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    My '01 was pretty scratched in the cargo area from my golf clubs when I traded it in. My '03 has yet to be scratched but it is only a matter of time.

    One thing I have discovered is that if you use STP Son of Gun or some other interior protectant on the plastic back there it tends to make the scratches stand out less. I suspect it may help prevent small scratching as well.

    I first discovered this on the back of the front console around the cupholders. My 6 year old would rest her feet there and it got all scratched. Once I treated it a couple of times with STP and/or Lexol Conditioner the scratches faded and it didn't seem to scratch as much.

    The 01's interior was Oak. The '03 is charcoal...maybe it will be easier to keep.
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    Yes Raddboy41 I did test drive this vehicle, however, one is pretty overwhelmed with all of the new noises etc. initially. I did hear it the first day and even called the dealer. Toyota is aware of this problem but admits there is no fix or solution. It is with all 4WD Seqouias. Thanks for your response.
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    Followup on a previous message. Has anyone with a 4WD Seqouia had the drivetrain noise successfully remedied by the Toyota dealer and if so, how did they fix it? This is in regards to message #256. I am looking for help to see about repairs that will eradicate this annoying vibration and noise. Thanks
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    I have a 2002 Sequoia SR5 4x4 with 4000 miles and have not heard any drivetrain noises as of yet.
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    Thanks xman1035 for your response. I was told that this is with all 4WD Sequoia no matter the year. It is only within the first 5-10 minutes but is quite noticeable if you are having it. You are shedding a little light on this knowing you may not have the problem. I have read many messages before me of folks with this. Thanks
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    My Sequoia only has 1k on the odo so far. I haven't heard any sounds (yet) but I do feel a vibration of sorts, but haven't had allot of highway time, only the 30 minutes it takes to get to work. But I have some open issues with the dealer anyway so I will ask about this.
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    I have a 2003 with 4k on it and the noise DOES NOT go away unless you shift to 4WD period! My dealer doesnt have a clue what it is and I have called Toyota and filed a complaint and never heard from anyone again! 41k for a truck and they dont know what the noise is??? and whats worse is they dont seem to care! Mike
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    Mike, I hear you. I can tell you because I have been researching this with the Toyota folks who have been interested in finding out the cause of the noise. It is a fluid friction problem that in the transfer case at about 20-30 miles an hour for the first 5-10 minutes you drive, the thickness of the transfer case oil along with the clearances of the parts causes the front drive shaft to turn at about 1/2 the speed of the rear shaft. And yes if you put it in 4WD the noise ceases or it will anyway after 5-10 minutes of driving. Toyota is aware of the problem and the local service managers typically were not aware of this problem and noise. I personally am sick over it and hear it several times a day. I will let you know if I hear anything new. Steve Grant is the Toyota Corp upper level service specialest who has been assisting me. Thanks for your response. Steve
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    I've been a longtime lurker since I once considered a Sequoia but bought an Expedition instead. Toyonoise's explanation sounds logical to me. I've had a similar problem with my 03 Expedition. I'll try to explain as best as I understand it.

    On the Expy the front driveshaft coming out of the transfer case can/will spin even when in 2WD. This leads to the front halfshafts coming out of the front diff turning when they are not locked into the front hubs. These halfshafts can either spin at different speeds (or maybe even different directions, IIRC) causing a whine from the front differential. The sound from the Expy would also go away when switched to 4WD. This is because the front halfshafts then become locked into the hubs thus making them spin the same direction and/or speed.

    If I understand everything correctly Fords fix was to add some type of biasing spring to the front differential to keep the halfshafts in sync. Whatever they did it worked.

    Your problems sound similar.

