host
  • lukesjgclukesjgc Posts: 5
    replaced relay twice and only temporarily fixed the problem. Replaced Coolant Temp Sensor and Electric fan and fixed the overheating. Driving slow with A/C on last summer sent the gauge back up. Help! Where do I go from here??? Wire shorting out?
  • from tthompson311-i just purchased a JGC 99 and my coolant light kept coming on saying that the level was low i noticed a leak of a green fluid -antifreeze- and had to get a new water pump installed. hope this helps. by the way do you know if i can put JGC limited headlights in a JGC laredo? thanks for the reply asap
  • dmiles2dmiles2 Posts: 1
    About a year ago I had to replace the front differential in my 94 jgc. Since then I have had a serious vibration at speeds above 40mph. Upon deceleration it gets worse. Slight steering inputs will cause it to go away for just a second and then it comes back. Any ideas on what this could be?
  • My 97 grand Cherokee recently began doing a strange thing. From time to time the battery voltage gauge will begin to drop off and then the check gauges light comes on. As soon as I turn off all acssesories, blower, lights etc the gauge comes right back up. This vehicle has 100000 miles, runs great, it has the 4.0 liter six. I have cleaned the battery terminals and had the charging system checked. Anyone have any ideas?
  • phoenix4phoenix4 Posts: 1
    My 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee blows hot air out of the 2 center defrost vents when I set the control knob on floor only. The Jeep dealer said that was normal, however if you turn the floor heater on high, crack the window a little, there is enough hot air coming on your face that you feel like you're in a convertible. Any comments?? Thanks...
  • Had the same problem in a 2002 Grand Cherokee that we just purchased from a private party. Contacted Chrysler and told them this is my second Cherokee, and that I was new about the technical service bulletin. Asked if they would help out with correcting the problem (2002, 35,000miles, and no warranty). They asked me to pay the first $150 and they took care of the rest (dealer est. $1,100). I couldn't be happier, kudos to Chrysler for stepping up and taking care of the problem. :D
  • harsjeepharsjeep Posts: 5
    HI, I am new to this forum. I just recently bought a 95 jeep GC. I love this thing but quickly found a bunch of problems that have been discussed here. I took her to my local jeep dealer to find out they want to charge me over 4,000, bux to fix everything. like: rear needs to be rebuilt, viscous cup needs to be replaced, steering box is leaking, motor mounts are bad, and needs a trailing arm. now like i said i love this thing, and i'm not in a situation to buy another vehicle at this time, i had decided to list it for sale again, but then out of the blue i decided to keep her. i can't let go of it. years ago i had a 79 cherokee. i loved that old chugger. never had problems with it. but with all the things with this jeep, i don't know if i want to buy another.but for now i'm gonna start replacing things lil by lil, used parts of course, my goals are to lift this thing and make her a good 4x4. i have some friends that are jeep buffs and they are trying to help me get her straightened out. thank god for jeep buffs. if anyone can give me a moral boost or some good info please feel free to do so, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks and all for now.
  • saucemansauceman Posts: 1
    I just bought a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited it did not have the radio in it! I was told by the previous owner that the radio is the "brain" of the whole JGCL. There is some kind of on board PC that can tell you what is up with your Jeep (low tiers, needs oil change, ect)built in to it. Is this true? I bought a used Radio for it and hooked it up and got nothing no light on radio nothing. Radio is a cool thing to have but getting out there to play is more Important. "Oil leak" I read that the area where the oil filter meets the block will warp and cause this in the 5.2 (318) Dodges if true how do I deal with that. Any or all help would be nice thank you.
  • wanda3wanda3 Posts: 2
    hello, I have a 1996 JGCL with the 5.2 V8. I have owned this jeep for 4 months with no problems. The owner before me keep up the maintenance well. Recently, as I pulled into a parking space it died on my, but started right back up. Then I noticed I had what felt like a looping type miss when I sat at idle. We had the idle air control check and was told it was fine. Then about 4 days later it died again and would not start. After a tow to mechanic, he determined it was the crankshaft sensor and it started fine. He also put it back on the scanner tool and said my coil was not putting out much spark and replaced that too. However, I have no other codes and my miss is still there. I dont really notice it when driving, but when I sit at a light it feels like it might died out. My husband says it looks as if previous owner had already done a tuneup, but when I pass somebody, I can see some brownish smoke like It was loading up. When we took out the idle air control it was all black from carbon. Can anyone offer help as we are stumped with no codes from computer. :sick:
  • tamiphiltamiphil Posts: 1
    Hey guess what I have the same rotor problem. I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has chewed up 4 sets of rotors in less than 2 years. Dealer told me it was my driving style!! They want to replace the ones in their currently with a new kit and the want me to pay 543.00 for it. This is a bunch of BS. I have just come to realize that jeep is well aware of this problem and I feel they need to fix this mess. It is a defect. Please let me know what and how you are progressing becasue like you I am not done with this!!
  • kboston1kboston1 Posts: 1
    I have new 2006 JGC Limited 4WD. 600 miles. A “Service 4 W-Drive System” Message keeps on showing up on the dash. First time it popped up I brought it in to be serviced. They could not determine the reason. I was told everything looked fine and that it could have been a short to the circuit due to the cold weather. They reset it and told me to bring it back in if it this message showed up again. Well it has. I’m going to bring it back in however wanted to get some feed back from this forum 1st. Has anyone had this msg pop up on a new model JGC?
  • If you check out you will find the details on the TSB for the warping rotors. A replacement version started showing up on models built around May of 02. I would call the Chrysler customer service number and explain you previous repairs, there isn't a valid reason for the dealership failing to upgrade at the first rotor failure. The new style caliper is silver in appearance vs. the black coloration of the old version, apparently the newer model allows for better heat dissipation.
  • bernr1bernr1 Posts: 8
    I read information about this problem on a different forum. Apparently this is common. I only found one post on this forum in regards to it but it didn't have any helpful information. :confuse:

    I have narrowed it down to the trunk (hatch) lock actuator. It makes an awful grinding noise when it opens and closes. So far I can still lock and unlock the trunk.

