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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • brando69brando69 Member Posts: 47
    I am surprised that you are having so many problems with your Seq. Since, it is still under warranty, take it back for every problem no matter how minor it is. There's a remote possibility that you might have further problems with your Seq.

    I would also take it back to the dealer and have them inspect it thoroughly especially since it was struck by another car. There may be damage to your Seq. that you can't see or may cause problems later on.
  • rytaryta Member Posts: 8
    Hi folks...bought my 4 x2 this w/end, and very pleased so far...however, I only noticed Monday that it came with Bridgestone/Firestone tyres. Don't laugh..when we were examining the car, there was a hell of a rain San Diego!I forgot to check the tyres, and anyway would never have expected Toyota to use them given all the flack with Ford. Do all Sequoia's come with these tyres, and has anyone been able to have them switched? Thanks.
  • dorene1dorene1 Member Posts: 75
    We did bring our car in to the dealer after our collision, and no systems problems were discovered.

    Thanks for your encouragement to go to the dealer - they actually informed us of our warranty coverage with our back window and wiper - we hadn't thought much about it beyond being dismayed that we were having problems so quickly!
  • dorene1dorene1 Member Posts: 75
    Motor Trend apparently carried an article, "48 Hours in Hell" that mentioned test comments on Sequoia VSC traction system that were negative. I read a correspondence letter that says that an owner who drives in suburabanSt. Louis is having VSC problems where ..."the VSC fails to differentiate between normal road and irregularities and skid conditions...the VSC has retarded the throttle so severly that approaching cars have backed up behind me with horns blaring. Toyota needs to recalibrate the system, install a true shut-off for the VSC, and retrofit the changes to prior models. Anyone else have these problems?
  • devokedevoke Member Posts: 33
    My Sequoia has Michelin tires. They were an upgrade to the original Dunlops. I have not seen any with Bridgestone/Firestone tires in this area. I did read in Car and Driver that if you have a blowout type problem with your tires, regardless of the make, that you should not panic. They estimated the real cause of most of the accidents was the panic and swerving by the driver which aggravated the situation (easier said than done, obviously). Car and Driver says their tests showed doing nothing (actually had the driver hold his hands in the air on the test Explorer) was better than swerving the car.
  • rytaryta Member Posts: 8
    Dealer switched them out yesterday for Dunlops that were on another Sequoia, so everyone is happy.
    I have driven the vehicle for a week now, and my only negative comment is that it seems 'heavy' when I brake coming to traffic lights etc. Haven't had to brake hard, just feels like there is a lot of weight behind me when I apply the brakes.
  • jpierstorffjpierstorff Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 4x2 that came with Bridgestone tires. I HATE THEM and I'm seriously thinking about having them replaced with a good set of Michelin's. When traveling at freeway spds the tires grab the concrete groves (the small ones that run parallel about 2" apart) and make the vehicle feel like it's floating or hitting heavy cross winds. I first thought it was wind but it was not then I thought it was just the section of road I was on but it was not. I tried changing the air pressure a couple lbs +/- but that did not make any difference. Why would Toyota put the cheapest tires they can find on a 40K vehicle?
  • rytaryta Member Posts: 8
    Out of interest, what octane are most of you using? I buy 91, getting 300 miles/tank. Heater does not seem very hot to me, and A/C is noisy..anyone notice that?
  • lesr2lesr2 Member Posts: 1
    Don't know if this has been discussed - but my 1 year old Sequoia (25K miles) has always had a loud static pop periodically explode from the stereo when the car is turned off. The dealer replaced the amplifier last month and it had no impact on the problem. Any others have this happen? BTW - I have always used regular gas (87 octane, and my average fuel economy is now at 18.3 mpg). Best SUV I've ever owned...
  • azchevyzonieazchevyzonie Member Posts: 1
    I am wondering what Sequoia owners get for gas mileage. We rented one for a week and got about 18 miles on the freeway (at about 85 mph) and about 14 mpg in town. What are long term owners expereince?
  • scobiefarmscobiefarm Member Posts: 3
    I just purchased a new Sequoia SR5 and love the feel of the vehicle, but had a chance to put it into 4wd yesterday and noticed that the dash light indicator did show the 4 green lights indicating the 4wd was engaged but that the center orange light blinked for a little while and then went off. Is this normal?
  • mmcgregormmcgregor Member Posts: 33
    It's normal. The light will blink until 4WD is actually active. Sometimes it takes several seconds. Check your manual. I think it says something about decelerating if the light continues to blink. I guess this helps everything sync up or something. There have been other posts on the subject in the past if you want to do some digging.
  • mudgedwardsmudgedwards Member Posts: 2
    We have a couple problems with our 2002 Sequoia. The passenger speaker buzzes like the ground wire is loose. Dealer replaced the speaker and now wants to replace the radio, but the noise goes on and off when accelerating, braking or hitting a bump. Any other suggestions? Also when leaving our dirt road in the morning to the pavement, which is all of 2 or 3 inches higher, we get a loud squeak in the front suspension and sometimes the VSC comes on even if the pavement is dry. Finally it sometimes doesn't start until the third try and sometimes seems sluggish. Any suggestions or similar problems let me know.
  • frabetfrabet Member Posts: 2
    My vehicle is very difficult to steer on highways, especially if there is a little wind present. It feels like the air is getting under the vehicle and that it wants to hydroplane. I'm constantly adjusting the steering. Yesterday the wind blew me into another lane. Seems like the SR5 is too light for it's height.
  • pbhortopbhorto Member Posts: 11