    Anyone follow this?
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    please let me know if a fix is found ASAP because the noise makes me nuts....I turn up the tunes to block out the noise but you can still "feel" the noise under your feet and that adds to the annoyance. thanks, Mike
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    I wish Toyota would add a volume control for the stereo tied to the speed of the car (like GM) does. That way I wouldn't have to turn my sound up to drown out the noise from the drive line. But the good vibrations are still there. LOL
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    Mike, I will be happy to let you know when I hear something. I live in Florida and the Toyota distributor is Southeast Toyota. They seem very concerned and are at least trying to come up with a fix. Hopefully something will be remedied soon and I will let you know. Steve
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    My remote controls, 2, suddenly stopped working with the car. We came home at night, and in the morning, none of them is working.
    Any idea? any help, please?

    Many Thanks in advance
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    I've seen your message and nobody has respondes to I feel obliged to simply tell you that I've not heard of this. If the vehicle is under warranty then obviously you must be in good shape. Almost sounds like a battery or electical issue. Good luck.
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    Mike, Yesterday the Toyota mechanic drained two ounces of oil from the front differential and two ounces from the transfer case and replaced the two ounces in each with two ounces of automatic transmission fluid. If this didn't work they were going to try a 50/50 change out. Well, to my surprise the two ounce change out has worked. For 48 hours I have had zero noise. I will tell you if this changes, however. Great news to this point. I am surprised that there has not been a bulletin previously and forwarded info on this problem. Steve
  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    I spoke too soon Mike. The previously mentioned plan from Toyota did not work so they did the 50/50 changeout and it has failed. Still have the vibration and noise. Will keep all posted.
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    I will be at my dealer on Thursday and I will be putting a call into Toyota as well. I did email on the poor quality of the plastics scratching too easily and here was the response:

    My email to Toyota - Sent on 3/6/03
    Recently I purhased a new 2003 Sequoia and have found the interior plastics are easily scratched and after less than one month of ownership I feel the quality is not Toyota Quality. I have the greay interior something as simple as a a bag brusshing against the cargo door caused scratches. What products do you suggest to care and repair these scratches for a $42,000 SUV?

    Their response sent on 3/11/03:
    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

    We appreciate your interest in the Sequoia, and apologize for the concerns with interior materials.

    The Owner's Manual describes our recommendations for cleaning the inbterior, however does not offer information as to repairing damage. Determining the best method of correction would necessitate an assessment of the damage. We recommend contacting your local Toyota dealership.

    Your email has been documented at our National Headquarters under file #xxxxxxxxxxx. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

    I took them 5 days to come up with this answer. My appointment with dealer is pending and, they commented that this should not occur and may have to order new panels. LOL.
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    I have noticed that my Sequoia also has the interior that scratches easily. My former Tundra had the same problem. I am glad to see that Toyota will be looking into the problem and will replaced the back panels. I will be visiting my dealer next week when I have my first service done and will complain about the scratched rear panels. I also suggest that other Sequoia owners do the same and file their complaints with their Totota dealer or with the corporate office.
  • mdsequoiamdsequoia Member Posts: 22
    I emailed Toyota, got a lame email back. I will visit the dealer tomorrow and see what they say. After that it will be a phone call to Toyota on the poor plastic quality and hum from the front end.

    I love my Toyota and all else being equal it is way above the other american built (since it is american built) SUV's. My wifes Solara has a nice interior and plastics that are better than my Sequoia.
  • mdsequoiamdsequoia Member Posts: 22
    Ok, went to the dealer today. Spoke with the service dept. they did the 1500 mile check up (didn't know it existed) which basically is an LOF for FREE. So I was happy.

    NOT. The interior scratch issue. Nothing can be done they are afraid to suggest or try anything that may damage the vehicle (ok I can buy that maybe) What I wanted and expected is what was suggested. Repair or replace the panels. Oh well I guess I will try the Meguiars that was suggested by the body shop and see it if works. Other than that I am still waiting for Performance Products to call me back (2 days ago) on the rear cargo cover. I guess I have to call them again.

    So I also called Toyota and commented to them about the plastics quality and refferenced my case #, and added to that the hum and vibration. I was basically told for the plastic issue they would send a message up to Toyota Mgt and on future models they will review this but for me and others like me nada will be done.

    Oh and their Customer Relations Rep will call me to work on the issue.

