Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • stevekozuskostevekozusko Member Posts: 5
    Autozone use to sell a shield that helped but I don't know if it would work on the Sequoia. It was a piece of tin like material. It would go on the hub before you put on the tire. I had them on my Explorer BUT with the Explorer you can not see the caliper through the rim. It may not look right on the Sequoia.
  • stevekozuskostevekozusko Member Posts: 5
    I've been test driving the 2004 and I smell it too. Since it's in the 4Runner as well as the Sequoia I'm thinking it's something with the heat. I sure would like to know if this smell goes away within the 1000 miles. Please keep us posted.
  • tharmstharms Member Posts: 12
    Oil additives are typically just "snake oil" and I even read an article recently where Slick 50 was forced by a states attorney general's office to modify/tone down the wording on their product's benefits.

    Just stick with a good quality synthetic oil (I personally use amsoil, but some other synth's such as Mobil-1 are good too) and an OEM toyota filter (oil filter selection is probably more critical than oil selection). Don't settle for a lower grade filter.
  • slcamtslcamt Member Posts: 37
    Before you get too excited about Toyota filters you should cut one open and look at the element. It looks similar to a louffa sponge. You would be lucky if it filtered out a small pebble. I would think an Amsoil filter would be a better choice. I personally use NAPA gold filters and Castrol GTX. My Honda has 175,000 on it and the valve terrain is spotless with no engine problems at all.
  • robertbickrobertbick Member Posts: 28
    I saw a toyota filter on display at a toyota dealer cut open and it looked pretty good. What about the check valve they mention. Do all filters have that?
  • stevek80stevek80 Member Posts: 64
    I heard the same thing about the GM OEM filters. Not as good as some of the after markets. I purchased Baldwin filters for my Diesel Suburban. The nuts on the diesel forum did a full study on filters. While their intention was for diesels it was interesting to see the differences in filters. If I can find it I'll post it here..
  • petro33petro33 Member Posts: 192
    Just check out in edmunds message board the maintenance and repair section, there are more discussions on oil filters than you can imagine. I remember where someone bought all the leading brands of filters sliced them open and did a comparison of the contents. I guess the bottom line is if it meets toyotas specifications its OK.
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    Finally the specialist came out and replaced the speed control computer. The receipt says that puppy was like 4300 bucks but covered by warranty. Hopefully i won't jinx myself, but it has been a week and no issues so far. Although i am now noticing the full-on shimmer when driving over 30 mph with the sunroof full open, and a squeeking from somewhere around the passenger door or sunroof, but the lights are gone! I've been very pleased with my service commitment despite the issues. Hope this helps someone else.
  • stevek80stevek80 Member Posts: 64
    What does this do? Reason I ask.. The first time we took out a Sequoia it shifted aroun 4800 rpms!!! Shift was smooth but seemed to be wineing out the motor. With a red line around 6000 I felt this was too high and walked away.. I went back to test out the 4Runner and decided to try the Sequoia again.. This time it was a Limited and shifted around 2K rpm.. more respectable.. Not sure what caused the problem with the first truck and since I don't own it I can't reproduce it.. but it didn't make me feel too comfortable..
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    I doubt the sulfer smell will go away, my 01 sequoia has 73k on it and I always have and still do get that smell whenever I floor the gas.
  • bp3959bp3959 Member Posts: 156
    stevek80, that was definately not the vehicle skid control. What VSC does is throttle the engine and modulate the brakes if you start to slide sideways.
  • doug007doug007 Member Posts: 6
    Two issues that I'd like your learned opinions on: I'm noticing a humming noise coming from the left front that almost sounds/feels like the front differential has not disengaged on my '01 4X4. It doesn't occur all the time, more noticeable when cold. I should just keep my stereo going, as when it's off I notice these odd noises (such as the aforementioned piston slap). Also, I've gone from 15-16 combined mpg to 12.5. Could this also be attributed to colder weather?
  • turnerf1turnerf1 Member Posts: 2
    I posted on #486 an issue we were having with the engine cutting out. Wanted to update that we finally got Toyota to replace the computer and haven't had a problem since. We've put 1200 miles on it and have not had a problem with the engine nor the VSC since we got it back. Actually feeling better about the purchase now.
  • haymakerhokiehaymakerhokie Member Posts: 11
    Yep, VSC handles the skid control, and not the engine shift points. I'm guessing that the vehicle you test drove had another issue with the high RPMs. The SQ should shift normally around 2-3k RPM, and the two are unrelated. Although it could have something to do with the speed computer as well. I would drive 10 more SQs and you'll probably not be able to reproduce the shifting at high RPMs. I'd take it over the new 4runner anyday, even with the shifting problem.
  • jj35jj35 Member Posts: 283
    Have my Sequoia in for 30,000 mile service. The brake pads need replacing and this is not covered under warranty. Also, the rear axle seal is bad and is covered under warranty. This is the second go around on the rear axle seal. Is anyone else familiar with the problem? The dealership does not have the part to fix it until next week, but assures it is safe to drive until then. Previous dealership also attributed loud squeal when making sharp turns to the rear axle seal. Does this make sense?