    There have been lots of comments on this site about the alignment settings for the SR5. Do a search and read up on it. Also, I believe there have been some service bulletins about this and you should check with your dealer. Several people have reported improved handling with the alignment adjusted to the new specs.
  • andyb3andyb3 Member Posts: 2
    Love my 01 Sequoia. One major problem is that on long medium or steep grades the whole vehicle starts to shake quite violently on pressing the brakes even lightly.

    I brought up the issue at the recently completed 7,500 service and the service manager insists that I'm riding the brakes and that they heat and warp, basically pushing the issue back onto me. I don't think he gets it! I took his service technician out on a test drive and now he gets it! I have to take the truck back in for them to look at again but they seem clue less

    Anyone experienced any similar problems (with the brakes not the dealer)?
  • veryberryveryberry Member Posts: 1
    I thought there was no better than the Sequoia until at 10,000 I need new brakes and the rotors are warped. The dealer and the district service and parts mgr. only want to provide a one time only "goodwill" fix and replace the pads and machine the rotors. There is a much larger problem here. The brakes should not wear out after 10K, period. Has anyone else has this same experience (with the brakes).

    Toyota - Oh what a feeling!
  • shortlidshortlid Member Posts: 50
    Sequioa Section in Tundra solutions web page!
  • sequoiasoonsequoiasoon Member Posts: 223
    Check your local library. Alldata and Mitchell have on line services that many subscribe to. It's easier to store then the thousands of manuals they use for reference. I went on a Sunday afternoon and got the complete wiring diagram and all the TSB's for my Sequoia in about 20 minutes. Your 2001 has many TSB's out there from Brake Vibration, A/C problems, oil pressure gauge etc. All these would be covered items with the TSB. Some "un-ethical" dealers will not tell customers about the covered repairs and charge you anyway.
  • irenepirenep Member Posts: 1
    I also have had some problems with our brakes. When our Sequoia neared 10K miles, it began to "squeak" at the front brakes; sometimes loud, sometimes not. It became really annoying. We took it into a friend's tire/brake shop and were surprised to learn it needed new pads. Nevertheless, we had them replaced. A few days later, we began to hear the noise again. We finally took it into the dealer and were advised that not only did it need new pads (because the others were not TOYOTA pads) but surprisingly, the rotors were warped;(????)! How can this be on a new car? Nonetheless, we had to have the pads and rotors replaced. Now, the Sequoia is approaching 15k miles and again, we are starting to hear a similar noise at the front brakes. I love the car a lot and wouldn't trade it for any other. It meets all of our needs, however, I foresee the brake problem being a costly one. Does anyone know a remedy other than having to replace the pads and rotors every 6-7 months?
  • pcomusapcomusa Member Posts: 5
    If the rotors and pads only last for 10k, I think Toyota should do something to fix the problem.

