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    We also have a 2003 Sequoia 4WD Limited, purchased in October of 2002. It definitely has the hum, you can feel it in your feet, it feels like the 4WD is still engaged even when it is not. I'm wondering if it was indemic in just the first run of 2003 models, and when a change was made. This would help me convince our dealer to make the effort to make the change. Thanks, Steve and Rebecca
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    Go to a hot rod muffler shop. ALL exhaust work is very difficult do-it yourself work but not very expensive to purchase. If it leaks or bangs against the underside, it will not seen like such a bargain. Be advised that any freeing-up of an exhaust system will increase noise (good or bad depending on age, marital status, etc.).
  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    Steve and Rebecca I sent my vin # to the folks that sent me an e-mail address but don't want to put it on this message. I don't specifically know when this problem started but my suspicion is with the early 2003's made. The newer ones have the new front differential as I have been told by Toyota. It definitely took care of the awful vibration and noise when they replaced mine. Steve
  • b1rd0gb1rd0g Member Posts: 11
    Thx Toyonoise for your help!!

    I've got a 2001 LTD...had the vibration since I took delivery. Most noticeable in cold weather (<30 degrees overnight). I'm working on a resolution with Toyota now. I hope to have this resolved soon.
  • moose29moose29 Member Posts: 2

    Just wanted to let you know that I have this same problem with the front diff. on my 2002 SR5 Sequoia. Purchased in Aug.2002 I dont think that this problem is only limited to the 2003 models. The noise in mine also stops when 4 wheel drive is engaged or when the fluid warms up.
  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    Moose29 that is interesting. And you are right in 4WD it stops or after about 5-10 minutes of driving. With the new front differential I don't have it anymore. Sounds like Toyota may have many of these out there if it goes back to 2002. Are you going to see about getting your's replaced?
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    I have not checked the boards in a while but I was blown away at the amount of volume on these subjects. I have an 03 sr5 and havce all of the same complaints. The VSC light goes on during initial drive when it is cold out (34 or less). I do hear the hum and feel the vib in the driver floorboard at 40 mph +/-, although it is not unbearable (probably because I always seem to have the music up loud). The easily scratch plastic is my #1 complaint. I have resorted to placing a towel on the consol armrest to keep from scratching it more. UNACCEPTABLE for 43K! SHAME ON YOU TOYOTA!!!
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    To all with the (bad) hum/vibration problem.

    Toyota told my service manager that if I had the problem Toyonoise had it would be a loud sound and that it wouldn't be a hum. Well I am a bad person for using the wrong descriptive in my inital complaint. The bottom line is I bought this truck for Toyota Quality Control.

    I told the dealer that the vibration and "sound" is prevelant at 35-45 and 60-70 mph and has more to do with colder weather.

    He is arranging a meeting with Toyota to discuss this matter. The same Toyota Rep who drove my car 4 miles in on a busy street where you know you will get moving along at a turtles pace.