    All this for an MSRP of $42,000.
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    Okay, I've read the posts regarding the vsc idiot lights coming on. I've had my Sequoia in four times and the light still comes on. It only shuts off after you reset the system by re-starting the car. The dealier can't seem to find and resolve the issue even after replacing the VSC Module. Any ideas?
  • rgostanianrgostanian Member Posts: 1
    How does this system reset? The service department has not been very helpful. What is the trick?
  • vscproblemvscproblem Member Posts: 2
    The complete system resets itself when you completely turn off the vehicle. The lights should go off and not come on again after you re-start the vehicle. After I have reset the system, I have not been able to replicate the problem with any regularity. Unfortunately, the dealer has not been able to either. I found a TSB on this issue posted earlier on this board, but I haven't had time to check it out with the dealer. It speaks of a steering angle sensor. I will call my service advisor on friday to discuss it.
  • chadrappchadrapp Member Posts: 35
    I also had an issue with the VSC light which came on continually. I had the steering angle sensor replaced and this solved the problem. The service dept. noted that the aftermarket wiring was probably the culprit. I don't know about that. I haven't had the problem since.
  • sequoiasoonsequoiasoon Member Posts: 223
    Still waiting for my Sequoia(NY dealer could not get load leveler, buying from NC instead). I had a shifting problem (grinding) with my Corolla that nobody could figure out, tried new fluid, some ATF, 50/50 nothing worked. A friend suggested BG Synchro Shift (synthetic GL-4 equiv. but a little lighter weight. Drove 20 miles issue fixed (that was 30,000 ago) and still works great. Problem seemed to be "dragging synchros" due to close tolerance. Many Toyota dealers use BG products for "in house" service but not advertised. Check for info and nearest dealer to purchase. They don't sell to general public but sales rep was very helpful. $45 (3 quarts) much better than new tranny! Hope it works, let me know.
  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    Mike, Toyota is replacing my front differential on Tuesday. It has been concluded by Toyota that there is a problem with the front differential and they are replacing it. From what info I can gather off of this website, I believe that the problem is only with a few of the 2003 models and not all Sequoia's. They have apparently manufactured new differentials with tolerances that don't cause this fluid friction problem and all of the new 2003's are getting this new differential. There is no other solution but to have it replaced. This could get expensive for Toyota so I imagine if one doesn't complain then they won't offer help. I guess this would be considered a silent recall. I do know that Toyota has known about this problem as they have already changed the design and have put the new differential in the newer 2003's. This has been quite interesting. I paid $46,180 for this vehicle including tax and should not have had to go through this process. That's why I chose Toyota over the other similar SUV's. I will keep you posted. Steve
  • mdsequoiamdsequoia Member Posts: 22
    What were you experiencing from your Sequoia before the repair? Toyota Field Rep came out looked at mine and concluded after 4 miles of driving they couldn't replicate the vibration in the drivers floor or hear the sound. Figures since teh soonest they could come out was when the temps hit teh 50's and the sound is diminised.