    Is this normal for the full size SUV?

    SR5 4x2
  • pcomusapcomusa Member Posts: 5
    I got a new Sequoia Remote from e:Bay. The dealer charges $85 to program it. Does anybody knows how to reprogram this remote?

    SR5 4x2
  • repo4salerepo4sale Member Posts: 5
    HI, I'm a Mercedes Diesel "LOVER" and I have to go to a 4x4. Drive all over, 5k per month doing real estate repos. 10-15% on dirt roads and a big "S" class Mercedes Diesel is not the best for dirt roads. Got stuck in the dirt for 6 hours on Super Bowl Sunday once and was it funny. Had to exit out the "window". Tried to trade for a dirt bike & guy said no. Had to walk 4 miles in cowboy boots to get a "tractor" 2 pull me out. Due to the problems I see here and on the Mercedes "suv" board, I'll probably go to the Infiniti Qx4. Thanks everyone! Much Aloha 4 your help! Yours truly, [email protected] aka Repo Dr
  • cgreene2cgreene2 Member Posts: 1
    Had my first test drive in a Sequoia Ltd. yesterday. Impressive. Hard to fault the fit/finish, smooth engine, quiet ride. But I experienced the same "heavy" feeling others have mentioned on this list when applying the brakes. Now, after reading through the postings I also see many complaints about premature failure of the brakes and rotors, and this is causing me some concern. Does anyone know if this is an acknowledged problem by Toyota? Is there anything I should consider, ie: would an extended warranty cover such an item as brakes, and is the expense justified?
  • evenstillevenstill Member Posts: 1
  • mmz5944mmz5944 Member Posts: 5
    Thank all of you for the information on this site about the brakes on the Seq. I had a test ride set up for today and will promptly cancel. I had a GM vehicle a few years ago and went to court with them over the brakes. (pads and rotors every 6 months) They basically told me that there was so much weight and not large enough brakes. (Its cheaper to build that way.) Very unusual for a rear wheel drive vehicle. I sold that GM vehicle and swore never to get into that situation again. I especially hated the pulsation in the steering wheel when braking. I currently have a 01 Nissan Pathfinder and have had not one problem. I just wish it was a little bigger. (I am 6'4") I will keep looking now rather than make a huge mistake. My advice to anyone with braking issues is not to let it go!!! They want you out of warranty and out of the shop. That way it is your problem. The one post where the Service Manager told him to stop riding the brakes was unbelievable. I would suggest letters, calls, etc. to their customer relations. It also helps to threaten to sue on the basis of a safety issue. A 2001 OR 2002 VEHICLE SHOULD NOT EVER NEED BRAKES AT 10K MILES!!You guys spent way too much $$ for your vehicles. Best of luck and thanks for your posts.
  • 2001seqowner2001seqowner Member Posts: 6
    Like some of you folks, I too, have similar problems with my Seq. Here's a list:

    1) Bad stinky sulfur smell when accelerating under load. Gas brand helps a little, but it's still there even after 21000 miles. How come none of my other toyotas emit this bad of a smell?

    2) Too much play in the automatic transmission. The car will make a noticeable clunk sound from the tranny when releasing and pressing on the gas pettal at around 30mph. The dealership said that this was normal? Very annoying for a $43K car! What do you guys think?

    3) The driver side of the dash board makes a very annoying and urking creeking sound when driving on bumpy highways or roads. This happens every now and then. Tighten up the bezel doesn't help. Is this just a loose dash? Have anyone of you experience such? and what did you do to fix it?

    4) Recently, there were some creeking noise, either from the chassis suspension or the brakes. It went away by itself after two days. It's either a bad brake caliper, or the suspension needs to be lubricated somewhere.