    They also said that tires are showing excessive wear and I am not sure why this would be. I get regular service usually between 3500 - 4000 miles, and have tires rotated and balanced each time. Is this overkill?

    I had the sulfur smell and still have it, but it happens very infrequently now. I switched to only using highest octane gas about two or three months ago so this may have helped.
  • kcnykcny Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2003 Sequoia and am experiencing the hum/vibration that many of you have talked about. Has anyone other than toyonoise been successful in getting Toyota to replace the front differential? If yes, I'd appreciate getting more information. Also does anyone know if Toyota actually redesigned the front differentials in the later 2003 models?
  • arheaarhea Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sequoia 4x4 Limited I have noticed over the last couple of months when I am driving in wet conditions and the VSC engages it makes a awful noise in the front end of the vechile. It is almost like a grinding noise metal against metal. Is this normal?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Member Posts: 296
    It is the ABS activating. Annoying, but completely normal.
  • raddboyraddboy Member Posts: 3
    The axle seal has been redesigned and is addressed by a TSB. Also, if you haven't had the Sequoia "Big Brake" TSB applied to your vehicle yet, you could have had the pads replaced for free AND gotten the Since you're sitting at near 30,000 miles get it done by 36,000 or it's on your tab.
  • bigfrogbigfrog Member Posts: 27

  • bigfrogbigfrog Member Posts: 27
  • tharmstharms Member Posts: 12
    If the difference is just the number of valves in a V6 vs. V8 toyota engine, then toyota must have added about 12 valves/ cylinder in the Sequoia V8 because its at least 4-times as loud as any other of the Toyota V6's I've owned.... also, the Lexus V8 doesn't tick any more loudly than a V6.
  • bigfrogbigfrog Member Posts: 27
    LOL I agree with you on that it is excessively loud. On the up side at least we know what it is and know it is not harming the engine. You can have the valves adjusted. But most dealers put up a big fight because it is a lot of time and labor for there guys.
  • davidn4davidn4 Member Posts: 1
    I am thinking about buying a new Sequoia, and was wondering if anyone knew whether any major changes were coming in model year 2005?
  • tharmstharms Member Posts: 12
    Haven't seen any pics yet, but have heard they will be redesigning both the tundra & sequoia for '05. Biggest mechanical change will be a choice of 2 (or possibly 3?) different sized V8 engines, as one of the biggest complaints with the tundra & sequoia is sluggishness towing w/ the current 4.7L engine.
  • dana37dana37 Member Posts: 3
    I have had the same problem with the VSC Lights coming on and staying on especially with the colder weather. Has the steering angle sensor solved the problem with the lights staying on? This looks like the fix. I have had it at the dealer three times. The error code in the computer has no faults. Please advise

    Also, has replacing the headliner stop the moonroof squeak? My sound gets worse with the colder weather; however, it takes about 15 minutes with the truck warming up and then the noise goes away. It has something to do with the colder weather.
  • dana37dana37 Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with exhaust smell. I feel adding a chrome tip to the exhaust will extend the exhaust tip which will allow exhaust to flow farther from the truck. In most Domestics, the exhaust pipe is away much farther from the truck. In the Sequoia the exhaust is pipe is under the vehicle. What do you all think?
  • bigfrogbigfrog Member Posts: 27
    Any thing is worth a shot. There is not you can realy do about the smell so putting it further away may help.