    I will push this harder at the next oil change in a 5k. Any suggestions.
  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    mdsquoia, please look at #256 and even go back to #200 or so and you'll see many complaints. I live in florida and now that the temps are climbing the noise is less reproducible. It is the front driveshaft and is a fluid friction issure from too tight tolerances. The front differential has been redisigned or changed to fix the problem. By the time I would drive to the dealership the noise would stop due to the fluid thinning with heat. I had them keep it overnight and have been very very very persistent in fixing this brand new expensive car. Steve
  • petro33petro33 Member Posts: 192
    As I was waiting at a stop light this morning a sequoia went by in front of me with no limited or sr5 badges on the side, as it raced by me it also looked like not all the badges were on the back. Is this new for '03 or just some custom work?
  • chineechinee Member Posts: 50
    ... is becoming a very popular way of distinguishing one's vehicle from all the others out there. A hair dryer to soften the adhesive, followed by some dental floss is all it usually takes.
  • molson7molson7 Member Posts: 1
    For all those having the "Hum" noise from the front end of their Sequoia, please send an email to [email protected] Post the year, model, your name, email address, and results from dealer. When enough names are compiled, I will submit them to a Toyota rep. from my local dealer, and demand they take this seriously.
     I for one am bothered by this every time I drive my Sequoia. Can't help wonder if this is causing damage. Also, I am now getting a loud "growl" noise when accelerating from 60 to 70mph.
     Let's make this work, post your info. !
  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    Hail to Toyota! I had my front differential replaced two days ago and the annoying noise and vibration has disappeared and the problem resolved. This has been recognized by Toyota and a redesign of the tolerances in the front differential has resolved the fluid friction problem. Must be an expensive problem but one Toyota fixed for me and I must say that I am very thankful for this. I live in Florida and have a 2003 Limited 4WD Sequoia that had this problem at low speeds mainly 30-40 mph. After 5-10 minutes the noise etc. would stop as the transfer case oil would thin with heat. Multiple trials of mixing automatic transmission fluid with the transfer case oil failed. My Seqouia had this noise from the minute I test drove it and left the dealership. I was told that it was a normal noise for the 4WD Seqouia's. I could not except that answer, however. South East Toyota, the distributor for Florida were great to work with and helped me with working this out with Toyota. I now love my Sequoia and it is a pleasure to drive. Steve from Orlando Florida
  • shek3shek3 Member Posts: 72
    so there is a solution to this problem?? Good for you, now I have some ammunition when I go to the dealer. Please give me an update in a week or so. thanks, Mike
  • seqannoy1seqannoy1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a service rep from Toyota coming in April to drive my vehicle because of the noise in the front end. It is identical to alot of the references made. However they have stated in phone conversations this is not a problem and part of the vehicle. How did the owners that received a new differential persuade their Toyota reps to replace the differential?
    Thanks in advance! seqannoy1
  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    I let them know that it was unacceptable (the noise,vibration,and repetitiveness)and that I have the time, money and energy to do anything it takes to either fix the problem or get another car. The lemon law is not something they have an interest in proceeding with, particularly since they know there is a problem. It is possible that this fluid friction issue would not cause a problem down the road, however, who wants to have a vehicle with this side effect? Toyota is very aware of this problem, however, the local folks are probably not informed yet. It will be a very expensive recall. Nobody should accept this with the cost of this caliber of vehicle. Steve
  • jbb4jbb4 Member Posts: 4
    I evidently was one of the first to experience this problem with the Sequoia I purchased in early January. After two months(mid March)and over 15 days in the shop trying to fix the VSC system Toyota acknowledged they did not have a fix and Customer Service directed me to arbitration to pursue having the car replaced (I also have the problem with the drive train noise). Since that time they think they feel they have developed a solution which involves rerouting wires and adding an additional wire. They told me the issue was a "radio frequency" issue and this would solve the problem, but could not give me any more details. I have held off on having the repair done pending the outcome of my arbitration hearing.

    On my Sequoia the problem with the VCS system was intermitant, but predictable. It happens within the first few minutes of starting the car when it is cold. The colder the weather the more likely it is to happen. On a few occasions it would happen a second time if I restarted the car.
  • jbb4jbb4 Member Posts: 4
    Is anyone having an issue with static from the stereo speakers when using a cell phone. This happens on my 2003 Sequoia reguardless of the stereo being on or off. I also am having problems with the VSC sytems which Toyota has told me is a "radio frequency" problem. Could the two be related.
  • boongboong Member Posts: 5
    I just got a 2003 Limited and seems like the transmission is not too smooth on the motor way. (I had a 2002 Cherokee V8 where the transmission was really smooth). The problem is specially when I am on the motor way, when I keep changing the speed, there seems to be a subtle but very noticeable Jiggle / knock… it almost feels like a downshift. This happens mostly when I am cruising around 70mph.. then let go of the accelerator to slow down a bit and then slightly touch it. Even my passengers noticed it once I mentioned it. Is this inherent of the Sequoia?.. I definitely did not notice anything like this on the jeep?.. has anyone else noticed this?
    Please let me know, I would really appreciate your feedback

    One more thing to note is that I am still going through the break in period .. my ODO is at about 400 miles

  • mdsequoiamdsequoia Member Posts: 22
    Now that some are getting Toyota and/or their dealer to take them seriously can anyone confirm a TSB number or some other way to tie this back to Toyota for approval. I will be calling my sales & service person (test drove a subaru Saturday for the wife) and will let them know there is a problem and a fix and I want it dealt with. But a TSB wouldn't hurt.