    Other than these four items, the car has been GREAT to own. It rides exceptionally solid and handles very well. AND best of all I don't have that ticking noise coming from the engine like some of you guys/gals...
  • 2heeldrive2heeldrive Member Posts: 87
    Has yet to be built. The Sequoia is an excellent vehicle. Don't listen to the picky posts here -- decide for yourself. The posters here are proof positive that SUV's are a fad -- they should be driving a car. A 5600 pound truck will not stop or handle like a 3000 pound pasenger car. If you drive it like one, brakes will wear out. If you have a sports car and drive it like one, brakes will wear out. BMW's are notorious for 7500 to 15,000 mile brake jobs, for example. If you roll the windows down and drive, you will hear wind noise, if it bothers you, roll up the windows and turn on the excellent A/C, duh! I have owned many SUV's over the years -- I tow, haul, and use it like a truck. It is the most comfortable, quietest, most responsive, best handling and fun SUV I have even owned. The brakes, by the way, are excellent -- very responsive and easy to modulate. It's not perfect but it's really good at the things that matter and it is the first zero defect vehicle I have ever owned -- not a single problem.
  • ibmindlessibmindless Member Posts: 62
    Gee, great advice 2heels. Here's another picky tale to ignore:

    At 3750 miles, I could feel a slight pulsation in the brakes (2002 Seq SR5) that indicated warped rotors to me. At 5K miles, I took it in. They replaced ALL ROTORS & PADS. No comments, no discussion. In & out in 5 hours.
  • sterlir1sterlir1 Member Posts: 3
    True or not, your post finally convinced my wife and I that a Sequoia just wasn't worthy of the price premium over the '03 Expy. AND we got the 5.4, so I can tow my empty utility trailer with ease. I've heard horror stories on Expy and Navi pages, too, but one drive convinced me that Ford had done their homework. They couldn't afford NOT to, IMO...
  • jimb22jimb22 Member Posts: 17
    I agree with 2heeldrive. I have a 2001 LTD with 15000 miles. I just had my 15000 mile maintenance and every thing including the brakes were fine. I do not have the problems stated on this board. For every 1 complaint I'm sure there are thousands of other owners who are not experiencing these problem. Most of these people do not post on this board. I would not base my decision to purchase a vehicle base on a few complaints. There are other ways to determine the quality of a SUV compared to similar vehicles on the market.
  • cchandocchando Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me why the sulfur-like stinking smell keeps coming back during fast acceleration? I brought it back to the dealership for the fourth times unfortunately they did not duplicate the problem. I was told to select a different gasoline grade from e.g. a premium to just a regular but still that does not resolve the sulfur smell.
  • mcmattmcmatt Member Posts: 80
    It is the catalytic converter and other parts of the exhaust. They know that. Look around on the internet at the major car discussion sites. It is mentioned everywhere. It was a problem for some since day one.
  • jrobinson5jrobinson5 Member Posts: 2
    My problem began when the parking brake did not work and it failed inspection in Va. at about 30,000 miles on 2001 LTD. Turned out rear axle seal was leaking,fouling parking brake. Some parts called "backplates" were chewed up and need to be replaced. Those do not seem to exist. The first time they put the car back together with the original chewed up parts. Right now it is out of service-original service manager is no longer there so it looks like I am training a new one. Any similar problems out there????
  • sales3sales3 Member Posts: 1
    I have had to have my brakes replaced now every 9,000-10,0000 miles which is terrible!!! I have had my rotors replaced and rear brakes all before 30,000. Also if you have the rear windows down the noise is awful!!! I feel very safe in the car and enjoy driving it but the brake issue is very disturbing to me. Also went thru a set of tires at 10,000 miles. I understand Suburbans had this same problem but now they warrant there brakes for 30,000.
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Member Posts: 249
    Let's see...brakes replaced every 9-10K miles. You're doing something wrong. Noise is aweful with the rear windows down....Yep, almost ALL vehicles do that and it's a simple lesson in physics and accoustics.'ve gone through a set of tires in 10K miles?!?!?!? See response #1.
  • physiochemphysiochem Member Posts: 22
