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Honda Civic Si / SiR 2005 and earlier



  • bobbyknightbobbyknight Posts: 121
    The base RSX is about $1K more than the Si, but the RSX gives you:

    16" wheels
    side airbags
    4 year warranty
    climate control
    more color choices
    9 lb ft of torque

    Plus, the RSX is being discounted. I can get one for less than the Si, although dealers are hinting at a discount(probably $100!). In the Indianaplis area RSX cannot be found. The two Acura dealers have a total of one base RSX 5-speed and about 5 RSX's total. I will probably buy in the Chicago area when I go home because they have plenty of inventory.

    You are probably thinking about the RSX type-S. It lists for 23,400 and offers the leather/6-speed/200hp combo. Very nice car, but they are hard to find.

    The WRX's are really starting to come down in price, if you can find a dealer that has a few. The local dealer here had about 6 WRX's. The dealers in Indianapolis had a total of one, and it was damaged. So I guess it depends on who has them.
  • riopelleriopelle Posts: 132

    Wow, I thought I remembered the base RSX being more than that. Honda really is shooting itself in the foot. Si offers:

    rally shifter.
    balance shafts.
    more rear seat room.
    ummm, ummm...

    Except for the insurance rate, the RSX seems to offer much more bang for buck, although I prefer the sci-fi look of the Si to the handsome but conservative RSX. I suspect I'm in the minority there.

    Although I prefer Honda's reliability to Subaru's, the WRX sounds like it a sound choice. Have fun embarrassing Beemers.
  • bobbyknightbobbyknight Posts: 121
    Its the room issue that kills the RSX for me. I need a bit more utility out of a car. The back seat area was very roomy for the Si, no so for the RSX understandibly.

    Honestly, I could not tell the difference in engines smoothness driving both the RSX and Si. The RSX was a little peppier though.

    Although both cars are built very nicely, the RSX feels like a much more expensive car just sitting in it.
  • riopelleriopelle Posts: 132
    The lack of room in the RSX was one of the things that sent me to the P5, so I understand completely. Also, the access to to the hatch is over a very high lip - awful on the back when loading heavy things. But that Acuta interior - yum.

    I wonder if a honda dealer will give you a deal on a set of 16"s instead of coming down on the price of the Si?
  • asian24sfasian24sf Posts: 3
    Hi Folks, I was wondering if anyone could explain how come the suggested fuel type for Si is regular while RSX calls for premium fuel, if they have the same engine?
  • kroliphkroliph Posts: 75
    Maybe the Honda engine has a knock sensor and the Acura does not? Other than that, I can't think of a good reason for it.
  • scootchscootch Posts: 70
    It may be you're looking at the fuel requirement for the 200 hp RSX which does require premiun. The basic 160 hp version, similar to (but without balance shafts apparently) the Si may only require 87 octane as does the Si.
  • asian24sfasian24sf Posts: 3
    thanks for your inputs, kroliph and scootch. the edmunds 'new car' section states regular fuel for Si but i was reading consumer reports today and it mentioned that Honda recommends premium for Si after all, which'd be consistent with rsx.
  • A dealership by me must have sold the white Si they had parked out front, because it was gone when I drove by this morning.

    There's one owner, at least.

    Has anyone bought one of these or even seen one being driven by an owner?

    I'm going to be buying a new car in a few weeks and can't seem to get the Si out of my head (even though I know it's a bit soft and overpriced). I'll probably stick with a Protege5, but I would love to hear from someone who owns a new Si or has attempted to deal on one.

    As my purchase gets closer, my Hondaphilia seems to be clouding my vision!

  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Friday, May 3, 1:45 PM. A silver Si with the half nose mask, headed east on I-90 between Syracuse and Utica, NY.

    Compared to the silver P5 that was 0.5 mile behind it, it looked pretty goofy. (snicker)
  • kroliphkroliph Posts: 75
    Took a very nice test drive in the Si on Saturday. I like the Hatchback styling. The engine has all the typical Honda goodness. (Although, I do miss that VTEC engagement on the previous model.) I think it has one of the smoothest 5-speeds Honda has ever made. The rally style shifter is great. The seats provide great support. But the handling is a real disappointment. A real oversight by Honda. I can deal with the fact that Honda produces more interesting versions of this car for other markets if they would have made this a fun to drive. My old 1991 Protege was more fun to drive with less HP! The previous version had much better handling and was certainly more interesting to drive. Honda has all the parts right. They just need to button this thing down and make it out-handle all other Civics before it!

    After the test drive, I explained my thoughts to the dealer. He was honest and told me that 4 local Honda dealerships have a total of about 15 of these things for a couple of weeks and have been only able to sell 2!!! I told him it didn't surprise me. The Si is not priced far from the RSX type-S. I told him I would just spend $3000 more and get one of those. Or the WRX, MP-3, SVT Focus, and did you read the new review of the Dodge Neon SRT-4. Now some of you may be thinking how could you compare a Dodge to a Honda. The point I'm trying to make is that there is allot of other choices out there now. Honda needs to do something interesting with the Si to separate themselves from the rest. The Si is too important a product for Honda! Now it is just another car like any other. I'd rather have a fun handling MP-3 than a sloppy Si. Look for a good used Civic Si on Prelude and remember the fun cars Honda used to make for us. HONDA, BRING THE CTR BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!

