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Porsche Cayenne



  • carkookcarkook Posts: 4
    I live in Southern California and will be buying the Cayenne S shortly, does anyone have any buying experiences with discounts off MSRP here?

    I visited Newport Auto Center and the salesman said what do you think is fair? I had no idea, since edmunds doesn't list invoice pricing...any help?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hi....I checked Newport Porsche also last year when I was shopping, and they wanted $10,000 OVER MSRP for the cayenne. I guess times have changed, and they are more realistic now....

    Some here have said that they easily got $6000 under MSRP, and some even said near might want to search for key words MSRP or invoice in this thread , to find out more.
    Good luck....!
  • viggieviggie Posts: 16
    You may want to check out for MSRP/invoice price.
  • andcw1andcw1 Posts: 1
    I will be taking my Cayenne S to Colorado for a couple of weeks in ski season and am considering the purchase of all terrain tires not only for winter weather but for a softer ride on the rough asphalt roads which are common on our city streets. Has anyone had expeience switching to all terrain tires for city use and do they significantly soften the ride and feel of the car? Also, what are the best all terrain tires for the vehicle and what size?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Hi...i have the continental contis 255-18s on the cayenne...but just bought antera rims with falken tires, 275-40-20s on.

    I think all terrain tires may be noisier on freeway , but may provide a softer ride..

    I heard TOYO proxes were really good all around mud and snow tires, rated A for both traction and temperature, and a good bet for SUVs. however, I have not tried them on the cayenne yet.

    You can always let out a few pounds of air, but it will affect your handling and possibly the safety of your vehicle.

    good luck
  • carnut36carnut36 Posts: 27
    If you're able to get $1000-2000 over invoice, you're doing pretty good. McKenna in Norwalk was pretty reasonable. You may want to do some research on the Porsche website, it gives you the current inventory with colors and options for each of the dealers. Some have the MSRP listed and, if not, you can figure it out from this site. My guess is if the dealer has a high inventory and it's the end of the month, they're more willing to deal.
  • modelamodela Posts: 5
    Just finished an 8 day tour from Long Island to Bar Harbor, Maine, Acadia Park and Nova Scotia with our Cayenne S with 10,000 miles. We put on about 1,400 miles in the week and the car was flawless. Our last day was a 500 mile lap from Maine to Long Island - the car was comfortable throughout. Trails in Kujimekejik Park in Nova Scotia were accesible by gravel roads and the car was fine. Car turned heads wherever we went. I saw only 2 other Cayennes on the trip--
  • alan3alan3 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know of a performance chip that will increase the horsepower of the V6 Cayenne while not voiding the warranty?
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Were your contis the all season tires or the performance contis? I have the performance 18" contis on my Cay and am thinking about putting on the all season contis for winter especially if they give a softer ride. I have also heard that the performance contis are dismal even in light snow. Any thoughts?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    HI jimscays

    my conti's were the all season ones that came with the cayenne....they were great for moderate snow...but I would put on chains for heavy snow...needs chains on all 4 tires if you put them on.

    I have heard that the performance contis did not perform as well as the all season mud and snow contis, but I personally do not have experience with that yet...even though I have a set of performance bridgestones 18" in my garage. Just mounted the antera rims and Falkens mud and snow tires today.....they are working out well. I put wax on the rims and outer steel lip to protect against brake dust corrosion....and hopefully the dust will rinse right off...

    you might want to try tirerack for the tires, or search ebay for tires....I got both sets of my tires on ebay....for a great price... just my thoughts... :)
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    hi alan3:

    I have not heard of any chips for the V6 yet...but you can check the powerchip company, which does have chips for both V8 and turbo models. However, both chips voids the warranty, though they are nearly indetectable . I have thought about upgrading the engine with a chip, but decided to hold out for now...the guys at powerchip insist that the setup is flawless and hidden. Costs about $2100 for all ...including mailing the board to them and they install the chip , then fedex the modified board to you. Supposed to be an easy removal and install that you do on your own.

      You may want to check some other chip company...autoauthority, etc..
  • loumloum Posts: 7
    To whoever is interested, if you are waiting for rebates from Porsche, you are dreaming! The 2004 models are discounted heavily (depending on the dealer)since the 2005 models are coming out next month.

    I just signed up for a 2004 Cayenne S at almost $8K off MSRP, or a few hundred dollars under invoice. I am taking delivery on Monday! This is the second car I buy from this dealer within the last 2 months(this helps!) The dealer is in MA, and I am happy to share more details with whoever is interested.
  • The fact is that the 2005 cars are sitting at the docks waiting for delivery to dealers. Porsche held those so they can move more 2004 of the lots. If dealers add up the inventory of current 2004 and in waiting 2005's it is well over 60 day inventory. 60 days is considered a point where most manufactures give some incentives to move the vehicles. But Porsche thinking is that the sales may pickup due to winter and all. But my guess is due to rising rates and slower economy that may not materialize.

    Also the other fact is Porsche is selling Cayenne’s at 10K to 15K premium which is hard to justify when you look at the quality and problems reported (pulling Porsche from 2nd to 2nd last in JD Edwards initial quality survey). SUV is a very competitive market, with fat margins, and there are many good offering from Lexus, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes and even VW and Volvo, Infinity/Nissan etc. So unlike sports cars which are Porsche's forte, SUV is very different market. Porsche is slow to understand this; also the other factor is the dealerships. They need to change their mind set and service. To give you an example: My Lexus dealers service dept ( hours are:
    Mon-Fri 7:00am - 6:00pm
    Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm
    Sun Closed

    While Porsche dealers ( service dept hours are:
    Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 5:00
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed
    (Little ironic that this dealer also claims to be the largest in Midwest.)