    Let me say thanks in advance for any advice that any of you guys might have concerning this matter. I own a 2002 Sequoia Limited 4X4. The other morning, after idling about 5 minutes, I noticed that I had no oil pressure. In fact, the gauge needle was at the "rest" position as if the engine was not in operation. After a few moments, it returned to a normal reading. I immediately called the service department and they informed me to bring in the truck. During the drive over, the gauge reading varied from rest to high and eventually returned to normal, where it stayed until I arrived at the dealership. As you might imagine, the gauge did fine while the technician was trying to diagnose the problem. He checked the oil pressure directly, the sending system and the gauge itself and all were fine. Of course, as I was leaving the dealership, the problem returned. This time, however, the technician was able to witness the gauge reading. The final decision was that the gauge or sending system must be bad and should be replaced. (Although, he tested the gauge earlier and said that they were fine!) He suggested that I could continue to drive the truck as normal until the part arrived. (I did get this in writing just in case!) This problem started shortly after my 15,000 mile service and never happened before. It seems to happen at idle, at speed, A/C on or off - basically, anytime. I am concerned that the oil pressure is indeed falling below normal intermittently and was not detected by the test done at the dealership. I do not want to do any long term damage to my engine, of course, and I want to act quickly if, indeed, I have a lemon on my hands. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • physiochemphysiochem Member Posts: 22
    Will the standard tire (275/70/16) that comes on the Land Cruiser fit on the standard rim (265/70/16) that comes on the 2002 Sequoia LTD 4X4 ? Thanks.
  • tn23tn23 Member Posts: 3
    physiochem! Don't want your wheels? I will purchase them. Have 02 SR5 and like the limited wheels better! Fixing to take family vacation and curious how the family "truckster" will handle the journey?
  • physiochemphysiochem Member Posts: 22
    I am considering replacing my tires with Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires. I am wondering if anyone out there has any experience with these particular tires or Michelin in general? I own a Sequoia and I am most interested in a smooth, quite ride. Thanks in advance.
  • mulligan2mulligan2 Member Posts: 59
    I just had my 15k service at about 16k actual mileage on my 2001. My front pads have 30% left and the rear 40%. If the front pads make it until 20-25k, they will be better than my old BMW (15-20k) but not as good as my old Honda or my former SUV which was an Expedition (30-40k). However, the Seq is superior to the Expy in every other way. I am more concerned about the front tires (now rotated to the rear) because they have worn on the outside edge. I have the Dunlops by the way. Could that be poor alignment?
  • physiochemphysiochem Member Posts: 22
    Thanks to everyone for the great "tire advice." I was wondering if anyone could recommend a reputable place to have my tires installed. This may sound like a strange question but I have had my share of bad installs before. Thanks again in advance for any suggestions.
  • 19tb4619tb46 Member Posts: 5
    I am writing this to vent some frustration and to warn others of a potential problem with the AC system. On 6/10, my AC failed. I took my 2001 Sequoia in to the dealer. He said the compressor system failed. After a couple weeks of badgering them, they finally got the parts to fix it. Unfortunately, what ever they tried did not work and they ordered more parts. It has been 90+ outside and I still do not have my AC. I also wrote Toyota National and they were very polite and so was the dealer. They offered to let me use a car until my SUV was fixed. Well I bought a SUV and not a car and for the money I spent one would think the AC would last longer than 5500 miles.
    My concern is that Toyota may have a real defect on their hands and they don't want to admit it. Why else would it take such a long time to get parts and then fix it. Any insight anyone can give, I would appreciate it.
  • ibmindlessibmindless Member Posts: 62
    The AC on my 2002 Seq failed at approx. 7500 miles. They replaced 1) the AC control panel on the dash; 2)the compressor (was on back order); 3)the evacuator. They reported that some metal filings had been blocking the system, and the new evacuator finally resolved the problem.
  • bdkellerbdkeller Member Posts: 3
    I've been following the thread regarding the rotors on our trucks warping (I've experienced this problem too, but not nearly as severly as some others. I have 36,000 miles on a 2001 and have had the front brakes replaced once so far).