    I did learn something new though, Honda is bringing an Accord Type R, w/ 6-speed manual. Unfortunately it will probably cost 30,000.
  • Did the dealer you spoke with seem willing to deal on the price of the car, or are they sticking to MSRP (or MSRP+)in your area?

  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    I hate to dash your hopes, but there is no chance that a mere dealer would know in advance what cars are coming. It would a mistake by Honda to reveal so early because it would give the competitors too much of a heads-up.
  • I test drove the Civic Si a couple times during the past two weeks. There were things about the
    car that impressed me, while other things that didn't.

    About the styling. Hatchbacks are by their nature an engineering design challenge. They don't have the natural structural rigidness (compared to coupes and sedans) because the rear of the vehicle doesn't have structure that hold the sides together. This means that the engineers have to come up with different ways to stiffen up the frame.

    While the design does look funky, it is very much a case of form following the need for structural rigidness. I was very impressed with the design in that it does a good job of creating space with a pretty stiff chasis. The car definitely felt more solid than any other Civic, which is saying a lot since it's a hatchback. (Part of this improvement was due to the use of heavier/stiffer high tensile steel, which is the main reason why the car is a 'porker').

    The powertrain is definitely a notch above past Honda drivetrains, or at least those that I have driven. The manual transmission is virtually notchless and effortless to use. While the rally placement of the shifter looks weird, it didn't seem weird after using it a couple if times.

    I have driven the Mazda P5 and must say that the powertrain is not as good. Try this: start the car and leave it in neutral. Check if the wheel or shifter has any vibration. I think that you will find that there is vibration in the P5 powertrain, while there is none in the Si or even a Civic EX. Mazda's are still good cars (I once owned a Mazda) and the great thing about those cars that Honda's never had was excellent steering, which Honda improved in this current Civic generation with the variable rate steering. Still, though, I haven't driven any car that is as good as this Si/RSX powertrain.

    The powertrain is good but the gear ratios are a mystery. The (numerically) highest final drive ratio I have seen for a manual Honda/Acura is about 4.4. The RSX is a little lower and the cheap Civics are even lower. The Si has a ratio of 4.76, which means that you are running 4000RPM at 80 MPH. What is the point of this? This might work if it was the 5th gear in a 6sp transmission, but not a 5spd. This works out to be about 10% higher than the 160HP RSX., which exacts a mileage penalty and perhaps a noise penalty on the highway. Based on my own test drive, I found that the Si was still pretty quiet at 80MPH. I still don't see the why this was setup this way. I expect Honda to offer both good performance and economy. Geeze, a Hyundai Elantra gets better mileage with their 2 liter engine!

    The ergonomics of the interior were not bad, though it takes getting used to the higher cowl of the dash. I think Honda has gone down a notch or two in the quality (or the appearance of quality) in the materials used in the interior, for the Si as well as regular Civics. I think that the '93 del sol had the best quality looking interior materials.

    I did at first get sticker shock when I saw the price. (The dealers in my area are discounting the car, $500 with no effort, $1000 for serious buyers). But, compare the car to a Civic EX which can be bought for about 15,900 vs. say 18,500 for an Si. That's a difference of 2,600, which can probably be made up by expected higher resale value in addition to the upgraded stuff in the car.

    An RSX 5sp cloth can be bought for 19,000-19,500. The RSX is probably a better value due to all the extra stuff for a few bucks more. But, it doesn't have as much room.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I'm curious about the Si, and would at least like to drive it before crossing it off my list, but I can't stand the thought of having to deal with the slimeball salespeople at the Honda stores near me. Thanks for your observations. Perhaps Honda went with the crazy final drive ratio in an effort to get some acceleration out of the car? I can't think of any other reason, since higher revs usually mean poorer fuel economy.
  • kroliphkroliph Posts: 75
    I didn't pressure him on price. He knew I was just there to check on my Odyssey Order. I have sent this guy allot of customers and when something interesting comes out he usually will let me drive it. He described it as a real 'dud' as far as sales were concerned. I think they got spoiled w/ Odyssey and S2000 being pretty much sold before they even hit the lot. From the poor sales report I got, I would have offered him $500 over invoice. I imagine in other areas these things are selling well, but not around me. I have seen some pictures of new Si's on Temple of VTEC web site with 17 inch tires and new springs to lower car and they look great! I was kind of hoping Honda would do that from the Factory and save me the time and more important the money.

    Concerning Accord Type R, I can only tell you what the dealer told me. I would say that most of the time I know more than the dealer about upcoming new designs just based on my own research. But this guy seems to know his product pretty well. Lets hope he is right. The Accord could stand to have some excitement!!
  • Paul-

    Enjoy the Odyssey! My wife has a 2001 and she loves it, despite the minivan stigma. It's a great vehicle.