    Also the fact that dealers are already offering 5K (4% to 5% over invoice) or more off on custom ordered Cayenne S, and 1% to 2% over invoice on in stock 2004’s. I believe time is on the side of buyers at this point. Also not to mention these same dealers were gouging there customer 5K to 10K over MSRP just last year.
  • loumloum Posts: 7
    You are right on!
    However, if you are interested on a 2004, I would try to negotiate the deal sooner rather than later. You may put a deposit on the car and tell the dealer the day you want the car delivered. I had my car on hold for about 6 weeks. Good luck!
  • Sorry, new to posts and haven't had chance to read through all msgs. Got 2 front Continentals replaced on my '04 S which Porsche paid for, along with alignment and balance. My service guy told me Porsche has been aware of alignment issues for quite some time. Must take it back in though because vibrations are back (within a couple hundred miles of service) there even after all that. I'm wondering if alignment issue is even correctable?
  • odbaodba Posts: 1
    We are not seeing those kind of discounts in the South. I am interested in the details on your great deal!
  • Hi,
    My 2005 Cayenne S is still on order, but I have been doing a lot of tire research and I zeroed in on the 235-60x18 XL Dunlop Grantrek WT M2 winter snow tire as the tire I intend to install and use all year. I had the Dunlop Grantrek tire on my Toyota Land Cruiser year round and loved them. They were not the WT M2 however. If you visit the tire rack and read the customer reviews, they say the WT M2 is effective in deep snow without chains. The WT M2 was infact designed for the Cayenne and is considered a OEM tire by Porsche, in fact you can even order them installed on Porsche rims from the Porsche parts dept. The all season Conti's are also sold at the tire rack and the reviews of end users indicate that they are not real good in deep snow, only light snow. I am planning on using mine all year, the only draw back is the size is 235-60x18 HR and so the diameter (odomoter will read correct) is ok but you loose .8" of tread width. Good luck! PS:The dunlops on my Land Cruiser lasted 50,000 miles and that is a heavy vehicle just like the Cayenne.
  • loumloum Posts: 7
    Here are the details:
    Cayenne S MSRP: 60,725, Invoice 53,064
    I bought the car for $52,845
    Black/black, moonroof, turbo wheels, dark wood package, dark wood steering wheel, front seat heater, floor mats, wheel hub covers colored crest, 18" collapsible spare, compass display.
    I did not wanr to pay for Nav. I have no use for it. Good luck!
  • jfk663jfk663 Posts: 18

    I bought mine from Pacific Porsche in Torrance and paid $5000.00 below invoice. I'm sure it all depends on if you are buying one in stock or if they have to special order one to meet your specs. I bet if you are willing to be a little flexible on what features you are looking for, you just might get the deal you are looking for.
    Let me know if you need the salesman's name.
  • I'm interested in buying a base 2005 Cay v6 and have three questions:

    a) What is the invoice & MSRP for the V6 Auto. I've seen a prelim 2005 Cay V6 order guide -- it states $41,100 for the six-speed manual. Am looking for the auto (hard to imagine a manual on a 5000 lb SUV).

    b) Any significant changes between the 04 and 05 models? Dealer indicates none.

    c) Where can I learn more about the JDPower rankings that are quoted on this forum? Am concerned if Porsche has truly dropped in quality.

    Lastly, the one dealer I spoke to gave me $2500 off MSRP on a base V6. Based on previous postings on this forum, I think I can do better...any comments?


  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    Please confirm that you paid $5,000 below invoice for a Cayenne. Please post the MSRP, invoice and price paid.

    I had ruled the Cayenne out for "practical" reasons of wanting a bit larger of an SUV, but at $5,000 UNDER invoice, I would rethink my decision.

  • mopmop Posts: 4
    Hi, yes I live in MA and am interested in a 2004 S with the adjustable air suspension. Miller in NYC starts with a proposal that they will deal 2% over invoice on any in-stock car. My belief is more like 2% UNDER invoice and/or attractive financing. I am a cash buyer but would be happy to finance at an attractive rate.
  • Can you please tell me the salesperson at Pacific Porsche and his contact number, because I will buy one this week at that price.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Ask to be emailed - we don't permit that kind of contact info to be posted lest the boards get filled up with shill posts (please see the Rules of the Road link above).

    Steve, Host
  • All, I found the 2005 prelim price guides on The base V6 triptronic is listed at $44,100 MSRP. The dealer has offered MSRP less $2500 to order one for Nov/Dec delivery. Any comments on the "value" of this offer?
  • Thanks for the info. I'm from the San Francisco area and would take a trip down for a good price. Please let me know the salesman if you think that makes a difference in the deal. Is this the biggest and most dealingest(?) dealer in the LA area?

  • You can e-mail me @ for more information.
  • My apologies habitat1 and to all who were miss lead,

    I ment to say "Below Sticker" not invoice, my BAD. I should know better then that, again I apologies and didn't mean to miss lead you in any way. Pacific Porsche is still a Great place to purchase and I'm sure they will take good care of you.
  • loumloum Posts: 7
    Hi mop,

    If you can get it at $1,000 off invoice (about 2% on a 50K car) you are the man! Try Pass & Weiss in Burlington MA and tell them you want Anthony's deal (just describe the car to them from my previous postings). I am not sure however if they have the exact car you want. If you are flexible on the options it is easier to negotiate. On the leasing side, the money factor on a 740+ fico credit score is .0021 and you should do the leasing through Porsche credit and NOT with Chase. The Porsche residual is higher!
    (I consider myself a leasing expert, so if you have any other questions please feel free to ask)
    Best of luck!
  • I have a new Cay 6 cyl. The rear window washer may be leaking from time to time. Every few days I see a dry streak of washer fluid down the rear window. Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
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