    My vehicle will be in for check #2, with only one more to go. I hope Toyota will either truly explain why my Sequoia has this vrbration and sound at certain intervals, why it is doing this on cold days, and admit what has been proven so far. There is a problem. Its going to be in 70's next week.
  • martentsmartents Member Posts: 3
    ok so i got it too. Same noise. I was just going to live with it until I found you guys. my dealer at 1,500 mile check up says they don't hear it.I too left it over night so it would be cold and auidable.I have a 2003 Limited since november. can anyone tell me if this noise is damaging if left un resolved? don't know much about this message posting, I am new at this. Thanks.
  • seqannoy1seqannoy1 Member Posts: 2
    I met a Toyota rep today about the drive train noise. They stated there is no fix at this time. The replacement of the differential maybe at best a 50/50 fix. They do not call this a problem however there has been enough communication that they have engineers working on this to get a fix. The few that had their differentials replaced, is the vibration/ hum still gone? They claim no modification was made to anything at this time. Please respond if you have evidence they did do some modification.
  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    Yes, I had my front differential replaced over a month ago and my noise has been gone since. Please review the last posts as you will find a great deal of info. There is a problem with the differential and that is why the newer Sequoia's have the new design. They say it won't cause any permanent damage doing nothing, however, they don't really know that for sure. Who would want to pay that kind of money for a vehicle and accept that vibration and noise. Demand to have it fixed and don't accept anything else as a consumer.
  • tomjulznktomjulznk Member Posts: 1
    I have a '03 SR5 that had a rattle in the sunroof from day one, took two trips for the dealer to figure out there was a service bullitin that required removal of the headliner for a fix. My sequoia also has the intermittent grinding during the first 20' of driving from the front diff., still working on that one with the dealer. Today after backing down a steep off-road hill to allow another to pass a terrible squeal from the front brakes developed with forward driving, sounded like metal on metal (vehicle only has 5K miles). After reversing several times and jamming on the brakes the sound resolved. Not very impressive for 44K vehicle, should have bought a dodge, at least I would expect it to fall apart after 5k.
  • deviyiyadeviyiya Member Posts: 25
    Planning to buy Sequoia '03. Does any one have good deals from a Houston Toyota dealer lately? If so how much did you pay for the SR5. I know it depends on options selected but ball park number will do.
  • slcamtslcamt Member Posts: 37
    So you think the band-aid suction tube fixed your self destructing A/C compressor. Think again. My Sequoia had the new suction tube from the factory and the compressor seized anyway. The new fix is an upgraded compressor and a new suction tube. Once the compressor seizes the debris clogs the other components in the system and requires their replacement also. If this happens out of warranty your bill would easily hit $2000.00. This is bringing me back to my GM days. The only difference is Toyota seems to be fixing it right and they seem like they care. One more problem and I will have to rethink that premium I have paid.
    I also had the squeaky sunroof. The SB fixed it. They said it requires removing the headliner replacing some hinge hardware and installing a rub strip. I will update after the repairs are completed.
  • arcticmanarcticman Member Posts: 26
    If Toyota is upgrading the compressors I would think this would warrant a TSB? Also what month and year was yours built?
  • slcamtslcamt Member Posts: 37
    It was built June 2002. I will try to get a TSB number when I Pick the truck up. I would think as the weather gets warmer more compressors will fail.
  • hmobrienhmobrien Member Posts: 1
    My '03 Seqouia occassionally makes a grinding noise when starting that seems related to the starter. The engine starts up alright but it seems like something is 'catching'. It does this maybe once out of every 5 or 6 starts and it seems to be related to after it has been sitting for a long time. Is this normal or does anyone else notice that same thing?

  • snsnsnsn Member Posts: 56
    When I started my SR5 last night, it ran very rough (almost sounded like it was going to die on me), the car shook, smoke came from the exhaust and my husband said it was making a lot of noise (missing and squealing). There was a strong gas smell. My father-in-law took it to the dealer for me today; and, of course, they couldn't find anything wrong. Service tech said they did a full computer diagnostic test and everything came out fine. My father-in-law said it drove "beautifully" when he took it to the dealer. Has anyone else experienced this? Mileage on my vehicle is at 33,500. I have had it serviced at the dealership from day one.

    Also, the lowest quote I've received on an extended Toyota platinum warranty (6 year/80,000 miles) with zero deductible is $1105. Does this sound reasonable? Another dealer quoted $1255. Another didn't offer the Toyota warranty but one from the Southeast distributor that was no where near these amounts (way overpriced).
  • kw6kw6 Member Posts: 26
    Before that happened to your 2001, did you back it out of the garage or drive it for a short distance? My Sienna does that when it's backed out of the garage and driven back in. The next time it runs really rough and I just punch the gas to get rid of the smoke. Everything's ok then.
  • snsnsnsn Member Posts: 56
    I was actually moving my Sequoia up in the line of cars we have in the driveway. The service tech thought that a piece of carbon may have clogged it a bit and then worked its way through.
  • mdsequoiamdsequoia Member Posts: 22
    you should be able to get a 6yr/100k warranty for that price. But stay away form the non toyota warranties, you will appreciate it later.
  • chineechinee Member Posts: 50
    Lately I've been backing the Seq out the garage so my 4 yr old can play there rather than outside. It's parked on the inclined driveway, and twice now, when I've started it and moved it back in, there's been a HEAVY gas smell.

    I've chalked it up to the incline parking letting gas trickle to an area it shouldn't be in... or something like that. I hope I'm right.
  • chineechinee Member Posts: 50
    I don't necessarily agree to stay away from non-Toyota waranties; the credit union at which I work, offers a waranty that costs less than most I've seen, yet offers very broad coverage and protection. I've known many customers and coworkers who've had very successful experiences with this company, and have yet to hear a complaint.

    Pricing differs depending on the region you're in, but for a 2001 SR5, 2WD, w/33K, I picked these two quotes out: 5yr/80K miles, $973.00 and 5yrs/100K for $1,074. I'm in Florida.

    I've also heard that State Farm is quite competitive and offers very comprehensive coverage as well.