    That said, however, I started looking around the web for Sequioa brake upgrades and found:

    These folks seemed knowledgeable and said they were fulfilling a demand initially from Tundra owners who had problems with rotors warping and that they now had quite a few Sequoia customers.

    I ordered a set of their drilled/slotted rotors and ceramic pads and will report back on how they work out in a couple of weeks.

    Anyone else have experience with these?


  • 19tb4619tb46 Member Posts: 5
    ibmindless Jul 16, 2002 7:17pm

    Thank you for your help and information. I am learning that any time Toyota brings out a new line they do not have enough spare parts to cover defects. At least they gave me a loaner vehicle but it does not replace my own. By the way, the dealership has been very helpful in this. The burden on this one is on Toyota National.
  • raymurraymur Member Posts: 29
    I have a 2001 Sequoia SR5 with 22,000 miles on it.Problems have slowly been creeping up on it but for the most part ignorable. Now I have a real problem. I have the dreaded Air Conditioner Problem. Took the vehicle in to the dealer for an oil change and mentioned that the air conditioner vibrated when it was on. When I went to pick the vehicle up I was told that they had disconnected the compressor and that lots of parts were ordered, compressor,lines,etc. I asked what the problem was and was told that Toyota is experiencing problems with the compressors on the Sequoias and that the last vehicle that they had come in with this problem was not caught in time which resulted in the entire air conditioning system being replaced. I was told by the service manager that the vehicle was out of service for 3 months while they waited for all the parts.I was then told that the parts needed for my repair are backordered, I was not a happy camper at this point and expressed this to the service manager who tried to reassure me by telling me that is his 25 years in Toyota Service he's never experienced a problem like this. I was not reasurred and am very unhappy with 90+ days and no air conditioning in my $38,000 "reliable Toyota". I see from other posts that this is a problem that Toyota wants to cover up. I also have the smelly exhaust, uncomfortable seats,brake light problems and am not at all happy with the quality of materials used in the interior. When I get this problem corrected I will decide if I want to live with the questionable reliability of this vehicle.
  • ibmindlessibmindless Member Posts: 62
    19tb46 & raymur:
    I am also very disappointed with the Toyaota quality & reliability. I went for the Seq rather than a US product primarily due to quality & reliability concerns. Thus far (8500 miles), I have gone without the Seq for 35-40 days since purchasing the vehicle last Sept. --- Oh, what a feeling.
  • 19tb4619tb46 Member Posts: 5
    Well, I am glad I am not alone in my pain but sad that big "T" will not admit they have issues. I will give my Seq. another chance but I question if I will ever truly trust the "T" again.

    As I mentioned in my other post, the dealer did give me a brand new Highlander to use until mine gets fixed. For a smaller vehicle this is a real solid SUV. I think it would be great for my wife as she does not really like to drive the Seq. For now I will keep her in her Chrysler. At least with that company they have the parts and take care of the problem within a reasonable time.

    Finally, if you are having problems, I would strongly suggest you go to the Toyota National home page and register a complaint. By the way, my problem was not caught in time and I hope I am not out of service for 3 months. However, my is in a storage garage and I am putting free miles on a new Highlander. Good luck to both of you.
  • petro33petro33 Member Posts: 192
    I have 30K on my '01 limited and have had NO issues. BUT, I had the front brakes changed at 25K. I thought that was a little early but we do a lot of city driving, plus I tow a trailer. BDKELLER I am interested in the brakes you are getting. I looked at the site and they talk about being coated with some type of material. What happens when you grind them down at pad replacement? Can you use Toyota pads instead of theirs and still get good results? I am always looking for ways to improve as I do come down some steep hills with my 5,000 lb travel trailer.
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