    And now it looks really sporty, what with it's resemblance to that performance icon, the Civic Si! LOL!

  • kroliphkroliph Posts: 75
    We are actually having some trouble getting an Odyssey. Our delivery date has been set back to July or August. At this point, I'm willing to say wait until September and get a 2003. Might be easier to get into a Pilot this summer. Never thought I would think about owning an SUV. But in reality it is an AWD Odyssey, just looks different. Not sure what we are going to do. My wife is not happy with having to wait so long. We had twins about a year ago and need something w/ more space! Later!
  • if you have to "suffer" with the Pilot!
  • yamahar6yamahar6 Posts: 23
    I drove the Si, and loved the shifter! Thanks, Bobby Knight!

    It was fun pretending i was petta solberg, or Tommi Makkinen, when i would put my R. hand back on the wheel after each shift.

    One thing to consider to those thinking of base RSX vs. Si: resale value. I think that this is important whether you lease or buy.

    Even if you keep your car for 10 years, like i like to do, it's nice to have a few more bucks in your pocket from better resale value.
    My point is that perhaps the Acura name might be worth the inital premium.
  • kroliphkroliph Posts: 75
    TMV for the RSX-Type S is $22,900. That is not much of a leap from $19,400 for the Si. And you would definitely get more performance for the money. If the Si was 17,500 to 18,000, I would say not too bad for money. At $19,400, it is just too close to other fun cars in price range. I sure enjoyed the placement of that fun shifter though!
  • 5port5port Posts: 395

    I would bet you can find Si's going for 17,500 to 18,000 right now (or soon). My local dealer has had two Si's on the lot for 2 months and they have not moved. I'm not saying there bad cars...just asking too much.

    Ex 94 CivicSi owner - new Elantra GT owner
    Are you listening Honda!
  • bluesunlionbluesunlion Posts: 38
    A few weeks ago, I had my 98 Civic EX in for the 90K service. After I dropped it off at service, I walked up to the front of the dealership just to look at what was available. They had one Civic Si on the front patio, and after taking one look, I was so turned off I didn't even want to take it for a drive. The redesigned shape of the headlights and other features, as well as the hatchback, made me think ford focus! Maybe I just don't fit into the market segment any more. I like Hondas, but until the decision makers in Japan start cranking out something stylish and fun, I most likely will not be buying another Honda. This from a former Honda salesperson!
    I do have a question for those that actually drove one. Was the shifter comfortable to use from the seating position? I have fairly long legs and a long torso.
  • waxbeanwaxbean Posts: 2
    People! If you don't like the SI, get another car! The bashing here is a bit out of control. I've test-driven all the hot hatches, including the P5 everyone is in love with; the SI is the best combination of crisp handling, acceleration and (what am I thinking) looks. And you get legendary Honda reliability built in. I know all this is subjective, but I just had to put my two cents in: it's not THAT bad. In fact, I'm getting one; let the bashing begin!
  • please make sure you post your experiences with your new Si here. This board is a ghost town!

    It will be nice to have at least one owner sharing details here!

    Also, tell what you pay and if dealers are "dealing" on the car.

    ( sorry no bashing -- maybe later! ;D )

  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Congrats on your new doorstop!

    What color did you get?
  • bsme1991bsme1991 Posts: 23
    Regarding your RSX -vs- Civic Si cost at resale, you actually get about the same after 5 years. Check out the ownership cost though, Si will save you about $2,350

    Five year ownership cost based on 15,000 mi/year including financing, fuel, maintenance, and repairs. Zip code 97005 area costs:

    Focus SVT $28,164
    RSX 2D 5M $27,069
    Celica GT 2D 5M $25,001
    Civic Si side airbag $24,718
    Accord LX 4D 2.3L 5M $24,557
    Elantra GLS 2L 5M $23,559
    Focus LX 4D 5M $23,496
    Civic EX 4D 5M side air bags $22,402
    Sentra GXE 4D 5M $22,309
    Civic EX 4D 5M $22,261
    Civic LX 4D 5M $20,954

    Something here to convince my wife we can afford a 2002 Civic Si!
  • waxbeanwaxbean Posts: 2
    Oh my God, you're funny! You should hit Vegas?

    Just curious, what do you drive?
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Thanks. I'll comp you when I get there.

    Click on my handle to learn what I drive.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    I drive a silver Si & the build quality was **amazhing**. The shifter was COOL. It was really un-si (or un-Honda) like quiet. There was hardly a egine noise which was a bit uncomfortable to shift (depending on engine noise) I had to look at the tach to shift!

    I am disappointed that it is not priced bit low & doesn't wear more aggrresive shoes (z rated) but it looks like a real contender for mods. I was also concerned with Si being a hatchback. Coupe would have been a much better pacage atleast as far as handling goes. With the current response I guess you can buy one for $500-700 over invoice (atleast in midwest)

    Interestingly I see probles with new hondas is challlenge from used Hondas! :-)

    After driving a used 2001 EX-V6 with 12,000 miles which is available for say 21500 + fees I do not see a reason to buy 2002 EX 4 cyl!!
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