    So check out your credit union or insurance company, you might be better off there. BTW Toyota does not sell warranties themselves, but authorizes companies to offer the product on their behalf, they get a percentage of whatever the member pays.
  • snsnsnsn Member Posts: 56
    Thanks for the info. I will check with my credit union and insurance agent. My husband just bought a convertible and the salesman also mentioned credit unions being competitive on extended warranties as well.
  • leapplaysleapplays Member Posts: 1
    Are the problems with humming and clicking happening to both years. I am loooking at a new 2003 or a new 2002 from a dealer. Which should I go with, and are there other model changes that the 2003 has that the 2002 doesn't. Thanks

    [email protected]
  • slcamtslcamt Member Posts: 37
    My dealer is telling me that the upgraded a/c compressor has been installed on the 2003. That would be worth it to me. I have been waiting over 3 weeks for parts to get my a/c fixed. Hopefully I will hear something next week.
  • toyotrucktoyotruck Member Posts: 1
    Our compressor is dead on our 2001 Sequoia. Is anyone else having the same problem? I know there is a TSB on it, but am curious about how many compressors are going out.
  • jfd3rdjfd3rd Member Posts: 6
    I had a surprise over the weekend with my Sequoia Limited 4X4 when having new tires installed (Had enough of the cheapy Bridgestones). One of the four rims removed from the car was coated on the inside with what appeared to be a mix of dirt, brake dust and grease, while the other three were mildly dirty.

    After further inspection I found that the right rear brake's backing plate was also wet and had small pieces of debris (pebbles an the like) stuck to the plate. Ran the car over to the Toyota dealer and was told that the car was unsafe to drive until the leaky axle seal is repaired confirming the axle seal problem.

    My Toyota - I love it but the surprises are coming quicker then with my older Toyotas.

    Anybody else had leaking axle seals?

  • xman1035xman1035 Member Posts: 52
    I have a 2002 Sequoia 4x4 with about 6000 miles on it and have noticed that at times the vehicle will shudder/vibrate as I slow to a stop. It has happened about 10 times now and I'll be taking it in for a checkup.

    I am wondering if the brakes are the problem to shudder/vibration and read somewhere on this site that there was a TSB brake upgrade for Sequoias that were in the a certain vin# range.

    Anyone experience a similar problem?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Member Posts: 296
    Yes, there is a TSB for pulsating brakes. If yours is affected then Toytota will replace them. Go to your dealer.
  • xman1035xman1035 Member Posts: 52
    I have noticed that the interior plastic used in the Sequoia and the Tundra scratches easily. I saw the post where my seat belt is attached to has small nicks and scratches from the metal buckle that hits it when I take off my seat belt.
    I have had several cars and drive a police cruiser and have never seen this before. I am very disappointed that Toyota would use an interior plastic that scratches so easily under normal conditions.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Member Posts: 296
    I've noticed this too. It does marr easily. While the interceptor doesn't scratch easily, the interior just falls apart. Up until last year half of the door panels in our fleet were hanging off. Then Ford decided it might be a good idea to add another screw.
  • arcticmanarcticman Member Posts: 26
    slcamt- did you get your a/c repaired? If so, what is the TSB for the upgraded compressor?

    jfd3rd- Had the left rear seal on my 02 fail around 12K miles. Tech said a spring that holds the seal in place was omitted during assembly. Wasn't the first one he had seen either.
  • slcamtslcamt Member Posts: 37
    I did get the a/c fixed. They did a good job. They replaced about every component in the system. My wife had to pick up the truck, since I was out of town, so I didn't get the tsb. I think all the conpressors made now are the upgraded version. A little advice though. Toyota dealers like to wash your car when they are done working on it. Don't let them. They have $5 an hour lot lizzard that has no bussiness touching a $40k+ vehicle, with a dirty sponge, waiting to wash away. It will be scratched when they are done. Good luck this summer run the a/c often.
  • igjrigjr Member Posts: 1
    We own a 2002 Sequoia SR5. I have recently taken a few LONG trips and have noticed that while driving down the highway, especially in windy locations, my vehicle sways excessively to the point where I must tightly hold the steering wheel to maintain control of the vehicle. I have taken it into the dealership for replacement of oil sending unit, oil gauge, a/c compressor replacement (fine now) and also this swaying problem. The dealer has replaced the oil sending unit & gauge, and we continue to have problems with the oil pressure markings. A trip to the dealer to rectify the oil gauge matter is planned for this Tues. However, on the matter of the swaying of the vehicle while driving, there has been no reason for it according to the dealership. They checked the alignment and balanced & rotated the tires & the swaying continues. Has anyone else expericened these problems? Any suggestions on what could be done? Thanks!
  • freddieenginefreddieengine Member Posts: 5
    I posted this on another board, but I do believe this is a more appropriate board:

    I hear 2 clicking noises from the center of the dashboard after startup and upon acceleration; first at about 25 mph and the second at about 30-32 mph. Doesn't happen again until I turn off the engine and turn on again. Dealer says its the ABS and it's normal.

    Has anyone experienced this? It is annoying if nothing else.