    I have replaced a bunch of steering angle sensors on sienna and 4runner for the same problem and I have heard the squeak in the roof is the sunroof rails where thay bolt up. But I have never had either issue on a sequoia my self to diagnos? Mabey thay tightned them up when thay did the head liner.

    Well good luck to both of you
  • jj35jj35 Member Posts: 283
    We were told that the brakes were a wear issue and were not covered under warranty. We have already paid for the pad replacement (around $170). No one at Toyota mentioned the TSB. Should we call Toyota customer service on this to see about gettting our money back?

    About the rear axle seal. We already had it repaired/replaced several months ago under warranty at a different dealership. When we told this new dealership that, they told us that there is an inner and outer seal and that the previous dealer only replaced the outer seal. Does this sound right? I am not trusting this new dealership now that they charged us for the pads. My 30,000 mile service ended up costing over $700 when you add in the brake repairs!
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Member Posts: 249
    The brake TSB is BR005-02 and covers 2001-2002 vehicles with VINs lower than 5TD*T##A#2S136792. The TSB is applicable for Sequoias that exhibit a vibration during braking. Due to the fact that your pads simply wore out would probably NOT have gotten this TSB applied unless you asked for it specifically or mentioned vibration. Don't kick yourself for not knowing about it now, but you might want to have the NEW (wink, wink, nudge) vibration looked at BEFORE your vehicle reaches 36,000 miles. With the larger calipers and pads, you could expect longer life due to the greater surface area.
     The brake seal TSB applies to 2001-2002 Sequoias and replaces part #90310–56001 with part #90310–56002. There is also the need for a new "Special Service Tool(SST)" that is needed to properly install the new "angle face" seal. If it's not used, it could damage the seal and you could be right back where you started. Maybe this is what happened originally or they didn't use the new seal design.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Member Posts: 296
    I'm pretty sure my Sequoia is affected. I have 17,000 w/no vibration so I'm going to soldier on until my brakes start to vibrate, which I estimate will around the time that the pads need replacing.
  • scionaraxbscionaraxb Member Posts: 1
    I've read all the posts about the TSB for older brakes..........did they include that fix into the '04's??
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Member Posts: 249
    Any 2002 Sequoia with VIN higher than 5TD*T##A#2S136792 have the bigger brakes. This would include all 2003 and 2004. The change was made on the assembly line.
  • bmr4bmr4 Member Posts: 6
    I am seriously considering purchasing a new Sequoia AWD or RWD, but am concerned about the long-term Edmunds test report which yielded an average MPG of 12.6. I would like to hear about real-world experiences of city and highway MPG with both all wheel and rear wheel drive powertrains.
  • gvasudevangvasudevan Member Posts: 43
    My sequoia has 72000 miles and the four while drive does not engage properly. THe light flickers and engages only when I take a hard turn. Dealer says change front differential (cost $2400). Do you have any suggestions. I like this truck except for this problem. I appreciate any suggestions you might have.
  • ar15ar15 Member Posts: 58
    I just bought a 2004 SR5 with RWD. So far I have 3500 miles on it. Currently my combined city/hwy gas mileage is 16.5 MPG.

    When I'm on the highway I get almost 18 MPG at 70 MPH with the cruise on. If I jump up to 79 - 80 MPH the fuel mileage dips.

    The gas mileage seems to be slightly improving as my Sequoia get more break-in.

    Other than driving conservatively, keeping tires inflated properly, has anyone found any products to improve the gas mileage on the Sequoia such as K & N filters, cold air induction, new exhaust etc.?
  • tharmstharms Member Posts: 12
    I have a '01 Sequoia 4x4. I avg about 17-18mpg on the hwy (@75mph) and about 14 around town. Towing my boat w/ the overdrive off drops the mileage to the 13-14ish range).... which still isn't bad compared to my buddies Ford Expedition whose gas mileage drops to single digits when he tows his similarly sized boat with no noticable diff in power compared to my Sequoia.