  • lorainemax2lorainemax2 Member Posts: 35
    I have noticed the same thing. Mine only occurs when I use my ear piece and have the cell phone on or near the console or dash. If I hold it in my left hand...there is no static.
  • mdsequoiamdsequoia Member Posts: 22
    Toyonoise my dealer is willing to push back on my hum/vibation issue, but they need more supporting info. Can you email me your VIN Number to my email [email protected] so I can show proof that someone has been able to get Toyota to fix the problem.

  • toyonoisetoyonoise Member Posts: 17
    As an added comment I would like folks to know that it was not my dealer who was aware of the drivetrain problem, it was the distributor in the Southeast who I worked with. It was only after I contacted the distributor that I was able to get some further interest on the problem. The local dealer did replace the front differential, however, but under the direction from the distributor. I don't think local dealers have been made aware of the problem. After five days since the front differential was replace my car is symptom free. I've owned it since Oct 2002. It now has 4100 miles on it and it is a 4WD 2003 Ltd.
  • jleprevostjleprevost Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Toyota Sequoia LTd. and this past winter developed serious markings around the outer most part of the aluminum alloy rim on all of the tires. On close examination it appears as if a protective outer coating is coming loose allowing for road salt and other material to come into contact with the aluminum and greatly discolor it. I have approached the Toyota dealership who have had a rep look at it just today but he was unable to give me answer and will have to get back to me about it. Wondering if there are any other New England Toyota Sequoia drivers who have experienced the same problem?
  • jhill0914jhill0914 Member Posts: 10
    I bought a new Sequoia last week, and everything is great except that the illumination of the gauges, especially speedo and tach, is splotchy. It's dim here, bright there, etc, for a very uneven and annoying result. I'm wondering if I may have some dash lights that aren't working - or maybe this is just the way it looks on the Sequoia. I'm suspicious that it's an issue because my Sequoia was brought down from Canada and they had to replace the gauges with the American version, so I'm wondering if maybe they knocked out a couple lights or something. Any opinions / does your Sequoia have the same splotchy dash lighting?
  • mdsequoiamdsequoia Member Posts: 22
    My dealer is researching the hum/vibration issue, no real updae as of yet. But with Toyonoise's help I have solid proof that this is a design problem that has been redesigned by Toyota. Whether they want to admit it or not it is a problem. Only those who push will get it done.
  • curious54curious54 Member Posts: 47
    I am planing on buying a cat-back for my 01 seq. Has anyone installed a cat-back on their seq? Was it easy? Do I have to cut off anything to install the cat back?
  • b1rd0gb1rd0g Member Posts: 11
    toyonoise and mdsequoia,

    Mine's in the shop now for this very issue but I'm having trouble proving toyonoise's differential replacement. You'd think the people at SE Toyota would talk to each other. If toyonoise can also send me the VIN of the vehicle with the new differential, I can push back on service and get mine fixed too. I'll buy you a beer...

    If you'd prefer to contact me directly, send the VIN to [email protected]

    Thx for your help!
  • boongboong Member Posts: 5
    am getting really worried about the long term effects of this?.. does what ever that causes the "hum" damage the vehicle in the long run. Can any of the Toyota guru's give us some advice please
  • boongboong Member Posts: 5
    I too am having this problem (2003 4WD ltd).. Could you also send me your details.. would really appreciate your help on this.. I will get you 2 beers:).. pls mail on [email protected]
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