    Also, what about breaks? It feels like mine "stick" momentarily when I take my foot off the pedal - sometimes, not every time? Dealer says there's no problem, but....
    Thanks for any input.
  • kw6kw6 Member Posts: 26
    My 2003 does it too. It's usually at about 25-35 mph. I was going to ask the dealer when I get the first oil change.
  • lorainemax2lorainemax2 Member Posts: 35
    It is the self test for the traction control. It is normal. Both my '01 and my '03 do it.
  • david_turnerdavid_turner Member Posts: 5
    I did my first do-it-youself oil change and noticed my oil pressure dropping at times to zero. I replaced my Bosch Permeum Oil filter with the orginal Toyota Oil filter made by Denso. This seemed to fix the problem. Oil pressue is about 1/4 on idle and low rpm crusing and 1/2 to 3/4 for accleration and higher RPM's.

    Has anyone else seen a problem using non Toyota Oil filters?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Member Posts: 296
    I've heard of probs with the gauge sending unit. That's probably what it is, I doubt the oil filter would do this unless it had a hole in it.
    :-) Let your dealer take a look.
  • david_turnerdavid_turner Member Posts: 5
    I took it to the dealer and they determined it was the oil pressure gauge. They said they have a tech service bulletin for this issue and have ordered a new one.
  • heymackheymack Member Posts: 3
    igir, is this your first SUV? If so, swaying is what SUV's do best in windy conditions. It's just part of the deal.
  • jj35jj35 Member Posts: 283
    I took my Sequoia in for 20k mile service two days ago and asked the service manager to look into a squealing noise that I hear when I make sharp turns. They said that the noise was from a leak in the rear axle seal and they repaired this yesterday under warranty. I did not really understand how this contributed to the squealing noise, which really sounds like it is coming from the front rather than the rear. Today, making a sharp turn in a parking garage, I noticed that the squeal is still there. Has anyone had this squeal? Does anyone know if this is related to the rear axle seal problem?

    I have really enjoyed my Sequoia, but I also have been disappointed in how easily the interior scratches. I am also a little worried about the AC because the blower seems to almost cut off at times for no reason. Of course, I can't get it to duplicate the problem while at the dealership, so they have been unable to address it. In their favor, they offered to keep it for a day and give me a loaner while they look into it, but I haven't done it yet. After reading about the AC problems here, I may take them up on it before I get out of warranty.
  • xman1035xman1035 Member Posts: 52
    I took my 2002 4x4 Sequoia in and had the brake upgrade installed under warranty and it appears that it has solved the shudder/vibration problem I had when I slowed to a stop.
    The Crown Toyota serviceman was very helpful and he was aware of the brake vibration problem. It was a good feeling to get it fixed under warranty.
  • truetifosotruetifoso Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Toyota Sequoia and have experienced significant problems with the air conditioning system. For the majority of the time that I've had the vehicle, the ac spews out a rank and putrid smell not unlike moldy laundry. I learned from someone at the Toyota HQ that Toyota is aware of this problem and refers to it as a "engineering short fall". Also, Toyota was "quietly buying back" this vehicle from disgruntled owners. From what I understand, this buy back period is over. So, owners who suffer from this issue are out of luck.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Toyota tells me to only run the ac on fresh air, which I do the vast majority of the time, but it seems wrong that I have to take special measures to ensure that my car does not stink. After all, I purchased a Toyota because of its reputation for quality and durability.
  • wwestwwest Member Posts: 10,706
    Welcome to the club...

    Go to:

    "Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape problems" thread and read posts 1705,06,09,11,13.
  • jrtannurajrtannura Member Posts: 18
    I had a thought about post 346... my 02 sr5 4x4 has had a clicking noise from the dash for a long time, it sounds like it is coming from the left A pillar. There is a TSB for something like this but my VIN is after the TSB. This fix has to do with the hood hinge. It occurs on any mildly rough pavement. It can happen at any speed. It's hard to live with because everything else is so quiet. I sure would like to hear any ideas on this. Thanks.
  • chadrappchadrapp Member Posts: 35
    What problems are anyone having with their 2003 Seq. I have had the steering angle sensor replaced. Now my A/C is making a hissing sound. I'll get that checked next week. Anything else going on with the 2003's I should look out for.
  • slcamtslcamt Member Posts: 37
    Where is the hissing sound coming from? Is the air comming out cold? Remember this suv is very quiet inside. You get to hear things you never would have noticed in one of the BIG THREE. How about those new steering wheel controls?
  • verolitverolit Member Posts: 6
    my sequoia doesnt let me drive over 100Mph. it has a speed governor or something. has anybody experienced this? it is very annoying , i should be able to drive as fast as i want.wonder if the dealer can do something about this.
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