    I've only added the K&N air filter and noticed a small diff in power only when towing (no diff otherwise) and no noticable effect in gas mileage. The other options you mention will incrementally increase horsepower, but I doubt you will notice any diff in gas mileage (1mpg tops). So unless you need the extra 5-10HP, none are worth spending the $.
  • murphdawg71murphdawg71 Member Posts: 1
    Question...why does the transmission/differential make a loud "thud" after I stop at an intersection and begin to let-up on the brake? Also happens sometimes if I release the brake and begin to step on the gas...worrisome at only 8,000 miles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Member Posts: 296
    It's not a problem. Get a grease gun and fill the propeller shaft slip yoke with grease. It's supposed to be done every oil change. When you stop the slack in the drive train gets taken up and causes the thud. If you have enough grese in it you won't feel it.
  • sequoiasoonsequoiasoon Member Posts: 223
    As gkatz answered it. Do a search for "thump" in here also. A couple posts about the same thing. I had it, greased it, fixed it, has not come back. Common issue with the Sequoia's and Tundra's.
  • brianparrisbrianparris Member Posts: 4
    For your VSC problem, check the brake fluid. If it's low enough, hitting a bump can make the system think you are low on brake fluid, but will reset itself when you restart the truck(which would explain no computer codes). Make sure the fluid is right at the max line, not between min and max. Please let me know if this helps you out.
  • brianparrisbrianparris Member Posts: 4
    Here's a wierd one for everyone. When I'm in 4 wheel drive, if the front wheels spin in snow there is a wierd sound kinda like the tires rubbing on something. I've checked and there is nothing for the wheels to rub on and the back wheels don't do it(they just happily spin away). Note that this is with trac and vsc off or on(yes I've figured out how to turn the system completely off).
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Member Posts: 296
    Last I checked there is no real way to completely turn off the traction control. If it is the "grinding" sound then it is the ABS activating.
  • brianparrisbrianparris Member Posts: 4
    You can completely disable trac and vsc by unplugging the fluid level sensor from the brake fluid reservoir. The system will reset itself when you shut off and restart the truck. I know exactly what the trac system sounds like activating and this is not it.

    I'm starting to wonder if the tire has an abnormal wear pattern that causes it to make noise on the slick snow. I'll post after a tire rotation and let you know if it goes away.
  • ebtagmotoebtagmoto Member Posts: 1
    I am wondering if anyone can help me out here. I have an 04 Sequoia Limited with 6000 miles on it. Approx 1500 miles ago the thing started rattling like crazy by the right side of the dash when you get btn 70-80Mph. I have had it in 3 times and it is still there. They had it for a week this last time. They are now telling my that they think it is caused by the bug shield. They think if they take the bug shield off it either gets better or goes away. The rattle is so horrible it sounds like the windshield wiper slapping off the windshield. I took the wipers off and it still does it. Any one have this problem. Specifically any one having this problem with bug shield. I can't imagine I am the only one out there with a bug shield screwing up the aerodynamics of the vehicle. THANKS
  • stevek80stevek80 Member Posts: 64
    Try stuffing a rag between the shield and the hood and go for a ride. See if it changes the noise..
  • teamgomezteamgomez Member Posts: 17
    Just rolled the new 2004 sequoia in for a fresh tank of oil (motorhead habit...) at 500 mi and the dealership sold me pn 90915-yzzd3 filters. 90915-20004 came with the truck and is clearly a superior filter. Any experience out there with these two different p/n's?
  • stevek80stevek80 Member Posts: 64
    I agree with the motorhead habit. What makes the original filter superior? Size?
  • teamgomezteamgomez Member Posts: 17
    Check out this website
    It shows the difference. Dealer says -20004 is discontinued- Heads Up. They're replacing with the pos they sold me and trying to sell me the TRD Japan filter for $30. Not biting- searching for lots of -20004 filters.
  • teamgomezteamgomez Member Posts: 17
    After performing first oil swap, I dropped skid plate so oil wouldn't oooze all over top of pan. I can't believe dealer or speedy lubes drop this pan to access filter. Any tricks out there? I'm thinking the old plastic bag over the filter routine or cutting a gallon container in half to save dropping the pan every time. Thoghts?
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