    I opened the rear panel and could see the actuator, it is clearly the motor. I would like to replace it but I can't find the part.

    Does anybody know where to get this part? I read it's about $200 from the dealer. I haven't called them to find out.
  • conan4conan4 Posts: 1
    We recently bought a 1996 JGC limited and the tailgate has a seperate lift window. We discovered today that the window in the lift gate is not locking (using either the key or remote). I had to take apart the inside of the tailgate anyway since the lift gate itself was not opening due to the connecting rod was not in its' clip (tie wrapped the bugger in there). The lift window is opened with an electric solenoid of some sort. I assume if it was locked there would be no power to it. Not sure if there is switch somewhere that is bad or where to start fixing this at. For now I disconnected the power to the lift window. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I just bought a 2000 JGCL 4.0 Im new to Jeeps but Im definitely happy. Its fully loaded and Im working on pepping it up a little. I just purchased a Cold air intake and the tornado and installed both. things are going great so far. Just a couple questions on exhaust. I have a hole in my muffler and I want to just replace the whole system. If anyone can help me out on what systems I should go with since Ive looked and found a few different like magnaflow or borla and dont know which to go with. Also with remote starters I dont know where to go to get one if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks to all you Jeep enthusiasts :)
  • hornet2hornet2 Posts: 11
    My 1994 JGC has been pulling to the right for quite a while. I've replaced the tires, track bar, front end bushings, and had the alignment done. The vehicle has never been in an accident but the problem still persists. Is there anything else that might be causing the problem? The brakes aren't sticking, so rule that out. While driving, the steering wheel must be held in the 8 o'clock-2 o'clock position. Is there anything in the back end that could be causing this? How about the steering box or damper? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  • harsjeepharsjeep Posts: 5
    hi, i had recently purchased a 95 gcl and i am having the same problem, and the dealer has told me the same abt the viscous cup,. i was wondering if you ever had the problem solved and what was causing the problem. thanks much . :confuse:
  • joebob2joebob2 Posts: 2
    looking at a 1993 sporty to buy has 278k on the milage...seeking advice on whether motor will last much longer
  • kandel22kandel22 Posts: 2
    Hi. I just leased a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee last August 2005 and in November 2005 it stalled on me as I approached a light. I thought it was me and ignored it until it happened again a few weeks later. This time I was approaching a light as well. I had it towed to the dealer as they said it was "unsafe" to drive. There, they replaced the O2 sensor. Well, in December I noticed a "Service 4WD System" come on and called the dealer where they said if it happened again bring it in, it was probably just a computer "glich". Just last week, it stalled on me again while I was approaching a Stop sign. I brought the Jeep in to my dealer and they could not find anything wrong with it. Any help?
  • Give us some specifics to go on, like what motor is in it and is it two or four wheel drive. I'm assuming you're talking about a Jeep Cherokee Sport and not a Grand Cherokee. - dixiecrawler
  • kandel22kandel22 Posts: 2
    Sorry about that...Yes, it is a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport. 4WD, 8 Cy
  • joebob2joebob2 Posts: 2
    straight six 4wd 2dr cherokee sport 1993
  • wanda3wanda3 Posts: 2
    It turned out to be the cranksaft sensor had gone bad and that was causing mine to stall. It was replaced and has been running fine. I was not getting any codes to tell me it was not working properly and as soon as it was replaced, it started right up. As far as the miss goes, we looked under the hood at night and the "new" wires were sparking everywhere. Now its as good as new. Hope this helps.
  • Several times when my daughter has entered an intersection to turn, she has be unable to turn the steering wheel and there was no responce from the accelerator. The displays stay on and the dealer says that there is not a stall code in the computer. I am very concerned for her safety. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • nhwrenchnhwrench Posts: 1
    ball joints could be too tight from rust.try seperating tie rod and turn spindle from side to side,if one side turns much easier than the other,check your ball joints and front axle universal joints.if no problem found,check what the alignment specs were after the alignment.for a pull problem to the right,caster on the right front should be 1.0to 1.5 more positive than the left front,while camber and toe should be about the same on both sides.good luck.
  • bernr1bernr1 Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 grand cherokee. When I first bought the vehicle the dealership agreed to repair the brakes just after the warranty ended. I have replaced pads about once per year and last year replaced the rotors. In less than a year they started wobbling again. I have read many issues regarding this problem and I agree with everyone else. Jeep chooses to ignore that it is a problem. Also, I did get the same deal about my braking habits.

    I love my Jeep, I love it's body style and performance. Though, with the new body style I can't see myself buying another one.

    I have driven both Dodge Durango's, Mercury Mountaineer and Mitsubishi Endeavor within the last two years. I get out of them realizing just how bad the Jeeps brakes are. My stopping distance is more than double either of these three vehicles. Even with new pads/rotors the stopping distance on the Jeep was long. It only gets worse as I drive on them. I live in the mountains I have to go up and down hills. I try not to break and instead down shift to a lower gear this does not help. The breaks still go bad every year.
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